35 Winged Eyeliner Styles, Tutorial & Tricks!

When putting on our make-up and deciding to go with a winged eyeliner style, we’ve come to a big decision: Do we want to look sultry? Mystique? Exotic? Fantastical? We can achieve nearly any type of look with winged eyeliner styles, so long as we know how to perfectly place each line, gem, and eye shadow stroke. This is why Creem has put together 35 lovely photos of winged eyeliner styles (a few of various other designs) along with a tutorial – so you can achieve a look similar to this, but with your own tweaks:

Winged Eyeliner


If you’re looking for ideas and don’t need a tutorial, simply scroll on down to image two. If you’re new to the winged eyeliner scene, take a brief look at the following tutorial that shows you, with photos, how to carefully place wings on your eyes with written directions below:

Teni Panosian’s Winged Eyeliner Tutorial 
20220416-eyeliner-stylesYouTube Channel

1) Choose the type of eyeliner you’ll be using (liquid vs. solid). Liquid eyeliner has a cleaner-cut look, but some of us prefer the solid. Remember before beginning that all the lines can be drawn with a specific direction in mind (i.e. from the edge of the eye to the edge of the eyebrow; from the middle of so-and-so to the end of so-and-so, etc.)
2) Begin your eye’s wing by pressing the tip at the outer edge of the eye and sweeping upwards in the direction of your eyebrow’s outer edge – but stop midway.
3) Now, line the top of the eye with eyeliner carefully and connect it to your wing.
4) Press the eyeliner down on the tip of your wing and draw in, towards the direction of your inner eye’s edge.
5) Draw a line just above the eye/eyelash’s edge starting at the inner edge of the eye.
6) Connect the line carefully to the top of the wing, minding the creases of the eyes.
7) Strengthen/darken the overall shape of the wing line.
8) Shade in the wing with liner.
9) Take a clean eye shadow brush and even out the liner, smoothing some of the liner up towards the edge of the eyebrow to give it a soft, fleeting edge.
10) Ensure your new winged eyeliner style suits your overall look and make-up choices for the event.

Et Voila! You’ve got the winged eyeliner look you’ve been wanting to try out. Keep in mind that every face has its own shape and measurements concerning the placement of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, etc. so some styles may look quite different than others on people – meaning that some faces might look best with longer wings or shorter ones.

More Winged Eyeliner Examples

1. Subtle Wings & Red Lipped Beauty 

This winged eyeliner job is subtle, being short but paired with lipstick that stands out. If you’re trying to draw most of the attention to your mouth and lips, this style works wonders. It’s chic and classy, being dynamic enough to be worn to any event.

2. Bold Broad 17220416-eyeliner-stylesWhen you look at this picture, your eyes zoom right to this woman’s eyes. It’s the thickness of her winged eyeliner. The entirety of the wings are thicker than average, causing her eyes to stand out and their color to become seemingly more vibrant.

3. Bigger is Better
21220416-eyeliner-stylesThis woman’s winged eyeliner isn’t as eye-catching as her massive fake eyelashes. Whenever wearing fake lashes, winged eyeliner is the best way to have them blend fluidly with the rest of the eye. It helps the edges of the lashes look more natural and covers up any skin that might peek through.

4. Fairy Dust
22220416-eyeliner-stylesThis winged eyeliner takes the meaning of wings to a whole new level. Its colorful, sparkly, and reminiscent of butterflies or fairies, and can hold a plethora of different possibilities when it comes to color and design. While a design like this might not be suitable for a formal event, it’s a lovely piece of make-up art for costume parties, the stage, or other more enticing social events.

5. Thick Curl 
23220416-eyeliner-stylesTo create a more dramatic appeal to a simplistic make-up style, twist your wings elegantly upwards at the tips and add small wings to the inner corner of your eyes. A look such as this one can be eye-catching yet simple enough to take barely any time to complete before leaving your home.

6. Polished & Ready for a Close-Up
24220416-eyeliner-stylesHere we have a very simple winged eyeliner design, but what makes this style stand out are the eye shadow colors and polished look of the eyebrow. If you want to draw attention to your eyes (fyi: draw attention to one aspect of your face – choose the eyes or lips otherwise you’ll look over-done like a vivid painting that pulls too much attention) then combine your winged eyeliner with shades of eye shadow that enhance your eye’s color. Top it off with some eyebrow liner and voila!

7. Enlarging the Eye 
13220416-eyeliner-stylesWinged eyeliner not only looks fabulous, it can help you make your eyes look bigger. This is extremely useful for those of us that want to enhance our eyes. Be mindful of the creases of your eyes and the placement of your eyebrow when creating a look similar to this one. You’ll need white eye shadow to shade in with both the black and color of your choosing.

8. Simply Geometric 
18220416-eyeliner-stylesYou’ve probably seen some tattoos with geometric designs on them, or even nail designs, but have you ever seen geometric designs incorporated into winged eyeliner styles? Here you go – you’re welcome.

9. Fly Away 
27220416-eyeliner-stylesThis winged eyeliner style is truly reminiscent of wings, having 5/6 winged tips that bring the audience’s gaze to this woman’s eyes. I dare say this style can be worn to just about any event, but that depends on how it looks depending on the wearer’s face shape and facial features.

10. Vampire’s Stare 
28220416-eyeliner-stylesYou can always combine a thin but long winged eyeliner design with deep red lipstick to create a look that’s reminiscent of a vampire in a night club. This especially works if your skin is pale.

11. Dark Goddess 
29220416-eyeliner-stylesIf you want to make real impression and draw attention directly to you and your style, then extending a winged eyeliner design up and past the eyebrows while thickening the line can do just that. Immediately, I was drawn to this woman’s eyes; to the windows of her soul. Keep in mind people might stare, so you’ll have to keep a specific gaze locked on your face if you’re trying to make an impression.

12. A Simpler Appeal 
30220416-eyeliner-stylesSometimes, you don’t need much make-up at all except eyeliner and lip gloss, just like this woman here. Her winged eyeliner is thick but short, with very little eye shadow needed to complete the look.

13. Soft Velvet 
31220416-eyeliner-stylesFor those of us that have rounder eyes, fear not! Winged eyeliner can still have a glorious appeal, even when done simply like above with shorter edges and a thinner line. Combine it with more natural colors all around and voila! You’re ready for anything.

14. Sudden Turn 
32220416-eyeliner-stylesYou’ll notice this woman has winged eyeliner that’s clean-cut without the use of eye shadow. Not only is it simple, being combined with vivid lipstick color, but the wing of the design isn’t perfectly rounded. It takes a sudden turn upwards at the edge of the eye and still looks good – a look that some of us with unsteady hands might want to consider.

15. Eye’s Entirety 
33220416-eyeliner-stylesOutlining the entire eye always draws more attention to the eyes, but combining such a style with a slight wing can make your look more elegant rather than Gothic. You’ll notice both white and black eye shadow was used to create this specific design, so mind this when re-creating this look.

16. Sparkling Enchantment 
34220416-eyeliner-stylesThis simple eyeliner style doesn’t need any more liner than the wing itself on the top eyelid. But what makes it unique is the use of white and brown eye shadow along with sparkles that help enhance this wearer’s eyes and their color.

17. Temptation’s Paradise 
35220416-eyeliner-stylesYou’ll notice that many winged eyeliner styles are well tamed, lining up in some manner with the eyebrow. It’s always best to use the eyebrow as your “measuring stick” or better yet, point of reference. Winged eyes must flow well with the shape and form of the eyebrow in order to look amazing.

18. With Violets 
36220416-eyeliner-stylesThis thin winged eyeliner style is combined with hues of purples and white eye shadow to create an alluring appeal that not many wearers can pull off.

19. Above the Eye
37220416-eyeliner-stylesHere you’ll notice that the wings’ design is farther up than normal, a perfect way to make your eyes seemingly higher on your face. Making your wings slant up beginning mid-eye can do this rather than having them slant up at the edge of your eye.

20. Straight & Old-Skool 
15220416-eyeliner-stylesNot every winged eyeliner design has to slant at the edge of the eye. Here you can see that her wings are perfectly straight and look like she’s come out of a 60’s beauty magazine. Depending on your facial features, a winged eyeliner design like this may be most suitable for you.

21. Adding that Flare
1220416-eyeliner-stylesSimple. Elegant. Chic. Perfect for any occassion, especially when combined with light shadows and a small wing on the inner edge of the eye.

22. Flying Lashes 
2220416-eyeliner-stylesThe winged eyeliner here is very subtle, but as you can see, this woman decided to gain effect through the use of eyelashes instead of the eyeliner.

23. Comparing Various Designs 
3220416-eyeliner-stylesUse this guide to seek which design is best suited for your eye shape. As you can see, there are designs noted that range from thick to thin, long to short, with lashes versus no lashes, as well as straighter wings versus more curled wings. It can be fun to experiment with each and every style to see which one is best suited for your face and/or which one is best suited for the event you’re putting on make-up for.

24. Magical Zest 
4220416-eyeliner-stylesNot all winged eyeliner styles have to be done in pure black. Take this one for example – you can note a slight black outline but the wing itself is done over with a blue sparkling eye liner/shadow that brings out the beauty of this specific style.

25. Adding a Gem


It doesn’t have to be a star, but adding any gem to your face always enhances the magical appeal of your overall style. Try out various colors to see which ones suit your eye color and face shape best.

26. Freckled Queen
6220416-eyeliner-stylesSome of us have various features that are truly unique. Take these freckles, for example. They’re vivid and spread throughout the face, collecting most on the nose and around the eyes. Since they already draw attention to the eyes, a winged eyeliner design with contrasting colors makes this woman’s eyes look beautifully magical.

27. Delicate & Simple 
7220416-eyeliner-stylesThe wings don’t have to be huge or overly revealing. This winged eyeliner styles is very slight, and goes well with a more natural look and works well with those of us that don’t want to use too much make-up.

28. Wings in Blue
8220416-eyeliner-stylesYou can see this style is done with eyeliner that outlines the eyes but with vivid eye shadow that creates its own shape – aka, wings! This is a lovely example of how wings can be created alongside black eyeliner but done in a completely different shade.

29. Diamond Wings 
9220416-eyeliner-stylesThis style is a gorgeous alternative on how we perceive winged eyeliner styles. The wings look more as if they’re being created with the fake lashes that enhance the edge of the eye, pointing downward. However, the gems themselves are like a splash of water amidst such wings.

30. Bright & Beautiful 
10220416-eyeliner-stylesWho needs black eyeliner wings when you can make vividly yellow ones? It’s always fun to play around with colors, especially if you’ve got outfits that match. Some of us can truly get away with wearing lemon-yellow eyeliner. Try it out!

31. Contouring a Fleeting Moment 
11220416-eyeliner-stylesThese wings are a unique shape that falls in line with the creases of the eyes. Remember seeing any “old-skool” magazines from the 60’s and 70’s that had contrasting and stylish designs like this? Create one similar and you’ll be catching lots of gazes.

32. Golden Touch 
12220416-eyeliner-stylesSometimes, all you need to your simple and small winged design is a little enhancement involving gold. It gives off a bronze goddess-like appeal, especially if you’ve got honey-colored eyes.

33. Like an Egyptian
14220416-eyeliner-stylesExperimenting with eyeliner can often lead to creative designs inspired by ancient cultures.

34. A Final Look at Differing Winged Eyeliner Styles 
38220416-eyeliner-stylesTry them all out!

We hope you enjoyed this post by Creem! Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below for winged eyeliner styles!

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