Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram? A Guide to Finding Out the Answers

Who dared unfollow me!

Instagram is all about photos, and followers. And no matter how hard you try to dismiss the idea, but unfollows hurt, be it on a personal or business account. It’s similar to getting dumped by someone without even knowing the real reason, something that might haunt you for days. Okay, not really. So, whether you take the app seriously enough to genuinely care about who follows and unfollows you, so are just looking to step your revenge game up, having an idea about your unfollowers on Instagram may be important to you.

But how do you do that? Before getting into that, it is a good idea to take a look at ‘WHY’ rather than ‘WHO’. So, let’s briefly go through some of the most common reasons why people might unfollow you on instagram.

Who Unfollowed Me On InstagramLack of Engagement

The top and most justified reason why people unfollow social media accounts is minimal engagement. Instagram is a social platform, encouraging content sharing, interaction and exchange. If that is lacking, there really remains no point to stay.

Excessively Emotional Posts

Honestly, after a certain point, nobody really cares your boyfriend cheated on you with your sister or your goldfish had a tragic death. Although expressing exactly how feel on your social media is completely your choice, your followers may not enjoy constantly reading gloomy posts after sometime.

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Trying Too Hard

You can do this in two ways. The first is fishing for compliments where you put your followers in a situation where they feel trapped into having to compliment you. So, avoid posts with captions such as ‘I am so ugly’. The second way is through posting obnoxiously risqué photos for maximum attention. Although you might succeed in holding your male audience if you are a woman, others may feel you are trying too hard and find it annoying.

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

Now that you have established some of the reasons why people may lose interest in your Instagram account, let’s move on the real deal: the question of ‘WHO’, and other related questions.

Does Instagram Allow You To See Who Unfollowed You?

Unfortunately, as of yet, Instagram doesn’t provide users any notifications or other ways to see who unfollowed them. However, third-party websites, apps and software can be used to track down unfollowers. However, you can take the manual route if you do not have a huge following.

Which Are Some Of The Best Third-Party Tools I Can Use To Track My Instagram Unfollowers?

At present, countless third-party unfollower detecting tools have sprung up, which include applications, software and websites. Listed below are some of those best tools you can try, free of cost.

  • Unfollowgram

Unfollowgram is a user-friendly and easy to use website that lets you track unfollowers for free. All you need to do is provide an email address and log on to the website with your Instagram account, from where onwards the website will hunt your followings and followers. It also lets you see who unfollowed you, does not follow you back, and people you don’t follow back. Other helpful features of Unfollowgram include:

  • Tracking the increase of followers
  • Checking if the person you have unfollowed has unfollowed you back
  • Checking who has blocked you
  • Getting information about the average comments and likes received by your posts recently
  • Instafollow

This is an iOS app which you can install on your smartphone and link to your Instagram account. It is mainly used to check follower insights and stats for media, users and engagement.

Instafollow, like unfollowgram, also shows you review of all your followings and followers on the main tab, which includes all new and lost followers as well as a list of followers who you don’t follow and some who don’t follow you back. When you see the ‘Unfollowers’ list, the app gives you a follow button for every user in case you wish to follow them and encourage them to follow you back.

  • Statusbrew

Formerly known as Unfollowers, Statusbrew is a free SEO tool that you can use for tracking Twitter and Instagram followers. The signup process is easy and free and you have to gvie permission to link to your Instagram account to the app so you can keep a close check on your lost followers. The app also lets you know when an Instagram account is spam, so you don’t end up wasting time following back fake accounts.

  • Crowdfire

Previously known as Just Unfollow, Crowdfire is a free Twitter and Instagram analytics tool, which you can use via mobile device and the web, both on Android and iOS platforms. The app is originally an RMT (relationship management tool), which assists you in tracking and identifying less interactive and inactive followers, and also track anyone who unfollows you.

Crowdfire also helps you look for new follower options, placing applicable users to follow based on your present hashtags and following habits. Furthermore, with this app, you set a reminder to upload a picture on Instagram at a specific time in case you forget.

What Are Some Of The Best Unfollower Tracking Tools For Common Mobile Platforms?

For Instagram users who hardly use PCs, mobile apps prove most convenient. Below are a few recommended apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • For Apple devices, you can easily track your followers and unfollowers through Followers on Instagram Free by Sepia Software LLC, which is a top-rated app and is free.
  • For Android devices, apps such as InstaFollow for Instagram by Innovatty LLC are good options.
  • For Windows users, Unfollow Spy by Elliot Forde works great by providing a diverse variety of options for both Twitter and Instagram.

How to Handle an Instagram Unfollow?

Inevitably, everyone, be it a personal account or a brand, will lose followers at one point or another. However, the smart thing to do here is not dwell on the loss but discover how to learn from the experience and move forward to enhance your Instagram performance.

Use a follower-tracking tool. You can easily pick from the above-mentioned options after carefully assessing their features. Next, observe the pattern. If you lose more followers in a day as compared to how you would normally, review the content you posted and analyze how it syncs with the rest of your photos. For instance, if you generally post photos of books but then noticed a sharp decline after having posted a photo of a sponsored hair care product, you know where the problem lies.

Similarly, if you suspect unfollowings owing to something offensive or politically incorrect that you wrote or posted, take it down instantly and apologize if you can to prevent other people from unfollowing and giving you bad press.

Besides posting content that is relevant to your theme, keeping your audience engaged is also highly important. Like, follow, and comment on your community’s photos to show them you genuinely care. If you are a business, remember that every time you engage with your audience, you are positively reinforcing your brand image.

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