47 Ways White Ink Tattoos Can Express Our Identity

The common tattoo is done in black ink, while society’s become more and more familiar with the beauty of adding color to tats. But where does that leave white ink tattoos?

They’re uncommon but slowly gaining popularity, appealing to people of all skin tones and being placed in locations most would never consider putting a black ink tattoo. The lighter the skin you’ve got, the harder it’ll be to detect the white ink tattoo – but you’ll know it’s there & revel in its beauty. The darker the skin you’ve got, the more exotic white ink tattoos will look and the more double-takes you’ll be receiving.

People get white ink tattoos for various reasons, but one thing is common across the board: We all get permanent body art to express something significant about us. Whether its’s to enhance beauty, commemorate a loved one, or to represent an era of our lives, white ink tattoos can fulfill that special desire that’s grown to blossom into a need for permanent body art that expresses our identity.

Expressing Our Identity: 47 White Ink Tattoos

1 . The Tribal Warrior 
white (39)Most of us would never consider a tattoo on our face, but this bold wearer isn’t scared. He’s got the entire warrior’s get-up: The piercings, gauging of the lower lip, dreads, beaded facial hair, and the final touch to pull it all together: Two white ink tattoos above the eyebrows done in a tribal design. This guy’s definitely unique.

2. Delicate, Tousled Feather of Life’s Journey 
white (16)Feather tattoos are slightly common in the tat scene, but have you ever seen a white feather tatted on someone’s arm? What do you think when you first take a look at it? This feather is almost magical, being drawn as if it’s been tossed about; as if it’s lived through many flights. Does this wearer want to represent his life’s journey? The various journeys that his freedom has taken him/her?

3. Harry Potter Fan for Life 
white (17)Obviously, white ink tattoos of this design, or in any color for that matter, are linked to Harry Potter. The line down the center represents the Elder Wand, the circle in the center represents the the Resurrection Stone, and the triangle represents the Cloak of Invisibility. This symbol first appeared in the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” book (7th in the series).

4. Forever His 
white (18)We’ve seen black ink tattoos right where the wedding ring is supposed to go, but have you ever seen white ink tattoos representing ownership? While I’m a huge fan of marriage and love, I only hope the guy got a tat saying “Hers” on his ring finger, otherwise, this woman is whipped! Or really really in love…

5. Here I Am! 
white (20)This tattoo is simple enough, but it’s huge and definitely will be turning heads – whether in a positive or negative manner, I’m not sure – but it surely says something about the wearer. Perhaps it’s not finished? In any case, this white tattoo stands out even on light skin.

6. A Dove’s Decent 
white (21)We’re aware that dove’s usually represent peace, but did you know that they’re actually kind of vicious birds? They’re not nice, let’s just put it like that. White ink tattoos that display animals such as this one will always help to express one’s identity. Is it a spirit animal? Does is represent a life’s era; a special person; the animal itself? Or does this person just enjoy peace? (Check Out : 40 Dove Tattoos )

7. Adding A Shimmering Layer 
white (22)White ink tattoos come in any shape and size you can dream of, and this woman clearly had a huge idea in mind for her design. I love how she chose to create an elaborate flowering design, almost tribal, almost Mandela – using white ink on her pale skin. It’ll come out in the sun, under a black light, or any sort of special lighting for that matter. Brilliantly goddess-like.

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8. Keeping Up Strength 
white (23)This wearer has placed a reminder in white ink on their wrist – a perfect location that one’s eyes are drawn to constantly throughout the day, while others around you take notice as well. This wearer clearly has deep thoughts and memories that hold lots of meaning.

9. Flowering, Mystical Nymph 
white (24)What do you think of when you see flowers engraved into a girl’s skin along her hips and torso? I think of a flowery nymph; a magical garden fae; a woman that knows who she is and what she represents (whether or not its what I see it as).

10. White Wings of Destiny 
white (25)These white ink tattoos are done on the wrists, displaying simple wings that represent oh so much. The freedom of flight is a common perception among cultures. When we look at birds; animals that fly, we immediately have thoughts associated with the freedoms they possess and most wish that we could have such freedom. This person either wants this – or perhaps they could represent wings to carry them into the afterlife. Either way, their meaning is deeper than the eye beholds.

11. A Simple Initialed memory
white (26)This little initial could represent a plethora of things – but all we know for sure is that this person wanted white ink tattoos out in the open for all to see, but not in black ink to where it could interfere with life/work.

12. Anchor Me 
white (27)We all need something to tie us down to reality, whether its talking to a special someone, creating poetry, reading books, or getting a tattoo as a reminder to remain vigilant. If you’ve got a special symbol that means something to you, personally, you can get it tatted on your arm without the negative connotations black ink brings. White ink can have your symbol out in the open without too much hassle.

13. Flowering Lace 
white (28)No matter what shade of skin you’ve got, having white ink tattoos done in delicate designs reminiscent of lace is a definite tribute to beauty and elegance. As you can see with this tat – it’s beautifully done well enough to turn heads yet light enough to go unnoticed enough to bare at work or formal events. Lace designs don’t always have to be flowers, either, they can be anything one chooses so long as it’s delicate; intricate in design.

14. Protected by a Fallen Angel 
white (29)I can’t say if this tattoo was supposed to represent a fallen angel or not to the wearer, but one thing is for certain: it’s unique enough to be of its own kind. Perhaps an angel of this sort, done in white ink, represents a more pure angel being taken. Then again, the legs look like they’re smoke – it could very well be a demon rising from Hell! That’s the beauty of white ink.

15. Don’t Forget to Love Life 
white (30)And here is yet another infamous quote, placed on an area of the body that’s usually seen by all, done in white ink to suppress its existence. Yet the quote itself should not be suppressed – it is a common knowledge that we all must Love Life, but some of us need the reminder a bit more than others. Especially if that person has undergone horrific trials.

16. Center of the Galaxy 
white (31)This design is reminiscent of a spiraling galaxy with three arms, but this design is far more precise than any galaxy seen. Its also reminiscent of a Mandala, perhaps. Or maybe genes. Maybe this person just loves geometric design. Whatever the case, it’s one of our white ink tattoos that adds to the mystique of this person’s personality.

17. Moon Phases 
white (32)If you think about it, it wouldn’t make sense to tat the moon phases in black. Black would be reminiscent of outer space, while white more accordingly represents the moon. It makes perfect sense to do the moon phases in white, and this person did just that. Now, if only they were filled in… Clearly, this wearer has celestial ties.

18. A Heart, An Arrow 
white (33)Hearts are for the most part, a universal symbol. Anyone with knowledge of the newer versions of stories of Cupid can easily link arrows with hearts. Perhaps this person had a heart tatted on their hand to represent someone special and the arrow ring represents falling in love. In any case, its simple and shows this person values love.

19. Hidden Love for Death & the Deceased 
white (34)Here is a simple, classic Dia Des Los Muertos tattoo, complete with hearts for eyes and an upside-down one for a nose. Anyone that values their ancestors might get one of these tattoos, since the holiday is supposed to celebrate the lives of the ones who once lived.

20. White Ink Tattoos Galore 
white (35)This girl clearly loves intricate details in her design. I wouldn’t be surprised if she soon had the entirety of her back covered with mandalas. White ink tattoos done on light skin are quite intriguing. It causes you to look closer.

21. Smallest Detail Found 
white (36)This feather is right where most people will refuse to get a black ink tattoo. Because it’s done in white on lighter skin, it’s harder to see, and doesn’t pose a threat to a future career leap or formal event. What does it tell you about this person’s identity? That they’ve secrets.

22. Mesmerizing Piece 
white (37)White ink tattoos like this one don’t even look like tattoos – it looks like its been engraved into the skin; like a magical birth mark. If you find the right tattoo artist, you’ll be able to find the right mixture of ink to create a look similar to this one.

23. As White As Snow 
white (38)This girl’s pale skin is beau and flawless, just like the lovely snowflake done in white ink on her wrist. It’s almost reminiscent of the movie “Frozen” if Disney characters had tattoos. She obviously loves either winter or snow – or perhaps just the beauty of a permanent piece of body art representing a geometrical miracle.

24. Symmetrical Appeal  
1 (11)Just like black ink tattoos, white ink tattoos can create a bad-ass design that covers the majority of the back. This one extends right up the back of the neck; on the nape of the neck, so while it blends with the skin, it’ll be seen enough to turn heads for a second take.

25. For the Light Spirits 
1 (12)These sun and moon white ink tattoos are simple but tell a story about the wearer. They obviously have celestial ties of sorts and placed their tats where only they themselves can see it or their lover (or perhaps flaunt it at the beach/pool).

26. A Daily Reminder 
1 (13)I’ve honestly seen this tattoo frequently, stating “I must not tell lies.” It’s a good reminder for many, especially placing it on the hand where its seen frequently. To say that to do it in white ink is better is debatable – though I must agree. It’s there as a reminder, but doesn’t stick out so that others see what your daily mantra is.

27. Adding to the Symbolism 
1 (14)This white ink tattoo adds appeal to the rest of the surrounding tattoos – and intrigue for that matter. However, a tattoo like this is also cheaper for those of us that can’t afford tons spent on body art. It’s simple, and surely holds meaning to the wearer.

28. Adding to an Odd Ear
1 (15)I don’t know why, but this person’s ear seems a tad strange to me. Nevertheless, this white ink tat is placed on a location of the body most would never dream of getting a tattoo – the face! But it’s done in white, making it less noticeable, but noticeable to the trained eye. It may represent this person’s ancestry, looking like a Native American dream catcher.

29. Coupling White with Black 
1 (16)This girl’s white tattoo is very extensive, spreading out over the torso in exquisite detail. As you can see, it’s coupled with a black tattoo just beneath her breast. Be wary of how you place white ink tattoos on your body – some may look good next to other colors, some may not. Plan carefully!

30. Fleeting Butterfly 
1 (17)This white ink tattoo of a butterfly is large and beautifully done. It’s the only tattoo on the torso of this wearer, so it’s sure to be noticed by anyone that takes a glance at this person’s side.

31. Reminiscent of Henna 
1 (18)We’re aware of henna tattoos -but have you seen such designs done in white ink? While this doesn’t look like real tattoo ink (looks like pen) it’s definitely a lovely design that could be a permanent piece of body art.

32. White and Gold 
1 (19)This person’s bird tattoo has ink that’s both white and gold, giving it a unique look that captivates.

33. Music Lover 
1 (20)I wouldn’t be surprised if this person was in love with the Beatles, given the nails and the lovely treble clef they decided to keep permanently on their forearm.

34. A Moon Or…
1 (21)What does this tattoo say about this person? That they’re nice enough to allow someone they’re either friends with or someone they love to tat a moon-like piece of body art on them in white ink. If that’s a moon, it’s quite… interestingly shaped.

35. Simple Arrow 
1 (22)Be careful with this one- arrows always hold special and specific meanings to their wearers. White ink tattoos that are arrows most likely hold significant truths about the individual.

36. Faith
1 (23)A white ink tat that displays “Faith” done in cursive. Elegant and simple, sometimes a little reminder can go a long way.

37. Instead of a Wedding Ring…
1 (24)You could always get a tat that expresses “Always” anywhere on the body with your loved one – who should get the same/matching tat.

38. Hidden Floral 
1 (1)It’s the perfect place to get a tattoo. Right behind the ear. Really, you can have anything put there – but this tat looks like it was meant to be there, being shaped perfectly for the ear and hairline.

39. A Lovely Extra 
1 (2)White ink tattoos like this one simply enhance the beauty one delivers upon first impression.

40. A Sardonic Saying1 (3)“Love will tear us apart,” an interesting statement for the unlucky lovers. In a way its true – have you seen couples that have been in “love” for several decades? A few prevail and still hold love for one another, but most end up hating each other. This is truer in some countries/cultures more than others.

41. Mandala Madness 
1 (4)A perfectly geometric mandala done in white ink on the forearm. This version of white ink is quite noticeable – so be sure to choose what shade of white you want on your skin tone.

42. Magnificent Moon Phases
1 (5)For the Goddess that dwells within us, having moon phases going down the spine is true magical and displays this person’s celestial ties.

43. Dragonflight
1 (6)A simple dragonfly expressing this wearers love for the beauty of the insect. It’s truly a remarkable insect, if you’ve ever had the chance to look close.

44. Various Symbols 
1 (7)And here we have various symbols and words mixed with each other to create a mixture of white ink tattoos unlike any other. Granted, this kind of looks like white ink, but if this is a tat, it’s awesome and looks quite meaningful.

45. Moon & Sun
1 (8)Again we’ve the moon and sun together in white ink on pale skin.

46. The Grand Lesson of Life 
1 (9)Yet another “I must not tell lies” tattoo. Done right on the front of the hand – a truly bold place to put a tat, but it’s less attention grasping since its done in white ink.

47. To the Brain
1 (10) This little arrow points upward, as if pointing towards thoughts. Wonder what this wearer’s meaning for it is?

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