81 Ways to get a bold look with a Finger Wavy Hairstyle

Cute Wavy Hairstyles for that bold look

Wavy hairstyles are an instant thrill and being naturally blessed with wavy hair is something to be grateful. The outlook of the wearer below is beautifully enhanced with the overflowing wavy hair.


The flowing wavy hairstyle looks great when you have long hair and the below style looks spectacular with the bright shades of colour blending quite well. The flowing hair and color blend enhances the facial look.


The layered short wavy hairstyle like the one below looks spectacular with the overlapping hair on the face enhancing the outlook of the face.


There is some level of confidence that one gets when you know that you are rocking some elegant wavy hairstyle. The blond colour of the hairstyle below looks magnificent with the layers flowing so well.


Enhance that chic and feminine outlook with a long wavy hairstyles. A cool hairstyle like the one below, can, in a great way transform your facial outlook.


Get that versatility that suits your unique occasion The flowing wavy hairstyle looks cute on the face that is partly covered.


Cute Hairstyles for wavy long hair

The brunnette below with long wavy hairstyle has a way of enhancing that chic and sexy outlook. The wavy layers are flowing perfectly while framing the facial features.


Simple and fascinating is the best word to describe the long wavy hairstyle below. The style is easy with the colour making the most of the beautiful eyes of the model.


This is such a fashionable wavy look that beautifully enhances the wearer’s facial features. The dark roots create such a magnificent mix and blends well with the blond colour.


Add that chic and mesmerising look to your personality by adorning a beautifully layered blond hairstyle like in the style below.


Exciting Hairstyle Ideas for Wavy Hair

Wavy hairstyles are ever in style and regardless of the occasion or the season, you can take advantage of this hairstyle for an enhanced and sophisticated outlook.


If you are looking for some wavy hairstyle inspiration then you will definitely get a style that best suits your taste. The asymmetrically layered hairstyle below looks magnificent with the colour shades creating that magical appeal.


From the loosely disheveled hairstyles to the perfectly sculpted ones, you will find a large choice of hairstyles to choose from. The hairstyle below looks cool with the raised upper layer enhancing the hair volume.


The shoulder skimming hairstyle below enhances that sexy outlook of the wearer. The layers are beautifully flowing creating such an eye catching outlook.


The bouncy waves looks spectacular and simple to style. All you may need is to brush it nicely and you’re done. The overlapping frontal layers of hair also creates that beautiful outlook


Get that flattering outlook with the bouncy layered hairstyle. The wavy hairstyle looks quite elegant with the longhair.


Cute Wavy Long Hairstyles

The shoulder length wavy hairstyle below looks magical with the bouncy waves enhancing the overall outlook of the design. The hairstyle looks cute and glossy and blends well with facial structure of the wearer.


The intense waves with side sweep is a cool and gorgeous hairstyle that beautifully enhances the sexy outlook of the wearer.


The bright and bold coloured flowing hairstyle looks elegant with the wavy front adding to beauty of the style. The colour shades used also blends quite well.

Opening Ceremony FW16

The side parted waves looks unique and magical with the thick waves creating that voluminous outlook that gives the hairstyle such a good shape.


The beautifully layered side patted wavy hairstyle loose cool with the blond shades enhancing the facial outlook. You can achieve that eye catching outlook with a simple and elegant style.


Get some wavy hairstyle inspiration

The cute and smooth texture of the style below looks elegant with the wavy ends creating such a dynamic outlook. The hairstyle has that alluring outlook with the waves forming a cute spiral.


The soft wavy layers with the glossy highlights is an ideal celebrity hairstyle that’s worth trying out. The delicate colour shades adds enhances the overall outlook of the design.


The finger waves hairstyle looks quite eye-catching and polished. The style beautifully highlights the facial outlook of the wearer.


The sleek wavy bangs looks cute as it also enhances the glossy texture of the hairstyle. The thin shades of colour highlights also adds to the magnificence of the hairstyle.


The retro waves with a pony tail is another cool hairstyle that suits any occasion and season. The colour highlights expresses a magical touch that also enhances the facial outlook.


Elegant Hairstyles for the Wavy Longhair

The deep side parted waves expresses such a stunning and magical appeal with the flawless face adding to the overall outlook.

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The beautiful waves with a puffy crown looks spectacular and such an ideal wavy hairstyle. The dark colour of the hair also enhances the the facial outlook.


Adorning a sophisticated wavy hairstyle is a great way to make a statement. The beautiful flowing wavy layers looks spectacular and quite eye-catching.


The glossy style with bangs is an elegant style. The wavy ends looks voluminous and well textured.


The soft and voluminous glam waves looks sexy with the dark and platinum blond colour shades creating a perfect blend.


Make your style more sophisticated and elegant with the glossy side parted wavy hairstyles. The wavy layers highlights the overall outlook of the wearer’s.


The thin layered coloured highlights creates such a cozy and confident outlook with a bold face that makes the style quite outstanding.


Smooth and wavy Hairstyles

The textured and side swept wavy layers look fabulous with a bold and beautiful face to go with it. The hairstyle looks voluminous and fabulous.


A sleek and subtle side part will always have that magical expression that gives the hairstyle such a dynamic outlook. The platinum blond colour shades looks elegant and worth trying out.

<>Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear show as part of Paris Fashion Week on March 1, 2013 in Paris, France.

Get that bold and self assured outlook with this flowing wavy hairstyle. The side part looks magical as it enhances the facial outlook of the wearer.


Give your hair that cool girl effect with beautiful colour shades that enhances that bold and sexy outlook. The layered flowing waves looks classy and quite eye-catching.


Adding a layer of bangs can go along way towards enhancing that bold outlook. The wavy layers and colour highlights looks spectacular.


Magnificent wavy Hairstyle Ideas

The sleek and wavy side part is such a dynamic hairstyle that looks cool with longhair. Having the side layers fall behind the ears adds to the beauty of the style.


If you are looking for a gorgeous and captivating hairstyle that will make heads turn then the sleek and wavy hairstyle below should be your ideal style.


The raised wavy bangs makes such a strong statement and matches the bold outlook quite well. The hair is flowing beautifully on the back as it enhances the overall upper part of the wearer.


Get that sexy outlook with beautiful waves tucked behind the ear. The colour shades adds to the elegance of the hairstyle.


Get that easy and effortless look by tossing way layers on one side like in the hairstyle below. The rough textured layers looks quite versatile and fabulous.


Simple and elegant wavy hairstyles

Styling a sassy wavy bob may look spectacular but not such an easy style especially if you have long hair. The beautiful colour shades creates such a fabulous and glossy outlook.


The deep overflowing side may prove to be much simpler than it looks. The beautiful colour shades adds to the complexity of the style resulting into something quite sophisticated.


Create that sizzling outlook with super sleek wavy layers. The style is ideal for any occasion and greatly enhances that bold facial outlook of the wearer.


Exude sexiness and elegance with beautiful colour strands that radiates beautifully on the face resulting to a confident and magnificent outlook.


The bouncy wavy bangs looks spectacular with the loose waves creating such a voluminous outlook that makes the entire style to look magnificent.


Sassy and elegant wavy hairstyles

Raise the front wavy hair a little bit higher for that appealing and sophisticated outlook. The looks waves also flows beautifully as it covers the ears.


The caramel hued highlights adds to the elegance of the hairstyle with the thick wavy layers creating such a unique and appealing outlook.


The wavy dark colour used in the hairstyle below looks quite fascinating with the curled edges creating such an attractive outlook.


The wavy strands with a side cut is another unique hairstyle that’s ideal for both medium and longhair. The beautiful colour highlights looks cool and elegant.


The flowing wavy strands with a bang looks cool on the wearer and has such a cute bold face to with it. The hairstyle is a real epitome of elegance and a big boost of self confidence.


Glamorous and Sexy Wavy Hairstyles

The cool wavy spirals looks cool with the glossy colour shades radiating beautifully on the wearer’s face. The raised front hair also adds to the beauty of the style.


Give your style that magical outlook by rocking a well layered and raised glamorous waves. The bright colour highlights also radiates beautifully on the face.


Simple, sassy and classy is the best description for the wavy hairstyle below. The colour highlights are dynamic and radiates beautifully the wearer’s face.


If you are looking for that radiant and glossy outlook then the side parted wavy hairstyle below is the real deal. Its quite girly and beautifully enhances the bold facial outlook.


The super bouncy layers of waves is ideal for longhair with the side parting enhancing the voluminous outlook.


Enhance the outlook with colour highlights

Strategic use of colour shades and highlights can have a great impact on your overall outlook. The relaxed loose waves in the hairstyle below is simple and ideal for diverse occasions.


Allowing the wavy layers to beautifully flow behind like in the style below creates such a magnificent outlook. The colour shades and raised bang also creating such an epic outlook.


You can make heads turn with a highlighted wavy hairstyle. The golden colour shades looks cool and radiates well on the wearer’s face.


The golden colour highlights creates such a sassy and sexy look with the raised bang enhances the bold facial look.


Enhance your hair texture with bold colour shades and a sassy wavy hairstyle. The platinum colour shades creates that epic blond outlook which is quite sexy and cool.


Amazing long and wavy hairstyles

Adorning sleek and polished waves with a side part is a great way to frame the face for an enhanced outlook. The highlights of gold and dark colours also creates such a sassy outlook.


The wavy straight style has a way of adding length and elegance to the hair with the colour shades enhancing the outlook of the hairstyle.


The deep side parts with flowing wavy layers adds to the volume and elegance of the hair. You can make your hairstyle more fascinating and cool by incorporating bright colour shades.


Enhance that vibrant outlook with a sleek and sassy wavy hairstyle. The layers of waves flows beautifully with the sided part enhancing that eye-catching outlook.


The colour highlights and the centre part makes the wavy hairstyle below to look quite amazing and fabulous. The overlapping facial hair also creates that bold and adorable facial outlook.


Sleek Ideas for wavy longhair

The long wavy and piecey strands looks cool with the side part enhancing the facial outlook. The dark colour used also adds to the magnificence of the hairstyle.


The beachy waves with the flowing strands looks magnificent and a great highlight to the upper body features. The side part also flows beautifully on the face with the resting elegantly on the shoulders.


Get that outstanding outlook with cool beachy waves and beautiful colour lines. The style flows beautifully to the back where it creates such a voluminous and magnificent look.


Make your style easy and elegant with deep blond shades. The deep side part hangs beautifully on the face as it also radiates well on the face.


Strands of honey blond colour has a way of creating such an appealing and elegant outlook. The wavy hairstyle looks spectacular with the long deep part creating such a gorgeous outlook.


Get that polished and adorable outlook

If you are looking for that polished and adorable outlook then adorning a wavy hairstyle works quite well. Incorporating beautiful colour strands adds to the beauty of the style.


You can keep the beautiful waves down with a ponytail and a twist just like in the wavy hairstyle below. The style looks cute and suitable for medium and long hair.


The sassy and deep side part is such a sexy hairstyle that brings out that girly outlook. The colour combination is cool with the curly edges enhancing the bold facial outlook of the wearer.


The girly waves looks cool with the side part creating such a beautiful facial framing. The long wavy spirals looks cute on long hair with the colour shades creating such a classy outlook.


You can go glam with cute waves and front bang that creates such a cute facial framing. The highlights of platinum and honey blond adds to the magnificence of the style.

An adorable wavy hairstyle is worth everything especially if you intend to make a statement with your style. The flowing waves with a deep part creates such a symmetrical outlook that enhances the facial features.


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