55 Photos of Enchanting Unicorn Tattoo Artwork

Unicorns have been mentioned in history since the 5th Century B.C., first described by Ctesias when writing about the exotic lands of India. Since then, unicorn myths have sprung to life within most cultures of the world, making them a hot commodity as unicorn tattoo artwork since the animal is beautiful, fully of mystique, linked to magic, and rumored to have once existed.

So many differing myths can be linked to unicorns, making artwork involving them quite a creative task with various symbolism needing to be reckoned with. There are myths that state only virgin maidens can tame and/or touch them (ever see the movie “Legend”?), that they’re actually more goat-like rather than horse-like, that their horns hold magical powers, and so-on and so-forth.

What do all these myths have to do with unicorn tattoo artwork? Everything! How you depict your unicorn shows which myths are linked to your special beast; your very own unicorn. While many designs show them as beautiful, elegant animals, you’ll find that some tats of them are silly or even grotesque. How you design your unicorn tattoo will show off the type of personality you’ve got as well as what myths you enjoy linking to them. And now…

Photos of Enchanting Unicorn Tattoo Artwork

  1. Cold Colors of a Mythical Creature
    unicorn-tattoos-24041621A surreal and truly enchanting piece of unicorn artwork, done with various shades of colors most people wouldn’t dream of colliding in a tattoo. This work has been done wonderfully, combinging realism with fantasy.

2.  Colorful Unicorn Tooting on You
unicorn-tattoos-24041622What a happy unicorn! I bet it’s smiling because its tummy feels much better. Some of us just have that kind of sense of humor.

3. An Elegant Mythical Creature 
unicorn-tattoos-24041623You’ll find that a majority unicorn tattoos will have pearls and gems decorating their mane and horn, with braids in their mane and flowers. This shows the elegance of the creature for those of us that want a beautiful fairy tale engulfing a segment of our skin.

4. A Butterfly’s Best Friend
unicorn-tattoos-24041624The artist of this unicorn tattoo artwork has a very special way of drawing their lines, being fluid and rounded versus sharp and jagged or even realistic. This  colorful unicorn tattoo makes it look like the wearer has soft skin.

5. With the Sweeping Wings of Pegasus
unicorn-tattoos-24041625If you’re feeling quite adventurous in pursuing a mythical creature tattoo, you can combine the various myths of both unicorns and Pegasus, the winged horse that is in Greek mythology. Here we can see both the horn and flowing wings both mythical creatures entail.

6. Smokey like a Fleeting Shadow
unicorn-tattoos-24041626The lines of this unicorn are gorgeous, having pastel ink work done just on the lines, in the mane, and in the tail and hoofs. A truly unique piece of artwork that’s both elegant and mystical.

7. Water Color Wonder
unicorn-tattoos-24041627You don’t have to color in your unicorn in a traditional manner. There are ink artists out there that specialize in colored shading and can make your unicorn look like it’s been done in watercolors.

8. Royal Gems
unicorn-tattoos-24041628Look at the precise detail done on this colorful unicorn! Here is a perfect example of when white ink comes in handy, being used to outline details and fill in pearls amidst dark colors and designs. This wearer has contributed their entire leg to this mythical creature.

9. Sad Face
unicorn-tattoos-24041641Wondering if this person wanted their unicorn to look sad or if it was a mistake done by the artist? Well, at least the horn looks awesome!

10. Signed with a Rose 
unicorn-tattoos-24041642Though the lines of this colorful unicorn tattoo are simple, they’re well placed and dimensional; proportionate to one another and create a beautiful piece of art that’s pleasurably to look at. Combining a rose with your unicorn along with “sparkles” (the mini diamonds and hearts) is always a favorite.

11. Within a Frame 
unicorn-tattoos-24041643Sometimes placing just the head of a unicorn in a frame can help the tat artist out – they then don’t have to perfect the body of the unicorn which can sometimes come out looking disproportionate.

12. Like Flowing Graffiti 
unicorn-tattoos-24041645This mythical creature looks as if it’s been created with spray paint on the side of a building. The colors fluidly combine with one another and white has been used to enhance the details. Also, take a look at those red gems! This unicorn looks vicious!

13. Through the Mirror Within Another Realm 
unicorn-tattoos-24041647Place your unicorn in the midst of another realm, and frame it as if it’s looking back at you through a mirror.

14. Royal Myth From Another World
unicorn-tattoos-24041650A beautifully done piece of unicorn tattoo artwork that takes the elegance of this mythical creature to a whole new level. This isn’t your average, cheesy unicorn tat – this one’s detail surmounts them all.

15. Raining Love 
unicorn-tattoos-24041651If you aren’t trying to create a huge piece of artwork that’s enthralled with detail, consider a simplified version of your favorite mythical creature. Above you can see simple lines displaying a small but lovely shape of a unicorn with the added dimension of a cloud raining hearts. You definitely have to have a certain personality and style to pull of a tat like this one.

16. Jagged Rainbow Mane 
unicorn-tattoos-24041652This colorful unicorn has been done with rainbow bright colors and lines that are more jagged rather than rounded. Which kind of design suits your style better?

17. Keeping Childhood in Our Hearts & On Our Skin
unicorn-tattoos-24041653This design is done perfectly, with perfect shading that makes this colorful unicorn look as if it’s a toy amidst a painting of a happy cloud and rainbow. It’s reminiscent of childhood, a great way to keep the era thriving within our hearts. Represent!

18. Celestial Creature
unicorn-tattoos-24041664A unicorn with a celestial body swirling within it. A lovely alternative to a unicorn bordering on realism.

19. Geometric Shape Collective
unicorn-tattoos-30111511This unicorn isn’t colorful nor that mythical looking. It looks almost sad – perhaps it expresses a story only the wearer truly knows.

20. A Rearing Unicorn
unicorn-tattoos-30111512This mythical creature is rearing on its hind legs, which is being covered up by a a gorgeously  colorful tail with swirling stars within it.

21. A Mythical Reminder 
unicorn-tattoos-30111514Walking on the beach or at the pool barefoot will bring added delight when you’ve got a smiling unicorn looking up at you.

22. Rearing Dark Unicorn 
unicorn-tattoos-30111515Unicorns don’t have to be full of bright colors or even white for that matter – this unicorn has been shaded a black and still holds beauty with even more added mystique.

23. Simple Lines 
unicorn-tattoos-30111516This smaller version of a unicorn head is simple, lovely, and still has added colors that make it stand out.

24. Within a Moon 
unicorn-tattoos-30111517Placed near the heart, where love of the mythical creature first blossoms. Along with moons and hearts that add to the cute overall look of the pearled unicorn.

25. A Unicorn or Narwhal? 
unicorn-tattoos-30111518Just kidding! have you ever heard of the tales from the olden and almost ancient days when cons would sell narwhal horns to people, saying they were the horns of unicorns? Those that would buy these fake unicorn horns would then try to fashion healing potions and whatnot out of the horn, being clueless as to the reality that narwhals exist in certain parts of the world with similar horns we perceive as a unicorn’s.

26. Colorful Shading 
unicorn-tattoos-30111519Who needs lines when you can simply have a unicorn shaded with colors on your body? Be sure and choose a talented tattoo artist if you’re planning to get a tat similar to this one.

27. Unicorn Horn or Mystical Wand?
unicorn-tattoos-30111520Whether or not you’ve read Harry Potter, you can see that this unicorn horn slightly resembles a wand, being perfectly placed on the forefinger to guide its mystical powers in the direction you point.

28. Black & White Mystique 
unicorn-tattoos-30111529This black and white version of a unicorn is truly remarkable with added details that are unique surrounding its mane.

29. Within a Mirror
unicorn-tattoos-30111530Another lovely example of a framed unicorn head, but this version only holds shades of blues and grey within it. You can choose to have various shades of any color of your liking to display on your unicorn.

30. Out of the Nether 
unicorn-tattoos-24041613This mythical creature looks as if it’s poking its head out of a swirling nether-realm. An intriguing piece of unicorn tattoo artwork indeed.

31. Small but Powerful 
unicorn-tattoos-3011151Powerful in the statement this unicorn makes. Look at the other combined tattoos surrounding the colorful unicorn… not exactly what you’d expect to see!

32. Little Fat Flying Unicorn 
unicorn-tattoos-30111533Placing a tattoo behind the ear is a perfect solution for those of us that want to have a tattoo we can both show off and cover up depending on the situation and event. This little fat unicorn is absolutely adorable, peeking out of the wearer’s hair to look at you!

33. Celestial Magic 
unicorn-tattoos-2404169If you plan on getting a super colorful tat of a unicorn such as the one above, be sure and see samples of your artist’s work to ensure the ink they use is as vivid as you’re expecting.

34. A Couple in Paradise 
unicorn-tattoos-30111535Did this person get two unicorn tattoos – one on both hands – or did this person get a matching unicorn tat with another person?

35. The Narwhal (The Real) and the Unicorn (The Myth)
unicorn-tattoos-30111536Wonderful! Here’s a piece of unicorn tattoo artwork that also displays a narwhal – the creature I had mentioned before in which used to be hunted for its horn (sold as a “unicorn” horn to unsuspecting victims that believed).

36. Evil, Dark, Mysterious 
unicorn-tattoos-30111537This piece of unicorn tattoo artwork borders on the dark and evil side rather than the light and usually happy side that unicorns are normally associated with. You can get creative in how you display your very own unicorn.

37. Within the Stars 
unicorn-tattoos-30111538Beautifully done, this unicorn tattoo artwork is just a sliver of outer space in the form of a mythical creature.

38. Like a Stallion 
unicorn-tattoos-30111539Some myths state that unicorns have a goat-like beard, as seen here. This version looks like a knight’s stallion.

39. Pointing Silhouette 
unicorn-tattoos-30111540What a long horn! Pointing in the direction of the thumb.

40. Windy Stance 
unicorn-tattoos-30111544About to rear, this unicorn tattoo artwork is simple but pretty, and small enough to fit on the inside of your wrist.

41. From the Merry-Go-Round 
unicorn-tattoos-30111546Ever see merry-go-round unicorns? This looks like one of them – artwork done beautifully.

42. By the Fade of the Stars 
unicorn-tattoos-30111548Framed and paired with stars, this unicorn tattoo artwork is remarkable.

43. Sherbet Colors 
unicorn-tattoos-30111549Green and pink combined with this lovely unicorn – be sure to experiment with colors on paper and ensure your artist can replicate the colors on skin.

44. Out of this World 
unicorn-tattoos-30111554The perfect silhouette of a riding unicorn and its shadow done in a faded blue, being colored in with the cosmos.

45. A Mane of Roses 
unicorn-tattoos-30111555Some tattoo artists have their very own special means of creating their artwork, this one using lovely shades and white lines/ink.

46. Cartoon Character 
unicorn-tattoos-30111556This version of a unicorn reminds me of “My Little Pony”. Love the diamonds and circles around the eyes, though!

47. Pegasus and Child 
unicorn-tattoos-30111557An image like this is perfect in dedication to both yourself and your little girl.

48. Combining with Other Intriguing Tats 
unicorn-tattoos-30111558Ever see a unicorn tattoo right next to a tat that references the movie “Fight Club”?  Well, take a look at the quote in the heart…

49. Gruesome & Sickly 
unicorn-tattoos-30111559Yes, this is a unicorn. No, it doesn’t look healthy. No, it isn’t “pretty”. Yes, unicorns can look however you choose…

50. Mesh of the Geometric 
unicorn-tattoos-30111560A fun way to represent a mythical creature.

51. Slicing Out a Silhouette 
unicorn-tattoos-30111561This unicorn is simply a silhouette amidst a swirling representation of the cosmos.

52. Within the Clouds 
unicorn-tattoos-30111562Those clouds surrounding the unicorn head could be bubbles. A colorful piece of artwork with well maintained symmetrical lines.

53. Beautiful Outline 
unicorn-tattoos-30111563An elegant piece of art, combining the unicorn and Pegasus myths as it rears on the rib cage.

54. A Lovely Stare from the Ground 
unicorn-tattoos-30111565This unicorn seemingly looks up at you, and isn’t smiling – a nice twist on the creature.

55. Bubbly, Cute, and a Little Chubby
unicorn-tattoos-30111566Not all unicorns have to be muscle. This  piece of unicorn tattoo artwork is colorful and slightly on the chubby side…

56. Ice Creature 
unicorn-tattoos-2404163This unicorn looks like it was shaved from a block of ice.

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