30 Amazing Tragus Ear Piercing Examples

In recent years tragus piercings have become one of the most popular ear piercings besides that of the standard lobe piercing. So what is a tragus piercing you ask? The tragus is that small flap of cartilage that sits over/outside your ear canal. In scientific terms, it’s the small pointed cartilage that protrudes backward over the meatus (ear canal). Still unsure? Well what better way to explain it than to show you some pictures of some common tragus piercings below.

Typical tragus piercing with stud

tragus piercing (12)

When it comes to ear piercing fashion, there aren’t too many piercings that look more appealing than the tragus piercing. Which is actually quite ironic, because the name “tragus” comes from the Greek word “tragos” which means goat, and was meant to describe the tragus when a tuft of hair grows from it on older people, resembling that of a goats beard. Fun facts aside though, above you can see what a typical tragus piercing looks like. This particular one involves a diamanté finished stud and as you can see looks quite beautiful, especially as above where it is coupled with a standard lobe piercing.

Tragus piercing with ring

tragus piercing (13)

There are three basic types of jewellery that are available for the tragus piercing and those are: studs, rings and barbells. The above image shows one of the most popular styles of tragus piercing which is with a ring as the jewellery. This style is very popular because of the endless possibilities with how many different ring style jewellery there is out there.


tragus piercing (14)

The above photo is a great example of other options you have when piercing the tragus. Here you can see the lady above has pierced her tragus at both the top and the bottom, with two separate piercings. As to whether she is wearing one piece of jewellery that is interconnected or just two separate studs? We will let you be the judges.

tragus piercing (15)

In this picture we wanted to show you that piercing your tragus is not just for those labelled “alternative”. It is actually a very common piercing for both male and females alike to get, and considered common place nowadays, especially amongst those that are interested in staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Tragus and Industrial piercing

tragus piercing (16)

There is not too many piercings that look cooler than that of the industrial piercing as above. For an industrial piercing you will need two separate perforations in the upper cartilage and then can run a barbell or other cool piece of jewellery such as an arrow across the top of your ear. In the above photo you can see that this person has matched the style of jewellery very well between the industrial, tragus and lobe piercings.

By itself


tragus piercing (17)

You may have been wondering how it looks to only have jewellery worn in the tragus. Above you can see that a gold ring alone in the tragus is still a cool minimalist look, if that’s what you’re going for.


tragus piercing (18)

The anti-tragus as you may have guessed sits directly opposite the tragus. As you can see in the image above this lady has a cool arrowhead finish segmented ring piercing for her tragus piercing and then has complimented it nicely with a larger ring that pierces through her anti-tragus and goes all the way around her outer ear.

Basic Stud

tragus piercing (19)

Here you can see a great example of what a tragus piercing looks like with the most basic of studs through it. We think this is a great and simple look and topped off very nicely with the double lobe piercing below it. Take time when selecting jewellery because it always looks much nicer when all your piercings are themed to work together and compliment each other.

Double Tragus Piercing

tragus piercing (20)

Above you can see a great example of how a double piercing looks where the piercings are closer together than the previous example. They have also taken great care to make the jewellery match that of the conch piercing and auricle piercings to create more of a multi-colored vibe. Yellows and purples always work well together because they are opposites on the color wheel, which is always a great reference point on deciding on which colors of jewellery will work best together.

No ….

tragus piercing (21)

Already have a few ear pierings and can’t decide whether a piercing is right for you or not? Well above is a great example of someone with a few lobe piercings, auricle piercings and a cool looking rook piercing, but as you may have noticed – no tragus piercing. Tragus piercings aren’t for everyone and at the end of the day it always depends on the look you’re after. Make sure you are asking the questions of whether it will work with your other piercings and also checking out example photos to see if it’s the look you’re after.

tragus piercing (22)

So now that you’re no doubt familiar with what a tragus piercing is, we thought it would be great to show you some of the interesting jewellery options that are available to you. Above you can see a nice bow finished piece of jewellery in the tragus which we think looks absolutely stunning, especially coupled with the love heart auricle jewellery.



tragus piercing (23)

Above is a great example of one of the jewellery options for tragus piercings that you may not have considered. Here you can see a turquoise and silver colored flower stud. It looks like a traditional asian piece of jewellery and we think it looks really nice, especially coupled with a couple of smaller lobe piercings, which really make the tragus jewellery pop!

Graduate Lobe piercings

tragus piercing (24)

If you keep up to date with piercing fashion, then you will no doubt be familiar with the term graduate piercings. For those that aren’t, graduate piercings are where you will get more than one piercing next to each other (generally 3 or more) and each piece of jewellery will ascend or descend in size to create the look you can see above. As you can see the person above is another example of someone who has opted not to get there tragus pierced. Maybe they decided it would detract from the look they were going, again it comes down to personal preference.

Forward helix piercings

tragus piercing (25)

Above you can see what is often considered one of the more painful ear piercings. The forward helix piercings, which is generally 3 studs placed at regular intervals on the helix. In this example, you can see the person has opted for more of a “v” shape which gives off a great look. Also something else worth noting in the above image, is you can see the tragus does have a small amount of hair growing from it, hence where it received it’s name from the greek word for goat as we mentioned earlier.

Outer conch piercings

tragus piercing (26)

Above is a great example of a more unique style of ear piercing, and that is the graduate piercing setup in the outer conch. As you can see, with no other piercings in the ear it gives off a great minimalist fashion look with the vertical line of 3 studs that descend in size from top to bottom.

Alternative piercing styles

tragus piercing (27)

As you can see the person above has not opted to have their tragus pierced yet. They do however have a lot of other piercings on their ear and we think they all combine for a great overall look. We particularly like the love heart daith piercing. The daith piercing is sometimes considered an alternative to getting your tragus pierced because it is less prone to complications and infection which we will touch on later.

Forward helix piercing 
tragus piercing (28)

Here is a perfect example of what a forward helix piercing will look like with no other ear piercings at all. As you can see they have opted for the studs to ascend in size from top to bottom.

tragus piercing (29)

We absolutely love this look. Not only is it a great example of color combinations, with the purples and blues complimenting each other, but it is also a great example of some fancier jewellery that works well together. Note in particular the larger hoop on the daith piercing ring with jewellery on it as well as the industrial / scaffold piercing through the top of ear that also has jewels running along it.

Anti tragus dermal implants


tragus piercing (30)

Whilst not technically part of the ear, we thought the above photo is a great example of dermal implants that sit very close by to the tragus. These are often referred to as anti tragus surface dermal implants.

Ball Closure Ring

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

We love the above example of a ball closure ring piercing. It shows how silver and gold jewellery can actually work together when placed properly.

Cartilage to lobe chain earring

tragus piercing (2)

Cartilage to lobe piercings with chain jewellery are certainly nothing new, but they are definitely still fresh, especially like above when you have some really interesting jewellery choices. We particularly like the skull key that dangles down from the lobe.


tragus piercing (3)

Above is an increasingly popular style stud, and that is the infinity symbol stud (aka figure eight or karma stud). As you can see it’s another great example of a tragus and daith piercing working well together.

Piercing the tragus
tragus piercing (4)

Here is an actual image of someones tragus getting pierced. The tragus can be a complicated piercing to do as well as maintain. It will generally be a 18 gauge needle when piercing the tragus.

More examples



tragus piercing (5)

Sometimes a stud is all you need to pull of a great looking piercing. As you can see above.



tragus piercing (6)

Here’s a photo of how a piercing looks on a guy. We love the open ended barbell jewellery and this is a perfect example of someone who has opted only to have their tragus pierced and nothing else on the ear.


tragus piercing (7)

This is another option when considering getting your tragus pierced. It requires 3 very precise piercings in the tragus and then you can get 3 different sized jewellery to pull off the above look.

Best jewellery for tragus piercing?


tragus piercing (8)

Wondering what the best jewellery to choose for your tragus piercing is? Well a simple stud can often be the best one to start off with, something to also consider is what other piercings you have as well as the other jewellery you wear. It’s always a great look when your necklaces match your ear piercing jewellery as seen in the above photo.

Daisy ear piercing

tragus piercing (9)

Whilst the daisy stud may not be for everyone, there is no denying it’s a great choice of lobe earring when you’re after more of a floral fashion look.


tragus piercing (10)

Another great example of a relatively fresh piercing that someone is showing off.


tragus piercing (11)

We saved the best for last. We absolutely love this look. The cat on the moon tattoo under the ear, and how all the ear piercings work so well together. The oversize jewels and sunnies also compliment each other nicely and this person has managed to maintain a lot of ear piercings, all whilst not making it look overdone or too busy.

Now that you’re no doubt familiar with what a tragus piercing is, we will take you through a few of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to one of the more complicated ear piercings to look after.

Getting your tragus pierced

The tragus is quite a thick piece of cartilage, and as such requires some extra pressure when piercing and most definitely the work of a professional (not one to do at home). The tragus is also one of the most susceptible ear piercings to migration and rejection. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when getting your tragus pierced:

  • Get it done by a professional with an 18 gauge needle (smaller gauges are prone to rejection/migration).
  • Choose appropriate jewellery. Steel has a higher rejection rate compared to titanium and glass.
  • Along with regular salt soaks make sure you clean the piercing regularly with a cleaning solution (the best person to speak to about this is your piercing specialist).

How much should a tragus piercing cost?

Depending on the city you live in, tragus piercings can range anywhere from $15 to $50 (sometimes higher depending on jewellery selection as well). It’s definitely not one to go cheap on and make sure your piercer has experience in piercings, because as mentioned, it’s sometimes very prone to rejection or migration and requires a lot of aftercare.

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