81 Modern Surrealism Tattoos Ideas For Guys and girls

There is no doubt that Surrealism is one of the most impressive and strangest forms of tattoo art. Not only does a tattoo artist have to use some of its creativity in order to come up with a good idea, but also, it takes a skilled hand in order to bring that idea into a reality.

Either way, if you are interested in this kind of art, check out this 81 modern surrealism tattoos ideas for guys and girls.

Let’s get started.

List of Modern Surrealism Tattoos Ideas

Cubism Flower Tattoo

A cubism flower tattoo is ideal for a conservative man who perceives himself as a trailblazing rebel that has a classy taste. Also, a tattoo in cubist style is both colorful and bold.


Luca Natalini’s Surrealist Tattoo Art of Ancient Statues Guarding A Bay

Luca Natalini is an Italian artist (tattoo) who makes beautiful surrealist tattoo designs. This surrealist design from Luca Natalini features elements of bioorganic and unique design.


Witch Tattoos

Representing your witchy side is now easier and more fashionable than ever. Whether you are a fan of witchy things or a committed Wiccan, then this tattoo art design will surely brighten up your mood.


Arm Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is a combination of three different styles of work: Illustrative, Pastel, and Surrealism tattoo ideas. That flaming sea on the wrist is done using the Pastel style. While the trippy maze pays respect for Surrealism as well as disappears into a demonstrative representation of two angels grieving over a fallen angel.


Hummingbird Tattoo for Girls

A hummingbird tattoo can be designed as traditional or watercolor tattooing styles and realistic style. This tattoo, on the other hand, is considered as one of the most favorite tattoo ideas for girls. However, gentlemen can also try a hummingbird tattoo depending on the style.


Watercolour Tattoo

Whether this is your first ever tattoo or not, you will surely love this attractive watercolour tattoo. In fact, this tattoo can be a great way to express yourself.


Front Shoulder Rooster Tattoo

This rooster tattoo that symbolizes intelligence, vigilance, bravery, and confidence is ideal for both men and women. Also, if you’re a type of person who really valued time, then this tattoo is for you.


Salvador Dali Elephant Tattoo

This elephant tattoo symbolizes moving on and strength. Not only that, it also shows no matter what trials (baggage) came to your life, you need to carry yourself and stand the weight. In other words, you need to be powerful and strong just like what the elephant does.


Watercolor Polar Bear on an Ice Glacier Tattoo

Although the polar bear is considered as a unique creature that has a complex symbolism, there is no doubt that its black and white color lends its powerful and moving pieces of art.


Victor JWebster Tattoo

If you love tattoos as well as flowers, then this tattoo design from Victor JWebster is for you. However, this tattoo incorporates plants and flowers along with a girl’s face.


Watermelon and Classy Bear Tattoo

If you’re looking for an easy way to transform yourself as a more vigorous, vibrant, and fitter individual. Why not start it with this watermelon and classy bear tattoo for men?


The Nightmare By David Cote

On his Instagram, David Cote called this tattoo “The Nightmare”. Either way, Cote has no reason why he called this tattoo the Nightmare, but one thing is for sure, it is made of geometrical shapes.


Peace Sign Tattoo for Men

If you wish to be thoughtful towards other people, then this peace tattoo can be your great alley. Its straightforward illustrations will surely jog your memory you to be compassionate for everybody notwithstanding of their gender, orientation, religion, or race.


Abstract Style Hummingbird

This abstract style hummingbird inked in the upper right arm looks really amazing. Nonetheless, this tattoo is commonly tattooed in ladies.


Dino Nemec Tattoo Owl

This tattoo that features a one-dimensional owl comes with noticeable geometric features.


Back Wings Watercolor Tattoo

This guardian angel tattoo will definitely protect and help you in times of difficult situations.

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Surreal Tattoo by Expanded Eye

This tattoo idea from Expanded Eye is a combination of cubism style and surreal portraiture.


Kaleidoscope Half Sleeve Tattoo

This Japanese-themed style tattoo looks good and will surely leave your eyes black.


Butterflies and Gentleman Surrealism Tattoo

Can’t move on with your stretch marks? Then this thigh tattoo for stretch marks is for you. However, make sure to go for a tattoo artist that is capable of covering your irritating stretch marks properly.


Psicodelica Tattoo

The Psicodelica tattoo is an art that is inspired by a lucid dream.



Inside Arm 3D Eye Tattoo

This 3D eye tattoo looks magnificence on both day and nights, and it will literally offer you another eye. surrealism-tattoos-ideas0201

Red Tree Back Tattoo

A red tree back tattoo symbolizes warmth, happiness, comfort, and peace. However, the importance of this tattoo drives beyond words.


The Couple

This tattoo depicts two birds who really miss each other. As you can see, the nearer they get the vibrant the design is. Either way, this tattoo is ideal for freedom lovers.


Native American Woman

It is a deeply meticulous tattoo of a Native American woman who is wearing her tribe, face marks, some feathers, and a headpiece.


Man Hanging on a Tower Clock

This black and white tattoo will surely give you something interesting that nobody has ever seen in the past.surrealism-tattoos-ideas0241

Timepiece Tattoo

This timepiece tattoo is very well-known due to its simplistic execution and conceptual ingenuity. Not only that, it also gains its adoration due to its steampunk connotation.


David Cote’s Hotline Bling Drake Tattoo

Are you one of the millions of fans of the famous rapper Drake? If so, why don’t you prove it, by having this tattoo tattooed on your body?


Vibrant Geometric Tattoo

This vibrant and stunning tattoo design uses geometric shapes, landscapes, animals, and space.


Lion Tattoos for Men

This Surrealism lion tattoo conjures the feeling of tribalism in its powerful mandala patterning. Also, it is inked using a big Dotwork and features stunningly covered geometric pattern.


Prince Tattoos

This tattoo is particularly stunning, simply because of its internments several iconic designs in one fantastic image.


Pyramid Eye

With its amazing shading, geometric shapes as well as surrealist style, there is no doubt that this overwhelming tattoo can be a never-ending foundation of motivation.


Painted Lady

This surrealism tattoo idea is inspired by Johnny Robles. However, this arm tattoo is really awesome because you will be able to see different kinds of modern art.


Mermaid Sword Tattoo

This mermaid sword tattoo is very beautiful and uses universal designs. Even so, this tattoo is ideal for individuals who love freedom and to dream and used to live beautifully and vividly.


Galactic Thoughts

This surreal tattoo will surely smite your galaxy-passionate hearts.


Chest Tattoo for Men

This tattoo will cover up some part of your stomach, neck, and shoulder. Also, this tattoo will help you to express religious spirit, love, and respect.


Mermaid Tattoo for Men

This mermaid tattoo looks a bit creepy, but regardless of fact, it really looks cool especially when tattooed on a man’s arm.


Geometric and one school colorful deer tattoo

This awesomely crafted deer tattoo has become more and more popular among all artists and enthusiasts out there. It combines wonderful lines and aesthetic color pallet.


Abstract geometric tattoo

The meaning of abstraction in tattoo scene varies for every person. Abstract art in ancient time does not make sense people just use it to decorate their body.


Lord Shiva in Meditation tattoo

Shiva is a god which is known as a Supreme Being, transformer, and destroyer. As being depicted as fearsome or benevolent, the reflection of Shiva in tattoo art represents fearlessness and peace.


Colorful Memorial Tattoo

There is a story behind every tattoo, each of them represents a memory or symbolizes something that is special or important to the person. This colorful watercolor based tattoo piece is becoming a trend nowadays.


Gorgeous bird galaxy tattoo

Everybody loves this awesome gorgeous forest galaxy night sky tattoo mainly because it gives the simple black ink a lovely effect.


Tree of Life black and white tattoo

Tree of life themed tattoo is rising among females as well as for males. This beautiful tattoo is perfectly inked on the rid side. Inspired by black and white classic tattoo art style.


Hyper-realistic space tattoo

This incredible, shocking, and amazing space tattoo design will surely astound you. This one is one of the best universe or galaxy themed tattoos out there.


Think outside the box creative galaxy tattoo

The artistic representation of an individual is portrayed on this very creative galaxy tattoo.


Dotted –style black and white crane tattoo

This awesome tattoo is inspired by a predominantly monochromatic style with unusual boundaries that travels throughout the body. With the cluster of dots or the method called pointillism, it truly represents one’s individuality and uniqueness.


Powerful Elephant Tattoo on shoulder blades

In many cultures, the elephant is associated with good luck in most people Hinduism and Buddhism. Elephant tattoos have been popular to get for both females and males this is because it represents strength, serenity, and sacredness.


Traditional-styled dagger Tattoo

Dagger tattoos are mostly represented in highly personal reasons. It could mean death, heartaches, purpose or ambitions, overcoming an obstacle, defiance, duality of life, danger, heartbreak or fearlessness.


Unique Black and White Tattoo for men

Tattoos act as a way of symbolizing a person’s individualism or uniqueness. This distinctive black and white tattoo piece design combines the classic traditional and surrealism tattoo style.


Distinctive Black and White Bull tattoo

As of today, bull’s head inspired tattoo is one of the huge tattoo choices for both males and female. This is mainly because bull represents eagerness, hope, fearlessness, and strength.


Cool Double Exposure Tiger tattoo

Inspired by the double exposure effect on photography, this cool black and white tattoo are as poetic as the abstract and surreal photos.


NYC inspired black and white arm tattoo

From the abovementioned double exposure effect based on photography, this tattoo displays the breath-taking view of the New York City.


Hyper-realistic portraiture lighthouse tattoo

Lighthouse tattoos such as the picture above simply evoke solitude and security. This reference the point or guide someone to the direction that one wants to take in their life.


Mind-blowing skull tattoo on hand

The combination of fantasy and photorealism with 3D effect subjects perfectly represented in this piece of art. Modern tattoo artist pushes the boundaries of their craft and puts their work’s quality at the top.


Space Explore sleeve black and white tattoo

This beautifully inked black and white tattoo combines geometric and abstract style tattoo. Space and science fiction tattoos are now becoming one of the most popular tattoo styles today.


Simple yet beautiful triangle tattoo

The triangular shape tattoo is inspired by a simple design with a deep and abundant meaning behind it. The three point of the triangle represents the mind, body, and the soul.


Glitch surrealist inspired tattoo

This peculiar concept tattoo has gained popularity among artists because it creates unique, abstract, and represent the owner’s individuality.


Colorful Mystical Gentle Giant Butterfly Tattoo

The elephant is the considered the king of the jungle, this tattoo represents the braveness as well as the creativity of a person. It is an ideal tattoo for people with a bold and strong heart.


Free birds portraiture tattoos

The wonderful combination of blue, yellow, and red color is perfectly fit on the black ink. This semi-geometric bird tattoo could represent an individual’s dream as it portrays freedom.


Elegant Arabian night Black and white tattoo

This lovely tattoo could perfectly fit both men and women. This black and white tattoo portrays an Arabian night theme with a mystical crescent moon and stars.


Realistic white rose tattoo

For all artists and illustrators, flowers like roses have long been the most favorite subject in paintings and illustrations. This beautiful white rose tattoo could represent people who admire serenity and peace.


Galactic Penrose Triangle tattoo

This amazing galaxy art tattoo is one of the most popular types of watercolor tattoos out there. It is associated with soft colors, and paints in light splashes. This is an ideal ink for astronomy lovers or to people who admire what lies beyond the universe.


Legendary Medusa tattoo

With a head of snakes instead of hair, one of the most interesting tattoos among artists is the Medusa-inspired tattoo. From the Greek mythology, Medusa represents rebirth, death, lifecycle, magic, transformation, freedom, and feminine power. The snakes on medusa’s head said to symbolize the cycle of life and death.


Mystic monocle tattoo

This awesome octopus monocle tattoo can be quite weird but it looks cool.


Mysterious faceless man tattoo

Designed by an artist, this faceless man tattoo portrays elegance, mysteriousness, and personal characteristic of the owner.


Classic Japanese-styled black and white tattoo

Japan has been practicing tattoo for over thousands of years, every tattoo is represented as an artwork in a large scale. They are often associated with Japan’s dangerous mafias or Yakuza, but nevertheless, this style is quite popular among westerners.


Black cat in the woods tattoo

This black car silhouette tattoo is in the detailed frame which is becoming at the top of the list of trendiest tattoos.


Colorful tree in watercolor tattoo

If you liked forearm tattoos, then you’ll definitely love this fantastic piece that will captivate everyone who sees it. This is an ideal tattoo for women with creative minds.


King of the jungle in watercolor tattoo

The lion tattoo represents authority, supremacy, strength, and dominion. Lion portrays king-like qualities such as intimidating gaze, ambitious, focused, and determined by their goal.


Semi-geometric portraiture tattoo

This surreal tattoo portrays a deep meaning to the artist, in an abstract an colorful design. The combination of surreal and geometric style tattoos works and looks well in this tattoo.


Minimalistic pink rose tattoo

This elegant and gorgeous floral piece tattoo represents a softly shaded petal that are done with hyperrealism flowers in pastel colors.


Colorful and Bold hummingbird tattoo

This fun yet artistic tattoo piece is the most incredible and beautiful tattoo designs and ideas out there.


Large-scale realistic portraiture tattoo

This amazing work of art defines what realistic tattoo really is. This piece of body art follows the Japanese tattoo style.


Black and White Heart and Brain tattoo

If you’re looking for tattoo ideas and inspiration, this tattoo is great for you. A man walking on a tightrope balancing the heart and brain has deep meaning than what portrays.


Sketch-style eagle tattoo

Both snakes and eagles tattoos are powerful animals and inspirations for any work of arts such as tattoos. This is mainly because of their enormous size, braveness, and power.


Elephant Octopus tattoo

This weird-looking combination of an elephant and an octopus has a deeper meaning that it looks. The meaning of this tattoo is actually signed of strength and rebirth. Agility and grace represent the octopus while elephant portrays strength and flexibility with life.surrealism-tattoos-ideas0741

Dapper gentleman tattoo

Surrealism has always aimed to connect the line between the reality and dream, and these awesome dapper gentleman tattoo really defines it. This tattoo is an ideal choice for men who portray their gentleness and creativity at the same time.


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