80 Comfortable Summer Hairstyles To Try This Year

Finding a hairstyle that is not only comfortable but will get you through the hot summer months without making you too warm is key. Since there are a wide variety of different hairstyles out there you really should consider your personal tastes and your comfort level with each hairstyle you consider. Whether you prefer to have your hair long and wavy or short, layered, or simply done up to keep you cool will all play a role in which hairstyle you choose when you decide to have your hairstyle changed. Be sure to speak to your hairstylist when about what your hair will be capable of when you change your hair since everyone’s hair is different.

Long and Wavy

If you know you like your hair long, then a long and wavy style may suit you far better this summer. You will also have more styles open to you with longer hair than you would with a shorter hairstyle.

summer hairstyles0001

Long Highlighted Curls

Highlights look wonderful and bright on any longer or mid-length hairstyle, but these curls seem almost brighter. Curls also look wonderful whether you are going out or spending your time in a casual setting.

summer hairstyles0011

Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hairstyles will provide you with numerous options in styling while also keeping your hair light weight and cooler for the summer.

summer hairstyles0021

Long Loose Curls

For those planning to keep their hair long, then loose curls may be just right for you this summer. The waves are very summery and will provide you with the length for any other style you wish to wear for special occasions.

summer hairstyles0031

Shoulder Length Bob with Side Swept Bangs

In some cases, a simple shoulder length bob looks best and provides the coolness as well as the simplicity of styling in a hurry that we all desire on busy days. The ease of sweeping your bangs to the side will also help to simplify doing your hair in the morning.

summer hairstyles0041

Pin-up Style Updo

While difficult, it is possible to wear a stylish updo this summer to keep your hair off your neck and look amazing whether the occasion is either casual or formal.

summer hairstyles0051

Layered Shoulder Length

Layers not only make your hair feel lighter but also possess a glamorous look that can be dolled up for any occasion.

summer hairstyles0061

Braided Band

Whenever you are without a headband, simply braid the front most section of your hair to form a headband in a pinch.

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Long with Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs look amazing with long or short hair, though they are more commonly seen with longer length hair.

summer hairstyles0081

Curls and Volume

If you enjoy shorter hair, then try a bit of curl and some added volume to create a bit of fun body and glamorous look.

summer hairstyles0091

Side Swept Pixie

This style is short and fun while keeping you cooler this summer. You can even pair the style with fun colors to make it more unique.

summer hairstyles0101

Glamorous Updo

For a glamorous updo, why not create a bun and brush the hair above the top in a short beehive style for special occasions.

summer hairstyles0111

Braided Bun

This style is great for kids and adults as it is simple and chic, allowing you to dress it up or down with your day.

summer hairstyles0121

Boy Cut

Short fades are generally seen as a man’s hairstyle, but women can pull them off as well. They are light and can be styled in various ways using gel and clips for a bit of fun.

summer hairstyles0131

Full Braided Band

The previous band was only across the front of the forehead along the bangs, however, this is a fuller band and creates a thicker headband to keep the hair off of the neck and into a more dressy style.

summer hairstyles0141

Razored Bob

This fringed bob is not only an edgier style but can be styled in a classic way depending on your plans.

summer hairstyles0151

French Braided Band

Another option if you don’t have a headband with you is to French braid the front of your hair to create a more secure headband effect.

summer hairstyles0161


The punk rock feel of this mullet style is great for any season, though you find it more during the summer months due to its lightweight feel.

summer hairstyles0171

Wavy Bob with Side Part

Wavy bobs can be parted in any way, but this season the most popular part is off to the side as it provides a more chic look.

summer hairstyles0181

Long Fringe Pixie

Long fringe bang pixie styles are not only fun but possess an edgier style that can be worn in several different styles.

summer hairstyles0191

Long Wavy Locks

These long wavy locks are perfect for a surf hair style or simply messy waves that fit with the summer feel.

summer hairstyles0201

Razored Shoulder Length

Styles that possess razored or choppier edges look amazing and are easy to style how you wish with ease.

summer hairstyles0211

Short Waves with Short Side Swept Bangs

Wavy looks are great for any length hair, but paired with side-swept short bangs this hair style looks amazing for the warmer months of the year.

summer hairstyles0221

Loose Long Waves

For days when you don’t feel like doing much with your hair, loose wave is an amazing option for lazy summer days.

summer hairstyles0231

Braided Up Bun

Bun styles are simple and fun like this Dutch braided up styled bun. Simply Dutch braid your hair from the back of your head to the top of your crown, then create the bun to complete the look.

summer hairstyles0241

Long and Natural

With this style, all you do is simply brush your hair and maybe add in some waves to provide a little texture.

summer hairstyles0251

Large Wavy Curls

Giant curlers create the best waves but add a little hairspray to keep more of the curl in your hair for a more classic style.

summer hairstyles0261

Up Swept Bee Hive

Some styles never go out of fashion like this small beehive like this hairstyle. Not only is it perfect for summer days but professional looking enough to wear to work.

summer hairstyles0271

Top Knot

The top knot is not only easy to do, but quickly enough that you can do your hair in a hurry. You can also see that it works for anything you have planned whether you are going to the gym or a nice dinner.

summer hairstyles0281

Parted to the Side

Side parts work for many different hairstyles and allow you to place your hair where you wish and even add a little bang if you don’t already have them.

summer hairstyles0291

Beach Waves

To achieve a beach wave look, simply mist your hair with a bit of water and add some hairspray. Then toss your hair around strategically to achieve a wavy look with very little effort.

summer hairstyles0301

Choppy Pixie

For those who are feeling brave and adventurous, the choppy pixie is the perfect style for you as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as well as keeps you cool all summer long.

summer hairstyles0311

Intricate Buns

There are many different styles of buns out there, and some are more intricate than others. While this particular style is best suited for formal events, others take far less time and work well for casual outings.

summer hairstyles0321

Edgy Spikes

Spiking your hair can be freeing and allow for a great deal of self-expression while also providing a fun style for shorter hair.

summer hairstyles0331

Curled Crown

This style is one that is not only unique but takes some time to do. Simply curl your hair up and pin it as you go, smoothing the sides upward to create a seamless look.

summer hairstyles0341

Classic Updo

This style is reminiscent of the 1950’s and can be done with either shorter hair or a bun. However, the bangs are the most iconic piece to this look and require the use of a few bobby pins to hold it into place.

summer hairstyles0351

Shoulder Length Straight

If you want a classic hairstyle, this look is on point. Not only are there generally layers on the underside of the hairstyle, but it provides a quiet and relaxed feeling perfect for the summer.

summer hairstyles0361

Side Swept Short

Yet another classic style, this short hairstyle allows you to keep cool while still offering enough to style in various ways without much effort.

summer hairstyles0371

Spiky Short

If you want to spike your hair and not have it make you look completely insane this summer, try a fade and spike the top with a little gel. It is smoother and offers a cleaner look.

summer hairstyles0381

A-Line Waves

A-line hairstyles are incredibly comfortable and offer less hair in the back while still allowing you to keep longer hair towards the front.

summer hairstyles0391

Braided Crown

With this style, all you need to do is braid your hair and pin it up into a crown shape, though your hair should be long enough to wrap completely around.

summer hairstyles0401

Low Bun

Low buns allow you to keep your longer hair up and your hair out of your face in a variety of different situations, as well as allowing ease of being dressed up or down. These kinds of buns are also great for lazy days when you don’t want to spend much time in front of the mirror styling your hair in the morning before work or school.


summer hairstyles0421

Long and Tousled

When all else fails, you can always choose the classic tousled look which will give you more time to enjoy your summer and less time doing your hair.

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Layers and Volume

Adding volume to wavy layers will give you an effortless look while offering hair that looks both thick and healthy this summer.

summer hairstyles0441

Faux Hawk

No matter what season it is, if your hair is short then the faux hawk is in style. Not only do you get to enjoy a spunky summer do, but have a little fun with your hairstyle.

summer hairstyles0451

Curled Short

Short, chin length, hair that is curled is another classic style that provides you with the freedom to style your hair in clips or simply allow it to hang loosely.

summer hairstyles0461

French Braided Up

Rather than simply braiding your hair back, why not try French braiding your hair into a crown style to keep your hair up this summer. You’ll also find that this kind of style will keep your hair firmly in place without extra pins or spray.

summer hairstyles0471

Ballerina Bun

This high placed bun is not just for ballet class but is an amazing option when the weather gets too warm to leave your hair down. These buns are comfortable even though they are a bit more sophisticated, and the tighter the bun the more secure.

summer hairstyles0481

Loose Shoulder-Length Waves

No matter your age, this style will always fit into the current trends as it allows for a nice, sophisticated style without much effort.

summer hairstyles0491

Braided Section

Putting a twist on your style is always fun, so why not braid a single section of your hair and let it hang or pin it back a bit. Whether you leave the braid hanging or pin it back, you will still enjoy a freer hairstyle that will fit many fun events.

summer hairstyles0501

Double Dutch to the Side

For this look, simply Dutch braid your hair on either side of your head and only continue one of the braids to the nape of your neck. Then simply combine into a single straight braid.

summer hairstyles0511

Messy Bun

Messy buns are easy and fun, plus they offer a casual look that is more relaxed than other updos. To achieve this style just pull your hair up and begin pinning strands of your hair down around the hairband to hide it from view.

summer hairstyles0521

Chopped Pixie

This chopped pixie would not only make an adorable hairstyle this summer but pair well with your favorite bikini or outfit during the hot summer.

summer hairstyles0531

Curly Short Bob

These curls are certainly fashion forward this season and are a relaxed style no matter what you have planned this summer.

summer hairstyles0541

Side Braid

For a fast hairstyle, just sweep your hair to one side and braid it loosely so it hangs over one shoulder. The bonus is that this style is easy enough to do while at the pool or on the beach.

summer hairstyles0551

Festival Flowers

There are few reasons to put flowers in your hair, however, weddings and festivals are the perfect opportunities to embrace your natural side.

summer hairstyles0561

Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are one of the most popular choices this summer, however, keep in mind that they only suit a couple of facial shapes.

summer hairstyles0571

Fish Bone Braid Crown

For an even more intricate braided band or crown hairstyle, try a fish bone braid rather than a French braid or Dutch braid.

summer hairstyles0581

Braided Back Bangs

One of the quicker hairstyles is to simply braid your hair back from your forehead and pin or clip it back to keep your hair out of your face.

summer hairstyles0591

Shoulder Waves

This wavy look seems effortless and relaxed as well as has a place in the waves on the beach. With this light looking hairstyle you will enjoy having the back of your neck shaded and a bit more of a beach type feel.

summer hairstyles0601

Braid a Crown

Section your hair so that you leave a small amount of hair for bangs, then braid a crown on the crown of your head. This gives a fantasy style look to your hairstyle and looks fabulous for concerts and festivals.

summer hairstyles0611

Parted Waves

This style works great if your hair is already wavy, just spritz your hair with a bit of product and tousle to attain beautiful waves, then part your hair where you wish.

summer hairstyles0621

Simply Layered

This hairstyle is simple enough as there are multiple layers which create slight waves and curls naturally. You can even achieve a windswept look with this style haircut.

summer hairstyles0631


Scarves are a fun way to style your hair whether you choose to tie a scarf around your head like a headband or into a bow.

summer hairstyles0641


Side-swept bangs and a bob with the ends flipped outward is one of the best styles of the summer. This style has a classic feel while also allowing you to enjoy a creative style.

summer hairstyles0651

Voluminous Short

This short and voluminous hairstyle is not only fun but has a full bodied feel that is thick as well as healthy looking.

summer hairstyles0661

Front Curl

Flipping up just the front of your long topped fade can be unique and look wonderful no matter what you have planned for the day. This can be achieved with either a bit of hairspray and a round brush or a little hair wax.

summer hairstyles0671

Messy Side Braid

When you want a fast hairstyle on the fly, forget the brush and just loosely braid your hair to the side for a beautifully messy braid look that fits the freeing summer mood.

summer hairstyles0681

Wind Waves

This style looks completely windswept in an amazing sort of way that will fit into everyday activities, from festivals to trips to the beach.

summer hairstyles0701

Long and Layered

Hilary Duff’s classic long hair is an excellent summer hairstyle that hasn’t gone out of style. You can always go back to this hairstyle year after year as it will let you keep your length while refreshing the layers in your hair.

summer hairstyles0711


Not everyone spends time doing their hair before going to the beach, so why not enjoy a brushed look that you can push over your shoulder as you relax in the summer sun.

summer hairstyles0721

Combination of Braids

You can combine multiple different kinds of braids like below to create an amazing festival hairstyle that is unique and comfortable.

summer hairstyles0731

Big Curls

Huge curls are one of the best summer styles and take little to no work to create with a large barreled curling iron and a bit of hairspray. You can even stylize your part into a wavy line or zigzag to make your style stand out a little more.

summer hairstyles0741

Over the Top

For this hairstyle simply divide the top portion of your hair from the bottom and braid across the crown of your head from the front section of one ear to the other.

summer hairstyles0751

Short and Choppy

Short and choppy hairstyles are stealing the show this summer while allowing you to enjoy a cool as well as short hairstyle while the weather is increasingly warm.

summer hairstyles0761

Braided Bangs

Try braiding your bangs to keep them out of your eyes while still enjoying the hairstyle with as little work as possible providing more time for you to enjoy your summer. You will also enjoy never having to pull hair from behind your sunglasses.

summer hairstyles0771

Regular to Fishbone

Combining braid types into a single hairstyle not only allows you to enjoy a unique style, while also showing off your fun side. This combination is great for more casual events like concerts, however, it won’t fit well in a professional setting.

summer hairstyles0781

Braids to Bun

Another option when combining different types of braids is to braid them all back to the nape of your neck then tie them into a loose messy bun for a fun and unique hairstyle that suits your personality.

summer hairstyles0791

Festival Style

This festival style is fun and easy to do without a great deal of time. Headbands, even homemade ones, provide an amazing hippy like look to this hairstyle and even adds a free feeling that is hard to replicate with any other hairstyle. Another bonus is that it can be done with long or short hair.

summer hairstyles0801

A-line with Blunt Bang

While A-line hairstyles are generally paired with a side swept bang, this style looks fabulous with a blunt bang as well. The dual coloration is also edgier than other styles and adds a little extra pizzazz to the style.

summer hairstyles0811

When finding a comfortable summer hairstyle that suits your personality as well as your hairstyling needs it is important to consider what you want. You should also think about the length that will suit your style and the amount of time you have to spend styling your hair. These hairstyles will provide you with a great many ideas to consider until you have chosen the hairstyle that you will enjoy the most this summer. Just enjoy your hair and find the best hairstyle for you as well as your own personal lifestyle.

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