80 Spring Nail Art to Ink Your Nails With and Tutorials

One of the most popular inspirations for nail art designs is the season that we are experiencing when you choose to get your nails done. These beautiful spring-inspired nail art designs are perfect and bright to best match the blooming of flowers as well as the holidays that we all enjoy during the spring. We have gathered 80 spring nail art designs to help you not only get into spring but inspire your nail appointments this spring. You may even consider doing some of these fun designs yourself at home rather than spending money at a nail salon for many of the simpler design ideas.

1. Zig-zags and Polka-dots

Brightly colored designs are what spring is all about with the beautifully bright flowers coming into bloom, so enjoy vibrant colors in fun patterns like these wonderful nails.

springs nail arts0001

2. Tiny Daisies

These little flower designs are super simple to do with a toothpick or dotting tool, and by using a glitter nail polish you can add a little sparkle to your designs.

springs nail arts0011

3. Blue Flower Bursts

These beautiful blue flowers really make you think about spring and the brightness fits with the brilliant colors that you will see throughout the spring months.

springs nail arts0021

4. Purple Lotus

While this design is a bit more complex than others, it’s blooming lotus flowers bring out the very best of many springtime designs.

springs nail arts0031

5. Polka-dots and Lace

Lace designs can be paired with your favorite spring dresses and the addition of the Polka-dots can bring a little fun as well as personality to some of the simplest designs.

springs nail arts0041

6. Argyle and Stripes

Bright colors are one of the most popular choices when choosing spring designs, and you will be able to make these designs brighter by using dark colors as well such as these argyle and striped designs.

springs nail arts0051

7. Gold and Matte Violet

Some designs may require a professional to do them, such as these triangle and zig-zag nails using gel-polish with gold nail jewelry and foil.

springs nail arts0061

8. Pink, Blue, and Silver

Multicolor nail designs are very popular and this particular design is created through the short strokes of a liner brush creating an artistic effect.

springs nail arts0071

9. Flowers

These flower accent nails are another great option for a trip to the salon as they are complex yet a wonderful option for a spring styled design.

springs nail arts0081

10. Jeweled Flowers

Gemstones are frequently used when designing various nail art however it is an amazing idea to create tiny flowers out of them and it would be a very easy design that could be done at home.

springs nail arts0091

11. Bright Lines and Curves

If you want to create something a little different, then try framing your nails. This particular design is done with three colors, however, you can use two colors if you wish to create a fun design.

springs nail arts0101

12. French Polk-a-dot Design

This French styled design is certainly bright, and the multicolored Polk-a-dots add in a charming fun feel. You could complete this kind of design at home with your favorite colors and simple use tape for your straight lines.

springs nail arts0111

13. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are another strong symbol of spring and can look gorgeous on your nails if you have the patience to do them yourself, however, you should ensure that you have some good nail glue for the gems if you wanted to do the accent nail.

springs nail arts0121

14. Flowers and Lady Bugs

Another huge hit that spring is here is when the ladybugs come out of hiding, and these beautiful nail designs with daisies and ladybugs is a very spring style nail art.

springs nail arts0131

15. Floral Designs

Floral designs, whether on dresses or nails, is a huge spring fashion each year and these designs will certainly help you feel as though spring has finally arrived.

springs nail arts0141

16. Neon Floral

Neon colors usually don’t appear until closer to summer, however, they are still bright enough to fit in with our spring time nail art theme.

springs nail arts0151

17. Forget-me-nots

Striped designs are beginning to appear more frequently now that spring has arrived, and when topped with these beautiful forget-me-not looking flowers you will be able to enjoy these lighter colors.

springs nail arts0161Recommended:

18. Stripes and Daisies

The most popular print out there is one covered in daisies, so putting daisies on our nails is only logical and even looks great with stripes as an accent nail.

springs nail arts0171

19. Orange Polk-a-dots

These orange nails have many designs on them from plain to jewels to dots. All you need to have to create this design is some nail glue and a dotting tool or toothpick and you are well on your way.

springs nail arts0181

20. Polk-a-dots, Stripes, and Daisies

You won’t find a better combination of designs than the outline of a flower over stripes or nails covered in Polk-a-dots.

springs nail arts0191

21. Cherry Blossoms on a Green Base

Choosing a different base coat for your main color is fun when choosing a design and allows you to be unique, however, keep in mind that the brighter the color the more spring-like your nail designs will feel.

springs nail arts0201

22. Make it Your Own

Changing up colors in a design makes a design all your own rather than simply copying, which is why these pink stripes and daisies look so beautiful.

springs nail arts0211

23. Dripping

Bright drops of color can express many things like the melting snow or the melting of an ice cream cone, but either way, you want to look at it the colors are brilliant and very spring like.

springs nail arts0221

24. Dandelion Puffs

Making wishes for spring to come and as soon as the snow begins to melt these beautiful nail designs should appear on your nails to represent how your wish came true.

springs nail arts0231

25. Lace Flower Design

Lace designs are incredibly hard as many of them require small straight strokes and then are topped with floral patterns making this design a good design for the salon.

springs nail arts0241

26. Lemon and Lime Chevron

Chevron designs are simply angled French tips and this lemon yellow and lime green combination create a very spring style design that will brighten up your day.

springs nail arts0251

27. Yellow Flowers

Topping French tip nail designs with little things like flowers can be an elegant way to celebrate spring without covering your nails completely with larger or bolder designs.

springs nail arts0261

28. Reverse Chevron Pattern

While this design is a little dark for the bright colors that come with spring, you can always choose 3 of your favorite colors to recreate this design.

springs nail arts0271

29. Pastel Stripes

Pastels are another popular choice for spring designs and pairing a different pastel color for the stripes as well as the French tip is fun.

springs nail arts0281

30. Polk-a-dotted Feathers

These feathery nail designs are fun and unique as they are brightly colored as well as full of texture giving an almost soft feeling appearance.

springs nail arts0291

31. Lady Bugs

Lady bug themed nails are perfect for spring and you can even do them yourself with a little patience and a dotting tool.

springs nail arts0301

32. Black with White Daisies

Laying down a darker color can make many brightly colored designs pop as seen with these daisies surrounded by little white dots.

springs nail arts0311

33. Blue Flowers

These blue flowers may be easier to get done by a professional, however, you can also use a dotting tool and a dragging technique to achieve the same kind of look.

springs nail arts0321

34. Cherry Blossoms on Light Blue

You will find many different layouts for cherry blossom designs, however, most will show the whole branch with a few flower clusters on them.

springs nail arts0331

35. Dry Brushed Flowers

Dry brushing is where you wipe away most of the product before attempting a design as it will only leave a small amount of product behind as seen in the petals of this design.

springs nail arts0341

36. Pretty Pink Glittered French

Using a neutral pink color for your base, you can add a glittery pink polish on your tips to create the classic French appearance with a twist.

springs nail arts0351

37. Zebra Print

Zebra print is a popular choice during any season, and these neon green nails are only further accented by the zebra print design.

springs nail arts0361

38. Chevron, French, and Squares

The use of geometric shapes in nail designs is growing in popularity, and you can find many classic design elements in these nails such as the chevron shapes.

springs nail arts0371

39. Liner Details

You can create many fun details to make your nails funkier using a liner brush in short steady swipes like these purple and pink.

springs nail arts0381

40. Rose Accents

Roses can be a lot of fun to create with enough patience and a little acrylic paint. All you need to do is use a thin liner brush and create teardrop shapes using various tones of pink.

springs nail arts0391

41. Layered Chevron

This is a highly popular style seen in not only magazines but also on various clothing designs. You can create the same design using tape to apply each coat with ease.

springs nail arts0401

42. Pastels

Pastel colors like this Dior polish in Porcelaine are seen most of the time during the spring months as the lighter colors feel more spring like.

springs nail arts0411

43. Dot Flowers

Using dots to create various designs makes creating nail art at home for yourself easier and can save you money when you don’t want to go to your favorite nail tech.

springs nail arts0421

44. Drag and Pull Marbling

This technique can be a bit challenging if you are just getting into nail art, however, the basic idea is to apply your first layer of polish then add in dots of other colors. Once you have your dots into place simply use a dotting tool or toothpick to drag the color around the nail, finishing the design by pressing your finger to the front and side of your nail to pull the excess off.

springs nail arts0431

45. Pastel Galaxy

Galaxy nails are all the rage at the moment and can be recreated using a makeup sponge and dabbing your chosen colors onto your nails to obtain a gradient look. Finish the look with stars and a glossy or matte top coat of your choice.

springs nail arts0441

46. Lace Chevron

Transparent designs can accent your nail and the use of the chevron shape along with the lace like design creates a glamourous and fun design.

springs nail arts0451

47. Flowers and Dots

Patterned nails are easy to do at home with a dotting tool and can offer a relaxing day of pampering yourself while painting your nails.

springs nail arts0461

48. Gradient Flowers

You could attempt these nails at home if you have a set of brushes for it, or you can see your nail tech for this simplistically beautiful design.

springs nail arts0471

49. Roses and Dots

This design can be created through the use of dots and a toothpick without much difficulty, simply use large dots to create the 5 petals the roses sit on and smaller dots to surround the flowers you have made with the larger ones. Then using teardrop shapes you can create your roses and top everything with your favorite top coat.

springs nail arts0481

50. Multicolored Daisies

These brightly colored daisies can be fun to create as well as fun to wear as you simply need to layer your favorite colors to create the daisies.

springs nail arts0491

51. Pastel French Tips

Recreating this design is fairly simple as you begin with your favorite pastel colors, then using tape block the places you don’t want your second color to go and apply your color. Remember to peel your tape off before the polish dries to prevent peeling of the polish.

springs nail arts0501

52. Blue with Daisies

Once you have applied your favorite blue polish, simply create the daisies where you want them and apply a top coat to ensure your design lasts.

springs nail arts0511

53. Strictly Stripes

Stripes may look complicated but can be incredibly simple with a little nail art tape and some time. Start with your base coat and then lay the nail tape on your nails in a design that you like. You will then need to lay down your color and peel the tape up as soon as you can to prevent peeling of the color.

springs nail arts0521

54. Brushed Daisies

For these beautiful daisy nails simply start with a base color of your choosing and once it dries use as little of the white polish on the end of a brush as possible. Create the petals using the white polish then add the yellow center to the design.

springs nail arts0531

55. Stamped Designs

While this design could be created using a liner brush, it is more likely a stamping tool which you can purchase with the polish, plates, and other stamping equipment. These cool nail art tools can help you to create amazing designs quickly and easily with a little practice.

springs nail arts0541

56. Geometric Pattern

Using tape you can create this intricate and fun design with ease by blocking the shapes you want and then filling in the colors that you want. Not only does this nail art look amazing for spring but adds a little extra fun to your normal nail art.

springs nail arts0551

57. Dots

These dots are adorable for spring and super easy to create with a toothpick and a bit of patience in applying each of the dots on your nails.

springs nail arts0561

58. Native American Pattern

If you want a nail design that you can have a little fun with, you can either freehand this design or lay down tape to recreate this look. Then simply paint in the colors that you want to fill the spaces left behind using a liner brush.

springs nail arts0571

59. Dotted Hearts

When it comes to a simple spring design, it doesn’t get any easier than dots or hearts as they can be done quickly.

springs nail arts0581

60. Pastel Flowers

These pastel flower designs are also simple to create at home with little effort, and once you have the design you like to add a top coat and once it has dried use a little nail glue to apply the nail jewelry.

springs nail arts0591

61. Pastel Roses

Roses can be complicated if you have never done nail art before, however, these pastel colors are amazing for spring while everything is coming into bloom.

springs nail arts0601

62. Prints and Feathers

Another complicated set of designs includes that of feathers and leopard print designs which aren’t as complex as they seem. Using a dotting tool simply add “C” shapes and dots until it looks like a leopard spot. As for the feather, use a liner brush to create the feathered edges then add in the center of the feather.

springs nail arts0611

63. Abstract Nails

This funky spring design is a lot of fun and while you may have trouble recreating it yourself, you may be able to find wraps or have your nail tech create the design if they can.

springs nail arts0621

64. Hyacinths

Celebrating springtime can mean having your favorite flower included in your nail design like these hyacinths created from tear drop shapes as well as lines for the stems and leaves.

springs nail arts0631

65. Purple Flowers

Floral is a huge part of spring and these kinds of designs are best to show off your love of the season. You can create this design using a toothpick or dotting tool with ease as it is only 5 dots for the petals and 1 for the center.

springs nail arts0641

66. Artistic Flower

You may want a nail professional to create this design for you, however, this spring design can be done with a liner brush and acrylic paint so you can wipe away any mistakes with a little water.

springs nail arts0651

67. Pastel Cracks

Creating a cracked design can imitate the melting of the snow and the coming of spring. This design can be done using a toothpick or liner brush and simple strokes are used to create the cracks.


springs nail arts0671

68. Dandelion Fluff

If you want to create this design on your nails on your own, you will need a liner brush or a bottle of nail art polish. Use the thin brush to create each of the small lines across all of your nails, and to complete the design just add a top coat.

springs nail arts0681

69. White on Color Flowers

These white flowers on the orange and pink background looks as though they would match with several beautiful spring dresses.

springs nail arts0691

70. Pastels and Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom designs look their best on a brightly colored background such as pastels or creamier colors as it accents the pink in the blossoms.

springs nail arts0701

71. Hearts and Stripes

You don’t need to have the same design on every nail, and these lovely nail designs certainly show the love that is in the spring air.


springs nail arts0721

72. Cherry Blossoms and Hummingbirds

Gorgeous designs like these require patience as you will need to match up your lines to make the branch appear to cross all of your nails. The bird will be the hardest part as you may need a reference photo and take each stroke of your brush or dotting tool slowly.

springs nail arts0731

73. Butterflies

Butterflies are another huge part of spring and can be a lot of fun to create on your nails, however, they are incredibly time-consuming if you want something more intricate or multicolored.

springs nail arts0741

74. Sunflowers

These gorgeous sunflowers would go incredibly well with a spring dress in either yellow or white and can be enjoyed throughout the spring into the summer.

springs nail arts0751

75. Sparkle Tipped

Gradient nails can be a lot of fun to create, but when you go to add the glitter be sure to place the polish on a makeup sponge and apply from the tip towards the cuticle to apply the polish where you want it.

springs nail arts0761

76. Rose French

French manicures are beautiful and classic for any time of year, however, if you want to add a little more of a spring touch to your nails try creating roses where the French tip would be. You will get an elegant design that you can wear casually or to a formal event.

springs nail arts0771

77. Robin Egg Green Dots

Robin’s egg green can create a very spring-like design using dots for your accent nail and apply the color across the rest of your nails like normal.

springs nail arts0781

78. Pastel Chevron

Chevron tips look amazing and can be done in a variety of different designs such as these pastel blocks of color. You can achieve this look by applying tape to your nail to block off the chevron shape, then paint each wedge of color.

springs nail arts0791

79. Gradient Daisies

Daisy designs can often be found during the spring and are easy to create using a toothpick or dotting tool to make each petal or leaf with ease.

springs nail arts0801

80. Pink and Blue

Pink and blue are also beautiful during the spring months as well as look amazing the way the stripes are angled at the tips as well as the cuticles.

springs nail arts0811


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