Spine Tattoos: 45 Themes and Placement Ideas (With Pictures)

Nape Tattoos

Although the neck is not a part of the back it is still considered to be a spine tattoo if it is on the back of the neck. This area was really popular in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. Women loved the ability to cover it with long hair but to also have the option to easily show it off with an upswept hair do. The back of the neck does not offer lots of space to get a huge tattoo but many still get smaller tattoos in this area. When first meeting someone the neck is hidden thus not usually interfering with a first impression this is why the nape of the neck is the least controversial spot on the neck to get tattooed.

Full Back Tattoos

Sometimes it can be hard to stop once you get started and although many people chose small singular tattoos many go for the all over look. These fearless people cover large percentages of their bodies with tattoos and with the back being one of the largest areas it is understandable that they do not stop at the spine. The full back tattoo can come in a variety of themes and styles but one thing is clear, that much time and probably money went into this creation. Those with most or the entire area of their back cover are usually proud of their ink and are not afraid to show it off. These full back tattoos are popular in both the female and male populations.

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