100 Trendy Spelly Outfits To Try This Season

Spelly is the new Boho/gypsy style that is growing in popularity this year. If you are looking to spice up your boring style, then you can’t go wrong with these cool looks. Make this year the one that you choose to change up your style for the better. This unique clothing trend is popular for a reason because it’s totally awesome. Check out these 100 Trendy Spelly Outfits To Try This Season:

1. Floral Styles

You will find plenty of florals with this style because it’s all about taking you back to the natural life. We love any fabric that is flowing and awesome.

spelly outfit (1)

2. Bright Prints

Bright prints are another popular aspect of the Spelly style. This romper is super cute.

spelly outfit (2)

3. Printed Jacket

If you are looking for a trendy jacket this year, then this is the perfect look.

spelly outfit (3)

4. Cool Styles

Big sleeves and floppy hats are perfect additions to your Boho trend this year.

spelly outfit (4)

5. Gorgeous Dress

Dresses that are sheer and flowing are a great addition to a Boho wardrobe. This dress is a breathtaking style that anyone would love.


spelly outfit (5)

6. Big Sweaters

The boho style isn’t really about showing off a lot of skin. That’s why you see big sweaters that go down to your feet.

spelly outfit (6)

7. Fun Styles

These flowing dresses are always so pretty and they come in many different patterns.

spelly outfit (7)

8. The Wrap

The Spelly style is all about baggy items that will make you feel like you are back in the hippie days. This wrap is a great example of that.

spelly outfit (8)

9. Rocking Style

This coverup is stunning and we love the fact that it’s see-through.

spelly outfit (9)

10. Slip Dress

These slip dresses are pretty basic but when you pair them with cool boots and a hat.

spelly outfit (10)

11. Long Dresses

Gypsy dresses come in many lengths and this is a great example of a long one.

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12. Flowing Shirts

These shirts were so popular in the 60’s and 70’s and they never really went out of style.

spelly outfit (12)

13. Gorgeous Patterns

This patterned dress is stunning. The belt completes the look and this is sure to be a dress that catches everyone’s eye.

spelly outfit (13)

14. Striped Dresses

This dress is a full-length style and it’s gorgeous.

spelly outfit (14)

15. Long Lengths

As we said before the Boho style is not one that likes to flaunt the skin.

spelly outfit (15)

16. Midriff Baring

This cool look has a long skirt and a midriff-baring shirt.


spelly outfit (16)

17. Bodysuit Dress

This cool dress has a bodysuit underneath while the rest of it is see-through. This would be a perfect style for a day at the beach.

spelly outfit (17)

18. Peacock Styles

A great style that has peacocks prancing about. This fabric is thicker and would be best for cooler days.

spelly outfit (18)

19. Patterned Jackets

Another great example of great patterns and cool colors going together.

spelly outfit (19)

20. Bright Colors

This dress is not only super cute and short, but it has bright colors that are sure to blow your mind.

spelly outfit (20)

21. Neutral Shades

A couple of cool clothing options that come in neutral shades.

spelly outfit (21)

22. Cool Pants

These sheer pants make for a pretty cool looking style.

spelly outfit (22)

23. Cute Looks

A great look like this is great because of the black. It goes so well with the printed skirt.

spelly outfit (23)

24. Netted Sweaters

This sweater obviously isn’t made for warmth but it looks super cool.

spelly outfit (24)

25. Fresh Styles

This is a loose dress that has a great pattern. If you want a stunning dress this summer, you should check it out.

spelly outfit (25)

26. Dress and Sweater

A long dress and a sweater are perfect for a fall look.

spelly outfit (26)

27. Fun Styles

A great style like this is fun for a lot of reasons. If you like fun styles, then this look is bold and flirty.

spelly outfit (27)

28. Sheer Styles

A wrap looks amazing in this style. It’s the perfect Boho style for summer.

spelly outfit (28)

29. Tank Top Styles

This adorable dress is a tank top style with a flowing skirt. This dress has a lot of character to it and you are sure to love it.

spelly outfit (29)

30. Flowy Dress

If you like dresses that are a little more conservative, then this is the style you are looking for.

spelly outfit (30)

31. Pretty Florals

A cool look has a flowing wrap that just completes it.


spelly outfit (31)

32. Furry Vests

This is a stunning skirt that flows around her. The furry vest puts a little edge to the whole look. This is a look that you could totally rock out this year.

spelly outfit (32)

33. Short Dresses

This is a sexy and freeing dress that is sure to draw the eye wherever you go. We love the matching purse that goes with the whole look.

spelly outfit (33)

34. Simple Looks

These are pretty simple looks with black and white that anyone could rock out.

spelly outfit (34)

35. Gorgeous Florals

What a beautiful blue dress that you could wear during the summer and fall.

spelly outfit (35)

36. Boho Dresses

If you love that gypsy look, then you have to try out this pretty little dress.

spelly outfit (36)

37. Lace Styles

A great style that has a skirt and a midriff-baring top. It’s in the halter style which creates a very cool look.

spelly outfit (37)

38. Ripped Jeans

This is a cool look that is rugged and amazing.

spelly outfit (38)

39. Loose Looks

A look like this is meant to be loose and casual.

spelly outfit (39)

40. Pant Styles

patterned pants are always in style and it looks great with this simple halter top.

spelly outfit (40)

41. Casual Dresses

A sexy dress like this is something that you can rock out all summer long.

spelly outfit (41)

42. Long Dress Designs

A floral dress like this is sure to make you feel comfortable.

spelly outfit (42)

43. Glorious Dress

A flowing dress like this is really a beautiful one because of the pattern. It’s a bold look that anyone would love.

spelly outfit (43)

44. Matching Styles

This is a cool outfit that has a midriff-baring shirt that has flowing sleeves and they match the shorts perfectly.

spelly outfit (44)

45. Pretty Styling

A long dress like this is totally eye-catching.

spelly outfit (45)

46. Sexy Looks

If you like to show off a little skin, then you are sure to love this halter top and shorts.

spelly outfit (46)

47. Bold Looks

A great look like this is gorgeous and sexy. This see-through style is sure to steal the show here.

spelly outfit (47)

48. Pretty and Fresh

This is a pretty dress that you can totally try out for this summer.

spelly outfit (48)

49. Cool Skirts

Whether or not you like short skirts or long skirts, there is a style here for you. We definitely love the bright blue coloring.

spelly outfit (49)

50. Off the Shoulder Styles

A great style that has an amazing off the shoulder shirt that is going to become your favorite shirt.

spelly outfit (50)

51. Flowery Styles

A dress like this is flowery and beautiful.

spelly outfit (51)

52. Cool Wrap

A wrap like this is sure to keep you warm this fall. Try it out and you will see.

spelly outfit (52)

53. Boho Vibe

A look like this is sure to make you feel like the coolest girl on the block.

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54. Loose Styling

The great thing about this dress is that it looks super comfortable. Sometimes the loose look is all you need.

spelly outfit (54)

55. Mismatched Styles

There are a bunch of different patterns and colors going on here. But it all goes together so well. You are sure to love this amazing look.

spelly outfit (55)

56. Boho Rocker

If you love the rocker look, then you could totally make it work with this Boho theme. It’s a cool style that you can try out this year.

spelly outfit (56)

57. Amazing Styles

What can we say about these two outfits? They are very different and both have unique elements. This is truly the gypsy look if that’s what you are going for.

spelly outfit (57)

58. Casual Gypsy

This look is pretty amazing. The wrap looks great with a casual tank outfit.

spelly outfit (58)

59. Romper Looks

A bold look like this is gorgeous and so casual. You could totally wear this on a lazy Sunday. Try it out and you will love it.

spelly outfit (59)

60. Blue Crochet

Another great look that is a crochet style that has some bright blue coloring.

spelly outfit (60)

61. Cool Vibing

A cool look with shorts that works well with a sweater.

spelly outfit (61)

62. Fresh New Styles

This gorgeous look will be great for brunch with your friends.

spelly outfit (62)

63. An Elegant Dress

If you have an event, you can find a dress that is Boho and elegant. This is a perfect example of what you can find for a slim-fitting dress.

spelly outfit (63)

64. Spelly Outfit

A cool look like this is exactly what you need this summer.

spelly outfit (64)

65. Gorgeous Looks

Lauren Conrad looks amazing in this casual Boho Style. This is the perfect outfit for the summer.


spelly outfit (65)

66. Flowing Sleeves

A beautiful short dress that has flowing sleeves.

spelly outfit (66)

67. Stunning Looks

Yes, we could lounge around all day in a stunning wrap like this one.

spelly outfit (67)

68. Bold and Green

This green skirt is an eye-catching look that you are going to love.

spelly outfit (68)

69. Ripped Shorts

A great look that has some ripped shorts and a cool sweater. You will be on top of the world with this outfit.

spelly outfit (69)

70. Floral Dresses

This is a short dress that has some really pretty flowers. The hat just completes the look.

spelly outfit (70)

71. Bold Hats

A stunning dress like this can only be complimented with a wide-brimmed hat like this. The hat is the perfect addition to this outfit and you will steal the show with this ensemble.


spelly outfit (71)

72. Cool New Outfits

This flowing white dress looks amazing with the leather jacket. You will be the cool girl at the party with this outfit.

spelly outfit (72)

73. Bright Dress

A gorgeous dress like this is made perfect because of the bright colors.

spelly outfit (73)

74. Bold Patterns

An amazing dress like this is made perfect by the matching sweater.

spelly outfit (74)

75. Patterned Stripes

A patterned dress like this looks great with a see-through wrap.

spelly outfit (75)

76. Cool and Patterned

We love how these bold patterns all work well together.

spelly outfit (76)

77. Beautiful and Bright

You won’t find a prettier dress than this one and it is sure to catch the eye of everyone around you.

spelly outfit (77)

78. Bralette Styles

A gorgeous look like this has a bralette and a pair of shorts that look awesome together.

spelly outfit (78)

79. Flowing and Flowery

We love these flowing floral dresses. They are pretty cool looks.


spelly outfit (79)

80. Pretty New Dresses

This off the shoulder dress looks amazing because it is pretty.

spelly outfit (80)

81. Bold and Fresh

This is a gorgeous outfit that truly represents the boho and gypsy style.

spelly outfit (81)

82. Animal Prints

The animal print shirt looks amazing with the rocker t-shirt. If you want to represent a true Boho look, then you should try out this style.

spelly outfit (82)

83. Short Looks

This style has a pair of shorts that look amazing with a simple black off the shoulder shirt.


spelly outfit (84)

84. Graphic Tees

If this shirt doesn’t say it all, then we don’t know what will. Rock out this cool graphic tee this summer.

spelly outfit (85)

85. Knitted Wraps

We love these wraps because they really compliment the outfits.

spelly outfit (86)

86. Fitted Waist

This is one of the most gorgeous styles that we have come across. It’s a flowery dress that has a sexy fitted waist.

spelly outfit (87)

87. Long Wraps

A cool style like this has an amazing long wrap.

spelly outfit (88)

88. Sexy Styles

This is a gorgeous look that is sure to blow everyone away at your next event.

spelly outfit (89)

89. Bold Flowers

A beautiful wrap is one of the essential elements to having a true Boho style so make sure you get yourself one.

spelly outfit (90)

90. Pretty and Lacey

A stunning style like this would be perfect for your next event. It’s a precious look that you are sure to love.

spelly outfit (91)

91. Layered Looks

There are skirts and jackets, shirts and boots. Everything in the Boho world can be layered.

spelly outfit (92)

92. Shorts and Wraps

How could we not love this style that combines shorts and wraps together?

spelly outfit (93)

93. Sweet Dresses

A great dress like this is pretty and delicate. You can totally rock out this dress at your next wedding.

spelly outfit (94)

94. Casual Looks

This is a casual style that is pretty and unique.

spelly outfit (95)

95. Dress Accessories

This dress looks amazing with some cool accessories.

spelly outfit (96)

96. Jean Styles

A great look that combines jeans with casuals.

spelly outfit (97)

97. Bold Patterning

The one thing that you can bet with the Boho styles is that there are a lot of patterns.

spelly outfit (98)

98. Patterns and Graphics

We love the fact that they combine patterns and graphic tees together.


spelly outfit (99)

99. Elegant Blacks

This black outfit is elegant and pretty.

spelly outfit (100)

100. Bright Reds

Another flowy dress that has some bright colors to it. We love it.

spelly outfit (101)




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