82 Of The Most Romantic and Inspiring Side Ponytails

One of the most popular hairstyles out there today is the side ponytail and that’s because it’s one style that looks great on every girl. Lots of girls prefer to have their hair tied back especially if they are big into sports, so the attractive aspect of a side ponytail is you get to pull back your hair while adding a little style to it. It’s the kind of style that can be used with most any length as long as your hair isn’t too short. With summer upon us there are going to be a lot more girls out there, sporting ponytails because it keeps the neck and body cooler. Not only that but by pulling your hair back you protect your locks from such things as sun damage, oiliness and messy tangles.

Pulling back your hair in a simple ponytail though can be boring after awhile. You can add a bit more flare to your ponytail by pulling it off to the side. Not only do they look awesome but they can be a creative way of showing off a new look. Deciding to sport a side ponytail can lead to a lot of experimenting because there are tons of different types of side ponytails to try out. You can try a side ponytail that is sleek and sexy or one that curly for something a little more special. Side ponytails can be casual or formal, it doesn’t matter where you are going, you can find a style to match any occasion.

If you are unsure of how to get started with the side ponytail look, you can try a few of these suggestions:

  • Try a cute look with ringlets pulled off to the side, add a clip to complete the look
  • If you have wavy hair pull it to the side and add some bangs
  • If you are a fan of the beach look then leave it loose on the side and it will have that natural tousled feel to it
  • Sleek and smooth
  • An elegant look with a French braid as part of the side ponytail
  • A side ponytail that hangs low with either straight or curly hair
  • Take your side ponytail and pull it up so it hangs high to the side
  • A sophisticated look with a middle part but hair is still pulled to the side

By having a side ponytail, you can have the convenience of pulling you hair back and out of the way while creating your own fashion statement as well. Side ponytails are extremely elegant and look great for formal events. By trying out different looks you an see what suits you best and what would make the best statement to your own personal style. Creating a side ponytail is as easy as a flick of the wrist. All you have to do is pull it off to the side in a sweeping motion and clipping it into place. You can use any sort of accessory to match your personal taste and complete your look.

Check out these amazing styles below and try out a few for yourself. You might just find the look you want for your next event!

82 Of The Most Romantic and Inspiring Side Ponytails

  1. This is a great example of a side ponytail with a French braid as the centerpiece to the look. Not only is the hair out of the face and pulled away for convenience but you get this elegant braid to complete the look. This style could be used for a casual day at the coffee shop, a day at the beach or even a formal event. Its a very versatile look and gorgeous to boot. It’s a look that is best used with straight hair to make the braid really pop.

side ponytail hair ideas0001

2. This is a very casual look that can be used for the beach as well. If it’s a hot day and you are looking for a simple side ponytail that will not only keep you cool but make you look cool then this is the look for you. It’s simply pulled back and off to the side. It hangs loosely so there is no needed for a tight accessory at all,. in fact, this look doesn’t need an accessory at all, it’s perfect the way it is.

side ponytail hair ideas0011

3. Soft and simple, tousled to the side. This look is complemented with a long braid that trails down. A causal yet elegant look.

side ponytail hair ideas0021

4. This side ponytail is very loose and would be a great look for the beach. No accessories needed it’s pulled together with hair wrapped around the centre.

side ponytail hair ideas0031

5. A bold statement is what this side ponytail offers with such a large braid you are sure to catch someone’s eye. side ponytail hair ideas0041

6. This side ponytail is pulled up high on the head. It has a French braid for elegance and a braid also wraps around the pony itself. side ponytail hair ideas0051

7. Another simple side ponytail that is pulled down low for a casual look. The hat is the only accessory the look needs.

side ponytail hair ideas0061

8. What a beautiful look for your next event. The side ponytail is pulled together with fishtail braids and completed with a large gem clustered clip. A stunning look for a formal event.

side ponytail hair ideas0071

9. A wavy side ponytail that can be worn for an event or just a casual day running errands. side ponytail hair ideas0081

10. This girl knows how to rock a side ponytail! Braids upon braids to give a romantic feel to this look, one that can be worn anywhere. side ponytail hair ideas0091

11. The great thing about this side ponytail is the side part that goes along with it. Sleek, sex y and perfect for a formal affair.

side ponytail hair ideas0101

12. A great look for wavy or curly hair. This side ponytail as gorgeous curls as well as a French braid. It’s perfection!

side ponytail hair ideas0111

13. A very tousled and loose look, one that is not only sexy but romantic as well. The pony is loose while a braid wraps around the top and the bottom as well.

side ponytail hair ideas0121

14. This is a formal look that combines sleekness with the elegance that comes with a braid. It’s pulled to the side and curled at the bottom.

side ponytail hair ideas0131

15. How cute! A side ponytail that is pulled into a small bow. An eye-catching look that is sure to be the life of any party.

side ponytail hair ideas0141

16. A side ponytail that is held together with a lock of hair. The top is sleek while the bottom cascades with beautiful curls.

side ponytail hair ideas0151

17. A great look for both straight or curly hair. The fishtail braid starts high and carries on for the full length of the look. It’s a great style for a formal event.

side ponytail hair ideas0161

18. Another great formal look, this style starts with a braid and ends with one as well. A truly elegant and romantic style.

side ponytail hair ideas0171

19.This cute look is soft and pulled up high with some side bangs. A great look for a younger generation.

side ponytail hair ideas0181

20. A beautiful side ponytail that is all about the braids. Large braids really pull together this look, what more could you ask for?

side ponytail hair ideas0191

21. A very loose and bohemian version of the side ponytail with the braid reaching across the top of the hair.

side ponytail hair ideas0201

22. This loose look has a loose side bang as well. The braids pull it together to complete a look that is beach ready.

side ponytail hair ideas0211

23. If you are looking for a unique look then look no further than this one. The bow inspired braid wraps completely around the head from one end to the other.

side ponytail hair ideas0221

24. This unique side ponytail has a very loose and enchanting braid that almost looks like wings.

side ponytail hair ideas0231

25. Another unusual ponytail, this look is all about creativity and design.

side ponytail hair ideas0241

26. This loose look is inspired by elegance. It’s very loose on top and comes together very low with a mini braid.

side ponytail hair ideas0251

27. This side ponytail would be great for a formal event. It’s not a braid but a ponytail made up of little ponies from top to bottom.

side ponytail hair ideas0261

28. This loose look can be worn for a casual day. It’s pulled to the side with a simple elastic.

side ponytail hair ideas0271

29. Paris Hilton knows what style is and perfects the side ponytail with a bump of hair on top of her head. It’s suited for a formal affair.

side ponytail hair ideas0281

30. This gorgeous style is half ponytail and half braid, creating a look that speaks of romance.

side ponytail hair ideas0291

31. This ponytail is pulled up high and would suit a more casual affair. The braid completes the top and the bottom stays casual.

side ponytail hair ideas0301

32. Another wrap around side braid that moves from one end of the head to the other.

side ponytail hair ideas0311

33. The style for this one is soft and loose but also very elegant. It’s coiffed and the braid romantic.

side ponytail hair ideas0321

34. A great look for straight, long hair. It’s pulled back with a few complementary braids to complete the look.

side ponytail hair ideas0331

35. A great look for those of you that like your ponytails to have some wave or curls to them. There is a lot of volume to this look and would be best suited for a formal event.

side ponytail hair ideas0341

36. A simple look for someone who doesn’t like a lot of fuss. Add a little flower to pull the whole look together.

side ponytail hair ideas0351

37. This look screams with volume. It’s high on top but the pony itself hangs very low and loosely. The look is pulled together with a lock of hair.

side ponytail hair ideas0361

38. This straight looks has volume, some curl and a lot of bang. It’s gorgeous and perfect for a night out on the town.

side ponytail hair ideas0371

39. I love this braided look! It’s one long braid from top to bottom and it’s truly elegant.

side ponytail hair ideas0381

40. This look is very sleek and sophisticated. The tiny braids are just twists that create a truly unique and inspired look.

side ponytail hair ideas0391

41. A great look for kids and one that can stay in for a long period of time. The double braid wraps from one end of the head to another and finishes with a simple pony.

side ponytail hair ideas0401

42. A gorgeous loose look for anyone looking for something special. The large braid gives the look a romantic feel.

side ponytail hair ideas0411

43. Another great look for the kids. The braid is very unique in design and would be a great look for picture day.

side ponytail hair ideas0421

44. A simple side ponytail for those who don’t want to fuss with their hair.

side ponytail hair ideas0431

45. This look is a popular one because of the volume bump on top of the head. The pony itself is very casual. side ponytail hair ideas0441

46. A very romantic and vintage inspired look for someone who wants something truly different and original.

side ponytail hair ideas0451

47. This look is sleek and simple with a side French braid that is large in design but tight to the head.

side ponytail hair ideas0461

48. Another soft and romantic look that would be perfect for a formal event such as the prom. The braid ends where the ponytail begins.

side ponytail hair ideas0471

49. A soft and sweeping braided look that can be worn for a formal event or just a day at the office.

side ponytail hair ideas0481

50. This checker board braid is a gorgeous and creative look that would knock the socks off people at your next event. It’s stylish, fun and inspired; add an accessory to complete the look.

side ponytail hair ideas0491

51. Loose and messy describes this look but it comes out looking completely sexy. Piled on high with a simple ponytail, a look that is easy to master.

side ponytail hair ideas0501

52. Another messy and loose look that is held together with a cascading braid.

side ponytail hair ideas0511

53. This look is soft and romantic, the fishtail braid adding a little uniqueness to a traditionally romantic style.

side ponytail hair ideas0521

54. This look is wonderful for people with wavy long hair. It requires a lot of volume to pull this look off. It has two side braids and a long one down the side.

side ponytail hair ideas0531

55. This simple side ponytail is pulled up high for a no-nonsense look.

side ponytail hair ideas0541

56. Style for this look is brought together with a side braid that ends at the ponytail. It’s great for a formal event or even a beach day.

side ponytail hair ideas0551

57. This long haired look is pulled up high and off to the side.

side ponytail hair ideas0561

58. What a beautiful look for a wedding, whether it’s your own or not. It’s one long braid from top to bottom and it’s put together with a sparkly feathered clip. It’s a gorgeous look and one for the romantic at heart.

side ponytail hair ideas0571

59. If anyone knows style it’s Taylor Swift. She can make a simple side ponytail look red carpet worthy any day.

side ponytail hair ideas0581

60. Loose and soft, this romantic style can be worn anywhere.

side ponytail hair ideas0591

61. A simple look that is parted in the middle with a fishtail braid trailing down her side.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 26: Actress Nina Dobrev attends Chopard at 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at The City of West Hollywood Park on February 26, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Chopard)

62. Ashley Tisdale knows a thing or two about getting ready for an event. She has a sweeping side ponytail tale that is all about the volume and elegance.

side ponytail hair ideas0611

63. Parted in the middle this ponytail is a great casual look that you can wear anywhere. It’s loose and manageable but yet beautiful as well.

side ponytail hair ideas0621

64. There are curls all day long with this look. There is maximum volume here because of all the girls and the look itself is swept up. Although there is no braid it’s almost as if there is an appearance of one. side ponytail hair ideas0631

65. Another simple side ponytail if you don’t want to work hard on your look. It’s soft and very loose, pulled together with an elastic. side ponytail hair ideas0641

66. A casual ponytail with a soft and loose braid on the side. This look is great for a casual day.

side ponytail hair ideas0651

67. This is a great look for those of you that have curly or wavy hair. the curls define this look and add volume. There is a side braid but it ends at the ponytail and curls cascade below.


68. Lots of volume for this look as the top is pumped up. The side braid is larger and ends at the ponytail. This look is for particularly long hair that has a lot of volume to it.

side ponytail hair ideas0671

69. This sleek and sexy look would be perfect for a formal event. The top is sleek while the bottom is curled loosely.

side ponytail hair ideas0681

70. Another sleek and sophisticated look but this one has a side twist to it. Aside from that it’s a very simple look to achieve. It an be worn for a casual day or a formal event. side ponytail hair ideas0691

71. This is a great look for formal affairs whether it’s a wedding or a prom. There is front braid that circles the top of the head. The ponytail itself is loose with cascading curls.

side ponytail hair ideas0701

72. Sleek and sexy this look is so simple to pull together. side ponytail hair ideas0711

73.  Another simple look to achieve this one is a simple braid pulled to the side.

side ponytail hair ideas0721

74. A simple ponytail but a very loose one. The look is curled and left very messy before pulling it into a ponytail.


side ponytail hair ideas0741

75. Katie Holmes is a true fashion icon and her hair styles are no different. This look is simple but elegant, the hair hanging loosely and sweep up to the side to create a romantic style.

side ponytail hair ideas0751

76. Another messy and loose look, this one however coupled with bangs.

side ponytail hair ideas0761

77. This long and wavy look is a unique one. The braid goes from top to bottom with little braids held together throughout the hair style.

side ponytail hair ideas0771

78. A gorgeous braided look that stretches from one side to another.

side ponytail hair ideas0781

79. A side ponytail with a side part.

side ponytail hair ideas0791

80. This soft and sweeping look is an elegant one.

side ponytail hair ideas0801

81. Another Taylor Swift knock-out look.
side ponytail hair ideas0811

82. Selena Gomez is rocking this loose and sexy side ponytail.

side ponytail hair ideas0821

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