82 Modern Short Layered Hairstyles for Girls (With Tutorial)

Summer is upon us and it’s the perfect time of year to go short. It will keep the heat off your neck and keep you feeling cool as well as looking cool for the season. If you have ever wanted to try something new, then now is the time to start.

Sporting a short style is all about trying something new and fresh. It’s one of those things that carry over from a New Year’s resolution when you want a big change. You don’t get a bigger change in your life then cutting your hair short. Now that you have finally decided to make that short hair leap, you have to decide how short and what kind of style you are looking for. There are many styles you can choose from depending on your personality. You can choose a style based off the latest trends or you can choose one that is low maintenance and functional for your busy lifestyle.

The great thing about cutting your hair short is it’s really hard not to look super cool. Just a simple few snips of the hair can make you appear more stylish then you ever thought possible. Depending on the style you choose your look could be romantic or chic. Deciding to cut your hair can change your whole appearance, especially when it comes to how your neck looks visually.

It’s best to consider the texture of your hair when cutting it short as styles may work better with thin hair then they would with thick hair. Product is possible to help achieve certain looks but it’s still important to know what style would work best with the texture of your hair so that you aren’t disappointed with the finished result.

Check out these fresh and stylish short layered hairstyles and choose one for your new look:

  1. This super short look is all about the layers and the dramatic part.

short layered hairstyles0001

2. If you are looking for something with edge, this choppy short look will have you feeling like a rock star.

short layered hairstyles0011

3. A deep side part helps this short look to appear as if it has more volume. It falls below the chin for those of you that don’t want to go too short.

short layered hairstyles0021

4. This pixie look is for the brave soul indeed. It’s choppy with many layers leaving you feeling sexy.

short layered hairstyles0031

5. Jennifer Lawrence knows how to sport a short look. She has a simple cut with a side part.

short layered hairstyles0041

6. If you have thin hair this is a great cut for you. It’s simple and wispy with a side part.

short layered hairstyles0051

7. For those of you with naturally curly hair it can be a struggle at times to go too short. This look would be a perfect one for curly hair.

short layered hairstyles0061

8. If you are looking for something dramatic then try this super short style. It’s all one length for the most part and has a dramatic side part.

short layered hairstyles0071

9. A modern chic look may be just what you are looking for. Very short in the back with a full top and some bangs.

short layered hairstyles0081

10. Another super short look that is achieved with a close cropped back and longer layers on top. It’s edgy and modern.

short layered hairstyles0091

11. The Rachel. It was hugely popular when Jennifer Aniston sported it for the first time and it’s looking for a comeback.

short layered hairstyles0101

12. This feathered look is romantic and traditional. It can be used with any texture hair for those that don’t want to go too short.

short layered hairstyles0111

13. This is a sexy style with not a lot of layers. The side part brings the look together with added volume. The length falls delicately below the chin.

short layered hairstyles0121

14. No layers here, this look is all one length and the dramatic side part gives you the volume you are looking for.

short layered hairstyles0131

15. If you like lots of volume then this is the look for you. It’s a longer look but it has a lot of layers so it appears shorter then it actually is. This choppy look is one sexy style.

short layered hairstyles0141

16. A pixie look that makes a bold statement. The long layers are only on top and they are cut in a choppy fashion for more volume. This look is great for people with thick hair.

short layered hairstyles0151

17. This is a simple look for those looking for a no-fuss style. It’s short in the back but there aren’t a lot of layers so the maintenance is easy for this style.

short layered hairstyles0161

18. Meg Ryan was the Queen of short layered hair. She could make any style look sexy. She was famous for this particular style.

short layered hairstyles0171

19. Martina McBride looks sexy in this layered short style. She adds a side bang that really complements the look.

short layered hairstyles0181

20. Another short style that is perfect for thick textured hair. It has a lot of layers for maximum volume on top.

short layered hairstyles0191

21. This soft and wispy short style is both cute and sexy. There aren’t any layers, it’s a simple look and not too short.

short layered hairstyles0201

22. A great look for people with curly or wavy hair. Just add a little product and you can rock this look.

short layered hairstyles0211

23. This white hot look is made even edgier with this choppy short style. The side part is dramatic which really pulls the look together nicely.

short layered hairstyles0221

24. This look is textured at the bottom which gives it that wispy look. It’s basically one length which is a manageable style.

short layered hairstyles0231

25. A short look that is all one length but made edgier with some product. The sweeping bang complements the look well.

short layered hairstyles0241

26. A beautiful look that falls below the chin line. There is no drama with the side part, it’s a simple yet gorgeous short style.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 09: Actress Julianne Hough attends the 34th Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on January 9, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for PCA)

27. This pixie is a hot hairstyle right now. It has a heavy part and it falls below the ear. One side is longer than the other providing plenty of volume.

short layered hairstyles0261

28. What a soft and romantic look. It’s also one that isn’t hard to manage. It can be made casual or curled for an formal event.

short layered hairstyles0271

29. This cut is asymmetrical for those of you looking for a non-traditional look. There aren’t a lot of layers so the look can also be casual.

short layered hairstyles0281

30. Michelle Williams rocked this pixie cut like no one else could. It’s super short and closely cropped to the head. If you want a huge change then this is the look for you.

short layered hairstyles0291

31. A short look with lots of layers, this close cropped look has a lot of volume.

short layered hairstyles0301

32. Jennifer Lawrence making a statement by going even shorter. She made this pixie cut look red hot.

short layered hairstyles0311

33. If you are looking for a messy no-nonsense look then this is the look for you.

short layered hairstyles0321

34. This look is all about sexiness and glamour. It’s very short at the back but the top has very long layers giving a true sex kitten look.

short layered hairstyles0331

35. This look is not for the faint of heart. It’s closely cropped at the back with a lot of pizazz on top. This look is created with thin hair.

short layered hairstyles0341

36. Martina McBride once again making short layered hairstyle look sexy.

short layered hairstyles0351

37. This hairstyle is soft and elegant, falling just below the chin. The side bang gives it some edge as well.

short layered hairstyles0361

38. This pixie cut is short on the sides with long layers on top.

short layered hairstyles0371

39. Kirsten Dunst has always has short sexy styles and this one is no different.

short layered hairstyles0381

40. This shoulder length cut is great for those that want a small change.

short layered hairstyles0391

41. This short style has all kinds of layers that criss-cross throughout the hair.

short layered hairstyles0401

42. A soft and wispy look with choppy layers.

short layered hairstyles0411

43. A long length with choppy bangs, this is one look that can be achieved with thin hair.

short layered hairstyles0421

44. If you are looking for something different then this is your look. There are a ton of layers to put together this unique look.

short layered hairstyles0431

45. This is a sleek and sophisticated short layered look.

short layered hairstyles0441

46. Sandra Bullock can pull off any look and she does just that with this short choppy style.

short layered hairstyles0451

47. A pixie that is ultra short. It is shaved close to the sides with short layers on top.

short layered hairstyles0461

48. Short and edgy this look takes sexiness to a whole new level.

short layered hairstyles0471

49. For curly or straight hair this cute look is one to try out.

short layered hairstyles0481

50. This famous celeb knows how to rock a pixie. Her choppy layers give the style real charm.

short layered hairstyles0491


51. Jennie Garth pulls this look together with a short back and long layers on top. short layered hairstyles0501

52. A bob is a sleek and stylish look for the modern girl. This rounded out bob is truly a modern look.

short layered hairstyles0511

53. A dramatic side part sweeps together this under the chin length style.

short layered hairstyles0521


54. Another Jennifer Lawrence look, this one elegant and curly, perfect for the summer.short layered hairstyles0531

55. This short style has a lot of volume due to the many layers.

short layered hairstyles0541

56. A stylish look for anyone that doesn’t want to cut their hair too short.

short layered hairstyles0551

57. Very short but very sexy as well. These layers are long and edgy, so full of volume.

short layered hairstyles0561

58. Rachel McAdams is gorgeous in this long layered short style. The sweeping bang gives it a romantic feel.

short layered hairstyles0571

59. This look is for those that don’t want a huge dramatic change. The cut hangs below the shoulders with long layers.

short layered hairstyles0581

60. A gorgeous on the shoulder cut with beautiful layers framing her face.

short layered hairstyles0591

61. This elegant bob is beautiful with a dramatic sweeping bang. It’s sleek and sophisticated.

short layered hairstyles0601

62. This look is achieved with long layers going from short in the back and longer as it moves to the front.

short layered hairstyles0611

63. Great for curly hair this look is casual and low maintenance.

short layered hairstyles0621

64. Mandy Moore has rocked this sexy look for many years. It’s wispy and flipped out to the side to give a carefree look.

short layered hairstyles0631

65. This stunning short style is made more dramatic because of the part. It’s not too short as it falls just below the chin.

short layered hairstyles0641

66. A short style with all the edge you need. It falls on the shoulders but it is full of choppy layers.

short layered hairstyles0651

67. Short with a lot of choppy edges, this is a style choice that has been popular for years.

short layered hairstyles0661

68. This look falls just below the years and is an elegant choice.

short layered hairstyles0671

69. Short and sweet this long layered look is jam packed with style.

short layered hairstyles0681

70. Halle Berry rocked this short style for many years proving that you can be sexy with any hair length.

short layered hairstyles0691

71. This bob is cute with a side sweep that speaks of elegance.

short layered hairstyles0701

72. Emma Watson is cute as a button in this pixie cut, with a bang that complements the entire look. If you’re looking for something refreshing then snap this look up.

short layered hairstyles0711

73. A great short look with long layers throughout. Simple yet pretty. This is the kind of cut to get if you are afraid of scissors.

short layered hairstyles0721

74. Another short look that hangs above the shoulders. It’s cute and functional, a hairstyle that won’t take long to master in the morning.

short layered hairstyles0731

75. This short look is adorable and one that is not high maintenance at all. It’s great for short or curly hair.

short layered hairstyles0741

76. A look that falls just below the chin, it’s cute but has some edge to it. The long choppy side bang gives it a style all it’s own.

short layered hairstyles0751

77. Emma Watson sporting another sexy style. Choppy layers give this pixie cut some volume.

short layered hairstyles0761

78. Short, simple but oh so sexy. This short pixie has no layers but it’s sleek and perfectly sophisticated.

short layered hairstyles0771

79. This short look has layers that frame the face. The longest go to just about the shoulder while the shoulders cup the chin.

short layered hairstyles0781

80. A truly modern look this style is short but all one length. The back is deep and goes across the front of the face. Perfect for someone looking for a unique style to call their own.

short layered hairstyles0791

81. A stunning one length pixie that frames the face perfectly. The dramatic side part is the focal point of the hairstyle and brings it all together. It’s short in the back with longer pieces in front giving it that dramatic look.

short layered hairstyles0801

82. This messy short style is perfect for someone that doesn’t have time to fuss with their hair. it can be worn casual or styled for something formal. The side part gives in volume without having to add extra layers.

short layered hairstyles0811

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