105 Red Ink Tattoo Designs For Body Art Inspiration

We’ve got you covered in the realm of tats here at Creem, and this time we’re stimulating you visually with red ink tattoo designs fit for a wide variety of personalities. These tattoos are one of a kind and compiled so that you can become inspired to design your very own piece of body art.

Enjoy! And feel free to show your favorite design to your personal professional tattoo designer. Maybe you and him/her can come up with the perfect design together based off the inspiration you find here at Creem!

1. Lovely Little Lilly
red ink tattoo (1)You don’t have to go all out to start – you can choose a simple little red ink tattoo to test out how red ink will look on your shade of skin first.

2. A Banksy Original
red ink tattoo (2)We love the street artist Banksy. His political works make a great tat for conversation starters.

3. Scarlett Magic
red ink tattoo (3)A design like above is also a great way to test out red ink on your skin. Remember, there are diff shades you can choose from.

4. Geometric Mini Mouse
red ink tattoo (4)Sometimes all you need is a single detail in a piece of body art to have color to help make it more eye-catching.

5. Detailing Floral & Bird Art
red ink tattoo (5)This piece isn’t done yet, but red additions will make it seemingly pop from the skin.

6. Graphic Spacial Designs
red ink tattoo (6)Surrounding a vivid red piece of body art with black really brings out the design, especially if you’ve got light skin.

7. A Samurai’s Commitment
red ink tattoo (7)Red and black ink are classics together when deciding to get Asian characters.

8. Mysterious Hidden Metaphors
red ink tattoo (8)A wise elephant, compass, the sun, and a plethora of odd shading. Red only enhances this mysterious piece.

9. Flowering Beauties
red ink tattoo (9)You can use red ink combined with orange to shade in lovely floral designs.

10. Swirling Crimson Flow
red ink tattoo (10)This red ink tattoo doesn’t need other colors to look beautiful and original.

11. Transcendence
red ink tattoo (11)Gorgeous yet dark, this piece of body art uses black and blood red to display a lovely silhouette.

12. Geography of the Mind
red ink tattoo (12)Not all of us need intricate details in our tats. Simplistic can be the way to go, and red is a great color that can enhance even the simplest designs.

13. Curious Little Birds
red ink tattoo (13)Red birds are beautiful and meaningful in some mythologies. Research red animals and see if any are right for you.

14. Delicate Message
red ink tattoo (14)Can’t tell you what this says, but we’re sure it has to be beautiful with such a gorgeous design surrounding it.

15. Freeing the Cardinal
red ink tattoo (15)Cardinals are gorgeous birds, especially in winter snows. Have a fav sports team with the Cardinal as a mascot?

16. Intriguing Highlights
red ink tattoo (16)Remember, art can be anything you desire – even the shading can be completely original.

17. Brush Stroke
red ink tattoo (17)This is a very symbolic piece – a red brush stroke – and depends on how the wearer views its meaning.

18. As the Moon Engulfs the Sun
red ink tattoo (18)Blue for the Moon, Red for the sun. Lots of times, red is used in place of yellow since yellow can sometimes look sickly on paler skin.

19. Crimson Ruby
red ink tattoo (19)Love the detail in the black and red shading done here. Ensure your tat artist is good enough to pull an intricate design like this off!

20. Black & Red Abstract Dimensions
red ink tattoo (20)Snowflakes, mandalas, geometric shapes, all combined into one big piece of amazing black and red body art.

21. Feathers of Blood
red ink tattoo (21)What does red mean to you? What would a red feather mean to you?

22. A Raven’s Paradise
red ink tattoo (22)Vivid, deep, blacks and reds look amazing when done up and down the thigh, yes?

23. Enticing Lips
red ink tattoo (23)If you’ve a favorite actress or artist you’re in love with, you can get their face done on you with only the lips done in red.

24. Protective Dragon
red ink tattoo (24)Familiar with the author Sherrilyn Kenyon? Her character Acheron has a baby dragon-demon tatted on his body that comes to life to help him on his journeys.

25. Nightmare Before Christmas
red ink tattoo (25)Who doesn’t love this cult classic?

26. Blood Skull
red ink tattoo (26)Wow. To be bold enough to have a red ink tattoo like this covering your chest and neck…

27. Scarlett Mandala Centerpiece
red ink tattoo (27)Be aware that tats on bone (such as the spine) are going to hurt a bit more than on the fleshy parts of your bod!

28. Thinking Shaman
red ink tattoo (28)A Native American Shaman with red details done beautifully.

29. Birdy Silhouette
red ink tattoo (29)Combine your favorite colors to create a very simple yet meaningful design.

30. Shading Sensation
red ink tattoo (30)You can see this tat fades from black to red quite evenly.

31. Lovely Ribbon Support with Love
red ink tattoo (31)Simple yet clever, this red HIV/AIDS support ribbon symbolizes love and support for the cause.

32. Tribal Ear
red ink tattoo (32)We’ve never seen a red and white tat on an ear until now. Any ideas yet?

33. Creating a Storyline
red ink tattoo (33)There’s no swirling designs in this tat, it’s edgy and intricate with well placed wording and mini red ink tats here and there to add dimension.

34. Flaming Wound
red ink tattoo (34)Instead of blood, flames flow out of this wound.

35. Intricate Detail
red ink tattoo (35)Lovely and intricate, no other color besides red needed.

36. Gorgeous Female Sleeve


Interesting how the details on the petals look like muscle flesh…

37. Autumn Sleeve
red ink tattoo (37)This guy placed leaves with birds instead of traditional flowers.

38. Delicate Blossoms
red ink tattoo (38)Large and mini flowers done in red & black.

39. Enormous Tribal Body Art
red ink tattoo (39)We thought we’d throw in this piece to show how amazing red can look with other colors.

40. Patterns & Maps
red ink tattoo (40)The map transforms into a skull and vice versa.

41. Anchoring Love
red ink tattoo (41)A red anchor and symbolize what you’re attached to; what keeps you anchored.

42. Lifeline
red ink tattoo (42)A lifeline can transform into any word written in cursive.

43. Flowers of Death
red ink tattoo (43)For the darker part of your personality, you can combine red flowers with a black skull.

44. Red Roses
red ink tattoo (44)Roses are of course a popular flower done in red ink.

45. Tribal Details
red ink tattoo (45)If you’ve a tribal tat already, fill in the spaces with some red detail.

46. Adding Dimension
red ink tattoo (46)Red smoke can make an interesting addition to a creepy tat.

47. Mandala Flower
red ink tattoo (47)A single red tat inside several black ones will catch your audience’s eyes.

48. Red Coy Fish
red ink tattoo (48)Coy fish can be done in any color, red being a favorite.

49. Representing the Tribe
red ink tattoo (49)Mandalas and feathers. Get in touch with your inner spirit.

50. Little Red Riding Hood
red ink tattoo (50)Have a favorite story line you can relate to and transform into a tat?

51. New Twist on Stars
red ink tattoo (51)We’ve all seen these types of stars – but have we seen them look like this?

52. A Composition’s Beauty
red ink tattoo (52)We love this design because it’s rare one sees paper music, roses, and a pocket watch all together – classic symbols of the past.

53. Simplifying Blooms
red ink tattoo (53)A lovely flowing red ink tattoo in flowers.

54. Flaming Love & Roses
red ink tattoo (54)Red can symbolize power, and a red candle burns to bring power to the one that’s lit it.

55. Inferring Blood Lust
red ink tattoo (55)This beast is clean of blood, but is surrounded with its lust.

56. Bird of Flight
red ink tattoo (56)Yellow and red can go well together – and not just in flames!

57. Delicate Details
red ink tattoo (57)This tat covers nearly the entire back, but not a lot of ink was used. Do you like intricate and delicate details like above?

58. Falling to Pieces
red ink tattoo (58)Any animal that has spots can be done similar to this design.

59. A Gothic Trend
red ink tattoo (59)Roses and skulls – a classic for those of us in the gothic and rock culture.

60. Playful Flight
red ink tattoo (60)These little birdies look like they’re playing within each other. Experiment with different poses of the animal or animals you decide to get inked on your skin.

61. Angry Coy
red ink tattoo (61)Not every coy fish can be happy.

62. Ravaging Religion
red ink tattoo (62)What beliefs fill you within?

63. Matching Body Art
red ink tattoo (63)Are these shoulders or knees? In any case, the red ink looks fab here.

64. Ripe Berries
red ink tattoo (64)Lovely berry details in an otherwise traditional black tattoo.

65. Dia Des Los Muertos
red ink tattoo (65)Perfect for that time of year when we worship our ancestors.

66. The Heart’s System
red ink tattoo (66)The heart doesn’t have to be red, just the added details.

67. Wise Elephant
red ink tattoo (67)This elephant has a distinct look, with red being the major color used.

68. Floral Mystique
red ink tattoo (68)Wild flowers can be more beautiful than those grown in a greenhouse.

69. Body Portrait
red ink tattoo (69)There are many faces in this amazing piece of body art, all with forms of red inked into them.

70. Way of the Samurai
red ink tattoo (70)Brush strokes and the silhouette of a samurai about to battle.

71. Flaming Feathers
red ink tattoo (71)These feathers use mostly reds and yellows, blue at the bottom – just like a flame.

72. Indian Ink
red ink tattoo (72)An interesting combo of Indian henna and Native American design.

73. Words to Live By
red ink tattoo (73)Quotes don’t always have to be done in black ink.

74. Protective Snake
red ink tattoo (74)Not all snakes are green.

75. Lingering Lingerie
red ink tattoo (75)Yes, red is perfect for lingerie on ladies if that’s your thing.

76. Shoulder’s Cover
red ink tattoo (76)These flaming petals make for a great shoulder cover.

77. Celtic Knots
red ink tattoo (77)A cross with Celtic knots to show off your heritage can look unique with red ink details.

78. Asian Dragon
red ink tattoo (78)Asian dragons are often seen in mythology and art as having added red detail.

79. Speaking Wolf
red ink tattoo (79)This red makes the wolf’s fur look bloody.

80. Geometric Filler
red ink tattoo (80)
Imagine this in any other color… It wouldn’t be the same.

81. Graffiti
red ink tattoo (81)Red can fade evenly into yellow as a graffiti text filler.

82. Cherry Love
red ink tattoo (82)Lovely little cherries shaped like hearts.

83. Mehndi Hand
red ink tattoo (83)A classic and symbolic piece of art.

84. Fall Leaf
red ink tattoo (84)If you love Autumn, a red and orange leaf can symbolize this.

85. Reminder of Love
red ink tattoo (85)A simple reminder to love and to be loved.

86. Torn Bicep


Of course, anyone that’s into bodybuilding might like something like this.

87. The Evil Within
red ink tattoo (87)If you were to unzip yourself, what would be inside?

88. Devil’s Face
red ink tattoo (88)This is a little satanic, but some people are into that.

89. Alien Showcase
red ink tattoo (89)A creepy red alien. If you’re into freaking people out, totally consider an alien.

90. Riding the Red Waves
red ink tattoo (90)This ocean is surrounding with red mystifying creatures.

91. A Star’s Flower
red ink tattoo (91)Red and black flower with stars, a tradition design turned unique.

92. Fiery Dragon
red ink tattoo (92)Sometimes, all the red ink you need is to detail the fiery flames coming forth from the dragon.

93. Transformers
red ink tattoo (93)Using red is perfect for a Transformers tat.

94. Black and Red Tribal Body Piece
red ink tattoo (94)Tribal tattoos will always be trendy, but adding your own red details will set yours apart.

95. Traveling Map
red ink tattoo (95)Maps and mandalas detailed with red ink to make the designs more eye-catching and to differentiate one tat from the other.

96. Matching Details
red ink tattoo (96)We saw the delicate tat on this woman’s back, but the arm tat is a gorgeous, matching¬† intricate piece of body art displaying how amazing using only red ink can look.

97. Time for Loving Life
red ink tattoo (97)Remind yourself that time is limited in this life. This tat also could be symbolic of Alice in Wonderland…

98. Single Blossom
red ink tattoo (98)Reds and pinks and oranges can shade evenly together to create a gorgeous flower design.

99. Rising Phoenix
red ink tattoo (99)This rising Phoenix is a great tat for those of us that believe in reincarnation or simply rising from the ashes of our defeats.

100. Pink Floyd
red ink tattoo (100)If you love Pink Floyd’s music, or the science behind light waves, this tat is easy to get done by any tat artist.

101. Scarlett Details
red ink tattoo (101)Thick black tats surprisingly look darker and deeper when done with red.

102. Dimensional Skull
red ink tattoo (102)Another Dia Des Los Muertos skull done in black and white with unique detail. Skulls like these can have any type of detail you choose, from flowers to blood.

103. Puzzle Pieces
red ink tattoo (103)Compare the right to the left side. See how red can enhance a tat tremendously? You can also experiment with differing shades of red in your details.

104. Me & You Forever & Ever


If you want to get “wedding ring” tattoos with your significant other, they don’t have to be done in black and they don’t have to be “rings”!

105. Bloody Hand Print
red ink tattoo (106)Yes, this is creepy hand print is definitely dark but awesome – and looks like blood when done in red ink.

Thanks for viewing our red ink tattoo designs! We hope you enjoyed them and found the inspiration you were looking for to create the perfect personalized body art you’re anticipating to get inked into your own skin!

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