75 Beautiful Hairstyles for Parties Using Crowns

If you are looking for a beautiful and urethral look, then try using a crown as part of your hairstyle. There is something very elegant and beautiful about the crown. There are lots of different crown styles that can be used with both short hair and long hair as well. There are also many different types of crowns that you can use for your personal style. Whether you prefer something floral or something that has gems in it like a tiara, there are so many options to choose from. Many people are using crowns to spice up their look for parties and events, and the style is becoming more popular than ever. That couldn’t make us happier; the trend is just amazing. If a floral look is what you want, you can achieve a romantic and feminine look. It’s a fresher style that is all about simplicity and elegance. If you are more into the gem style, then you are looking for a sexier and sophisticated style. The options to how you can wear the crown are virtually endless. Below are 75 beautiful ideas of how you can create your own sense of style for your next party.

1. Beach Waves

A stunning beach style that is classically beautiful. The floral crown really brings out the beauty of the moment.

crowns-hairstyles00012. A Floral Updo

A simple messy updo that is great for a holiday party. If you are looking for something different then this is the style for you.


3. A Romantic Style

A long flowing look that is very romantic when put together. If you want to keep your hair down for your next party, then choose a floral crown to go with it.


4. Daisy Love

A messy updo that looks lovely with the daisy crown. It’s all very beautiful.


5. A Braided Crown

If you want to knock the sock off guests at your next party, then go for this braided crown. It’s large, and it will take a lot of hair to put together. It’s an absolutely stunning design.


6. Golden Crown

This side style has a lot of waves that make for an incredible look. It’s another example of a crown design made from a braid. It glows and that has a lot to do with the color of her hair.

crowns-hairstyles00517. Beaded Crown

This beaded crown looks like it’s made for royalty. It is perfect for long hair that has some waves.


8. Braids and Flowers

This elegant updo is very romantic because of the rippling waves combined with the braid and the floral crown. It’s a beautiful style that is sure to make an impression on your next event.


9. A Formal Affair

This is a great look for a formal affair, one in which you would be wearing a gown. It’s a partial updo with plenty of waves. The beaded crown goes well with the earrings and pulls the whole look together.


10. Plenty of Curls

This updo is elegant and classy. There are a lot of curls pulled up to achieve this look, and the front is left sleek.


11. The Messy Look

This style is very elegant and pretty. It’s not polished it has more of a messy vibe to it with the beaded crown. crowns-hairstyles0101

12. Large Crowns

If you are looking for a large floral crown, it’s best to have thick hair to pull it off. Thin hair would just get lost under the crown.


13. Gorgeous Waves

Another example of the beach hairstyle with flowing waves. The crown is more simple and doesn’t steal the show.


14. A Royal Look

For this look, it would have to be a very formal event that you were attending in order to pull it off. It’s very beautiful, but it would require the right event.


15. Small Crown

A great design for a child for a birthday party. The crown is the braid itself as it wraps around her head.


16. The Hippy Look

If you want something more casual with a laid back vibe to it, then try this one out.


17. Casual Crown

Another example of a crown made out of a braid. It’s a beautiful design.


18. Bold Flowers

This fun style would be perfect for a summer bbq. The bright flowers really punch up the look.


19. Bold Braids

A stunning design that has the braid make up the crown. It’s a great summer look.


20. Multiple Braids

Here are a few examples of how great the braided crowns look. They are a great look for summer parties or even going to the beach.


21. Pretty in Pink

If you want to leave your hair down for your party, then this is a great style. The crown is pink and very eye-catching.



22. Volumptuous Flowers

Another example of a floral crown that is quite large. It has to be a certain kind of event to be able to pull this off.


23. Bright Orange

This crown is stunning because of the colors. It’s a wonderful look for the summer. crowns-hairstyles0231

24. A Soft Style

A long braid that is paired with flowing pink flowers.


25. Big Roses

Another example of a large crown that looks great because she has thicker hair to pull off the whole look. These soft colors look great against the dark hair.


26. Bright and Original

Another long-haired look that has a unique crown on top. It’s an original design.


27. Unique Crown

This crown is unique because it appears to have the flowers mainly on one side instead of all around it.


28. Large Braids

This is an elegant hairstyle that has a large braid off to the side. It’s gorgeous and flows wonderfully. The crown brings the whole look together.


29. Big Flowers

Flowing locks with gorgeous soft flowers.


30. Simple Crowns

A simple design that you can use for any event.


31. Pretty Crown

If you want to leave your hair down pair it up with this pretty crown.


32. Simple Updo

A great updo paired with a floral crown.


Wreath Wedding Bride white smile

33. Wraparound Crown

Flowing long waves in a dark shade always make a white crown pop out.


34. Bright Neon Flowers

This crown looks amazing with short hair. The dark coloring of her hair really makes the colors of the flowers stand out. I love the colors they are bright and vibrant.


35. Curls and Braids

Her curls are absolutely gorgeous and really complete the romantic look. It’s a great example of how you can use braids as a crown,


36. The Urethral Look

A stunning design that would be great at any event. She looks like an angel in this look.


37. Huge Floral Crown

A stunning crown made with large bright flowers. But you need the right kind of hair to pull the look off. Otherwise, it can be overpowered with the crown.


38. Jeweled Flowers

A very simple floral design, a small crown that you can wear anywhere.


39. Soft Braids

A gorgeous updo with a large soft braid wrapped around her head.



40. Feathery Style

A stunning braided look with a unique floral crown.


41. Crown Braids

These stunning looks are very medieval and wonderful. If you are looking for a look reminiscent of the Viking women or old world Queens, then this is the one for you.


42. Fishtail Braid

A crown made from fishtail braids, a simple style.


43. Celebrity Style

Even celebrities love wearing crowns made from braids. This stunning design is also a little messy.


44. Head Wrap

Long hair with a braided crown wrapped around her head.


45. Beautiful Floral Designs

Gorgeous designs that have flowing locks with a great crown filled with beautiful flowers.


46. Jeweled Crown Styles

A small jeweled design that would look great at a formal event. It’s not the kind of look you could take to a BBQ.


47. Curly Style

Curly hair always looks beautiful with braids. It wraps around the head like a crown.



48. A Festive Crown

An updo that would look wonderful at a holiday event. It’s simple, and the deep color is great for the season.


49. Formal Crowns

A stunning crown that looks amazing in this updo.


50. An Angelic Style

This braided look frames the face almost like a halo. It’s a beautiful hairstyle.


51. Crowning Glory

A simple and elegant design that can be worn to any type of event. These looks are great for summer parties.


52. A Bun Style

This updo has a bun as well as a braided crown. It’s a pretty style that looks great for any event.


53. A Sleek Look

If you have a formal affair to go to, then try this elegant design out. It’s sleek and polished with a jeweled crown.


54. Small Crowns

A partial updo that had a small braid for a crown. It’s a simple style that can be elegant for an event.



55. A Summery Look

A stunning style that is lit right up because of the color. The coloring of the crown fits perfectly with her hair color.


56. Big Jewels

This classy updo looks beautiful for a formal event. The hair color is striking against the jewels.


57. The Royal Treatment

There aren’t too many crowns that are this stunning. You need to be going to quite the formal event to pull it off.


58. Pink Roses

A gorgeous flowing hairstyle with some big flowers shaped like a crown.


59. Sunflower Crowns

A gorgeous floral design that has amazing colors and a big impression. A great updo style that is stunning.



60. Crown Hat

A gorgeous updo with a floral crown that resembles a hat. It’s a unique style that you are sure to love.


61. Bright Flowers

These beautiful flowers are stunning against any hair color.


62. Bold and Big Flowers

Crowns look just as great with short hair as they do with long hair. This great crown has big flowers in soft colors.


63. Large Braids

A rather large braid that wraps around the head with a few added floral details.


64. Elegant Crowns

An elegant updo that has an amazing crown with it. The event needs to be ultra formal however to pull off such a fancy crown.


65. Soft Elements

This amazing updo is soft and feminine. The floral elements add even more romanticism to the look.


66. Red and Vibrant

Big and small braids that crown the head beautifully. A great look that can be used for many events.


67. Messy Bun

This messy bun has that romantic vibe to it. Gorgeous flowers look great with the whole style.


68. Long Style

This girl has very long hair, and she keeps it down with this floral crown. A great design that looks amazing. You can pull this off with short hair as well because the crown is very thin for the most part. If you want something simple, this is for you.


69. Bold Colors

The great thing about this crown is the gorgeous colors. All the flowers are off to the side, and they look amazing with the long waves. It’s a great style for summer days.


70. Multiple Braids

These are two thick braids that are joined to make a larger crown. It’s a beautiful updo that you can wear anytime. It’s a unique look that comes off beautifully.


71. Skinny Braids

Simple braids that are wound tightly around the head. The style is simplistic for a dress that is simple as well. It’s more of a severe look so it would be better with thick hair.


72. Casual Crown

This crown is casual and simple in design. I love the look, and it can be worn anywhere. If you are low maintenance than this look is the one for you.


73. Unique Crown

A messy updo that has the jeweled crown as a focal point to the whole style. It’s elegant and wonderful. If you aren’t looking for the polished look than this one is perfect for you. It’s also a design that can be worn anywhere.


74. Flowing Waves

A great crown design made from a braid that looks lovely with the flowing waves. The great part of the look is the coloring, and it fits the kind of style to a tee.


75. Classic Updo

A gorgeous classic updo with a stunning jeweled crown. The look is very formal so make sure your event is appropriate.


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