200+ ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s be real: most first dates are a total fiasco if solely backed by the awkward subject of romance. Most people aren’t good with words, or may not be able to reveal the side they most desperately want their date to see. Whether you are struggling to start a conversation, keeping it spicy in a moment of silence or opening up about your personality in a way that you probably wouldn’t otherwise, random conversational games like ‘would you rather’, ‘twenty questions’, ‘never have I ever’, ‘two truths and a lie’ are your best bet.

However, for now, let’s talk about the exciting game of ‘never have I ever’. The game can be played in various ways, but the typical style calls for everyone to take a shot of drink who affirm to the ‘never have I ever’ question. For instance, the starting statement is ‘Never have I ever visited Maldives.’ Those who have visited Maldives take a drink, and the game continues. Of course, you can choose to minus the drinking part but the actual fun lies in alcohol where the eventual result is rather intimate answers.

Regardless of how the questions turn out, you will have a great time. To help you better prepare for the game for your next date, we have compiled a list of questions divided into different categories. Just be prepared for the answers in advance to make the most out of your time.

Never Have I Ever questions

Never Have I Ever Questions – Clean and Casual Version

Never have I ever:

  1. Spied on my neighbors.
  2. Had a manicure/pedicure.
  3. Accidentally eaten a fly/bug.
  4. Missed mommy enough to shed a tear or two.
  5. Had chickenpox.
  6. Screamed during a horror movie.
  7. Made money by performing on the streets.
  8. Stayed in bed all day.
  9. Locked someone in on purpose.
  10. Drunk driven.
  11. Yelled at a telemarketer.
  12. Had braces.
  13. Been in an accident.
  14. Lied about my age.
  15. Held or fired a gun.
  16. Fell in public.
  17. Had a nosebleed.
  18. Snuck out of the house.
  19. Completely forgot my speech, lines for a play.
  20. Been mugged.
  21. Proposed/ proposed someone else.
  22. Gone to jail.
  23. Had a supernatural experience.
  24. Lied to protect a cheating friend.
  25. Lied to get a job.
  26. Had dog food and enjoyed it.
  27. Bullied others/been bullied.
  28. Had a particular fear of something.
  29. Gotten arrested for a felony.
  30. Smoked weed.
  31. Killed an animal when not hunting.
  32. Said a baby was cute when it was obviously ugly.
  33. Closely avoided death.
  34. Hurt someone on purpose.
  35. Sent a message to the wrong person.
  36. Gotten into a gruesome fight.
  37. Gotten kicked out of a bar.
  38. Left the toilet paper roll in the washroom empty.
  39. Taken a picture of someone without them knowing so my friend and I could later make fun of him/her.
  40. Given someone a fake phone number.
  41. Discriminated someone based on their religion, race, culture or color.
  42. Experienced unnecessary hate because of my religion, race, culture or color.
  43. Had to run to save my life.
  44. Slept during a movie in a cinema.
  45. Gotten a tattoo.
  46. Tried to use my dear ones for personal gain.
  47. Had a seizure or fit.
  48. Been fascinated by the psychology of serial killers.
  49. Transgress my religious beliefs in any major way.
  50. Pretended to like a trend just to fit in.
  51. Believed in reincarnation and previous lives.
  52. Thought Stars Wars is overrated and actually boring.
  53. Gotten a piercing I regretted.
  54. Lied about my birthday just for a free cookie or a funny looking hat.
  55. Fangirled/fanboyed over Zayn Malik.

Never Have I Ever Questions – Embarrassing Version

Never have I ever:

  1. Had really awkward boners.
  2. Peed my pants in public.
  3. Worn crocs.
  4. Had sexual fantasies about siblings/parents.
  5. Fapped in public.
  6. Continued to stare at someone’s private parts even after getting several glares by the person.
  7. Been willing to have sex with a donkey just for the heck of losing my virginity.
  8. Farted in an elevator.
  9. Faked a relationship just to make someone jealous.
  10. Been sexually attracted to a person of the same gender.
  11. Had an embarrassing hickey that wouldn’t go away.
  12. Doubted my sexual orientation.
  13. Had a crush on a friend’s parent.
  14. Had a full body wax.
  15. Walked in on my parents doing it.
  16. Been to a nude beach.
  17. Tasted my boogers/mucus as a child or an adult.
  18. Tried to seduce my boss to get a raise or promotion.
  19. Fooled around with a family member just to see what it was like.
  20. Sexually shipped or fantasized about two best friends of the same gender.
  21. Thrown up on someone.
  22. Roofied someone.
  23. Required medical attention because of a foreign object stuck inside of me.
  24. Got turned on by animals.
  25. Picked up food from a trashcan and devoured it.
  26. Had a crush on a kid.
  27. Had someone bitchslap me across the face.
  28. Passed out with my head in the toilet.
  29. Been called ‘gay’.
  30. Asked for/sent nudes.
  31. Been shouted at in public.
  32. Stuck around on a neighbor undressing.
  33. Done the walk of shame.
  34. Watched same-sex porn and enjoyed it.

Never Have I Ever – Funny Version

Never have I ever:

  1. Peed in a swimming pool.
  2. Offered minors fake alcohol and watched them pretend to get drunk.
  3. Prepared my Oscar speech in the shower.
  4. Stolen a piece of candy from a kid.
  5. Put a gum under the table.
  6. Been attracted to a fictional character.
  7. Cross dressed.
  8. Got my tongue stuck to a flagpole.
  9. Played getting married.
  10. Thought about what people would say at my funeral.
  11. Hopelessly tried to seek help of Tinder.
  12. Believed my dead grandmother is haunting me.
  13. Sought the help of online magic spells or potions to make someone fall in love with me.
  14. Purposely killed videogame characters because I am a sadistic jerk.
  15. Done something extremely inconsiderate or stupid then reasoned it as ‘YOLO’.
  16. Broken someone else’s snowman when no one was looking.
  17. Taken all the red and purple ones when offered skittles.
  18. Secretly enjoyed listening to Rebecca Black.
  19. Taken advantage of a friend’s unlogged social media account.
  20. Relentlessly waged a Poke war.
  21. Forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer like my mom told me to.
  22. Got caught while enjoying my passionate nose picking session.
  23. Googled myself more than five times.
  24. Blamed the internet connection just to get away with Skyping with someone I didn’t want to.
  25. Stalked my own social media for the umpteenth time.
  26. Recorded myself singing then lost faith in humanity.
  27. Rested my hands down my pants for added warmth.
  28. Flipped a board game when I was clearly going to lose.
  29. Constantly imagined my crush observing me so I would maintain my best behavior.
  30. Sobbed over cheesy Youtube marriage proposals.
  31. Fantasized about the day I will totally slay the dance battle.
  32. Pretended to not receive someone’s text just because I didn’t want to reply.
  33. Pretended to be in an action movie when out for a run.
  34. Bought myself birthday presents because no one else did.
  35. Gone impulsive vegan for 3 days then crashed.
  36. Put the music player on shuffle and still skipped through eternity to get to the one song I wanted anyway.
  37. Felt saddened after killing a bug, thinking how it was just having a good time with its friends and now its momma must be waiting for it to come back home.

Never Have I Ever Questions – Dirty Version

Never have I ever:

  1. Had a threesome.
  2. Paid to get laid.
  3. Received or given a striptease.
  4. Received or given someone a lap dance.
  5. Participated in role play.
  6. Made use of spices or condiments during sex.
  7. Had a thing for or participated in BDSM.
  8. Never have I ever preferred or fantasized about masochist practices.
  9. Made love to a person of the same sex or had similar sexual experiences.
  10. Used common household equipment as a sex toy.
  11. Forced someone into sex.
  12. Had sex with a dog.
  13. Lied about using a condom when in fact I didn’t.
  14. Had a one-night stand.
  15. Had a silent love making session in a full house.
  16. Failed at sodomy.
  17. Participated in an orgy.
  18. Had sex while others watched.
  19. Tried out new sex positions with the help of Kamasutra.
  20. Had resistance sex.
  21. Watched my partner make love to someone else.
  22. Got down with a sex doll.
  23. Used feather ticklers for turning myself on.
  24. Made love to a transvestite, either forcefully or willingly.
  25. Flirted with someone even after spotting their wedding band.

Never Have I Ever Questions – For Men

Never have I ever:

  1. Bonded with another guy by hating his interests.
  2. Attempted suicide.
  3. Got a girl pregnant.
  4. Visited the church and a gay bar on the same day.
  5. Farted and blamed it on a pet.
  6. Stared at another man’s bulge with appreciation.
  7. Felt like not taking charge/being the submissive one during sex.
  8. Felt attracted to a feminine man.
  9. Eaten alligator meat.
  10. Cried when peeing with a morning boner.
  11. Catcalled a woman.
  12. Gotten hit in the crotch so bad I forgot to breathe.
  13. Taken advantage of a minor.
  14. Taken online penis quizzes.
  15. Actually measured my size.
  16. Objectified a woman.
  17. Believed in/agreed with feminism.
  18. Viewed lesbians as a threat to the male supremacy.
  19. Volunteered to stand up for a woman who was being ridiculed.
  20. Put my mom’s needs ahead of my girlfriend’s.
  21. Had homophobic beliefs.
  22. Agreed with misogynistic views.
  23. Felt pressured by society’s views of being ‘manly’.
  24. Cut loose a gay friend who was attracted to me.
  25. Been dishonest in business dealings/ with a significant other.
  26. Stupidly labeled a girl’s anger as her PMS.
  27. Done something extremely silly/dangerous to impress a girl.
  28. Watched a chic flick and loved it.
  29. Been a victim of molestation.

Never Have I Ever Questions – For Women

Never have I ever:

  1. Picked a booger and flicked it across the room.
  2. Played dress up/makeover games even as an adult.
  3. Applied fresh makeup over yesterday’s makeup.
  4. Gotten into a typical cat fight with another girl.
  5. Shaven only parts of my legs that will be exposed, instead of shaving completely.
  6. Secretly checked out other women’s boobs to compare sizes.
  7. Felt attracted to a Tomboy/butch.
  8. Watched myself cry in the mirror to see how pretty I look.
  9. Got turned on by lesbian porn.
  10. Fantasized about giving my man a complete makeover and dress up.
  11.  Catcalled a man.
  12. Snuck things in my bra.
  13. Thought the male genitals are absolutely disgusting.
  14. Checked out another girl’s butt.
  15. Gotten with a man for his wealth and not him as a person.
  16. Tried to act cute to get things done.
  17. Tried to rhyme my name with a nice guy’s surname immediately after I met him.
  18. Had a laugh with my friends about how silly men can be.
  19. Used a men’s room when the ladies’ line was too long.
  20. Accidently pulled out my lashes when curling them.
  21. Had an embarrassing period situation.
  22. Had a crush on Ruby Rose.
  23. Had issues with my dad.

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