81 Neo Traditional Tattoos Ideas To Copy

Art lovers always loved having something unique and illustrious on their body, and most of the well-known tattoo enthusiast are extravagantly experimenting the beauty and mode of neo-traditional designs of tattoos.

These bizarre masterpieces are sensually suave for masculine bravura everywhere.
The whole tattoo community is undergoing an intense transformation, due to the daring inception of these neo-traditional ink artworks.

With the stylish appeal of the traditional older form of design that lusciously fuses with the newer form. The concoction shows as an amazing blend of standout artistry.

To engage and immerse yourself in this neo-traditional form of artistic evolution, all you need to have is a passion for beauty. Your choice will dictate your acceptance within the crowd of this evolving community with an eye and preference of romantic setting.

Lush with the numerous designs shown that will surely get a real tattoo lover an infinite admiration just by looking at this beautiful artistic phenomenon. If you are getting into or upping your tattoo game, then better off guided with some of our illustrious masterpieces.

A field that is constantly growing and emerging from the limelight and getting to the mainstream scene of not just by bland design but usually with its mind-blowing high level of class and creativity.

  1. Neo-Tribal Tattoos

This accurate design shows off the spirit and beauty of natives and ethnic designs. The looks simply are amazing!


  1. Peacock with Love

This striking design is for all folks who are peacock lovers. A realistic interpretation and stunning with the bold colors it possesses.



  1. Sugar Beauty Skulls

This tattoo is a realistic illustration of a lady with old-fashioned style and sugar skull cosmetics. Stunning for an art lover like me.



  1. Bold Roses

Chandelier artwork with bright red roses. A stunning creative design.




  1. Swords

Indeed an interesting ink design on the finger, a tattoo that is embedded right in the skin.



  1. Stopwatch

A stunning design that has audacious colors and an exclusive tattoo.



  1. Vintage Designs

A black and white vintage looking portrait that stunningly takes your back to retro. A tattoo that is great for individuals who love that classic look.



  1. Too Many Eyes

An original design that surely won’t let you take your eyes off it.A protection emblem design as described by the creator.



  1. The Ship Has Sailed

A great design of an ancient classic vessel seafaring the oceans.



  1. Beautiful Woman

This is a prominent portrait of a lady, and you don’t get much more fine-looking than with this. So spot on that you feel she is real and alive.



  1. The Viking

A usual Viking tattoo that is inked up the whole rear. It’s a stylish art design.



  1. The Lantern

This A lantern design that looks like a dear if you can see it, stylish as it seems and takes on the whole chest.



  1. Floral Designs

For individuals who really love the flower, simple as it seems yet powerful.



  1. Egyptian Cat

Cat lovers would surely like this, nice blend of amazing colors. This artwork is remarkably striking.



  1. Seductive Eyes

Looking into her eyes, it feels deep and realistic nothing beats the details on this one.



  1. The Crow

Love the mystique of a crow? I bet you will drool over this amazing blend of ink and artistry. The red and black color really blends well with this design.



  1. Sailing Ship

Conquerors and travelers, a design as powerful as it is since the dawn of history.




  1. Pirate Captor

An illustration of a lady which is a captive, probably by pirates and with a background of a moon and with a mystical crow in the front.


  1. Original Work

People this day loved the couple motif, and this design is as unique it could get a pair and partners will surely love such an ink work.



  1. Bottled Ship

The details of the design are such deep, the color and the whole art itself embodies something that people really hold on too.



  1. Stunning Lanterns

I can see beauty and love with this design, great artistry, and color, as natural as it could get.



  1. Insects

Some people could just creep out with such animals, but others can simply turn them into masterpieces.



  1. Bold Flowers

A show of spectacular flower design that is daring with lively colors. Great for flower lovers!



  1. Stunning Flower

Beautifully placed with a lot of simple details, great if you do like floral design and want to check on it everytime.




  1. Butterfly Skull

The detail and color do standout, creepy and scary at the same time yet a magnificent display of artwork to us tattoo lovers.


  1. Sailing in a Cup

A cartoonish looking design with lots of fun in it, the design is unique and the way it blends with each character shows a representation of being jolly.





  1. Crow Fire

 And awesome design with the crow and a sun in its background a sign of power and mystic simply looks great.


  1. Monkey Designs

A prodigious tattoo art that you are certain to dear, the feature is just unbelievable. The monkey, on the design, is being used by the lady.




  1. The Barber

A typical looking barber design, with lots of masculinity in it, great for tattoo lovers who show power and manliness.


  1. One Eyed Moon

Aneerie looking tattoo with a creepy feel, showing a woman with blindfold but with moon background and a head with teary blood.



  1. Blinded Woman

Looks like a representation of a sad woman, that seems crying and without or shaded eye.



  1. Stunning Detail

Attention seeking design at its best, the details are crisp and right on. Nothing can be seen in this design that you won’t like.


  1. Bird Design

Great for large tattoo lovers, as it does take the whole back and all the way to the shoulders.



  1. Many Snakes

Mythology looking design with a lot of snakes as a hair of this scary lady.



  1. Colors Abound

Great unique design with great color blending.



  1. Leaves of Joy

Simple and artistic looking design that is great for nature-loving tattoo enthusiast.



  1. Startling Woman

Love the way the lady is projected, with details of colors into her eyes, simply a stunning tattoo.



  1. Mesmerizing Look

If you are searching for something different, this might be for you. Although creepy looking, could be great for tattoo lovers who like such images.



  1. Wow! Designs

A great show of details and colors, as beautiful as the lady in it.



  1. Hunter’s Love

If you do love having a dear design on your back this design might just be for you.


  1. Blackened Ship

A stunning design of an ancient sphere maritime ship. This one is heading homeward if you are looking for a seafaring design then attempts this pattern out.



  1. Egyptian Art

A very special and cute looking tattoo, great with people who love large tattoo as this will really take all your backs space.


  1. Charasol Art

A lovely horse design with attractive colors that is outstanding against the black color. The design is enigmatic and has a dash of the morbid.



  1. A Knight

Cartoonish looking knight with vibrant colors.



  1. Red Rose

A huge tattoo that has certain bright tinting and the design turns nicely on the shoulder.


  1. Stunning Skulls

A classic design of flowers and skulls.



  1. Flying Bird

The deep message at the same time shows freedom and commitment.


  1. Disturbing Gentleman

Looks like a blind man with an eerie looking feel of the design


  1. The Wildcat

Anaccurate design of a wildcat, great for animal and feline lovers. Speed and more speed is what this design shows.


  1. Teacup of Flowers

Cute and original simple loved this art.


  1. Tribal Look

The details are so realistic and deep you would fall in love with the ladies eyes looking at you.


  1. The Watch

Shows like the tattoo is with a voyager who will never be lost and on the right track. The colors and the blend just look so good.


  1. Jeweled Insect

The jewels design alone is so detailed and complex that insect tattoo design lovers will simply fall for.


  1. Cartoon Owls

A Tattoo they could fit the arm, I do consider this one as a huge tattoo, great looking with a cute feel.



  1. Carnival Horses

A genuine design of the famous Charasol stallions from the festival.


  1. A Beating Heart

The art itself looks realistic and colorful. If you do value this organ that much… not literary but what good feeling it gives in you are using your heart, then this art is for you.


  1. The Headpiece

This tattoo project has a prominent headpiece and a unique design.



  1. Sea Creature

A design for those who love dark looking and mystical designs, simple worth the try for lovers of this art.


  1. Skull Designs

A great tattoo design that is even a little frightening. You won’t get a more original design than with this one.


  1. Red Owl

The blend of color with this design is really powerful, shows an image of no fear and standing out.



  1. Feline Clock

A simple and artistic design of a cat and a clock with beautiful roses on it.


  1. Eagle tattoo traditional

Fantastic design that is considered a large tattoo on your side, color are stunning and the details are simply fiery.



63. Neo-Traditional Fox Tattoo on Thigh

Elegant looking clean design that is located on the thing.



64. Sweet looking colored thigh tattoo of beautiful cat and flowers

Looks like a happy cat that loves what she is doing, the art is also given a floral background.



65. Traditional Full Sleeve Tattoos
 Would look great to people who love wearing Sando. The design is as colorful as it could get with attention to details.



  1. The lady in the Forrest

A mysterious looking design that is full of details and projection.



  1. The Geisha

This design is with a lady with Japanese look and attire, with lots of flowers to complement its beauty.



  1. Hurting Lady

An illustration of most women who are suffering, either by loving too much or simply not having what she deserves. The design is great and large.


69.Fighting warrior tattoos

As powerful looking and commanding as it can get.


70.A large Viking pattern tattoo

Projection of power and strength. Vikings are always been known to be a band of powerful race that is set to conquer the world, this design shows what a Viking really is.


  1. Skulls and Webs

Another set of creepy looking and scary tattoo that a lot of tattoo lovers surely will like.


  1. Grim Reaper

Full of details the grim reaper is set to take your soul out, this tattoo will surely take the soul of anyone who wears it.


  1. The Lady in the Mirror

Another weird looking tattoo that is unique shows a beautiful lady looking in a mirror with a skull on their breast.


  1. The Lighthouse

A beautiful tattoo that represents the light and hope. With a lot of attention to details and color, this tattoo is surely an amazing design to have.



  1. Sail the World

A very huge tattoo on the back that sets its sail around the globe.


  1. Illuminati Tattoo

An Illuminati looking that with fingers used as a light or candle.


  1. The US Navies

A US naval tattoo that shows an emblem of navigation and power, a sure tattoo especially for people who used to be on the service.


  1. The Dark eye lady

Another beautiful tattoo that is inked on the upper arm with so much detail and beauty.


  1. The Butterfly Tiger

A huge chest tattoo that is blended well with the guy’s chest and body.


  1. The King Of The Jungle

This tattoo shows power and throne, with the lion in the middle and the king’s sign with the authority to command and fly.


  1. Skull Vikings

Creepy and scary with a skull of a seemingly a Viking with a burning fire on his beard by using his swords.










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