80 Mesmerizing Glossy Metallic Ink Tattoo Concepts

Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and forms – but nothing stands out more vibrantly than an etched metallic design with your skin as the backdrop. The designs you’re about to uncover in this post are mesmerizing, beautiful, and unique in their own right. While a metallic ink tattoo cannot be permanent, you can enjoy its presence on your skin for a limited amount of time – for that special occasion. Why can’t it be permanent you ask? Because real tattoos exist beneath the skin. Metallic ink cannot shine beneath something, it contains metal – it would be like asking metal to shine through a closed door. But you can have semi-permanent ones atop the skin like henna!

Enjoy these lovely designs we’ve collected meant to inspire your metallic ink tattoo body art creativity!

  1. Garden of Gold
    metallic tattoo ink (1)Let’s face it – flowers and vines are a classic tattoo, whether permanent or temporary. They can go with most outfits, are beautiful, and look even more radiant when fashioned as a metallic ink tattoo. You can place them anywhere on your body and it will create a sense of high-fashion elegance.

2. Leaves & Rose
metallic tattoo ink (2)While flowers and vines can crawl over the skin, you can instead have one big flower smack-dab in one spot. If you’ve got a shirt that drapes low in the back, why not spruce up your skin with a metallic ink tattoo?3. Pyramid Scheme
metallic tattoo ink (3)These metallic ink tattoo pieces are easily made and add a little piz-zaz to your style. Placing them on the hands will surely draw attention to you. And look there – the arrows are on the fingers helping you point out just how hot you are.

4. Heavenly Geometry
metallic tattoo ink (4)Another perfect rendition of a metallic ink tattoo fashioned on the back to compliment an open shirt. These are perfect if you’re not ready to get a permanent tat – and permanent tats can’t shine like these can!5. Golden Peacock Feather
metallic tattoo ink (5)Simple and mysterious, this tat has you wondering if there could be some secret meaning behind this wearer’s love of peacock feathers.

6. Spinal Beauty
metallic tattoo ink (6)It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s all the rage – Tats that line up with the spine are just gorgeous, especially if you’ve got a fit back to flaunt. A metallic ink tattoo on the back is sure to grasp your audience’s attention.

7. Egyptian Turquoise
metallic tattoo ink (7)At first glance I believed this feather to be reminiscent of Native American design. Then I saw the dung beetle that’s associated with Egypt. Makes me wonder how many similarities ancient Egypt has with ancient America.8. Back Drop
metallic tattoo ink (8)Metallica ink tattoo art like this make it seem as if you’re wearing jewelry. An intriguing touch to any attire – but this woman has necklace-like chains down her back instead of neck, a wonderful twist.

9.  Arm Bands Galore
metallic tattoo ink (9)We’ve all seen the black tattoos that stretch around the arm like above, but what makes metallic ink tattoo art even better is that it shimmers as if you’re wearing chains of gold and silver.

10. Hands of a Goddess

As if gemmed, silver rings of all sizes weren’t enough, you can add a bit more glam with a few metallic ink tattoo pieces. Simple triangular designs can go a long way.

11. Delicate Details
metallic tattoo ink (11)You can pull your designs away from geometric shapes and add a wild, animalistic touch. Black leopard spots shaded in with gold is unique and eye-catching.

12. Upon Ebony Skin
metallic tattoo ink (12)The darker your skin, the more vibrant a metallic ink tattoo is going to stand out on your skin! These designs are reminiscent of a bronze goddess.

13. A Golden Notion
metallic tattoo ink (13)Even a cursive note etched on your skin can be a fun way to spruce up your look.

14. On the Wings of Egypt
metallic tattoo ink (14)What’s your favorite culture, fashion-wise? You can take any and incorporate it into your design. This metallic ink tattoo wearer is in love with ancient Egypt, and those feathers really bring your eyes towards the center, where you’ll find the Eye of Horas staring back at you.

15. Painted Feathers
metallic tattoo ink (15)I had a double-take here! These designs look like real jewelry! I honestly believed the necklace to be real at first glance, but it’s indeed a metallic ink tattoo. Fabulous body art work!

16. Curling Angles
metallic tattoo ink (16)This spinal metallic ink tattoo is simple but eye-catching enough to bring a look together – perfect for a day in your bikini.

17. Eye of Horus 
metallic tattoo ink (17)Egyptian art is popular amongst the metallic ink tattoo body art pieces. Why? Because ancient treasures from the region are well-known, hieroglyphics were often painted in gold (if we’re talking about royals), and the eye of Horus is just awesome with a fascinating myth behind it.

18. Silver Lining
metallic tattoo ink (18)If you’ve had enough gold for one day, metallic ink tattoo pieces can be done in a vibrant silver – they stand out more on paler skin.

19. Cascading Vines
metallic tattoo ink (19)Another creative vine tat with matching arm and hand designs. You can bring it up a notch by connecting them, wrapping the designs around your body for added fashion flavor.

20. Golden Accents
metallic tattoo ink (20)Sometimes we love bangles – but we don’t want them to make too much noise when placed on both hands. Instead, you can keep bangles on one hand and paint them on the other. Metallic ink tattoo pieces are quiet and stay in place.

21. Bronze Dreams
metallic tattoo ink (21)Native American dream catchers are a classic tat, but done in metallic gold ink, they’re even more breathtaking.

22. Catching the Eye
metallic tattoo ink (22)This metallic ink tattoo wearer nearly created an entire sleeve of intricate designs.

23. Large Petals
metallic tattoo ink (23)It looks like she included a lovely cursive signature in her design – an eye-catching detail.

24. Turquoise and Silver  
metallic tattoo ink (24)Why not have your metallic ink match your outfit?

25. Elephants & Tear Lines
metallic tattoo ink (25)Reminiscent of an Indian beauty.

26. Divine Headband
metallic tattoo ink (26)Designs as delicate as these are as stunning as a Greek Goddess.

27. Beach-Ready Feet
metallic tattoo ink (27)Add some spice up to your beach-feet with some fake anklets done as a metallic ink tattoo. Depending on the type of ink you use, you may have to be careful when it comes to getting in the water.

28. Armed & Dangerous
metallic tattoo ink (28)A tat like that reminds me of a huntress.

29. Gold and Silver Pair
metallic tattoo ink (29)Going to a wedding? You can improve henna designs by replacing henna with metallic ink! That is, if you don’t mind breaking tradition!

30. Compass Queen
metallic tattoo ink (30)Having attire with an open back like this is quite sexy, but to add a metallic ink tattoo to the small of your back enhances this notion.

31. Tiny Treasure
metallic tattoo ink (31)We’ve seen designs like the fake silver bracelets above, but those finger tats are fabulous. They’re great for when you want to leave your fingers free of clunky jewelry.

32. Perfect Symmetry
metallic tattoo ink (32)These tattoos are like snake scales – you can fashion your metallic tats in a variety of styles. Pineapples? Awesome.

33. Shimmering Wings
metallic tattoo ink (33)A perfect addition for a free-spirit on a bikini day.

34. Flowing Floral
metallic tattoo ink (34)These metallic ink tattoo pieces are so vibrant they almost look like they’re popping out at you.

35. Warrior’s Note
metallic tattoo ink (35)Add a bit of flare to your feet with some metallic ink.

36. Transformation
metallic tattoo ink (36)Tats of feathers that transition into flying birds are truly all the rage, they’ve been growing steadily into popularity. If you don’t want to keep a popularized tat on you permanently, getting it done as a metallic ink tattoo could be your solution.

37. Love That Beach Life
metallic tattoo ink (37)Love the palm trees. What would you get designed on you that remind you of the beach? Fish? Shells? Waves?

38. Ankled Riches
metallic tattoo ink (38)A lovely, elegant way to add some bling to your beach fling.

39. Vineyard of the Divine
metallic tattoo ink (39)All three pieces match, shimmer, and captivate, Shirts that expose the shoulders are perfect for tats on the collar bone. Get ready to show them off.

40. An Arrowed Spine
metallic tattoo ink (40)The design doesn’t look like it perfectly followed the spine, but it’s beautiful none-the-less.

41. Henna Heroine
metallic tattoo ink (41)Again, if you want to break a bit of tradition and mesmerize your onlookers, try metallic ink tattoo pieces instead of henna, but using henna designs. Above lies a gorgeous example.

42. Glamourous Color
metallic tattoo ink (42)We’ve seen lots of silver and gold metallic ink thus far – a few vivid turquoise. Here is a lovely example of what a light color (light blue) can look like in metallic.

43. Roman Numerals
metallic tattoo ink (43)If you had roman numerals tatted on you, which numbers would they be and why?

44. Body Beach Décor
metallic tattoo inkThere’s some shells on her ankles! And tatting arrows on your arm in a line like above is a wonderful trick to seemingly lengthen it. Same can be done on the legs.

45. Mini Vines
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas045You don’t need a huge design to stun your admirers.

46. Silver Dollar Gun
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas046Sexy. This girl knows how hot guns can be.

47. Hand-Me-Down
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas047Accent your fabulous manicure with some fabulous metallic tattoo designs.

48. Match Your Jewelry
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas048No matter what your style in jewelry is, you can most certainly match your metallic ink tattoo designs to it.

49. Ocean Blues
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas049This woman needs to be a mermaid.

50. For the Party
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas050Another rockin’ example of how metallic art can match jewelry. Ready for the party!

51. A Touch of Glamour
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas051Metallic ink tattoos can even look good under jewelry.

52. Inked Bracelets
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas052Bracelets can be bothersome. You can even lose them by accident. These metallic ink tattoos are a great substitution.

53. A Design to Flaunt
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas053Who wouldn’t want to flaunt such a big and gorgeous, shimmering design?

54. Ocean Waves
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas054Simple but unique. This woman added a slice of shimmering flare to her look for the day.

55. Glittered in Gold
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas055Metallic ink can replace the use of glitter any day. Image your entire body covered in a design like this…

56. Necklace of Destiny
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas056You are destined to love this and wish to create a design of your own.

57. Bermuda Triangle
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas057If you were in Bermuda for vacation, wouldn’t designs like this be absolutely perfect? Don’t get caught in the Bermuda Triangle…

58. Simply Lovely
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas058Yes, these designs are simple enough to achieve. Yes, they’re still sexy in every aspect.

59. Bikini Charm
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas059Sometimes you just want to add a bit of sparkle to your beachwear.

60. Matching Feathers & Necklace Ink
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas060From a distance, those necklaces look real – but we know they’re less cumbersome than the real thing.

61. I’ll Point You There
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas061Arrows are pointy. Fingers point. It works.

62. Sexy Thigh Art
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas062Very sexy, and meant only for certain people to look upon… Unless you’re going to the beach of course.

63. Beach Body Art
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas063By now, you’ve got to love metallic ink tattoo anklets.

64. Egyptian Mythology
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas064And here is Egyptian body art again. This one is highly detailed, absolutely stunning.

65. Blooming Neck
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas065The great thing about metallic ink tattoo pieces is that they’ll eventually wash off – so you can place them anywhere you wish!

66. Bit Of Cowgirl
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas066Even cowgirls have caught the metallic ink tattoo bug!

67. The Thicker, the Better
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas067As if metallic ink didn’t already stand out, you can make your designs as thick as you choose.

68. False but Gorgeous Jewelry
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas068Who needs any jewelry at all when you can have metallic body art instead?

69. Nearly a Sleeve
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas069These are intricately designed, and if she’d have any more, it’d almost be a sleeve.

70. Hidden Meaning
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas070Those triangles look familiar… Do you have any symbols that hold meaning to you?

71. As Vibrant as the Sun
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas071A metallic ink tattoo is perfect if you’re going for a design surrounding the sun or moon.

72. Latin Reminiscence
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas072Make the most of the present, don’t worry too much about the future. Carpe Diem.

73. Two Shimmering Sleeves
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas073Oh, the possibilities!

74. Lightly Applied
These don’t look professional, but they’re still fantastic.

75. Contrasting Types
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas075Just a glimpse at how metallic ink tattoo pieces can look fabulous on both light and dark skin.

76. Party Animal
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas076A modern twist instead of ancient art.

77. Native Display
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas077Have a bit of native culture still fiery within you? Show us!

78. Simply Marvelous
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas078Simply elegant, perfect for a night out with your tiny black dress.

79. Lengthening Fingers
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas079Designs that stretch down the wrist and finger seemingly lengthen your hand.

80. Black, Silver, Gold Fascination
sexy catwoman cosplays costumes ideas080
Another fabulous rendition of beach body art that would go well with a bikini on a vacation day.

Hope you enjoyed Creem’s collection of metallic ink tattoo photos! Leave a comment below with a pic or description of your perfect metallic ink tattoo!

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