101 Matte Nail Art Designs worth trying in 2017

Women are known to be conscious of their beauty and anything that enhances the overall outlook of a woman is worth giving a try. Matte nail art designs are known to make an impression that is not only classy but also easy to apply.

Matte nail art creates such a unique and outstanding outlook on the nails. If you are not for the flashy nail art designs then matte nail art is worth trying out.

Matte Nail Art Designs0671

Now that you have some background idea about matte nail art, we have sampled a few matte nail art designs ideas that are worth trying. There are various embellishments that can be incorporated with matte nail art like the polka dots, feather elements, star elements amongst others.

You can go ahead and choose elements that blends well with your matte nail art.

Matte Nail Art Designs

Matte Nail Art Designs0001

Matte nail art designs have become quite trendy with many people opting for them. This is because of the cool bright colours that looks quite fabulous and works quite well for those desiring that chic and elegant outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0011

The matte nail art design is not just a colour but a shade that can be beautifully incorporated with fancy elements for an enhanced look just like in the nail art design below.The dark nail polish looks cute with the luminous stripes of red and blue that it’s incorporated with.

Matte Nail Art Designs0021

One thing that makes matte nail art design to be outstanding is the fact that it neither shines nor is it glittery. That is a fact than makes the matte nail art to be quite unique. The design below looks amazing with the maroon colour creating such an impressive outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0031

Amazing Matte Nail Art Design Ideas

The jungle green matte nail art tattoo design looks epic with the glitter shades of gold and yellow creating such a stunning look.

Matte Nail Art Designs0041

There are various elements and embellishments that can be incorporated with the matte nail art design for that adorable look like expressed in the nail art design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0051

Glitters over the top

There is a whole selection of matte nail art design ideas that one can choose from. Once you have the right colour choice, you can incorporate it with something cool and classy like the polka dots used in the design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0001

Polka dots are a major element when it comes to applying matte nail art designs. The dots are not only easy to apply but also creates such an appealing impression that makes your nails stand out.

Matte Nail Art Designs0011

Glittery shades of multiple colours are some of the elements that make the design to look outstanding. After applying that matte dark blue colour, you can make your nail art to look outstanding by applying the cute glittery shades.

Matte Nail Art Designs0021

Add some stripes to improve on the one colour polish

Adding a few stripes to a bright plain colour like in the matte nail art design below looks peculiar. The combination of white and black stripes looks quite eye-catching.

Matte Nail Art Designs0031

Instead of applying the plain matte nail art colour designs, you can enhance the outlook of your nails by adding some accessories like marble shades below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0041

Flowery shades are also outstanding elements that can be used to accessorise the matte nail art designs. The colour choice in the below design looks cool with the pink rose flower theme creating such an elegant and girly outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0051

Plain matte nail art designs are equally cute and can blend well with a preferred outfit. The white matte nail art design below is such a nice piece of nail art.

Save your money:

Matte Nail Art Designs0061

If you want your matte nail art designs to look outstanding then you should have your nails properly shaped. When the nails are well shaped, the edges tend to look sharp and outstanding which also enhances the quality of the nail art.

Matte Nail Art Designs0071

Beautiful Matte Nail Art Design Ideas

The classy orange matte nail art design looks magnificent with the cute dark stripes and dots creating such an appealing look.

Matte Nail Art Designs0081

A real good design for which your salon may charge a real good amount is something we are telling you for free! Yeah, that’s because we love you and respect hard earned money.

You can apply different colours of nail polish on different nails so as to create a nice contrast. You just have to make sure that all the shades you use are matte just like in the matte nail art design below.

Black is the happy colour:

Matte Nail Art Designs0091

The shiny polka dots look epic and creates such an eye-catching contrast that’s quite amazing. The shiny dots of different colours are also beautifully arranged resulting into an elegant nail art.

Matte Nail Art Designs0101

The stripes of blue on a dark nail polish looks spectacular and creates such a beautiful contrast. If you want to break the monotony of one colour then contrasting with a brighter colour is appropriate.

Matte Nail Art Designs0111

A base coat with matte black  tips and shining black nail paint is all that this one calls for. This one is as sizzling as you are. Don’t miss on this!

Accessorize it:

Matte Nail Art Designs0121

Stunning Matte Nail Art Design Ideas

The adorable matte nail art design below looks magnificent with the combination of blue and white nail polish looking adorable. The shades of gold makes that outstanding outlook which is worth trying out.

Matte Nail Art Designs0131

The shiny silver nail polish looks appropriate for that official work or office atmosphere. The glittery dots at the base of the nails equally creates that adorable outlook which is incomparable.

Matte Nail Art Designs0141

A matte base with beads of the same shade outlining the tip is just an amazing matte nail art design. The best colours for such a design would be black, blue, red and other solid colours.

Keeping it simple yet classy:

Matte Nail Art Designs0151

As much as the matte nail art design looks classy and magnificent, the designs are also simple and can be easily applied by anyone. All that you require is to have the right items in place like the nail polish, the top and base coat and other elements to spice it up.

Matte Nail Art Designs0161

The combination of shades of matte black, white and blue makes a splendid combination and is worth trying out if you are looking out for something trendy and stunning.

Matte Nail Art Designs0171

A light base in matte with dots over it in a darker tone can be such an amazing combination. Try shades like matte pink in these designs.

Going elegant:

Matte Nail Art Designs0181

If you are not into flashy or glittery nails then you can try out the plain matte nail art designs. The silver nail polish looks classy with the top coat creating that glossy look.

Matte Nail Art Designs0191

A combination of grey and dark colours can look amazing with shaped nails like the ones below. The colour combination also creates that blending contrast that’s worth trying out.

Matte Nail Art Designs0201

A solid matte shade like greys and blacks looks quite unique with the lining at the bottom creating a beautiful contrast. It is one of the classiest matte nail art designs.

Something unique:

Matte Nail Art Designs0211

The glossy matte nail art design below can greatly enhance one’s elegant and classy outlook. The metallic shades of the polish looks spectacular and outstanding.

Matte Nail Art Designs0221

Adorable matte nail art design

The combination of different matte colour blends well with the different stripes of black and dark that are included in the design. The golden dots also adds to the beauty of the design.

Matte Nail Art Designs0231

Try a solid matte shade and draw some solid shapes with shining nail paint of the same colour as the base shade. You can draw triangles squares and whatever you like.

Drawing a flag:

Matte Nail Art Designs0241

Matte nail art design ideas are numerous and if you are into personalising your nail art design then you can apply something like a white nail polish with checked orange and green embellishments like in the design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0251

Make your matte nail art tattoo design to look glossy and appealing by adding some shiny top coat like in the nail art design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0261

Cute and Classy Matte Nail Art Design Ideas

You can customise your nail art design by adding unique elements that fits you well. You can draw the flag of the country you love or desire to go to or even try different flags over all your nails.

Floral is all over:

Matte Nail Art Designs0271

You can give your matte nail art design a sophisticated and girly outlook by adding some pink dots and flowery elements like in the design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0281

If you are looking for something unique then you can try out your own ideas especially on the elements to incorporate the matte nail art design with.

Matte Nail Art Designs0291

A nude shade in the base with flowers drawn in black over the base nude shade is just an amazing idea and something not to be missed upon! You may also try this design in shades of your choice. You can also opt for dark base and light shade for designing.

Go colorful:

Matte Nail Art Designs0301

Those who love colours can try a combination of different shades that tends to add that eye-catching outlook while also remaining elegant.

Matte Nail Art Designs0311

Beautiful Matte Nail Art Design Ideas

Instead of spending bucks in nail art parlours you can take advantage of the beautiful matte nail art ideas shared here then come up with something cool and stunning.

Matte Nail Art Designs0321

A nude shade in the base like the grey and colourful beads over it will look very pretty. It will go with almost all your dresses.

And your favourite fruit is:

Matte Nail Art Designs0331

There are numerous ways that colour can be used to enhance the beauty and elegance of the matte nail art design. Having the green colour at the base with the beautiful dots of black and a mixture of colours creates that amazing outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0341

The minion like elements used in the nail art design below looks magnificent and provides that adorable outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0351

A white matte base with your favourite fruit drawn over it in matte shade. I am going to go with strawberry because I love it, how about you?

Black & golden:

Matte Nail Art Designs0361

Sophisticated Matte Nail Art Ideas that Stand Out

The below matte nail art design is a statement of beauty, class and elegance. The asymmetric way in which the glittery shades have been applied creates a beautiful contrast and blends well with the adorable matte black polish.

Matte Nail Art Designs0371

Matte nail art designs create such a unique outlook that makes the design to be quite eye-catching. The glossy brown nail polish blends quite well with the elements used in the design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0381You can try a black matte base incorporated with a drawing of anything over it.

Your heart for him:

Matte Nail Art Designs0391

The heart element that is accessorised with beautiful golden jewels is such a unique and sophisticated matte nail art design. The colour choice is also cute and blends well with the features.

Matte Nail Art Designs0401

Simple and classy is the best description that suits the sophisticated matte nail art design below. The glossy outlook of the polish is so amazing with the white heart element enhancing the beauty of the style.

Matte Nail Art Designs0411

Cool Matte Nail Polish Ideas

Apply matte base, something like pink and make hearts over it with red or a darker pink shade itself. To add more to it, you can outline the hearts with some contrasting colour. Go for this baby!

Check it out:

Matte Nail Art Designs0421

A mixture of different nail art ideas can also create that stunning outlook. The black and white stripes, flowery pink elements and the plain pink colours makes such a cool blend.

Matte Nail Art Designs0431

Even if you are not artistic, you can still come up with unique styles that has the potential of making your nail art to be outstanding.

Matte Nail Art Designs0441

Apply black base in matte and draw checks over it in pink matte shade. This one is super classy and if done neatly, it will probably become your favourite very soon.

If you love mathematics:

Matte Nail Art Designs0451

Nicely shaped nails look elegant especially with the checked design. The marble and the dark polish used in the design below are creating such a contrasting outlook which is cool.

Matte Nail Art Designs0461

Attractive Nail Art Design Ideas

The simple and cute elements applied on the nude matte nail art design below looks beautiful and can be easily tried out.

Matte Nail Art Designs0471

When you apply a black polish at the base of the nail, you can accessorise it by drawing some mathematical symbols like @ # %.

All at once:

Matte Nail Art Designs0481

The different shades of blue makes a fantastic combination just as reflected in the matte nail art design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0491

The contrasting colours of nude and brown colours make such a magnificent outlook with the nails looking glossy and cool.

Matte Nail Art Designs0501

Try out on a matte nail art which has a different shade on each nail. This is a really popular design and it looks great in matte. This one is a must try once a while.

Black and silver:

Matte Nail Art Designs0511

Flashy Nail Art Design Ideas

The glossy outlook of the zigzag dark stripes with silvery background looks amazing with the two colours blending quite well.

Matte Nail Art Designs0521

You can enhance the outlook of your nail art with adorable embellishments that blend well with your nail art.

Matte Nail Art Designs0531

Try black in the base and outline the bottom in some glittery silver just like in the design below.

A blast of colours:

Matte Nail Art Designs0551

The glittering elements provide that glossy and amazing outlook. The blue matte nail art design also looks magnificent and worth trying out

Matte Nail Art Designs0541

Even as you create that glittering outlook its appropriate to embrace some element of sophistication and elegance. The matte nail art design below looks fascinating.

Matte Nail Art Designs0561

Apply colourful base and sprinkle nail colours of different shades over it. This is a happy kind of matte nail art design. Mere look of it will bring smiles to your face.

Let one finger nail stand out:

Matte Nail Art Designs0571

Plain and Glossy Matte Nail Art Designs

Its possible to have fun with the matte nail art designs without adding some decorative elements. The nail art design below looks cool with the glossy polish looking stunning.

Matte Nail Art Designs0581

The glossy plain nail art design below looks quite elegant with the stripes of gold and black looking quite cute.

Matte Nail Art Designs0591

Go simple on all fingers with a subtle shade and make some design over a single finger. This matte nail art design is going all over these days. It’s too much in trend, so it should be tried by you as well at least once!

Names of your loved ones:

Matte Nail Art Designs0601

Incorporating personalised elements like use of words in the matte nail art design below looks amazing with all the elements blending so well.

Matte Nail Art Designs0611

Matte nail art designs can be applied in unique and fabulous ways just like in the design below. Every finger has that unique art that’s quite eye-catching.

Matte Nail Art Designs0621

A light matte shade in the base looks cool and a thin bristled brush can be used to write the names of your loved ones in black. You may also write your own name as well. This matte nail art design may be modified by writing alphabets instead of names or numbers.

The little bow:

Matte Nail Art Designs0631

Adorable Matte Nail Art Design Ideas.

Whether you are into plain matte nail art designs or the decorated ones, you will definitely get nail art design options that best suits your need.

Matte Nail Art Designs0641

Incorporating flowery elements on plain glossy nail polish looks cool and a great way to enhance your overall outlook. The entire nail art design looks magnificent.

Matte Nail Art Designs0651

A light florescent matte shade in the base and bows drawn in black, red or blue is damn cute a design and will go well with your florescent summer outfit.

A color combo:

Matte Nail Art Designs0661

The pink colour used at the base of the nails blends so well with the blue nail polish. You can also use the nails to accessorise your outfit for that adorable look.

Matte Nail Art Designs0671

The golden shades blends so well with the ink stripes resulting into such a sophisticated outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0681

Divide the nail into two different shades, like each half with a different matte shade and decorate with golden lines drawn horizontally. Use florescent colours in base to bring out the golden lines more powerfully.

To the moon and back:

Matte Nail Art Designs0691

To the moon and back is a beautiful element that comprises of the moon and the stars with the small dots of white looking so well. The dark matte nail art design background enhances the beauty of the design.

Matte Nail Art Designs0701

Try colours that express great and bold personality

With knowledge of all this amazing matte nail art design ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on manicure. You can choose a simple and elegant style then try it out for a more adorable look.

Matte Nail Art Designs0711

A black matte shade in the base, and white moons showing no moon day to full moon day is just a lovely idea. This is unique just like you are! Please do not miss on this. You will be fond of this one once you try it.

Golden and glittery:

Matte Nail Art Designs0721

You can apply glittery nail polish in great and classy ways that enhances your overall outlook. The choice of your glitter shade should however match your desired style.

Matte Nail Art Designs0731

Adding dots of darker colours to your matte nail art design works quite well just like in the design below. The brown polish looks magnificent with the black dots.

Matte Nail Art Designs0741

Go golden in matte shade on all fingers except one, on which you can go golden but with glitters. It is just the apt matte nail art design for the upcoming party, where you and your nails both will glitter.

The bunny face:

Matte Nail Art Designs0751

Amazing combination of matte nail art design ideas with each nail expressing that unique outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs0761

Make your matte nail art design, amazing, elegant and beautiful by incorporating colours that does not only look great but also expresses some element of glam and elegance.

Matte Nail Art Designs0771

A subtle base color and a bunny face drawn in a solid color, with eyes nose and ears distinguished of course! You may choose your favorite cartoon character instead of bunny, but bunny is comparatively easy to draw and is therefore suggested.

Sizzling Silver:

Matte Nail Art Designs0781

Simple and easy to implement matte nail art design ideas

Make your nail art design more classy and cute with claw shaped nails. The marble watery polish looks quite chic and classy.

Matte Nail Art Designs0791

You can get that stylish appeal by incorporating glittering elements on a nude matte nail art design. Its quite pretty and sophisticated.

Matte Nail Art Designs0801

Try matte silver! It doesn’t look gaudy at all. Trust me, it rather looks elegant and classy.

Red and white:

Matte Nail Art Designs0811

Applying glitters on a red polished nail looks quite elegant given the nails are also beautifully shaped. Incorporating the white polish with the heart shaped glitter makes the matte nail art design below to look quite adorable.

Matte Nail Art Designs0821

Its possible to get matte nail art designs that matches your ideal outfit with all the features it has. All you have to do is to apply some element of creativity while designing your nail art.

Matte Nail Art Designs0831

Applying a red matte shade, in fact maroon shade in the base and colouring the tip in white looks amazing. This will give a very neat and clean look to your nails and hands. Go on, we suggest the best!

Match it with your lip color:

Matte Nail Art Designs0841

The french themed matte nail art design looks amazing with the polka dots creating a cool contrast.

Matte Nail Art Designs0851

The matte nail art design below is an epic design so cool and classy. Applying the french nail art theme also creates a spectacular and awesome design.

Matte Nail Art Designs0861

A matte nail color of the exactly same shade as that of your lip color look very sophisticated. It is good to be synchronized. It is always appreciated.Red and red; or purple and purple or pink and pink or nude and nude whatever you want! The choice is yours, only the idea is ours.

Scary faces:

Matte Nail Art Designs0871

The skull themed matte nail art design can be scary and not for everyone. Its advisable that you choose a design that blends well with your personality if you are to have that comfortable and confident feeling.

Matte Nail Art Designs0881

Customise your Matte Nail Art Design with Amazing Elements

The dark matte nail art design is an amazing nail art with the decorative skull element creating a magnificent look.

Matte Nail Art Designs0891

Select a matte shade in some solid colour it may be black itself and draw scary faces over it with florescent shades. This is actually too cool an idea and is totally new. Be the first one in your gang to flaunt it off!


Matte Nail Art Designs0901

Use of tricolor is a cool way of enhancing your matte nail art design outlook. It looks trendy and adorable with the colour combination creating a nice contrast.

Matte Nail Art Designs0911

French nail art design is a popular design that has been trending for a long time however use of french theme on matte nail art design can bring such great results like in the one below.

Matte Nail Art Designs0921

There is something about the tricolor idea which makes us fall for it. Although it is too simple its also quite attractive. Try 3 shades of yellow, may be yellow, mustard and lemon or 3 shades of pink or just mix and match. We trust your color choices darling!

Just go glitter:

Matte Nail Art Designs0931

Nothing is capable of creating that bright and eye-catching matte nail art design like use of glitters. The subtle shades of pink, brown, blue and purple just looks stunning with the addition of glitters.

Matte Nail Art Designs0941

Use of beads, feathers and other physical elements can also create that unique and magnificent outlook in your design. The various elements used in the matte nail art design below are unique and works well.

Matte Nail Art Designs0951

Try full glitters over a matte shade. This may not be a typical matte nail art design but is still a good one and has therefore been told to you in this league!


Matte Nail Art Designs0961

The number of dots used on matte nail art design and the size of the dots looks cool and magnificent. The bold polish colour used also enhances the overall outlook of the design.

Matte Nail Art Designs0971

Get your stunning outlook with dots

The black matte nail art design looks great with the multi coloured dots making a beautiful impression.

Matte Nail Art Designs0981Use a base color of your choice in matte and dots of a color of your choice again in matte which is the easiest ever matte nail art design. You just need your nail color and few toothpicks. See we made it so very easy for you.

Bead it:

Matte Nail Art Designs0991

Use of the tiny beads of different colours adds some element of complexity to your design. The colour combination is also great which makes the nails to blend well with any outfit.

Matte Nail Art Designs1001

A blend of plain and decorated nail art with beads is also a cool way of expressing your unique creativity. The combination of different pink colour shades looks amazing.

Matte Nail Art Designs1011

Choose a solid matte color in the base and draw something like hearts or flowers with silver or golden beads. This is going to look very beautiful. Your nails will actually stand out!

Peaceful white:

Matte Nail Art Designs1021

The watery shades of elements is a great demonstration of creativity that can be used to enhance a design’s overall outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs1031

Use beautiful shapes for enhanced outlook

The way your nails are shaped also has a way of impacting on the nail art outlook. The claw shaped matte nail art design below looks magnificent with the colours expressing that bold personality.

Matte Nail Art Designs1041

Choosing white as a base polish is a bold option as it may not suit all skin textures. For those it suits the white matte base looks elegant when outlined with dots at the tips. Some bright shades like orange, magenta, yellow,etc can be used.

Glitter the tip:

Matte Nail Art Designs1051

If you are looking for something simple and trendy then you can try out the unique matte nail art design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs1061

The glitters used on the matte nail art design below looks quite chic and classy. You can add elements that you feel blend well with your personality.

Matte Nail Art Designs1071

Applying a good matte shade of your choice with the tip outlined with glitters of the same colour is an amazing and unique idea. It is easy to do and is definitely nice looking. No doubts on this!

Going plain and simple:

Matte Nail Art Designs1081

You don’t have to use numerous elements for your matte nail art design to look classy and beautiful, you can still get adorable looks by incorporating simple elements.

Matte Nail Art Designs1091

Use stripes for an enhanced outlook

A combination of stripes and shades of black and white looks magical and exciting just like expressed in the matte nail art design below.

Matte Nail Art Designs1101

The best thing about matte is that even if no nail art is done i.e. if only the matte base shade is applied it looks damn good in itself! Colors like matte maroon, matte black, matte grey and many more, in fact all are so beautiful in themselves that even if no further designing is done it won’t be a problem at all.

Matte shades in themselves are matte nail art designs. They are actually very complete in themselves. So, if you want to avoid all fuss and designing just apply a matte base coat and get going.

Saving the best for the last:
Matte Nail Art Designs1111

The below matte nail art design is an amazing design with the stripes of blue and silver creating such a magnificent outlook.

Matte Nail Art Designs1121

And the time to reveal the best one. Try a dark blue in matte on the base and two straight horizontal lines in golden, and nothing more charming than this!

So darling, these were some exclusive matte nail art designs for you. These are the best amongst so many. Your nails deserve equal attention as other body parts. Please don’t ignore them. They too are a part of your fashion statement except your outfits and your make up! Keep them clean, shape them and decorate them, make them feel alive and matte nail shades will certainly help you with that.

As said earlier matte is something which cannot go wrong, they are meant to go right. They suit all skin textures. Don’t hesitate in trying even the darkest colors! Matte doesn’t look gaudy at all! And this is their best attribute; they don’t shine but still make your nails shine out. Probably that’s the reason matte is given so much love by women all over!It is time to try these and fall in love with them. It is time to make others go jealous and it is time to make your nails go beautiful!

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