99 Easy To Achieve Hipster Outfits!

So you like hipsters trend? Do you love hipster´s fashionable looks, but need some inspiration? Take a look at these fabulous hipster outfits and get some inspiration. With a basic idea, and letting your creativity flow, you will be able to show an amazing hipster look. And don´t worry, you won´t need to spend thousands of dollars, just getting a few basic pieces or modifying your current wardrobe will be enough.

For those who don´t know what the hipster sub-culture or movement is, but still love their looks; here goes a brief explanation of what it is so you not only adopt their fashion but also get an idea of its origin.

When we talk about hipsters, we talk about a group of people who have tastes and interests that are linked to the independent, alternative and vintage cultures. Hipsters are said to be against the values of the commercial mainstream, and to favor popular and local cultures and movements. Sometimes their alternative lifestyles include even the type of food they consume, preferring the natural and organic food.
When it comes to fashion, they have a very peculiar way of interpreting it. In fact, their approach is usually a bit extravagant and ironic. The mix styles, combining modern clothes with vintage clothes or accessories.

Hipsters are usually young people that come from middle class or middle-high social status and live in the big cities. Some people praise them for their authenticity while others criticize them for looking ridiculous, restless or having a disastrously bad taste. However, the hipster fashion keeps expanding, Some people adopt it though they don´t live a hipster lifestyle, they just adore the hipsters´look. If that is you case, keep reading this post and you will have the clues.

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Very simple look, a pleated cotton mini skirt and a short t-shirt. You can even cut a traditional t-shirt and just show some belly skin.


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This look is totally inspired in the 60´s and 70´s. Worn out denim shorts and a plaid shirt will give you that vintage look if you don´t forget to combine them with flat ankle boots. By the way, you will not see much high-heels among the hipster fashionists, remember that comfort is one of the principles of this fashion style.

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Mini skirts are a must! Basic colors such as black and white with a colored vibrant accent will give you the look. The vibrant blue of the jacket makes the outfit fun!


hipster outfits creemmagazine (13)

In winter timme, hipsters opt for skinny pants or stretch jeggings. In this case, grey animal print pants, a big black jacket, and, of course, the short flat boots give the totally modern urban look!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (14)

As we mentioned, hipsters combine different materials and styles. Here you see how a sweet pink large sweater, teared at the bottom and at thesleeves, can be used as a mini dress if accompanied by stockings and, yes, black short leather boots. These


hipster outfits creemmagazine (15)

Worn and torn denim shorts are always present in a hipster girl´s wardrobe. They combine perfectly with a short white shirt, a brown jacket, and large accessories.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (16)

Hipsters love having a romantic look sometimes too. The secret is to combine the delicate chiffon skirt with a plain cotton top-tank. If you like bracelets, use as many of them as you like!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (17)

Younger girls love this style! Torn black leggings combined with a loose printed shirt and flat red sports shoes. Black and white are the predominant colors, though any color is allowed.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (18)

Hipsters combine basic pieces of clothes to achieve different looks. Here she is wearing worn and torn denim shorts, basic white sleeveless cotton shirt, and a rustic leather belt.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (19)

Again the denim shorts play the key role. Here they are combined with a black cotton shirt that shows some belly skin. Instead of boots, shorts go great with flat fabric sports shoes. Personally, I loved the studded bracelet!


hipster outfits creemmagazine (20)

For a more delicate look, you can opt for loose silver shorts and combine them with a floral loose shirt. Again, don´t forget your accessories. Metal bracelets must be part of your repertoire!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (21)

Combining their clothes and accessories in a particular way is what give hipsters their identity. Instead of wearing the mini skirt with stilettos or knee-boots, dare to wear it with sports shoes. Eclectic, right?


hipster outfits creemmagazine (22)

Absolutely delicate! Search your grandma´s closet for an antique lace shirt or dress. Wear it above your shorts and finalize the look with a leather handbag and contrasting leather boots!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (23)

Dare to combine different fabrics and textures! A cotton stretch dress can give you the hipster look if you add a denim shirt, and, yes, large accessories, such as a the big necklace.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (24)

This a great girly hipster look! Remember old day school uniforms´skirts? Make them shorter and wear them together with short t-shirts. Sexy and naive!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (25)

Great outfit for a summer day! Loose cotton with delicate lace finishing. The white fabric bag goes great with this casual look.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (26)

Don´t throw your old worn jeans! Insted, make them look as if a wild dog had bitten on them! A black top-tank and a loose cotton large blouse will go great with them. Have you noticed the heart-shaped sunglasses?


hipster outfits creemmagazine (27)

If you don´t like an excessively restless look, just combine your denim shorts with a black tight top, and a loose large thin coat. Yes, yes, get yourself coats and sweaters a couple of sizes larger than your regular size.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (28)

In colder seasons, you can wear you black leggings and your laced boots with a grey sweater and matching leg warmers. Make sure the sweater is oversized!


hipster outfits creemmagazine (29)

If you want to achieve this hipster chic look, simply combine your skinny pants with a white top and a white loose cardigan. Let a leather handbag be the subtle touch of sophistication. The skinny dark pants match the nails enamel color!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (30)

For those hot summer days, choose dark blue denim shorts and a black worn shirt with difuse printed drawings.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (31)

Want to be audacious? Combine your shorts with silk stockings and leg warmers. Choose black for the matching shirt and handbag, and voilá!!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (32)

Look like a rebel school girl with a pair of laced boots, black shorts, a black shirt, and an oversized dark coat.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (33)

If you don´t like it all black, wear a contrasting cotton shirt around your waist. Make sure to use high, very high platform booties! Would you dare to  an extravagant hairstyle?


hipster outfits creemmagazine (34)

Silk loose shorts are comfortable and fresh! Combine them with a stretch top-tank in pure white, and get yourself a bracelet! This antique silver one with big turquoises is just gorgeous!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (35)

Similarly to the previous look, silk shorts and a stretch top tank are the basis. Notice the light blue touch of color given by the nail enamel!



hipster outfits creemmagazine (36)

This is totally eclectic! Break the romanticism of this flowered skirt with a cotton printed shirt. The studded leather bracelets add more informality to this look, and the small rounded sunglasses reflect the hippie roots. Certainly, this girl knows how to have fun.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (37)

Modern and romantic in black and grey! What makes this short so lovely is the floral embroidery.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (38)

Once more, a contrasting shirt around the waist breaks the homogeneity of this black outfitt.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (40)

Want to be original? Try to achieve this look with cut-off black leggings and a colored printed t-shirt. A small handbag or backpack with metal details will add to it. Yes, get yourself a hat, all hipsters will eventually wear one!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (41)

Unlike other ones, this gorgeous hipster look is obtained wearing oversized pants. Of course, make sure they have several large cuts! Enhance the look with black ankle boots and a zippered jacket. And protect yourself from the sun, don´t forget your black hat!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (42)

This look is a bit more sporty than the previous one. Again, you can achieve it combining textures, in this case a cotton zippered coat goes on top of delicate white silk.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (43)

On colder evenings, give yourself some warmth wearing your worn out shorts with a wool sweater.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (44)

Yes, you will have to make a few cuts to your black pants to get the hipster look! In this one, a sand-beige top, and a long crocheted coat round up the look.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (45)

Dare to get romantic and blend a modern style mini-skirt with a lace top. Make it look funny wearing a long, open, extra large flowered soft camisole. This versatile camisole can also be worn on top of a cotton dress, stretch pants or worn and torn denim shorts!


hipster outfits creemmagazine (46)

Simplicity is the key of this one-piece outfit. The white linen is enhanced with black embroidery. Ideal to take a long walk on the beach at sunset.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (47)

This look is also highly romantic and terribly summery. You can wear a loose linen large blouse over your bikini, if going to the beach, or over your favorite shorts.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (48)

Another example of strange combinations. The printed pale pink skirt seems to have nothing to do with the sleeveless white shirt, yet they make you look as hipster as you wish. Don´t forget the studded black boots!!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (49)

Wintertime is the most suitable time of the year to experiment with strange combinations and overlays. For instance, the thin flowered mini skirt and the black leggings,  or the two sweaters. Note that the shorter sleeves go on top of the longer ones!
hipster outfits creemmagazine (51)

Like in the 70´s, velvet skirts are preferred by hipsters. This brown one was combined with an irregular white sweater that lets you show some skin.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (52)To achieve this look, you need to match clothes of different textures and patterns. Yes, mix flowers, squares and fancy patterns in one single outfit. Isn´t that top just lovely?

hipster outfits creemmagazine (53)

Again, bet on overlays! The basic piece is the demin short, once more. Let a lace bra show up from the collar of your white top. Cover your shoulders with a colorful plaid shirt!! And don´t forget the legwarmers, by the way!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (54)

On colder occasions an outfit like this will be great. Dare to mix striped and plaid fabrics.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (55)

Black lace blouse, silk black stockings, and dark wool leg warmers make this original hipster look.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (56)

Why not using your yoga bra out there on the streets? Wear them on top of your denim shorts, and cover your arms with a colored shirt. Yes, plaid shirts are once more a trendy piece of garment!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (57)

Accessories are a must of hipster looks. We have already talked about flat ankle boots. Yes, you must get yourself a pair of them! Another piece that makes anyone stand out among the crowd are these lovely hats! Have you noticed those sunglasses? Also, XL size!


hipster outfits creemmagazine (58)

Don´t you already like the looks you can achieve with flowered silk shorts? What about this one with a sleevless cotton printed shirt? This time you are allowed to trade the booties for these roman style sandals. Of course, black!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (59)

The idea is to have fun, right? And to brake conventionalism! Therefore, this new fashion trend has no restrictions. So if you feel like wearing your leggings under your mini-skirt, go ahead you are allowed! Here we have another example of the amazing looks you can obtain with just black and white.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (1)


Yes, there are no boundaries other than your imagination. So it is perfectly acceptable to wear a summer dress on winter. Just make sure you pick a colorful sweater or a rustic jacket. Even both! By the way, you can modifiy the appearence of your black boots adding some golden chains around them!



hipster outfits creemmagazine (1)

The bigger the better when it comes to scarves! Make sure you enjoy your day regardless of the weather!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (2)

Why not using a white camisole above dark stockings? This combination looks great to me!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (3)

This look is definitely inspired in the 70´s where dresses were very short and boots really high. If you don´t have them, a second -hand vintage store is a good place to start looking for one nice dress and high boots!

hipster outfits creemmagazine (4)

It´s not all about clothes! Even your hair can play a primary role in achieving the desired look. Why not playing with it too? Add some color to it. There are temporary dyes if you are not completely sure about the change.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (5)

The hipsters got some high dose of inspiration from the hippies. Feel free to use the “love and peace” symbol as much as you want! The shirt tied around the waist is always a great embellishment!



hipster outfits creemmagazine (6)

Go green! If you want to make a difference, go green! Well, we are talking about your hair. It will go great with your hipster style.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (7)

Feel comfortable even while sitting wainting for the bus, no matter if you are wearing your shortest mini -skirt. Being hipster is being practical, so wear some pants and feel comfortable all day long! Wear comfy sports shoes too, of course.


hipster outfits creemmagazine (8)

Black and white, white and black; these two colors never fail even if you are wearing stars and stripes! The small white handbag gives and added touch of feminity.

hipster outfits creemmagazine (9)

The details you add to your looks are what can make you differentiate from the rest. A simple old red pant can become a trendy piece if you transform it into shorts, and add plenty of studs to it!.

Well, I guess now you have a clear idea on how to achieve a hipster style easily. The basic rule is that there are no rules. Feel free, use your imagination, combine, mix, blend textures, colors, fabrics, materials and style. Whatever may make you feel comfortable and secure. Show your personality. Let your self go. Of course, you can go shopping and get yourself a whole new wardrobe. There are other cheaper options too: visiting a second-hand store, asking your mom or granny for their vintage clothes, recycling your usual clothes, asking your father or boyfriend to the let you use that old army jacket or plaid shirt he forgot on the closet. Also, don´t forget accessories.  Check your accessories´ drawer, and make sure to count on  leg warmers, sunglasses, a belt, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and a hat. Play with them, combine them.  Welcome to the growing hipster subculture!

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