Don’t Be Dull: 59 Alluringly Highlighted Dark Brown Hair Styles

Young or old, seeking change or seeking style, all of us with dark brown hair tend to feel the ravenous need for highlights at least once in our lives. Luckily, you’ve landed on the right page featuring 59 celebrity hairstyles that sport the highlighted look – all of them with naturally dark brown or black hair. Long and short, from copper and red to platinum blonde highlights, these styles are sure to inspire you.

Blending Waterfall

brown hair creem (40)
These highlights give lovely definition to curls, accentuating the contrast between light and shadow. The tones fade from a deep brown at the scalp to platinum at the tips. As the hair lengthens, the tips become lighter giving the effect of a falling waterfall with froth at the bottom. These curls can be made with a 2-inch curling iron and set in place with either using mousse before drying or hairspray after styled. This hairdo is quick, simple, and perfect for all occasions if you’re looking to impress with long, fading tones.

White and Dark Chocolate 

brown hair creem (41)
Rich chocolate brown hair goes well with platinum highlights, creating a lovely fade of auburn into a milky shade as the highlights extend downward. They help frame your face no matter what shade of skin you have. Sweeping hair backwards and allowing it to fall freely gives you a carefree and radiant look with tons of volume and waves that contain definition. The bright contrast gives you the freedom to wear a deep shade of lipstick. This look portrays simplicity and elegance.

Frost-Tipped Black

brown hair creem (42)
Spruce up your black tresses by frosting the tips with a light blonde, adding a subtle yet brilliant piece of definition to your look. They help bring out dark eyes, so don’t by shy with smoky eye shadow or longer eye lashes. Pull up most of your hair into a bun or ponytail after parting at the side, ensuring you leave a few tresses hanging beside your face to show off those highlights. If you don’t like too much hair in your face, you can push the tresses behind your ears and still look smart and smashing.

Faint & Smooth Transition

brown hair creem (43)
Long hair with bangs paired with a more natural looking transition of tones. These highlights are very subtle but can be seen in the right light, making hair look radiant and healthy. There isn’t much to creating this hairstyle, just straighten the bangs and any rogue waves you can find in your hair. Not only is this look easy to achieve for those of us that are on the go, its easy to keep up in public and great for casual outings.

Honey-Blonde Twists
brown hair creem (44)
Large, voluminous curls that cascade into honey tones, a sexy hairstyle for formal events or your next date. These highlights frame the face and cover the tips, like dunking your tresses in golden sweet honey. This is also a lovely look for those that lack layers but want more definition. Natural make-up tones go great with this style as well as light shades of pink and orange. Use a shampoo and conditioner that add volume to your hair before attempting this hairstyle, using a 1.5-inch curling iron and running your fingers through your tresses to gain the free-spirited and disheveled waves.

Earth-Toned Waves
brown hair creem (45)
Deep-brown hair that fades to a sun-kissed and subtle blonde. The shades are naturally Earthy for those of us that don’t want platinum or white blonde. Messy waves that are easy to handle give this a business-like appeal making it a good hairdo for working women. Curl each ringlet with a 2-inch curling iron for about five seconds. Feel free to run your hands through this hairdo, it will fall back into place easily.

Faded Beach-Siren

brown hair creem (46)
Medium length straight brown hair with natural shades of sun-kiss go well with tanned skin, seen here. This look gives your audience the message you’ve been at the beach all summer, looking fabulous with natural-looking highlights.

Dueling Light & Dark Ringlets

brown hair creem (47)
Jennifer Lopez is known to have very deep and dark tresses, with beautifully tanned skin. She takes the sun-kissed highlights to a new level, spreading streaks of platinum throughout her hair’s entirety while leaving enough of her own shades to add definition and texture to her hair. The curls bring out the contrast of both shades and are anything but dull. This look is great for occasions of all kinds, whether you’re attempting to pull off sexy or chic, are trying to impress the girls or guys. This style requires excess volume, so use your favorite products that enhance the bounce of curls.

Hidden Highlights

brown hair creem (48)
Deep brown hair that falls around the shoulders, with a perfectly placed streak of blonde. If you look carefully, you can see a ringlet that’s blonde while all other hair consists of natural shades. Anyone that wants a change but doesn’t want it to be too drastic has this option, offering a hint of radiance behind dark tresses. For this look, use a 1-inch curling iron but hold the hair around it loosely. Or, you could decide to go with your natural curls. Putting hair up into a slight bump is optional.

Single Framing Lock

brown hair creem (49)
This look screams classy and charming, with a large highlight in the front that streams down with a single curl. Highlights like this are for those with the high life that want the feeling of both sexy and refreshing. Use heat-resistant products in your hair for this look, it’s going to require blow drying, straightening, and using a 2-inch curling iron. Only curl up to the cheek, so the soft ripple of hair begins right about there, winding down sinuously with the highlight adding depth.

Streaked Bronze-on-Chocolate Sweep
brown hair creem (50)
Wild and remarkable, these highlights are meant to bring out the tiger in your eyes. You can enhance their appearance easily by adding random highlights the same shade as them in dark brown or black hair. Sweep your hair to the side to bring your audience’s eyes to your own. The random highlights will surprise you on where they show up! You can use deep shades of eye shadow to further the enhancement of your eyes.

The Faded Fawn
brown hair creem (51)
Chic and formal, lighter highlights are always best when trying to impress instead of simply grabbing attention. Layered hair that is curled outward is wonderful at displaying the subtle transition of deep brown to light brown, getting rid of boring flat tresses.

Sienna and Ochre on Black

brown hair creem (52)
Straight black hair parted in the center that transforms into ochre and sienna looks lovely and put-together. Only straightening is needed to achieve this look, making it great for an on-the-go fashion statement.

Streaked to Border the Face
brown hair creem (53)
Sometimes we want more than just a few simple streaks. We want an obvious transformation. Highlight two tendrils of hair in the front to frame your face and dye underneath or allow sun-kissed hair to grow out. This style looks gorgeous on medium shades of brown.

Summer Star Buff
brown hair creem (54)
Dazzle your audience with striking highlights that create a look of stardom. Dark brown quickly fades into near-platinum. This look radiates confidence and beauty, but is close to a full dye. Truly consider what you’d look like before suddenly deciding to dye your dark tresses such a striking color.

Elemental Copper-Blonde

brown hair creem (55)
Chic and subtly sexy, these copper tones are gaining popularity for those with both long and short hair. Highlight in streaks, starting with your bangs as the lightest and working your way to darker tones. All the styling you’ll need to do afterwards is straighten it and part on one side.

Barbie-Doll Bronze 

brown hair creem (56)
These highlights go great with tanned skin, giving you a goddess-like finish. Dark brown fades into light brown and bronze, bringing out the color of your eyes. To add volume to your hair, use your preferred voluminous shampoo and conditioner. Curl any layers inward to help frame your face.

The Chestnut Curl

brown hair creem (57)
For those of us adventurers with shorter hair that still leaves us room to curl in the front, this Harry Potter character gives us a glimpse at the fun we can have with highlights. Highlighting a single curl whether in the front or on the side can make all the difference in the world if trying to define a look.

Feathered Gypsy
brown hair creem (58)
If you’re trying to find a quick fix to sprucing up your hair color without the wait for a dye job, go to your local beauty supply and look for extensions or clips to give your hair that extra appeal. They come as hair or feathers or any other sorted arrangement of material. In the picture above, you can see she does this while also having a few subtle highlights that add contrast to her hair.

Sandy-Red Glamor

brown hair creem (59)
Long tresses parted on the side, wrapped over one shoulder with a large bouncing ringlet. This style oozes beauty and sophistication, with shades of red that turn to their fullest shade in the sunlight. These colors give off the illusion of both brown and red, both being prominent throughout the style’s entirety. Use a 2-inch curling iron to grab this look, and your favorite product that keeps hair in place. Be careful with this one, the curl can come undone easily if not managed properly in public. A gorgeous appeal such as this must be properly taken care of. Colors such as coppers and red help blue or green-eyed ladies stand out with striking appeal.

Lustrous Light Mahogany

brown hair highlights
Highlight in thin streaks to obtain this look, with black hair dashed by a shade of mahogany. It helps bring out the luster of skin and gives you a wilder, sexier side. Straight hair with these highlights radiate confidence. All that’s needed after highlights is a straightening iron.

Sun-Blossom Highlights

brown hair creem (1)
Cute and charming, highlights spread out all over the head make it look as if you’ve been out in the sun all summer. Lightly faded streaks are perfect for someone that wants lovely, subtle change that redefines their whole look. For the hairstyle, curl layers outward and tease hair behind headband.

The Chopped Platinum
brown hair creem (2)
Even choppy hairdos can look great with platinum on black hair. Highlight layers underneath, near the nape of the neck and around the sides. Make sure your hairstyle incorporates layers, otherwise the black will overshadow the platinum.

Strawberry-Violet Finesse

brown hair creem (3)
Long hair with sharply angled layers, and a strip that cascades down one side. Instead of using blonde to highlight, try something fresh such as differing shades of violet. Here, the highlights are randomly placed, however, you can choose to frost the tips with violet too.

Flowing Honey Waves

brown hair creem (4)
Another waterfall of honey-toned hair. Highlights start to enhance towards the end and fade to a light blonde. This style is cute and perfect for busy women that want to add a little color and curl to their everyday style. You can dazzle by simply curling the ends with a larger curling iron, 1.5-inch or 2-inch, and curl inward to help frame the face. Use your natural part or part down the middle.

Patch of Faded Citrine

brown hair creem (5)
Long and banged with a different kind of highlight. Instead of highlighting in streaks, patching can go well in dark brown hair as well. Roots are all natural while highlights are applied at around ear-level, being seen at their finest with the right angle of light. Keep your hair healthy for this style, since straightening is required and humidity could easily frazzle it. Use your favorite products to make hair heat-resistant or to heal heat-damaged hair to keep frizz at bay.

Coffee & Copper Curled

brown hair creem (6)
Long cascading coffee and copper curls can be sexy and alluring, perfect for a formal night out or that dreamy date you’ve been thinking about all week. This style requires a lot of volume and bounce to your curls, so be sure to use shampoo and conditioner that enhances volume. Mousse hair before styling, unless you prefer teasing to get the added height to hair. The highlighted copper shades do well in bringing out depth and balance to the curls, making them more apparent and attracting attention.

Defined, Shadowed Layers

brown hair creem (7)
Here, highlights are applied to the top of the head instead of underneath layers of hair. The results are gorgeous, with sun-touched hair fading to a more Earthy tone of brown. The shades help define the shadows of locks, bringing out the beauty curls render even more-so. Whether you have medium or long hair, this style can be achieved with either a 1.5-inch or 2-inch curling iron. Don’t curl above the ears, unless extra volume is needed.

Simple Highlighted Waves

brown hair creem (8)
Here is a perfect example of the streaks many women have adopted today. Subtle at the top, apparent at the bottom, giving added definition to all who bear dark brown hair and want a change.

Fawn on Fallow 

brown hair creem (9)
If you have long fallow hair, which is hair that is a deep brown close to a sandy-field brown, fawn highlights can make you radiate soft beauty. Fawn is a light yellowish-tan in color and can be seen above starting at the roots in front. They frame the face and fade back into fallow. The results are breath-taking, with a subtle fiery glamor that brings out the eyes. Natural-toned shades of make-up work best with highlights like these on long hair, especially if you sport freckles.

Subtly Sun-Touched

brown hair creem (10)
These highlights are less apparent, but can seen with the right angles of light. If you’re not a fan of evident streaks that might look too fake, try the barely-sun-kissed look. Very light streaks add depth to your hair color and bring out layers. This is especially so with medium tapered hair, making it easier to see the sharp edges such a cut renders. Sweeping hair to one side will make your highlights more noticeable.

Thick-Streaked Chopped Sweep

brown hair creem (11)
Another swept and chopped look, these highlights accentuate contrast and shadow. Ladies with short hair and bangs can add some dazzle to their look by placing streaks on top of the scalp and allowing them to face at their ends. This is a great option for anyone attempting the emo or rock-band look, displaying a wild side with a sudden burst of color.

Rusty Rouge and Plum

brown hair creem (12)
Short hair, swept bangs, dark brown hair and a need for something different. If you’re tired of looking at all these blonde and bronze highlights, then try out these deep shades of plum and rouge. They give you the look of someone willing to try new things, someone unlike anyone else, and look both gorgeous and mysterious when shining in the sunlight. These highlights can be seen throughout the style’s entirety, with no defining streaks but one in front. You can choose to have a lighter, framing streak or keep it simple.

Beaming Orange Stripe

brown hair creem (13)
Long and gorgeous copper brown hair with a single orange streak – a surefire way to come off as a wild one. This single stripe will surely catch the attention of onlookers while giving you that dab of extra divergence you’ve been seeking. You can even go crazy with this concept and choose any color of the rainbow to streak your hair with, so long as it’s okay to wear to work! You may want to part your hair where it normally falls before deciding on where to put the single highlight, otherwise you’ll have a strip of highlight falling on both sides of your head instead of one.

Lush Blood-Red

brown hair creem (14)
It’s remarkably easy to dye dark brown hair to a deep red. Here, you can see she’s done just that, and added lighter streaks of red to her hair to add definition instead of allowing it to turn to an altogether dull red. If you have hazel eyes, shades like these will bring out their natural colors.

Copper to Ashes

brown hair creem (15)
Black hair with highlights on the top, fading back to their original color towards the ends. Highlights like these are sure to please, giving you enough edge to rock more hairstyles. If you’re afraid of dying your hair because your eyebrows are dark, try this look. The fade to black keeps your eyebrows looking beautiful and keeps your style looking more naturally sun-kissed. To get this style, part on the side and fasten half your hair behind your head, leaving a tress or two hanging to frame your face.

Braided Rust on Brown

brown hair creem (16)
Love curls but want an added element to bring them out? Try a half braid that wraps around the head, starting at one side and ending at the other. The loose curls hanging from the braid are exemplified by the copper streaks, adding depth and volume to the overall style. With autumn in the midst and winter on the way, this beautiful hairdo looks lovely with sweaters and turtlenecks.

Posh Highlighted A-Line

brown hair creem (17)
A short and angular A-line with straightened hair and sun-touched highlights. This former Spice Girl used to rock the brunette look, but proves that dark-haired women can look great with lighter tones. Parting on the side makes the highlights more apparent, and the subtle colors fail to show any unnatural streaks.

Dark and Faded Tresses

brown hair creem (18)
Once again, long hair with loose locks. The highlights are applied only in the front, to frame the face. They can make any long-haired style come to life.

Low Blonde Highlights

brown hair creem (19)
If you have long, layered hair, you can choose to highlight from underneath instead of placing streaks starting from the top of the head. To show off these light blonde highlights, curl the ends of your hair outwards, so that they can freely cascade down your shoulders. A look like this can only be achieved if you haven’t got bangs, but are growing the length of your hair out.

Natural Highlights
brown hair creem (20)
These highlights can usually occur naturally, without much dye needed at all. If you’re growing your hair out as long as you can, sit in the sun in the Spring and Summer months to achieve naturally highlighted hair by the sun. If this doesn’t satisfy you, match your highlights to a dye and place streaks starting at the scalp and fading to the ends. Adding curled tips always adds definition to your hair.

Rust to Copper to Platinum

brown hair creem (21)
This style is gaining popularity since it has been rarely seen before. Ladies that crave something fresh and different might want to give this hairstyle a try. It portrays wild and free, with colors that are unique. You’ll need two different highlights for this look, a deep red and a platinum blonde. Whether you’ve got short or long hair, you can sport these colors.

Naturally Tinted & Tucked Waves

brown hair creem (22)
An easy do to achieve, this hairstyle looks great with any occasion with both its polished and simplistic look. Part down the middle and curl outwards with a 1-inch curling iron starting below the ears. This style looks A-Okay even if your hair falls loose from tucking it behind the ears. Light highlights at the ends give this style depth. Here, they seem to be bordering a copper tone.

Red & Copper Spirals

brown hair creem (23)
If you’ve got voluminous, spiraled curls and simply want to bring out their wild side by using highlights, you can use more than one tone to do it. Choose a few strands in the front to dye a shade of blonde of your choosing along with a shade of red for the back. Your hair will look marvelous with defined and shapely curls.

Sensual & Loose with Fading Highlights

brown hair creem (24)
An easy on-the-go-look, a hairstyle like this must have highlights to give it the added sheen that it needs. Dark hair can look too much like shadows, so adding highlights such as these can bring out definition and allow you to spend less time styling it in the mornings.

Maroon and Red on Black

brown hair creem (25)
If you have black hair but don’t want the Mob-Wives look, dying your tips or hair’s underside platinum blonde, give it a new twist that will render your audience speechless. Red tips fade to a deep maroon and back to black at the scalp, giving this look a sexy strawberry appeal. This hairstyle has no layers, so added highlights of differing shades of red help locks stand out.

Summer Drizzle

brown hair creem (26)
Long, heavily sun-touched hair. Dark brown can easily be dyed shades such as these nowadays, giving you the freedom to choose any shade you desire. To have your highlights wow, curl both sides of your hair to one side (don’t curl both inward – curl one side inward and the other side outward). Straighten and only curl up to the ears.

Thick & Refined Curls

brown hair creem (28)
Twists are in for formal events, whether you’ve got long or medium-length hair. Add highlights just a few shades lighter than your naturally dark hair color and you’ve got a recipe for sexy.

Copper to Bronze Mystique

brown hair creem (29)
Veering away from blonde highlights again, here we have more copper and bronze tones that work well with one another. Adding bangs to this mix along with long hair and you’ve got a run-way look that’s both elegant and gorgeous. You can either allow your natural waves to add volume to this look or straighten the curls and waves right out of it.

Frazzled, Foxy Earth Tones

brown hair creem (30)
Several shades of brown. This style takes dark brown to a light brown, transitioning beautifully with a natural appeal. Allowing your curls to go wild gives you a frazzled yet foxy look, one of a free-spirited and sexy Earth-toned princess.

Tinted Tips

brown hair creem (31)
This look is easy to accomplish with deep & dark brown hair. Simply part down the middle, straighten, and highlight the tapered ends of your hair. You can choose to highlight all your tips or just the tapered ones. Either way, you’ll look glamorous for your occasion.

Even Tumbling Tresses

brown hair creem (32)
For a natural yet refined look, one in which you can run your fingers through without worry of messing up, try this style. Dark hair fades to a dark blonde at the ends, with soft waves. To get the waves, use a larger curling iron or wrap hair around a pencil or finger while blow-drying. To keep static and frizz at bay, use your favorite hair products that keep your hair healthy.

Hanging Blonde Beams

brown hair creem (33)
A casual and tasteful style, ponytails always look wonderful with bangs and loose tresses. The highlights here can be seen at the tips of the hair, and add color to an otherwise boring pallet of hair.

Copper Curl and Braid Duel

brown hair creem (34)
Choose copper tones to highlight your dark brown hair – they come out looking more like copper than they do in blonde hair. Take advantage of this! After streaks are set, braid hair beginning on one side and leave the other side to curl the ends. Curl hair around the braid to create this enchanting hairstyle.

Tossed & Tawny

brown hair creem (35)
Tawny tones on dark hair are subtle, but keep your style from looking too ordinary. If you have fair skin and dark hair, the contrast can sometimes seem overwhelming. To lessen the harshness of your hair color, add a tawny tone and watch as your appearance transforms.

Layered Milk Chocolate

brown hair creem (36)
Adding a milk-chocolate coloring to layered black hair comes out looking like this, and allows the wearer to appear more confident and refined.

Striking Buff on Dark

brown hair creem (37)
Be adventurous and try a buff-color on black with curls. Buff is a little lighter than platinum, but still portrays a striking appearance. Allow the curls to go free, adding the element of wind-blown and sassy to the mix.

Chestnut Natural

brown hair creem (38)
If you aren’t looking for any change that’s too drastic, try a subtle chestnut on dark brown. The color adds depth and definition to your appearance while remaining more natural.

Fading Sun Kiss

brown hair creem (39)
These tresses are both honey-tinted and sun-kissed, with the perfect appeal of summer dazzling onlookers. Highlights such as these are remarkable for any event, whether you’re dressed in a gorgeous gown or jeans and a hoodie. Casual curls add volume and bring out the differing shades of blonde towards the tips. This hairstyle is great for bringing definition to the eyes.

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