81 Fashionable Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Girls

Girls— we are always on the prowl for hot new hairstyles that looks perfectly polished yet very easy to make. Whether you are just looking for a way to change your everyday hairstyle or going to fancy occasions, the half-up-half-downhairstyles will effortlessly give an oomph your look.

Half-up half-down hairstyles give you the opportunity to wear fancy hairstyles without being too formal. As its name suggests, this hairstyle allows you to control the very flow of some of your locks and strands while leaving the rest flowing freely. You can rock this style with any hair length and there are so many ways to design it making it one of the most versatile hairstyles you can try for both casual and formal looks.

From glam bouffant hairdo for the prom to half-up braided hairstyles, I have scouted a list of the top 81 fashionable half-up half-down hairstyles for you to rock this season.

Retro Half-Up Hairstyle

A little tease gives this half-up hairstyle a retro feel. Finish this amazing style with high-shine spray in order to keep everything in place.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0001


Wavy and Voluminous Upstyle

If you have such a lovely natural wavy hair, like Angelina Jolie, then all you need is a simple up knot in order to create a messy yet refined look and with her strands lose at the back to give her a polished look.



Casual Half-Up Hair

Keep your hairstyle simple yet pretty with this casual half-up hairstyle. And with the addition of embellished barrette for a fancier occasion.



Braided Half-Updo

This amazing yet simple hairstyle is perfect for an adorable and carefree summer day.



Flawless Mohawk

With a creativity like this,you can have a classy and refined headdress. Just pull and pin long locks at the center part of the head in order to create a Mohawk design.



Horizontal Fishtail Braid Updo

Instead of a flowing fishtail braid, why not try to make a headband with your fishtail braid like this one for a classy and elegant look perfect for any occasions.


One-sided 4-Strand Braid Updo

For straight hairs, you can try a 4-strand braid but do it on only one side for a cute and casual look.

Classic Messy Updo 

For wavy hair, just take a strand from each side, lift it higher to form a slight bump at your crown and and tie it together. Leave only a few strands at the sides for am elegant look.

High Updo + Bow

A perfect bouffant updo that is very high plus a bowtie to complete the look.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0081

Sweeping Updo + Side Bangs

Try this sweeping bouffant with side bangs to to have an elegant and refined look. 

Puffy Bouffant and Curls

Be fabulous and gorgeous like Dianna Agron with a soft puffy bouffant in her blonde curly hair.

Braided Headband

Instead of using a headband, try making a braided headband to add more design to your hairstyle.

Voluminize Horizontal Braid Half-Up

If you can do fishtail, definitely you can do a simple braid, but this time pull some to have a voluminize look.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0121

Simple Side Braid

For a casual look, try this simple side braid.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0131

Twisted Soft Bouffant +Hair Piece

By simply twisting your side strands and pulling it up for a soft bouffant look and pinning it down with a flowery hair piece, you can have a bridal style half-up hairstyle.


Smooth Updo + Curly Downs

By teasing a little volume at the crown of your head will give a trendy look like the Duchess of Cambridge.



Center Parted + Wavy

If you think silky beach waves don’t look professional then you’re wrong. All you need to do Id to keep the front hair out of your face and pin it down for a formal yet fashionable look.



Simple Pinned Half Updo

A few pins are all you need to create this fashionable look. It does not need fancy styling and cuts and only needs a few twists and pins on few strands and you’re good to go.




Plain Half-Updo

Take the upper half hair and simply tie it leaving side-swept bangs for a simple yet elegant look.


Center-Parted Half-Updo

Just like a plain half updo, just tie a few strands from the side and leave some strands at the middle front for a unique hairdo.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0201Fishtail on Curly Hair

Fishtail or any braid ideas will look perfect in this hairstyle since the curls make it hard to notice. And with its messy texture, it adds a uniqueness to the overall appearance.


Regular Side Braided Half-Updo

This is another example of a side braided half-updo, but this time, all hairs are swept on the braided side.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0221

Curly Hair + Side Swept Bouffant

In order to match the curly hair, you can try to tie your side strand to the back and pull it higher for a bouffant style and pull your bangs to the side to complete the look.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0231

Messy Sweeping Bouffant Half-Updo

This is a regular bouffant hairstyle but is intended to look messy for a unique and refined look.Simple Ponytail Knot

This hairstyle makes the straight locks look simple yet astonishing. You can just make a simple ponytail for a half-up-half-down look.


Fishtail Half-Updo with a Twist

This is a regular fishtail but as you can see some parts are pulled out in order to be wider than the other.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0261

Regular Fishtail Half-Updo

This simple fishtail half updo is perfect for casual or semi-formal look.

Messy Bouffant + Side Bangs

If you do not have a natural not-straight-not-curly hair then you can sport this hairstyle for any occasions.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0281

Twisted Half-Updo

For an effortless hairdo, twists your strands in order to create a fashionable crown by pinning the braid to your head.



Overlapping Half-Up Half-Down

These overlapping strands make a half-up-half-down style a little bit fancier and it is very easy to make.



Soft Curls Neat Knot

A neat knot at the top helps make a half-up on the soft curly locks. And with a shade of light brown makes this hairstyle really amazing.



Half-Up Hair Bow

To have a super girly and pretty style, add a pretty bow to your updo to make any summer event more stylish.


Braided Bouffant Half-Updo

Spice up a regular bouffant half-updo hairstyle by adding surrounding braids and a side bangs.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0331


Fancy Bridal Upstyle

If you are not very confident about your hair, you can always make it more beautiful by creating a simple yet stylish knot at the back and a a beautiful hair lip will do the rest.


High Messy Bouffant

Create a stunning look with bouffant half-updo and make it really messy and complete the look with an adorable headband.

Front French Braid

Make a side french braid at the front of your head and hide the ends at your curly hair.


Elegant Messy Half-Updo

With messy and wavy strands plus the addition of lovely hairpiece makes a simple half-updo elegant and beautiful.



Loose Knot

Another example of how a messy hair can make a very polished look. A simple knot at the back for a half-up look and a flowing curly hair that makes it really trendy.



Pretty Mermaid Updo

Mermaids in movies and films have really gorgeous hairdos, right? Well, you can replicate one and add some beautiful flower band to finish this amazing look.


Simple Ponytail Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

This simple half-up half-down hairstyle looked fabulous because of the natural wavy hair.


Stylish Twisted Updo

For long and voluminous hair strand you can try pulling and tying them with a band at the center and finish with accessories.



Fake Half-Up

The loose twists and messy texture make this looklike a half-up hairstyle which is perfect for everyday look.


Refined Black Bouffant

This a refined and smoooth bouffant with small strands of side bangs for a classy look.

Side French Braid

This side french braid became more beatiful with the addition of minimalist hair pieces.

Top Knot

A knot tie on the top of the hair with a beautiful ribbon for a fun look.


Beach Waves + Twisted Half Up

Beach waves are adorable. Braids are amazing. Let’s spice things up and combine them together with a few twists. Try 2 braids at the side and combining them in the middle for a simple yet classy looking hairdo.


Simple Bouffant Half-Up

Simple and easy to make half-updo with soft bouffant style.

Messy Bun

Perfect for wavy and curly hairs, you can create an elegant look by just making a messy bun at the top and leave the rest flowing.

Tied Front

Just pin each side of your front strands for a simple half-up half-down hairstyle.


Thick Long Locks Half-Up Half-Down

With long wavy locks, this hairstyle adds incredible volumes which make the hair look refined. Just use a few strands to tie them in order to create an appealing half-up and half-down hairdo.


Twisted Braid for Short Hairs

Who says you can’t rock a half-up half-down hairdo ith short hairs? Try this simple twisted braid half-updo for a simple and beautiful look.

Messy Half-Updo

Another example of a messy half-updo with side bangs and a soft bouffant.

Beautiful Side French Braid

French braid look amazing on the side with wavy and soft curls.


Tucked Half-Updo

With a flowery headband, some strands of the hair at the back are tucked for a polished look.

Twisty Blonde Locks

Blondes look amazing for women and with a fancy twist at the back, you’re ready for any occasions you might have.


Short Hair Fake Half-Updo

If you have a short and curly hair just like Taylor Swift, then you can just pin down some strands from each side and create an appearance that looks like a half-up half-down hairdo



Celtic Knot

Try creating an intricate knot in order to make your half-up hairstyles more special.








Center Parted + Wavy

All you need to do Id to keep the front hair out of your face and pin it down for a formal yet fashionable look.





Half-Up Fishtail

Grab a hair from the back and create a fishtail braid for a casual look.


One Side Braid

Another style with one sided braided and the other is just a few strand clipped together.


Rosette Half-Up

This gorgeousspirallook like roses that make a romantic and beautiful half-updo more special.


Rope Braid Half-Updo

Instead of fishtail or basic braid, try a rope braid for a unique and elegant look.





Loosely Tucked Curls + Braids

For long natural waves, create this style with a headband and loosely tuck into a bun for a stylish appearance.


Pull-Through Waterfall Braid

Instead of a normal waterfall braid, pull the braids for a wider appearance.

Loosely Twisted Back

This hairstyle separates 2 front sections of the hair and loosely twisting them back for a party-ready hairdo.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0771


Cascading Half-Updo

Literally tie your hair back with this cute knotted style.




Clipped Bun

Create a small bun at the back and pinned it down with pins for a simple yet elegant look.half-up-half-down-hairstyle0811

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