65 Fab Hairstyles for Round-Faced Gals

Every woman has experienced the sudden urge to change. You know the sensation – when you’re bored of the look you’ve had for months or years that just doesn’t fit your personality any longer. Luckily, there’s a quick fix to satisfy this urge, and it doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands by changing your entire wardrobe. For those of us experiencing this urge for change, possessing one of the four major face shapes, you’ve landed on the right page. Women with round faces, I implore you to take a look at these celebrities and models and imagine yourself flaunting these stylish tresses in public. Sometimes the only change we need is a quick trip to the hairstylist, where a new you awaits to be discovered.

Long, Layered, and Lovely


Jennifer Lawrence has a classically round face, and framing it with long wavy locks gives her the picturesque beauty of a modern day princess. If you have long beautiful hair but want to dazzle all who gaze upon you, layers are great for those of us with round faces. They give us the angles we lack and volume that pulls the eye away from catching too much symmetry. This look is also great paired with big, pouty lips, so grab your darkest lipstick and don’t be afraid to catch Prince Charming’s eye.

Medium, Modest, and Marvelous


Kirstin Dunst has wowed us with her beauty as a star since her first major role as Claudia in “Interview with the Vampire.” Even as a little girl, her style has accentuated her round face with ease, and continues to do so to this day. If you’re not a fan of long hair but don’t want to cut it all off, try a medium-length, layered look paired with a set of bangs. Bangs are especially wonderful for those of us that are concerned our forehead looks a little too broad or tall, covering up parts of it just to keep our mind at ease. Parting the hair to the side will give you a classic sweeping demeanor, the kind that draws attention to your eyes. For those of us with round faces and big beautiful eyes, this hairstyle is sure to impress, and can easily be styled up into either waves or curls for a more sinuous fashion. Don’t forget to grab some mascara and eye shadow for a smoky look!

Curled, Casual, Chic

Classic, curly, and cute. The style that suits many manners of round-faced women without disappointment. This short and curly style is especially wonderful for those of us that are shy, and love to add to the mystique of our personality. Not only does it help draw more attention to the natural features of our face, it can be worn down with ease without getting in the way. Thick curls on either side of the face blocks your vision just enough, causing your audience to search for those mysterious eyes you’ve hidden.

Untamed Free Spirit


Fierce and sexy, there’s not much you need to do to acquire this look. It’s as easy moussing up your hair, blow-drying it, and straightening it. Use a shampoo and conditioner that add volume if your hair is fine as well as a heat protectant.

Wild Sweeping Short

The style that reminds us all of Rhianna. It’s perfect for a round face, with longer tresses in the front that frame our features and sweeping bangs that the cover the forehead to add angles to our look. This is the style for women that don’t want to put too much time into their style in the mornings, being short enough to blow-dry and go!

Graceful Winding Tresses

Parting hair on the side automatically gives your face more dimension. This medium/long style is perfect for those of us that have a “good” side and “bad” side, exposing one half of the face more than the other.

Sensual, Trendy,  and Voluminous
No one does long and sleek like Selena Gomez. Her hair is both beautiful and healthy. To get this fabulous style, be sure to use anti-frizz and anti-heat-damage products before straightening. Be sure to part your hair in a single zig-zag to add that extra element.

Dreamy Girl-Next-Door 

hairstyles for round faces

Long isn’t your style? Try short, straight and simple. The above hairdo radiates confidence and smarts. It goes perfect with a more natural look, and the sharp angles that pull in around the neck give your round face more dimension. It can also make your neck look longer if that’s what you’re going for. This style is also wonderful for those of us that wear glasses. You can also choose whether or not you want bangs with this hairstyle – either way, it’s easy to style into curls on a day you’re feeling more adventurous or perfect to put into a ponytail for those days when convenience is key.

Tapered Queen

round face

Tapered hair is a friend to all round-faced women. Whether you have long or short hair, having it tapered inward will elongate the neck and define your jawline.

Grunge Flower Child 


Prefer hair off your neck but still want to look girly – while keeping it casual? Short with light layers looks great for us with a round face type. Have it cut no lower than an inch below the chin, straighten, and add your favorite hair product that adds the messy beached-look.

Beautiful Bohemian Ceremonial


This style, complete with a small top-bump, side-sweep, and loose side-burns is both refined and low-pressure. Your hair can be medium or long to pull this off, and you have the option of gathering it in the back in a ponytail or bun, depending on your mood. With hair that is slightly loose, you’ll want to use a hairspray, moose, or bobby pins to keep it secure.

Bold, Brilliant, and Alive

The perfect hairstyle for those of us that seek something entirely different from the norm. If you love the emo look but the entirety of the subculture isn’t necessarily your “thing”, this hairstyle could be the key to finding balance. This look is magnificent for round faces because it adds angles and added shape to your jawline and forehead. Not to mention, it doesn’t tangle as easily as long hair and an exposed neck can feel sexy.

Center Stage

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 21: Actress Mila Kunis attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Ted" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 21, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Long hair parted down the center with lightly tapered ends. Hair like this frames your face and is wonderful for those of us that enjoy wearing deep-colored eye shadows.

Natural Medium Waves

Try this style if you’re not one to constantly check the mirror to ensure your hair is perfectly in place. For us girls that love randomly sweeping our hand through our hair, this hairdo works with us.

Fierce Pixie

This cut will give you the look of a gorgeous fairy-tale creature. Mousse helps style those boyish tresses, giving them spikes and curls that gently cover the forehead, giving you the freedom to wear bolder make-up.

Artsy Bob


If you’re looking for a cut that is easily manageable, a bob with bangs is a lovely and simplistic option. You can take a shower, throw any of your favorite hair products on or none at all, and head right out the door while still looking sophisticated.

Chic Astro-Goddess


Short, layered, and swept to one side this hair is both trendy and easy to style. The chin-length tresses curve in to help define a round-face.

The Brainy Boss


Exuding confident, this style can be found on a plethora of female politicians. Styling takes less than five minutes, being so short and having only light layers.

Disheveled Beauty


Natural, with not much effort needed. If you have a round face and long hair, but don’t want to spend a lot of effort taming it, simply blow dry your hair after a shower and part it down the middle. Round-faced gals are the best at getting away with a part down the middle, so long as you want the hippie look!

Wind-Blown Glamor


This hair can be defined as a formal, casual, and everything in-between. Ensure you can’t see a part or hairline, and crunch your hair after using fresh hair-spray to give it the disheveled look.

Refined Pixie


The pixie look is always great for round faces. Slightly swept bangs add a touch of mystique.

Simply Sassy


This hair is for girls that don’t mind simple and easy to correct in public. No product needed if you’ve already got straight hair!

Wind Sprite


Short hair swept to one side is fun to style, easily manageable, and keeps you looking like a fairy tale dream.

Sweeping Bob


Cameron Diaz is no stranger to bobbed hair. Obviously, this style is great for round-faced beauties.

Light, Chic Curls with Medium Hair

arrives at The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and InStyle Presents "A Night Of Firsts" at Cecconi's Restaurant on December 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Be sure to curl only the tips to grab this look, curling inward towards the face.

Teased Bob

Kelly Clarkson gives us her version of the bob, with volume added by teasing.

Sumptuous Twists


Zig-zag your hair’s part before grabbing that curling iron! Curl inwards towards the face after using mousse to keep the bounce in your curls. You can tease your hair to add volume at the top.

Royal and Tasteful


Part far to the side and straighten. Use a curling iron on your bangs to straighten, giving them a swept look.

Sexy and Subtle

Use a 2-inch curling iron to get long, lovely waves.

Pulling Parts


Have the pixie hairstyle but have run out of new ideas? Try parting it differently, the outcome will surprise you.

The Polished Urban


Straighten, and part down the middle. An easy and fast style for those of us on the go – and this one can be worn to both formal and casual events with ease.

Busy Businesswoman

Medium hair with bangs gives off the feel of a Businesswoman that knows what she’s doing. This style reshapes the face, bringing your audience’s eyes down to your lips as the bangs just barely cover the eyes.

Artful Vintage


Who doesn’t love to sit in a coffee shop reading the latest in fine publishing? A bob like this goes great with hats, especially in the colder months that are coming up. Turtlenecks can be worn with bobs without the hassle of frizzed or electrified hair, and adds more angle to your jawline and cheekbones.

Grown-Out Bob

If you’ve already had the bob and are in the process of growing it out, all you need are light layers and your favorite hair product to grab this look.

Flaunting Flower

hat enjoy the shape of their face and don’t mind flaunting it. Pair this with dazzling make-up and the boyish aspect fades. Hair like this is great for women that enjoy showing off their fine jewelry, bringing attention to their face and stylish gems instead of their hair.

Lively Layered and Vibrant

Another pixie-swept layered look. Use either hairspray or mousse to keep those ends disheveled and in place.

Bumped Ponytail

Twist your own hair around the ponytail’s hairband and use a bobby pin to secure it.If you pull a few strands out around your face, ensure the tresses are above the shoulders, otherwise your look will be a bit more messy and for more informal events. The title says it all.

Healthy Mermaid Tresses


The length screams mermaid, and all it requires is to be straightened and parted slightly to the side.

Burst of Brilliance


This short layered style is redefined when you part your hair from a single point instead of in a line. The results give you an untamable sex appeal.

Magical Disappearing Tresses

This look can be deceiving. Whether you have short or long hair, this one can be pulled off so long as you’ve a layer of hair that falls just to your chin. Having longer bangs pulled to the side of the face offers us round-faced gals an added dimension to our look while keeping the appearance of an elegant and delicate jawline. It’s an easy up do for those of us with longer hair, and if you’ve shorter hair, slicking it back with your favorite gel or hair product comes just as easy.

Posh Bun

Chic and polished. Don’t like to worry about keeping your hair in perfect shape out in public? Put it up. All up. On top of your head, not just a bun in the back. This style is gaining popularity and looks brilliant with dark eye make up and long lashes. It works best on a woman that loves the shape of her head and wants to pull off confidence.

The Rogue

Don’t just get a new haircut. Get a new personality. Not many women have the courage to shave parts of their head, but those who do are gifted with a look that’s hard to forget and a style that’s completely all their own. It’s very doubtful you’ll come across other women that are willing to take such chances. However, for us round-faced ladies, this look is perfect for us. It draws attention to our tresses, gives us sharp angles that other women lack within their hairstyles, and being so short, elongates our neck. If you want a hairstyle like this, you’re not aiming for cute or classic pixie. You’re aiming for untouchable and heroic.

Alluring Southern Belle

This style is beautiful for us round-faced gals that like the hair off our necks, a few curls surrounding our faces, and just barely enough hair product used to keep those curls out of our faces.

The Polished Musician

Keep it simple with a low ponytail and part on the far side to add definition to the angles of your hair and face.

High Fashion

Create this style by fastening into place a low bun at the nape of your neck and allowing a few strands to fall loose around your face.

High, Teased Bump

This hairstyle elongates a round face nicely, just remember to tease, tease, tease!

The Carefree Natural

Throw your hair up into a ponytail and allow your grown-out bangs to fall loosely about your face. You’re set!

Braided and Beautiful

nce! Styling your hair this way, with braids properly placed, will bring attention to your eyes. Don’t forget to put on that new eye shadow!

Modern Marvel

An up-do with a bump, tailed to the side. One of the best hairstyles for round-faced women and especially those of us who have a more curvy figure. Not only does this style make your face look longer and more elegant, you can choose to make your ponytail straight or curled, have a few strands hang about your face to add extra dimension to your look, and wear it to practically any event without looking as if you’ve under or over-done it!

Humbly Luxurious


Simple medium-length hair swept over with lightly curled ends. Lovely, elegant, and easy to pull off for round-faced gals.

The Baby-Doll


Round-faced girls and women can always pull off the doll-like hairstyle seen above. Short bangs, long tresses, all straight.

Timeless Mystique

It can keep your ears warm in the winter, be clipped back and is off your neck in the summer, and still stay out of your way for any activities your encounter. For those of us with round faces, make sure to curl away from your face – outward, instead of inward. This will ensure your round face doesn’t look rounder!

Thinking Outside of the Box

Add some sass to your bob by telling your stylist to leave one side hanging lower than the other. You’ll have fun creating new dews with your new cut!

Teased and Tamed Bump

This is a look of elegance, and can be worn for formal events or in a pair of jeans with a blazer. To get this look, you can either tease your hair or push it up using clips to lock your hair down in place. If you’ve got a dazzling new set of long earrings, throw your hair up like this and flaunt them!

Long curls. If this is the look you’re thinking of trying out, be sure to tell your hairstylist to start the layers below the chin, and have the layers facing outward instead of inward. If the layers face inward, your hair will accentuate your round face. By having them face out, they add a little edge to your features and make your face appear slightly longer. When curling, always curl outwards like our friend Drew Barrymore. She’s got the look, and her stylist has made sure her round features aren’t played out.

Medium Bob

If you’re a fan of the bob, and have medium-length hair, all you need for this look is to part to the side after straightening. This look is better if you use your natural part.

Fearless Fae
Dare to be daring. Want to show off that long neck of yours? Perhaps you’re looking for a Pixie look? Try a disheveled cropped top. Daringly short hair will boost your confidence, and makes your round face appear more ovular or heart-shaped, depending on your cheekbones. Only the most bold try this look, but even if you’re second guessing yourself, just do it! Hair grows back, and you’ll be glad to have tried something new. Styles like this go great with big pieces of jewelry.

Angled A-Line
For round faces, an A-line cut is a savior, giving us more angles to bring out the features of our face including our jawline and cheekbones.

Forgotten Princess


Another long-haired style for those of us growing out our bangs.

Rockin’ It

Like a more untamable look? Messy medium with bangs. This type of hairstyle portrays powerful attitude for the ladies that aren’t looking for a perfect cut. If you like to head-bang at concerts, enjoy the wind in your hair, or simply don’t care for intricate styling, this is the perfect fit for you.

Sassy Siren

These hairstyles are sure to give you fabulous ideas for yourself, making the choice of which hairstyle to choose for a round-shaped face much easier. Whether you prefer short and bold, layered and elegant, up and untamable, curled and cute, or any of the other gorgeous looks for us round-faced beauties, you’ll get the ideas you’re looking for right here.

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