101 Hot Hairstyles for Black Women

You are beautiful the way you are! You are simply gorgeous! Please remember the color of your skin is not meant to define you. You are simply amazing. You just need to be yourself. The most important thing required is confidence and that makes you rule the world.

Hairstyles for Black Women0111Are you actually worried about you being dusky? Please don’t be! Dusky is your sex appeal! Your skin color makes you look hot!Try most romantic and inspiring ponytail hairstyles.

But still to help you look better and better each time, we have for you some really hot hairstyles for black women, in fact we should say hot hairstyles for beautiful women.

Hairstyles for Black Women

Hairstyles for Black Women0111

 Hairstyles for Black Women0031

Hairstyles for Black Women0051

Hairstyles for Black Women0091


Hairstyles for Black Women0021

poses for a portrait during the 41st NAACP Image awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on February 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Hairstyles for Black Women0011

Let those long waves flow as they flow on the beach. Before going for waves go for some color for your hair too according to your skin tone. A fading light to dark hair shade is something that will complement the beachy long waves!

Asymmetric bob

Hairstyles for Black Women0031

Hairstyles for Black Women0041

Hairstyles for Black Women0051

Asymmetric bob with bangs is a super sexy style for all you out there. These will make your face look bright. Bangs ending just above the eyes will let all attention fall on your pretty glittery eyes. And you will steal the show.

Straight and smooth

Hairstyles for Black Women0061

Hairstyles for Black Women0071

Hairstyles for Black Women0081

Go out with your hair straight and smooth. It looks elegant and polished.

A bob with curls

Hairstyles for Black Women0091

Hairstyles for Black Women0101

Hairstyles for Black Women0111

A bob with curls and bangs is all that you need for that glamorous look. It is a very apt hairstyle for black women. It will give some seriously sexy look to your face.


Accessorise it

Hairstyles for Black Women0121

Hairstyles for Black Women0131

Hairstyles for Black Women0141

Straight hair with some headband or a plain hairband is a great idea if you are planning a vacation. You must try this style will some cool funky outfit. You will definitely grab attention.


Hairstyles for Black Women0151

Hairstyles for Black Women0161

Hairstyles for Black Women0171

Layers and that to curled up is a hairstyle meant for black women. It will add bounce as well as volume to your hair. We can bet all eyes will fall on your hair. Whatever outfit you have chosen, this hairstyle will totally go with it.

Razor pixie cut

Hairstyles for Black Women0181

Hairstyles for Black Women0191

Hairstyles for Black Women0201

Try a layered razor pixie cut this season. It will not only give your face a different look but will also save you from daily hassles of managing your long hair. This is something must try out on if you are ready to take a risk with your hair length.

Curly Ponytail

Hairstyles for Black Women0211

Hairstyles for Black Women0221

Hairstyles for Black Women0231

Why always a straight one! Try out on a curly ponytail. Go for total curls and then tie them up in a ponytail. This one is damn cute. Usually curls are the most popular hairstyle for black women and curls along with ponytail are just like cherry on the cake!

Straight Ponytail

Hairstyles for Black Women0241

Hairstyles for Black Women0251

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - DECEMBER 11: Recording artist Rihanna attends Rihanna's First Annual Diamond Ball at The Vineyard on December 11, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

A normal straight ponytail with parted deep side fringe is elegant yet gorgeous. Team it up with a gown and enjoy the party!

Asymmetric bob and fringy side bangs

Hairstyles for Black Women0271

Hairstyles for Black Women0281

Hairstyles for Black Women0291

You cannot even imagine how beautiful will it look. It is one of my personal favorite hairstyle. It look very nice o everyone. It forms to be one of the best hairstyles for black women especially. This one will let your hair stand out and win hearts.

Side long fringe

Hairstyles for Black Women0301

Hairstyles for Black Women0311

Hairstyles for Black Women0321

A bun and a side swept long fringe is what you need for the next party. The side swept long fringe will catch all attention. Embrace yourself and your beauty with this pretty hairstyle.

Tie half of them

Hairstyles for Black Women0331

Hairstyles for Black Women0341

Hairstyles for Black Women0351

Half tied hair especially the ones with soft curls look ravishing. They are something we call bold and beautiful. A long bright dress and half tied shoulder length hair will make your look just go bang on! We are sure on this!

Ponytail with wet look

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA - JULY 29: Selita Ebanks attends the Montblanc & Salzburg Festival Young Directors Project 2013 on July 30, 2013 in Salzburg, Austria. (Photo by Franziska Krug/Montblanc) *** Local Caption *** Selita Ebanks

Hairstyles for Black Women0371

Hairstyles for Black Women0381

A wet look ponytail is a common hairstyle for black women because it make one look very neat and tidy. This one is casual yet sexy. If you have a bad hair day, just gel up your hair and go for this hairstyle. All you problem is solved at once and what we have is just superb looking you!

A short bob

Hairstyles for Black Women0391

Hairstyles for Black Women0401

Hairstyles for Black Women0411

Try a shiny short bob with side sept fringe. It is a real good option for the next date or any event lined up. Short bob usually suit all but at times may not suit certain face cuts, so just consult your hairstylist before opting out for it.

Deep side swept fringe

Hairstyles for Black Women0421

Hairstyles for Black Women0431

Hairstyles for Black Women0441

Not only with bobs and curls, also try deep side swept fringe on your straightened up hair.

Braids all over

Hairstyles for Black Women0451

Hairstyles for Black Women0461

Hairstyles for Black Women0471

If you have medium length hair try braids all along your hair length. Try and make as many braids as possible but make sure none of them is too thin to be even recognized!

Ombre curls in reverse

Hairstyles for Black Women0481

Hairstyles for Black Women0491

Hairstyles for Black Women0501

Look fresh and flirty with reverse ombre curls i.e. soft curls. This one is kind of an everyday hairstyle. It is casual yet appealing. You may accessories it too if you feel like. A perfect hairstyle for black women.

Curls with bangs

Hairstyles for Black Women0511

Hairstyles for Black Women0521

Hairstyles for Black Women0531

Try on soft curls with bangs, it will give your hair a very bouncy look and will make them look a lot more voluminous. Bangs generally are attention grabbers and get this one done and all eyes are on your hair.

Long bob and bangs

Hairstyles for Black Women0541

Hairstyles for Black Women0551

Hairstyles for Black Women0561

A very graceful hairstyle for black women. A super straight long bob and bangs ending just above the eyes, is a very classy hairstyle. Let the bob be shiny and you too will be shinning all over with this.

Half tied and a high puff

Hairstyles for Black Women0571

Hairstyles for Black Women0581

Hairstyles for Black Women0591

You hair half up and half down and a high puff is a simple yet elegant hairstyle. This can is easy to do and you can simply do it at home with some basic styling tools.

Long ombre curls

Hairstyles for Black Women0601

Hairstyles for Black Women0611

Hairstyles for Black Women0621

Long ombre curls for your long hair obviously look extremely glamorous. Go for middle parting on this hairstyle. It will brighten up you face and complexion. If you already have naturally straight hair, you can try this hairstyle at home.Have a look on modern short layered hairstyles.

Side swept smooth waves

Hairstyles for Black Women0631

Hairstyles for Black Women0641

Hairstyles for Black Women0651

Try shiny and smooth side swept ways. This hairstyle is a hot and sexy one. Try minimal makeup. These type of hairstyles are very popular presently and are something which can be easily done at home!

Long blonde bob

Hairstyles for Black Women0661

Hairstyles for Black Women0671

Hairstyles for Black Women0681

Shoulder length bob and blonde look would look very nice. Blonde look doesn’t suit all. Although it is something really nice but then may be people go wrong it pairing it up with clothes or makeup. Take help from your hairstylist before you opt for long blonde bob.

Razor cut pixie

Hairstyles for Black Women0691

Hairstyles for Black Women0711

Hairstyles for Black Women0701

Try razor cut pixie with shades of dark and light in your hair. Try a combination of dark brown and golden in our hair or let a few tips be golden. This is a very easily manageable hairstyle. It is easy to maintain and something meant for office goers.

Shoulder length curls

Hairstyles for Black Women0721

Hairstyles for Black Women0731

Hairstyles for Black Women0741

Try shoulder length soft curls with side parting and it will look very beautiful. This hairstyle looks extremely beautiful on black women if it is teamed up with light makeup. So, just go more natural and these curls and steal the show.

Try red

Hairstyles for Black Women0751

Hairstyles for Black Women0761

Hairstyles for Black Women0771

Color your pixie cut or bob in red. Red compliments dusky skin textures very well and hence is a great hairstyle for black women. It is a bold and brave step to try this one! But the colour is very eye catchy.

Side braids

Hairstyles for Black Women0781

Hairstyles for Black Women0791

Hairstyles for Black Women0801

Sleek braids on one side and the number of braids may be two or three and all the remaining hair of the other side parted from where the braids end, is a very unique yet appreciated hairstyle for black women. It is worth a try!

Curl up your shoulder length bob

Hairstyles for Black Women0811

Hairstyles for Black Women0821

Hairstyles for Black Women0831

Curling up is not only meant for shoulder length or long hair, your bob can be curled up and it look damn sexy and hot. If party is on your mind this weekend try this hairstyle and you will get a lot of compliments for sure!

Blunt bob and horizontal bangs

Hairstyles for Black Women0841

Hairstyles for Black Women0851

Hairstyles for Black Women0861

Bangs need not always be straight and vertical, horizontal bangs look good too. Try a blunt bob and horizontal bangs.

Colour your bob

Hairstyles for Black Women0871

Hairstyles for Black Women0881

Hairstyles for Black Women0891

Why keep it plain, colour your bob! Color it red, color it dark brown or go for blonde look. There are so many options available when it comes to bob cut. Bob looks very elegant whatever way it is.

Curly and messy

Hairstyles for Black Women0901

Hairstyles for Black Women0911

Hairstyles for Black Women0921

Try curly and messy look over your bob. It is easy to do and easy to handle and is something that looks good as well.

Front braid:

Hairstyles for Black Women0931

Hairstyles for Black Women0941

Hairstyles for Black Women0951

Try a big and beautiful front braid. It is something we may call bold and beautiful kind of a hairstyle. Try complete tying up to give it a neat and tidy look. This hairstyle is attention grabbing.

Twist braids all over

Hairstyles for Black Women0961

Hairstyles for Black Women0971

Hairstyles for Black Women0981

Try half up and half down twisted Senegalese braids. It is a very popular hairstyle for black women. It has been in trend since ages. Braids all over kind of hairstyles are majorly from Africa. These are one of typical African hairstyles and meant to suit black women.


Hairstyles for Black Women0991

Hairstyles for Black Women1001

Hairstyles for Black Women1011

Again cornrows are amongst hairstyles originating from Africa and are popular amongst the black women there. This hairstyle is very glamorous and feminine. It is bound to suit the ones with deep skin tone.

Corkscrew curls

Hairstyles for Black Women1021

Hairstyles for Black Women1031

Hairstyles for Black Women1041

If you naturally have them, then nothing better than that and if you don’t get them done! Casual corkscrew curls look very pretty. Be careful and don’t overdo these curls or else you may end up looking messy.

Super long all length braids

Hairstyles for Black Women1051

Hairstyles for Black Women1061

Hairstyles for Black Women1071

If you have long hair then try super long braids all over. They look very girlish and nice. It is a very striking hairstyle for black women with long hair.

Braided bun

Hairstyles for Black Women1081

Hairstyles for Black Women1091

Hairstyles for Black Women1101

Braid it up and then bun it up. This will make you look confident and classy. It will keep away your hair falling on your shoulder or face or sticking your neck in those peak summers. Try this too once a while!

Colourful curls

Hairstyles for Black Women1111

Hairstyles for Black Women1121

Hairstyles for Black Women1131

So if you are coloring them then why only single color. Try two or three colors over your curls or on your bob. Of course temporary ones! May be which go away on single wash or two or three washes. Keep trying something new each time.

One thing which we would like to recommend you is whatever hairstyle you choose make sure it is neat and tidy one. Messy hairstyle are not meant for black women as they will take away the brightness on your face. Try and opt for fully tied up hairstyles especially from the front except bangs which ought to be in front.

Another thing is when nothing comes to your mind go for bob! Bob will suit every black women. It is a glamourous and graceful hairstyle for black women. Even the celebrities with dark skin tones choose bob over all the hairstyles because bob is a classy hairstyle. It is a very sexy hairstyle and can be teamed up with almost any outfit.

Hairstyles for Black Women0001

Hairstyles for Black Women0011

Hairstyles for Black Women0021

poses in the press room at the 40th American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Hairstyles for Black Women0061

Hairstyles for Black Women0071

Hairstyles for Black Women0081

Hairstyles for Black Women0101

So, here we had for you some best hairstyles for black women. And as we said earlier black is beautiful. Except your hairstyle it is important that how you carry it. Whatever outfit or hairstyle you wear please do wear your confidence along. You are just so beautiful the way you are. The purpose of suggesting these hairstyles is to help you opt for something new, something different and something with which you may look better. All these hairstyles here are what we are sure of! These will look good, you just have to be unhesitant and try them one by one. You must try hairstyles in our daily work and office routine as well. These is no compulsion of trying a good style in a party itself! You are unique and so should be your hairstyle each day. Something new must be tried and tested each day!

Even if you innovate your very own new hairstyle do tell us about it. We are pretty sure on our creativity and we know you are a combination of beauty with brains. Have a good day!For round faces ladies try round faces hairstyles.

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