101 Gym Outfit Ideas for When You Want to Feel Fancy

Gone are the days when all you had to put on to work out were an old T-shirt and a pair of sweats. We live in a post-#fitspo world, where feeling good and looking stylish go hand in hand. We now have plenty of options when it comes to workout clothes, so it’s easier than ever to find something that feels comfortable and looks good at the same time. As long as your outfit allows you to move freely and push yourself to the max, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t also look as stylish as possible. We’ve gathered more than 100 gym ensembles to prove just that.

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A pair of shorts and a tee are the most common choices when it comes to working out. Comfortable and flattering.

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Tanks are very gym appropriate, but never wear one you haven’t properly tested before. You don’t want to risk flashing everybody when you bend over to do push-ups now, do you? To avoid X-rated incidents, check your top view from a variety of angles before heading out. Do a few jumping jacks, lean forward, bend sideways – the works.

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Tights give you the freedom to test your flexibility and work to improve it. Pair them with a sports bra and you’re more than ready for that hot yoga session.

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Another shorts + sports bra ensemble that really allows you to show off your toned body.

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Whenever you pick a gym outfit, go for breathable materials like cotton or polyester. You’re going to sweat a lot, so you want to make sure that your clothing doesn’t trap the heat, but that it allows your skin to breathe.

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Celebrities always look flawless post-gym. If you’re looking to rock the post-gym glow as well, make sure you pick a cute outfit and pack a bag with the essentials: dry shampoo, BB cream, wet wipes.

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Matching your tights to your running shoes is always the stylish way to go.

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Why not opt for a tank top with a cute message or inscription? You’ll look good and feel amazing at the same time.

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Minimal clothing = maximum effect. Especially when you look as toned as she does. She’ll surely grab the eye of her gym crush.

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Basic, cute, and extremely comfortable. It doesn’t get easier than this.

gym outfits ideas (11)

Colorful gym clothes? Yes, please! The more colorful, the better. Plus, it’s a nice way to bring some whimsy to your workout. Those socks are awesome.

gym outfits ideas (12)

Shorts and sweatshirt may be an unusual combo, but you have to admit it looks amazing here.

gym outfits ideas (13)

The black/white/grey combination will never go out of style. We guarantee it.

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Choosing proper footwear is crucial when working out. Throw away your worn-out running shoes and buy shoes that will offer plenty of protection for your feet and legs.

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Pair your colorful tank with cute, colorful shoelaces. This outfit will definitely brighten your day and give you the energy boost you need to push your limits at the gym.

gym outfits ideas (20)

All the shades of blue! We love it.

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Matching sports bra/tights ensembles are great when you just don’t feel like putting a proper gym outfit together. You know they’ll match, and the combo is as comfy as they come.

gym outfits ideas (18)

Faithful to a particular sports brand? There’s no shame in broadcasting your affinity.

gym outfits ideas (17)

Those shorts are to die for. Not to mention the fact that it looks great in combination with that hoodie.

gym outfits ideas (16)

If jogging is your favorite workout, make sure you buy proper running shoes. If you’re using an elliptical or exercise bike, on the other hand, running shoes aren’t a must. Just wear something comfortable.

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As you can see, wearing a T-shirt can be tricky, especially if your workout involves plenty of headstands. Better wear a sturdy sports bra underneath.

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Want abs as gorgeous as hers? Than get ready to sweat! Your stylish tights will fit that much better.

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All-black ensembles always look good. Whether you’re inside or outside the gym. Plus, you can easily wear this outfit to brunch afterward.

gym outfits ideas (24)

We’re really digging that hoodie.

gym outfits ideas (25)

The beauty of yoga: you can practice your poses basically everywhere. Case in point. An on fleek outfit will make your job that much easier.

gym outfits ideas (30)

Cutout short? Oh my! They look amazing, but they might not be as practical as other choices. However, they’re great for when you want to show off. Maybe there’s a cutie at the gym you want to impress?

gym outfits ideas (28)

Interesting patterns are always stylish, and this ensemble is no exception. Another great outfit that will look stylish post-gym as well.

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Wondering how to pick the right sports bra? The best sports bras often resemble double bras with additional layers and side panels. They offer extra support, so they’re great high-intensity exercises. Also keep an eye out for adjustable straps and moisture-wicking fabric.

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Racerback sports bras are very in. You should take advantage of that. If they go with your leggings, even better.

gym outfits ideas (31)

Nike pride!

gym outfits ideas (32)

This combo will definitely turn some heads at the gym!

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When it comes to bottoms, wear something flexible, with an elastic waistband. Whether you pick gym shorts, sweatpants, track pants, or yoga pants, make sure you are able to perform a full range of workouts while wearing them.

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We’re big fans of stripes, so we approve. This is a great outfit for a dance workout.

gym outfits ideas (35)

Another classic combo you can’t go wrong with.

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A colorful sweatshirt is a great way to add some color to your gym outfits. Especially when you’re wearing all-black.

gym outfits ideas (39)

High-knee socks will never not be hot.

gym outfits ideas (38)

We love the loose tank-sports bra  combo. Fashionable, comfy, and hot. Those shoes are also to die for. We’re swooning over here.

gym outfits ideas (37)

Neon pink shoes look absolutely stunning. Imagine how cute they are when she’s on the move

gym outfits ideas (36)

Showcase your femininity with these cute rosy leggings. A delicate and stylish look.

gym outfits ideas (41)

When it’s cold outside, make sure you’re wearing weather-appropriate clothing.

gym outfits ideas (42)

Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. No wonder she’s smiling. Her outfit is on point as well. Love the sports bra.

gym outfits ideas (43)

If you’re looking to show off your back, a similar top will do the trick.

gym outfits ideas (44)

You don’t have to wear boring outfits when hitting the gym. Sports stores currently offer a great selection of workout clothes, so feel free to browse until you find something that lets you showcase your personality. You’ll feel more confident, which will allow you to push yourself harder when working out.

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Remember what we said about fun inscriptions? Jorts can also work if you’re opting for a more casual form of exercise, like going on a bike ride with your friends.

gym outfits ideas (50)

How lovely are those straps? We’re sucker for color.

gym outfits ideas (55)

She’s in awesome shape, and her outfit helps her highlight her assets.

gym outfits ideas (54)

Blue shorts shouldn’t theoretically go with neon green shoes, and yet they work very well in practice. A true testament you should let your creativity flow when picking an outfit. Any outfit.

gym outfits ideas (49)

Simple, and yet oh so mesmerizing.

gym outfits ideas (48)

Comfy and cute.


gym outfits ideas (52)

Do you think it’s a coincidence her outfit matches the punching bag? We think now.

gym outfits ideas (47)

As we already pointed out, sports + loose tank = love. The fact that her bra is neon pink is only that much more endearing.

gym outfits ideas (46)

Great sports bra, and those strategic cutouts on the pants give the entire look a bit of an edge.

gym outfits ideas (51)

Leggings come in thousands of shapes and sizes, so it’s easier than ever to find something that makes you look and feel great. Patterns and stripes are always welcome.

gym outfits ideas (60)

Interesting patterns, amazing jacket.

gym outfits ideas (65)

You already know that you won’t be able to give your workout all you’ve got if you’re uncomfortable or self-conscious. Replace you sports bras every six/nine months, since worn out bras can lead to ligament damage. Keep an eye out for distorted cups, bent underwire, or weakened elasticity.

gym outfits ideas (70)

Shine bright like a diamond, Rihanna advises us. She took the advice literally and you can’t say she doesn’t look great in those shiny pants. We all need a touch of sparkle in our lives.

gym outfits ideas (69)

The quickest way to go from gym comfy to post-gym chic? Wear an interesting and stylish pair of leggings.

gym outfits ideas (64)

Wearing proper underwear is also extremely important when working out. Always choose undergarments you feel comfortable in and which allow you to move freely.

gym outfits ideas (59)

Funky prints are a great way to elevate your mood, especially on those gloomy days when hitting the gym feel more like a chore and less like a fun way to spend your time.

gym outfits ideas (58)

You can never go wrong with basics.

gym outfits ideas (63)

Girls who can lift are incredibly sexy. Especially when they’re wearing that. Ask any guy.

gym outfits ideas (68)

We love the blue/pink combo!

gym outfits ideas (57)

Another funky print to help break the legging monotony.

gym outfits ideas (56)

Believe in yourself and you’ll be able to shred those extra pounds and be in the best shape of your life. A funky top with a motivational message can only help you get there faster.

gym outfits ideas (61)

Casual, comfortable, and chic. The shoes are particularly stunning.

gym outfits ideas (66)

Simple, but oh so effective.

gym outfits ideas (75)

A cute sweatshirt only complements an already great gym outfit. Because working out is all about reinventing yourself, right?

gym outfits ideas (80)

Those leggings pretty much sum it out.

gym outfits ideas (79)

A black and white outfit and colorful shoes? She sure knows how to stand out from the crowd.

gym outfits ideas (74)

We’re mesmerized by her tiny waist, but we can’t deny that her outfit is great as well.

gym outfits ideas (73)

Working out is all about getting stronger, not skinnier. Think of your working clothes as the armor that’s going to help you reclaim your health.

gym outfits ideas (78)

You don’t have to squeeze yourself into an all-spandex ensemble to maximize the efficiency of your workout. However, loose-fitting apparel can get in the way of what you’re doing. Trade in your oversized clothes for more form-fitting workout gear. You’ll feel more comfortable and be safer.

gym outfits ideas (77)

Rocking some styling workout clothes means you don’t have to change before leaving the gym and going about your day. How convenient is that?

gym outfits ideas (72)

She’s in amazing shape, and that top looks very cute. It even matches her yoga mat!

gym outfits ideas (71)

A basic ensemble for when you don’t feel like stressing over what to wear.

gym outfits ideas (76)

Cute top, comfy pants! A winner combo in our eyes.

gym outfits ideas (85)

Matching your leggings to your sports bra and finishing up your outfit with a loose top is another stylish way to go. Plus, if you work out bare footed, flip-flops are ideal for your trip to gym.

gym outfits ideas (90)

The sweatshirt goes with the shoes, so we really dig this look.

gym outfits ideas (95)

Simple, comfy, and cute.

gym outfits ideas (94)

Another great thing about wearing cute clothes at the gym: you no longer have to carry around an oversized bag. Yay!

gym outfits ideas (89)

Cute leggings, supportive bra. To put it simply: basic and effective workout gear.

gym outfits ideas (84)

Don’t forget about hair accessories! If you have long hair, a ponytail or messy bun is a must when getting your sweat on.

gym outfits ideas (83)

We love tops with interesting backs, and this one is no exception.

gym outfits ideas (88)

That shade of pink adds some much-needed pop of color to the ensemble.

gym outfits ideas (93)

You will never find anything more comfortable than this. Maybe a onesie, but it’s hard to work out in those.

gym outfits ideas (87)

Black is back, and it’s going nowhere.

gym outfits ideas (82)

This little outfit isn’t only comfortable, but it also highlights her extremely toned body.

gym outfits ideas (81)

She’s proof that you can totally rock a cute hairstyle at the gym.

gym outfits ideas (86)

Want to spice things up? Throw in a beanie.

gym outfits ideas (91)

Another great pair of leggings, to show you once again that stylish tights aren’t as rare as you might think.

gym outfits ideas (92)

Hello, stylish stripes!

gym outfits ideas (100)

Kickboxing is a great workout for women. You learn some kickass self-defense moves and get rid of all the negative energy at the same time. Yes, her outfit is on point as well.

gym outfits ideas (105)

Army pants will never stop being a great choice when it comes to workout gear.

gym outfits ideas (104)

Cute and feminine.

gym outfits ideas (98)

Grey and pink go great together.


gym outfits ideas (102)

She looks ready to run a marathon, doesn’t she?

gym outfits ideas (97)

Can we take a second to talk about those shoes? They looks both comfy and fashionable.

gym outfits ideas (96)

Another basic combo for when you’re really not in the mood to showcase your inner fashionista.

gym outfits ideas (101)

Loving the shorts.

gym outfits ideas (110)

Strong and stylish – that’s a killer combo!

gym outfits ideas (109)

An interesting – and very sexy, may we add – sports bra. We like.

gym outfits ideas (108)

Those shorts are uber-cute!

gym outfits ideas (107)

The ombre shoes are to die for.

gym outfits ideas (106)

Basic, comfy, and very, very stylish.

Workout clothes are all about comfort. But if you’re looking for something edgier, feel free to use our comprehensive selection above for some outfit inspiration. We’re sure you’ll find something that grabs your eye.

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