78 Grey Hairstyles To Try For a Hot New Look

Silvery grey hairstyles are becoming ever more popular each day and you will certainly find many of these beautifully colored styles have a uniqueness to them. Grey hair no longer means you are old but rather it is becoming a growing trend that is embracing both colored and naturally grey hair. You will also notice that each of these grey colors possess various underlying colors that make each coloration unique to the individual sporting the style. We would like to show you the uniqueness and fun nature of these grey colored hairstyles to help you gain inspiration for your own hairstyles.

Platinum Mohawk

Platinum hair dye does possess little hints of grey in the coloration as well as yellow and white hues to create the platinum color.

grey hairstyles0001


You can see with this pixie hairstyle there is a great deal greyer in the color of the hair including a hint of purple and some pinks. Not only do these extra colors add a unique quality to the coloration of the hair but act as highlights and lowlights within the color itself.

grey hairstyles0011


While this hairstyle is simply a long braid, you can see the color is a little darker in some spots as well as more platinum in others.

grey hairstyles0021

Grey Pixie

Age no longer has a role in whether you have grey hair, and whether you are in your 20’s or your 70’s you can enjoy the fun aspects that come with this interesting hair color.

grey hairstyles0031

Frosted A-Line

Even though the color isn’t technically frosted, this grey colored hairstyle allows for the roots of the person’s hair to show through and the tips to be colored grey. A color choice such as this one would allow someone to go far longer without a trip to the salon for a touch up since the growth of the natural hair won’t affect the colors effect.

grey hairstyles0041

Loose Bun

More platinum is seen in this color style, however, there are various grey tones throughout the color that show as more of a lowlight as the platinum is more prevalent.

grey hairstyles0051

Grey Curls

One of the greater aspects of grey hairstyles includes the ability to toss in fun colors that will play against the grey and creates a more unique and livelier color than simply grey colored hair.

grey hairstyles0061

Long Grey Blonde

Another light take on grey hairstyles includes using blonde as a base color for the addition of the grey color as a lowlight effect.

grey hairstyles0071

Silvery Grey Braided

In this particular image, you can see the many variations of the grey in the hair as well as the nearly white grey color.

grey hairstyles0081

Deep Grey

While not everyone is brave enough to get this deep of a grey color in their hair, it certainly has a spunky nature to it with the crisp light tones along with the harshness of the deep color.

grey hairstyles0091

Silver Knot

If you choose to go with a more platinum grey color, then consider this silvery grey tone as it almost seems platinum with light grey undertones.

grey hairstyles0101

White Grey Waves

In this more traditional grey coloration, there are muted tones of blue which are more common with older generations. Perhaps if you are looking to choose a grey color for your hair you should speak to your grandmother since she may have some tips for you on rocking this color.

grey hairstyles0111

Lavender Grey Pixie Flip

When searching for a new hairstyle you may find yourself exploring some extremes before choosing the hairstyle for you. However, while this hairstyle is a bit on the extreme side, the hair color combination is beautiful and subtle.

grey hairstyles0121

Braided Pixie

While this hairstyle is short, it doesn’t stop you from being able to braid the hair along the crown. Combine this with the beautiful grey blonde color and you have an amazingly unique hairstyle to enjoy as well as show off.

grey hairstyles0131

Silvery Grey Ponytail

Long hair is always a popular choice in hairstyles although the amount of time it can take to style can range from a few simple moments to what feels like an eternity.grey hairstyles0141

Violet Blonde

There are many different mixes of grey when looking at the various colors that are imaginable and violet seems to pair well with this blonde grey color. Not only does it accentuate the coloration of the hair but doesn’t hide the grey colors effect.

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Muted Grey

Even though you can see the grey in this hair color, it is more muted in comparison to others we have seen. This hairstyle, however, is on the other end of the spectrum due to its alternative stylization and extreme lines.

grey hairstyles0161

Long Blonde Grey Waves

The most common color combination when looking into grey hairstyles is the use of blonde and grey together. Not only will you see more grey used in ashy blondes, but it can allow you to easily explore the color without over committing.

grey hairstyles0171

Blue Grey

When you see blue-grey hair you may think of your grandmother, but not anymore. This combination is definitely for those who are brave enough to commit and isn’t overly powerful at the same time, providing more freedom to the wearer.

grey hairstyles0181

Wide Silver French Braid

As mentioned before, grey hair looks best when styled in a way that makes the hair color look its best and shows off the multiple tones within the hair.

grey hairstyles0191

Grey and White

This is a more classic example of grey hair and the style of the color can make you think of age when considering this kind of color.

grey hairstyles0201

Grey Dreads

This dreadlock style is not only youthful but also presents a grey colored hairstyle in a more punk rock style. Not only does this kind of hairstyle allow for a great deal of freedom, but you’ll also see a good deal of self-expression.

grey hairstyles0211

Long White Waves

There are many trend changes over time, however, long hair is seen as a classic style that is a fairly constant hairstyle choice.

grey hairstyles0221

Ash Grey High Ponytail

Ash blonde can be a little greyer than blonde depending on the color you are going for. This color is not only youthful but when pulled into a high ponytail and left wavy you can see the various tones throughout the hair that still allows it to be considered a blonde.

grey hairstyles0231

Grey to Blonde

Another fun effect that you can choose when getting your hair colored is to have the color fade from one to another like this grey to blonde style below. While this works best with some colors it may not work well with others and you should be mindful of which colors you choose.

grey hairstyles0241

Salt and Pepper

While age isn’t a factor for grey hair color, you can still go with a classic salt and pepper look. This combination of black, grey, and white can look just as fabulous as any other combination as well as be styled in a way that compliments the color.

grey hairstyles0251

Splashes of Grey

There are also ways to add grey into your color in certain places that will create either a highlight or a lowlight depending on your base color.

grey hairstyles0261

Roots to Grey

Another fun hairstyle for grey hair color is to dye all the hair except the roots and allow the hair to grow without touching up the roots every few weeks. Not only is this unique but offers a new look to your hair when done properly.

grey hairstyles0271

Grey Roots to Blonde

If you are looking for something a little different then why not try dying the roots of your hair grey and bleaching the remainder of your hair to blonde. This fade like technique allows you to control the depth of the roots while brightening your overall color.

grey hairstyles0281

Grey, Violet, and Blonde

You can choose multiple different colors for your hair when you decide to dye your hair grey. There is an ability to add in complimentary colors to your grey hairstyle such as violet to an overall blonde color.

grey hairstyles0291

Grey, Pink, and Blonde

Another example of a tri-color grey hairstyle is this pixie cut with not only a grey like ash blonde color but also has hints of pink towards the tips. You will notice this adds a punk like look to the style while it is spiked and a lowlight effect without much styling.

grey hairstyles0301

Spiked Ash Grey

In this more classic styled pixie cut the ashy grey color certainly stands out along with brighter white like highlights and some ash blonde color as well. Not only is this coloration a bit more subtle in comparison to other grey hairstyles, but offers the same look without the striking color.

grey hairstyles0321

Purple, Blue, and Grey

For those who want a hairstyle that is a bit more striking to the eye, then perhaps more alternative colors along with the grey will best suit your desires. This combination of blue and purple tints in the grey color makes this style a little more punk rock.

grey hairstyles0331

Ash Blonde Fade

While it may not be immediately noticeable, ash blonde does possess some grey coloration in the lowlights when professionally done. This not only qualifies it for our list but shows you that there are some more subtle colorations out there to choose from.

grey hairstyles0341

Steely Grey

Darker grey colors are available, though it’s mostly chosen by older generations, are still beautiful looking and can look fabulous on younger women. These dark hairstyles are fun and can add a little variety to your usual choices in hair color.

grey hairstyles0351

White and Silver

The brighter the grey the lighter the tones seem to be the more silvery the color appears and with the addition of the white it creates an even brighter hairstyle. When brighter colors are seen, most people think of youthfulness.

grey hairstyles0361

Blonde Grey Bob

While any hair color would look beautiful in grey, many styles may not seem as though they look right in grey. This particular style would look beautiful in a blonde grey or lighter silver color as well as suit the complexion of someone with a lighter skin tone.

grey hairstyles0371

Dark Blonde Grey

You can add a little light or medium grey to a darker blonde color for a dramatic as well as alternative coloration. The age range for this type of color varies but still remains to be more popular with younger women than with those of an older generation.

grey hairstyles0381

Silver, White, and Grey

More natural combinations include the use of silver, white, and a touch of grey to achieve a more “silver fox” look to your hair color. Even though you will see this naturally occur in some women as they get older, this coloration is becoming more and more popular with younger women.

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Clipped Up Silver

White silver hairstyles are becoming hugely popular with women in their teens to early 30’s due to the unique brightness that it offers. This clipped up mid-length hairstyle not only shows off the brightness but also the level of white in the color.

grey hairstyles0401

Grey Curls

When curled your grey hairstyle may show off more highlights than if you were to leave it straight since more light will hit the outside of the ringlets.

grey hairstyles0411

Grey Pin-up Curls

You will also find that some grey hairstyles will be done in a pin-up style fashion due to those who like the hairstyle the most. Some women who enjoy dressing in pin-up style fashions prefer either darker or grey tones in their hair.

grey hairstyles0421

Pins and Braids

No matter what color grey you have chosen for your hair color, you can still be creative in how you choose to style your hair. In the image below, braids and bobby pins are used to create a unique hairstyle that is lively and fun.

grey hairstyles0431

French to Fishtail Braids

Another example of a creative hairstyle done with grey colored hair is this unique braided hairstyle. Usually, you will find only one type of braid used in a hairstyle, however, this French braid changes into a fishtail braid as it reaches the nape of the neck.

grey hairstyles0441

Silver Waves

There is no doubt that this hair color is a silver grey color. While the silver color stands out, the smooth waves of the hair also play a role in showing off the various highlights and lowlights in the hair due to the lighting.

grey hairstyles0451

Dark Grey to Dirty Blonde

These curly ringlets are different from others already listed due to the way the color goes from dark silver to a dirty blonde color. Though the blonde isn’t seen much throughout, it is very noticeable at the tips of the hair.

grey hairstyles0471

Wild Curls

In these curls, you can see hints of blue, purple, as well as a great deal of grey which allows the hair to seem livelier. You can also see the highlights and lowlights that are scattered in the color in the hints of blue and purple.

grey hairstyles0481

Blues, Pinks, and Purples

You can see the many colors scattered strategically and magically into this beautiful grey hairstyle. Each of these colors easily compliments the overall color as well as provides the enchanting feel that this hair color possesses.

grey hairstyles0491

Grey Bun

Buns are simple and easy to do, and the colors found in some grey hairstyles may allow different highlighting colors to show through.

grey hairstyles0501

Blue Tipped Flowers

The unique side to this hairstyle is the placement of the blue color along the edge of the flowers that have been created in the hair.

grey hairstyles0511

Braided Platinum Grey

Platinum grey colors come in a variety of different shades, including nearly white. The braiding of the hair shows off the grey nicely as well as the platinum in the hair.

grey hairstyles0521

Cool Colored Grey

Grey hair doesn’t have to be plain, but you can add touches of different colors such as seen in the images below.

grey hairstyles0531

Violet Deep Grey

When some grey hairstyles offer a singular color this style mixes the violet color along with the grey to provide a more metallic like coloration.

grey hairstyles0541

Black to Silver

In this punk rock style, the way the hair color goes from black to grey provides a lighter tone to the style as well as making it stand out from the rest of the style.

grey hairstyles0561

Grey with Blonde Roots

Ashy blonde grey is an easy choice if you don’t wish to cover your roots with the main color you are using.

grey hairstyles0571

Platinum Grey Pixie

Short pixie cuts are the easiest to dye since there is far less hair as well as allowing more ability to play with the type of grey that you want.

grey hairstyles0581

Platinum to Deep Grey

Reverse fading has come in and out of style over the years creating room for this kind of hairstyle. The platinum grey color into the deep dark grey at the tips creates an interesting effect.

grey hairstyles0591

Light to Dark

Another fade style is shown here where the longer section of the hair is lighter than the tips of the hair.

grey hairstyles0601

Almost White

White hair does possess a small amount of grey to create mild lowlights and prevent the hair from looking flat.

grey hairstyles0611

Messy Platinum

Platinum grey colors can even create a more chic style when slightly messed and spritzed with a touch of hairspray.

grey hairstyles0621

Long Ash Blonde

The wind tousled hair is very popular during the summer months and looks beautiful with hair that is a grey ash blonde color.

grey hairstyles0631

Ash Blonde and Black

Styles that possess more than a single color are popular all over the world, and this ash blonde-grey hair color complete with black sections looks amazing.

grey hairstyles0641

Brown to Grey

A growingly popular choice when choosing a grey style includes allowing your roots to be a different color than the rest of your hair color.

grey hairstyles0651

Layered Medium Grey

Even though each grey color varies a little in how bright or deep the color is, this layered medium grey hairstyle not only looks beautiful but offers many highlights.

grey hairstyles0661

Black to Grey Large Curls

Curled faded grey color from dark to light looks amazing in these large voluminous curls and even looks great with a variety of skin colors.

grey hairstyles0671

Side Parted Wave

Fades also look wonderful no matter where you place your part as the roots are dark fading to the lightest color at the tips.

grey hairstyles0681

Blue Grey Pixie

Blue to grey colors are also unique and allow for a great deal of expression as it pairs two cool colors together for a fun color.

grey hairstyles0691

Grey Box Braids

Box braids, like dreadlocks, offer the unique ability to obtain the grey hair color without having to physically dye your hair since extensions can be used.

grey hairstyles0701

Small Sections

Having only a small section of your hair colored grey like below is not only unique but is becoming a newer trend, like the bangs seen below.

grey hairstyles0711

Grey Wave

Light grey suits just about everyone and you can truly see the variety of tones in this wavy grey hairstyle.

grey hairstyles0721

Messy High Ponytail

Teasing your hair can create an interesting effect and if your hair is a grey color then you will be able to enjoy all the highlights and lowlights in your hair with this kind of messy ponytail.

grey hairstyles0731


This style is different from many others due to one braid becoming smaller and possessing a ponytail type effect.

grey hairstyles0741

Light Blue and Grey

Even though this color looks almost platinum, you will see a little light blue in with the grey color offering lowlights to the overall color.

grey hairstyles0751

Pink, Purple, and Grey

In this style, the color is easily seen as a light grey with hints of pinky purple color low lighting the style.

grey hairstyles0761

Platinum Ash Blonde

Since ash blonde does have grey, it looks amazing in waves as well as will a bit of volume.

grey hairstyles0771

Blunt Bang Grey

The color of this blunt bang style works wonderfully with a deep red lipstick and offers a unique look.

grey hairstyles0781

Wavy White and Grey

White and grey go hand in hand as well as look wonderful in curls or waves as it shows the variety in the overall color.

grey hairstyles0791

Long Silver

Another fun style includes a long metallic silver color that offers the light you want from your grey hairstyle.

grey hairstyles0801

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