80 Attractive Glitters Nail Arts To Try Once

Glitter nail polish can be a lot of fun with when creating different nail art designs, however, there are a few things you should be aware of as well as techniques you should know to get the most out of your glitter polish. First, you should keep in mind that when using glitter nail polish you should judge the glitter pay out for each polish you use since some brands will have more glitter than others. Secondly, you should know how to get the most out of your glitter nail polish when you want your nails to be completely covered in glitter.

Complete Coverage plus Chunky Stars

One technique to obtain this amount of coverage without multiple layers is to use a makeup sponge to apply the polish as the sponge will collect the clear polish. Simply dab this on your nails and apply the chunkier pieces using a toothpick.

glitters nail arts0001

Glitter Lines and Complete Coverage

Using the technique of applying glitter polish with a makeup sponge can save a lot of time, but what if you want to create a design? You can do this one of two ways, first apply the glitter polish then apply tape over the sections you wish to remain glittery. You can also do this in reverse by applying your non-glitter polish and taping off the sections that you don’t want glitter.

glitters nail arts0011

Just a Touch of Sparkle

This design can be pretty easy to do by simply applying a thin layer of glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dabbing that to the area closest to your cuticle. Keep in mind that the more you add to the sponge and the more you dab, the more glitter you will apply.

glitters nail arts0021

Tips and Designs

The layout of this design is incredibly easy as you apply a nude polish first, then dab a light coat of glitter polish to the tips of the nails using a makeup sponge. Once you applied the desired amount of glitter and it has dried, create the floral design on the finger you want it on.

glitters nail arts0031

Glitter Bands

These particular nails were created by applying a layer of glitter on the nail first, then covering the section that the glitter is wanted with tape coat the nail in a non-glittery polish. Once you have applied the polish color of your choice remove the tape to see the design you have created. A good pro-tip would be to apply a topcoat to the glitter layer to prevent bumps in the colored polish.

glitters nail arts0041

Colored Glitter Polish

Polish like this can be done by either brushing on or applying with a makeup sponge to ensure color and glitter payoff are strong.

glitters nail arts0051

Jagged Tips

Simply apply a base coat polish, then using the brush dipped into the color of your choice brush on the colored polish where you want it to be. Once all layers of polish are dry use the brush to apply the glitter polish along the jagged lines.

glitters nail arts0061

Glitter and Color

While most would brush this kind of glitter polish on, keep in mind that different brands will have a different glitter payoff than others. If you want more glitter than the color you will need to use the makeup sponge technique.

glitters nail arts0071

Spiked Cuticle Design

Brushed designs can be a lot of fun and are easy to make your own with the use of various colors, however, you will need a fine bristled brush to create these designs. You can also choose to use this brushed design with glitter polish lines or a glittery polish as an accent nail.

glitters nail arts0081

Stamped Designs over Glitter

You can use your stamp designs over glitter polish, however, the technique used is incredibly important to a smooth design. Since glitter can create a texture to your nail, simply apply a top coat before placing your stamped design to prevent imperfections.


Glitter Tips

There are many designs that will only need glitter on a small part of the nail over a solid colored base coat. To achieve this fun look you can either brush on the glitter polish or dab it on using a makeup sponge to ensure the appropriate glitter payout that you are looking for.

glitters nail arts0101

Waterless Marble with Glitter Accents

Designs like these take a fair amount of practice as you need to drop a small amount of polish onto your nail and drag it into place. Once you have the polish where you want it, lightly press the tip of your finger to the sides and front of the nail to remove the excess by pulling and capping. Finish the look with a glitter polish on a liner brush to add the beautiful sparkle.

glitters nail arts0111

Chunky Foil Glitter

Foil glitter can be difficult to work with and the color payoff may vary with different brands, however, it does work like chunkier glitter polish. You can either paint it on using multiple layers or use a makeup sponge to get the most out of your polish.

glitters nail arts0121

Seasonal Nails

You can either tape off the placement of the bulbs or paint circles if you have a steady hand.

glitters nail arts0131

Stamped or Brushed

Designs like this can be either stamped or brushed depending on your patience and steadiness of your hand. It is highly recommended that you place a topcoat onto the glitter layer to prevent strange bumps and imperfections.

glitters nail arts0141

Full Glitter

Having an accent nail using full glitter polish is a great way to show off your personality and get the most enjoyment out of your nail art.

glitters nail arts0151

Match Your Glitter

For some of the best results with your nail designs using glitter polish, ensure that you are matching the color of the glitter to the main polish color. The copper glitter matches the brown polish perfectly and adds a special sparkle to your nail.

glitters nail arts0161

Holographic Top Coat

There are many fun ways to use glitter polish such as this holographic foil polish to enhance the look and feel of these turquoise nails. Not only does it show off the main color but adds a little extra fun to the nails.

glitters nail arts0171


Another great idea for those who are just starting out with glitter polish is to create a sectioned design as it will allow for practice dabbing on glitter and taping off areas.

glitters nail arts0181

Glitter and Black

You will find that applying brightly colored glitter polish shows up best on a darker polish such as the black in this image. While the glitter polish is a foil and glitter mix, the iridescence of the color isn’t overpowered by the base color but rather highlighted.

glitters nail arts0191

Bright Glitter Tips

Pairing a dark base with a bright color can be a lot of fun when using glitter polish, and it looks even better when you create a fade effect from the tips.

glitters nail arts0211


You can obtain an ombre effect with your glitter polish through many different methods. First, you can create the ombre look with solid polish then apply a glitter top coat, or you can attempt it using colored glitter polish.

glitters nail arts0221

Clear Glitter Polish

There are many advantages to clear glitter polish as you can use it as a top coat or to add glitter to any design. These polishes also work well using the sponge technique as you will get the amazing payoff from your glitter.

glitters nail arts0231


Some people think glitter polish is good for only adding sparkle, however, you can create designs using vinyl’s or tape and putting the glitter on using a makeup sponge.

glitters nail arts0241

Matte and Glitter

Combining polishes that have two different looks can be fun and unique such as these curved lined nails. You can create this design by using hole-punch stickers and applying the glitter polish with the sponge technique to obtain this same look.

glitters nail arts0251

Fade towards the Tips

Creating a fade from the cuticle to the tips of your nails is all about patience and controlling the glitter application remembering to add more glitter at the cuticle and less towards the tips.

glitters nail arts0261

Burgundy and Gold

As mentioned before, pairing dark polishes with bright glitter is a lot of fun and can create some interesting results like the nails below featuring an angled fade.

glitters nail arts0271

Vinyl Recommended

There are a few designs using glitter and polish that a nail vinyl will be recommended, although not technically required. The reasons for the recommendation is that it will provide you with a negative space that can easily be filled using the sponging method like the zigzag pattern below.

glitters nail arts0281

Thin Layers

When you only want a little sparkle on your nails, try applying your glitter polish over your solid color in thin layers until you have the look you want.

glitters nail arts0291

Black Tipped Gold

The faded look using glitter is an incredibly popular choice and is even more popular using dark colors under light glitter.

glitters nail arts0301

Tape and Sponge

This particular design was created by first sponging on the glitter then applying the solid color. You can achieve this by using nail art tape or just tape depending on the width of the chevron you are looking for.

glitters nail arts0311

Matte, Glitter, and Glossy

There are some fun designs that use a variety of polishes like the combination of matte, glossy, and glitter polishes below. These are applied starting with the matte polish, then the tape is used before applying the glossy polish, finally, the look is completed by taping off the sections where glitter isn’t wanted.

glitters nail arts0331

Bright Colors

Many people love their nails painted in brilliantly bright colors such as the yellow polish used below, however just because the polish is bright doesn’t mean you can’t apply a glitter polish to really make it pop.

glitters nail arts0341

Just Paint it On

Polishes like the one below can simply be applied in layers to create the thickness you are looking for in the color. It is recommended to start with a base coat and follow with a complimentary color coat before using polishes like this to ensure the opacity of the color.

glitters nail arts0351

Nail Art Brushes

Designs like this are beautiful, however, you will need patience and maybe a set of nail art brushes to achieve this look. Start with a nude or neutral color as your base, then choose the glitter colors you want and simply brush on the designs.

glitters nail arts0361

Holiday Themed

These nails feel like Christmas and were created through the use of various techniques. First, the base color was applied, then the tape was used to block the tip creating a half moon shape from the cuticle followed by sponging on the glitter. Then the rest of the design was added using liner brushes.

glitters nail arts0371

Dusting Glitter

This method is a bit easier for beginners and those who don’t want to buy makeup sponges as you simply paint your nails, then apply any glitter you wish to the top of the wet polish.

glitters nail arts0381

Glitter French

Faded French designs can be done many ways and this one was created using either a clear polish or translucent nude polish, then the fade was applied at the tips.

glitters nail arts0391

Foil Polish Top Coat

One of the easiest options when adding a little sparkle to your nails is to add a glitter or foil top coat to achieve the look you want.

glitters nail arts0401

Standard Colored Glitter Polish

Accent nails can be added to any nails including ones using glitter polish like the set of nails below featuring a palm tree.

glitters nail arts0411

Butterfly Wings

If you are looking to achieve a design like this, it is actually fairly easy since you just need to use the sponge technique to apply the glitter polish, then add in the wing designs using liner brushes.

glitters nail arts0421

Vinyl or Patience

Nail vinyl comes in a wide variety of patterns, and while vinyl would make your life easier you can still achieve this look using a liner brush as well as a lot of patience.

glitters nail arts0431

French Tips

Glitter can be used many ways when doing French tips and adds a little something extra to a classic style.

glitters nail arts0441

Triple Hombre

Using 3 colors when creating a hombre look isn’t much different than using two, simply apply stripes of color to a makeup sponge and pat onto the nail.

glitters nail arts0451


All in One

Polishes that include glitter with the color are some of the easiest to use as you simply apply to the nail.

glitters nail arts0461


When creating designs like this you can use a glittery polish for all fingers and the accent decoration to create a fun and sparkly look.

glitters nail arts0471

Dry Brush

If you want a look like this, start with a base coat in a color of your choice, then use a glittery polish to apply close to the cuticle, and finish by dragging color towards the tip using a dry liner brush.

glitters nail arts0481

Golden Glitter

Using a glitter polish like this for your whole nail can create a fun look, however applying using the brush will leave little glitter on the nail. First, apply your first coat of polish to the nail, then apply polish to a makeup sponge and pat onto the nail for the best coverage.


glitters nail arts0501

Pink Sparkles

Color Club polishes offer many colorful glitter polishes that can be applied to the nail and will leave glitter visible. As seen below, these solid color glitter nails were created by simply applying the polish.

glitters nail arts0511

Black French

Creating these nails may seem hard, but in reality, it was done by applying the pink glitter polish, then the black along the tip of the nail. A French doesn’t have to be a thin line along the edge of the nail but can go into the center of the nail.

glitters nail arts0521

Glitter with Non-Glitter

Pairing a non-glitter accent nail with glitter polished nails is a beautiful contrast and are easy to do when looking for some nail art designs.

glitters nail arts0531

Sticking Glitter

If you have the patience, you can place individual large pieces of glitter onto your nails using a clear polish. Keep in mind that this process is slow and will take you a few hours to complete.

glitters nail arts0541


You can create a multicolor fade where ever you want on your nails, then simply using a glittery top coat to give your nails some sparkle.

glitters nail arts0551

Matte meets Glitter

The first thing you will need to start with is the application of the matte black polish. Once that has dried simply apply a circular sticker to your nails and apply the glitter polish. Be sure to remove the sticker before your nails dry.

glitters nail arts0561

Fade with Glitter Accents

You can accent the tips of your nails using glitter polish or clear polish dusted with glitter on just about any nail design you want.

glitters nail arts0571

Glitter Nail Art

You can use glitter polish in nail art as it works incredibly well to accent certain aspects of your nail art designs.

glitters nail arts0581


These thick triangle pieces of glitter or nail jewelry can be attached using glue or clear polish depending on their thickness and can create an interesting design.

glitters nail arts0591

Chunky Holographic Glitter

Glitter like this can be found as either a polish or a loose glitter and can be applied by either brushing or dusting it on.

glitters nail arts0601

Sparkling Cuticles

The application of clear glitter polish can even create a fade style design that will dress up any nail color in a snap.

glitters nail arts0611

Accent Nails

Accent nails come in a variety of different forms including a matching glitter polish rather than a polish without glitter.

glitters nail arts0621

Designs over Glitter Nails

Just because you apply glitter to your nails doesn’t mean you can’t add a design over it. Simply use a layer of top coat to seal in the glitter and apply your design over top of that.

glitters nail arts0631

Colored Polish with Glitter

Many brands have glitter in their colored polish and this will easily add the holographic look you want in the color rather than a flat appearance.

glitters nail arts0641

Glitter Fades

If you are doing a fade design using glitter, don’t be afraid of how much glitter you use. You can use as much or as little glitter as you like using the sponging technique and simply add as much as you like.

glitters nail arts0651

Plain over Glitter

Try considering placing a glitter polish down as your base color and decorate your nails using polish without glitter for a little-reversed look to the norm.

glitters nail arts0661

Glitter Dipped

This is another French Tipped style nail and you can easily create it using a piece of tape or nail art tape to block off the area you don’t want any glitter.

glitters nail arts0671

Rainbow Scaled

Placing individual pieces of glitter on your nails can take a great deal of time, however, once you have completed your nails you will be so proud of how they look.

glitters nail arts0681

White Foil Glitter

Foil glitter polishes come in many forms and colors and can add a great deal of variety to your glitter nails.

glitters nail arts0691

Fades and Accents

You can even use a full glitter nail to accent your glitter fades.

glitters nail arts0701

Two Accents

Multiple glitter nails can add a fun accent to even the wildest designs that you may have in mind.

glitters nail arts0711

Glitter and Jewels

Maybe you should consider using glitter accents with chunky sparkles to pair with your nail jewels.

glitters nail arts0721

Solids and Patterns

Whether you prefer solid glittery nails or patterns using glitter, you can have a lot of fun with your polishes.

glitters nail arts0731

Crystal Glitter

Even a crystal-like glitter polish will add the pop of sparkle you desire when painting your nails.


glitters nail arts0751

Highlight Designs

Try highlighting designs using a glitter polish like the chevron shape below.

glitters nail arts0761

Sparkling Tips

Glitter French manicures are becoming incredibly popular and are some of the easiest designs you can do at home.

glitters nail arts0771


Tipping your favorite colored polish with a matching glitter will add a little extra flare that you may not have had before.

glitters nail arts0781

Faded Glitter Chevron

Designs like these are more complicated, however, with patience and tape you can create the fades and protect the design in the process.

glitters nail arts0801


Loose glitter can offer you a great deal of flexibility that polish won’t such as mixing your own combinations of glitter and dipping your nails into it.

glitters nail arts0811

Designs over Glittered French

Placing designs over a glittered French manicure can add a bit more personality to your nails without a lot of effort.

glitters nail arts0821

Holographic Violet

Holographic polishes can add a wide variety of colors to polish that may not be present such as the blues and silvers in this purple creating a brighter color.

glitters nail arts0831

Pattern with Glitter

A pattern like designs created from polish without glitter can be the most fun when combined with a glitter polish.

glitters nail arts0841

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