99 Amazing Forearm Tattoos to Consider

Forearm tattoos are incredibly popular for many reasons, not only are they easy to show off when you want to but they are also easy to cover if you have a more professional job. Choosing the proper placement and tattoo for you go hand in hand. While one tattoo may look amazing on one individual’s bicep, it may look better on your forearm or thigh. Placement is important due to the way the art sits on your body and it is good to keep in mind that the curvature and toning of your body is different from others.

Ride Til Death

If you want to showcase your passion of anything, tattoos will allow you to wear it permanently on your skin. For instance, this tattoo could be showcasing a passion for motorcycles or other extreme styled sport.
creem arm (68)


While this individual has many tattoos, many of them rest on his forearms. Sleeves are not only a commitment as they take a great deal of time, but the placement of each element is important to ensure the completed work will look as it should.

creem arm (69)

Hot Air Balloon

This forearm tattoo says a million things as the wearer could have chosen it for just as many reasons. Not only does it curve properly around the forearm, but contours the most prominent muscles in the forearm to ensure the best fit.

creem arm (70)

Classic Dagger

While it is difficult to like this piece, daggers into the skin are a classic forearm tattoo and can be found in a variety of different tattoo art styles. Depending on the artwork, these pieces can say a great deal about the reasons the wearer chose this art.

creem arm (71)

The Guitar

Another popular choice for forearm tattoos include that of musical instruments. Not only will you find guitars, but also violins, trumpets, harps, and so much more.

creem arm (72)


Animals are another popular choice as there aren’t many that won’t fit into a forearm tattoo. For instance this whale tattoo fits nicely onto the side of the forearm, allowing the piece to make a statement as well as draw the eye.

creem arm (73)

Tribal Lines and Patterns

Ever growing in popularity include tribal styled line work tattoos that can be worn like bands. This piece for example shows simple lines and shapes that the wearer has chosen to wear as a band, though it would also fit the ankles and calves as well.

creem arm (1)

Outstretched Wings

Typically you would find wing tattoos on the lower or upper back, it is possible to have them done on your forearm as well. As you can see the art work of the wing is superb and fits the forearm as it should, while still expressing what the wearer wants to showcase.

creem arm (2)

Continental Map

If you are a traveler or someone who enjoys adventure, then perhaps a tattoo of a continental map is just the thing. You can even mark the countries and cities that you have traveled to on your forearm to keep with you on your journey.

creem arm (3)


Many people choose to get tattoos of beautiful women on their forearms such as this woman stylized as a clown. Others include fairies and mermaids to name a couple forms of stylized women that some choose to have tattooed.

creem arm (4)


These amazing creatures are another popular choice when considering tattoos that are placed on the forearm. Though there are many different tattoo styles, many choose to get just the face of the wolf such as this, others prefer a full image of a wolf.

creem arm (5)

Mandala Styled Tattoo

Tattoos are becoming more and more intricate, and this mandala styled tattoo is no different. Though there are multiple forearm tattoos in this photo, the more intricate one is what stands out and makes the biggest statement.

creem arm (6)

The Watchful Eye

Tattoos, especially those upon the forearm make a loud statement. This tattoo of the all Seeing Eye on a pocket watch is no different. Though the wearer may be watching time very closely, it is hard to determine the true meaning of this work of art.

creem arm (7)

The Stag

The stag is another popular choice in tattoos involving animals as they possess numerous meanings such as grace and light. While many would choose a stag for different reasons, the beauty of the stag is just one of those reasons.

creem arm (8)


As another common choice in tattoos, there are various designs of forearm tattoos that possess skulls. Some individuals choose them for their look, while others possess reasons of their own. However the skull is another good choice with a quality artist.

creem arm (9)

Mottos and Meanings

Whether it is the lyrics to your favorite song or simply a saying that you wish to keep with you, using words instead of images is becoming a popular choice in tattoos.

creem arm (10)

Complimenting Images

Images that complement each other is another good choice if you want to tattoo both of your forearms as this can help tie together two pieces of work. While some prefer a theme, others choose for opposing images.

creem arm (11)

The Same But Different

While these images may fall under the complementing theory, they differ from each other in a way that could classify them as opposing. For instance the idea that they could represent light and dark such as yin and yang.

creem arm (12)


This is a less common seen choice, but some choose to have their favorite mask tattooed to their forearms. Some masks hold a great deal of meaning while others are just for fun, the choice in which the wearer chooses depends on the meaning they wish to portray.

creem arm (13)


There are those who choose insects like this grasshopper which could offer up a plethora of meanings, while others choose things such as butterflies and dragonflies.

creem arm (14)


Compass tattoos are growing ever more popular as they are becoming seen as old world technology. Though they are beautiful and guide our path, the compass is another tattoo that could carry a heavy meaning.

creem arm (15)


Music is a huge part of everyday life, whether you are listening to the radio or simply listening to the birds outside. This beautiful violin tattoo doesn’t just embrace music but the concepts behind it.

creem arm (16)


Native American themed and styled tattoos are not only beautiful but highlight a variety of different meanings. This chief tattoo may represent the individuals desire to lead or simply remind them of who they should follow.

creem arm (17)

Geometric Ball

Geometric shapes and designs are growing ever more popular in various pop-culture groups, and while the designs themselves are awe-inspiring there may be no solid meaning to the designs. However the most impressive part of this tattoo is how it interconnects each arm perfectly.

creem arm (18)

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

This meaningful phrase is one to always keep in mind as the wearer of this tattoo seems to ensure it is permanently present. Forearm tattoos are an amazing way to allow you to keep your morals and mottos out in the open to show off not only your style but your favorite sayings.

creem arm (19)

The Octopus Headed Woman

This gypsy like woman with an octopus head is not only unique, but must carry an interesting meaning to the wearer. While there are several different examples of this half creature half woman around the internet, there is no direct inspiration that can be found.

creem arm (20)


This Ganesh like elephant tattoo not only has a majestic and otherworldly look to it but possesses the powerful presence that you would expect from an elephant tattoo.

creem arm (21)

Sea Creatures

Tattoos of sea creatures are incredibly popular and can really captivate the eye when done properly. This particular tattoo looks almost identical to the giant sea snail that is being held in the photo.

creem arm (22)

Geometric Mandala

Floral mandala style patterns fit various forearms which is why they are becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to have an intricate work of art on their skin.

creem arm (23)

Animal Patterns

Several people opt to have animal patterns on their skin, like with this snake skin pattern. While some choose to go for leopard and cheetah style patterns, others like less common prints that possess more detail.

creem arm (24)


This forearm tattoo is rather unique in the way that it aims to portray a skeletal hand reaching from a zippered portion of the forearm. Unique designs like this stand out as it provides the question of what it may mean to the wearer.

creem arm (25)

Birds and Pocket Watches

While this tattoo is of either a raven or a crow, the popularity of various types of birds holding either pocket watches or hourglasses is becoming more popular each and every day. This is due to the beauty that we see in birds as well as their ability to fly.

creem arm (26)

Om Tattoos

The Om symbol comes in a variety of forms and can be found centering any number of intricately designed tattoos. While each Om symbol has its own significant meaning, they are more commonly seen with those who practice Yoga or belong to a religion in which it has significance.

creem arm (27)

Big Cats and Crosses

Everyone has seen a tattoo of a big cat such as a tiger or lion at least once in their life, just as the popularity of crosses in tattoos. However a combination of both is an interesting way to combine two important things to the wearer.

creem arm (28)


Battleships are not only unique, but can be worn by more than just naval personnel. Anyone with an appreciation for the size and ability of these massive ships can show off their interest through the use of a forearm tattoo.

creem arm (29)

Gears and Eyes

This is another unique combination of two popular choices in tattooing. Not only do people appreciate art that includes gears, but eyes are another popular choice in tattooing.

creem arm (30)


The wearer of this tattoo may have a passion for hunting big game as the tattoo depicts a bear and bear trap. Though bears are quite popular choices in tattooing, the addition of the bear trap speaks volumes with the anger upon the bear’s face.

creem arm (31)


Whether it is a wolf, fox, or simply a beloved canine companion, a tattoo of a dog is another wonderful choice for those who are major dog lovers.

creem arm (32)

Beautiful Ladies

Tattoos of the faces of women are more popular with men, however the use of beautiful women in tattooing has been a popular concept for many wonderful tattoos for generations.

creem arm (33)


If you are seeking a more feminine forearm tattoo, then perhaps flowers or floral patterns will suit your desires the best. Since there are so many kinds of flowers, you will be sure to end up with a unique work of art no matter what you choose.

creem arm (34)

Mythological Creatures

You will find many mythological creatures in forearm tattoos as they allow us to remember stories or symbolize moments in our lives where they meant something special. This particular tattoo could have a variety of meanings that the wearer may be the only one to explain properly.

creem arm (35)

Heart Beat Messages

One of the more popular forearm options in tattoos are those that contain messages within the spikes that you would traditionally see on a heart monitor. These messages range from faith to hope, and so many others providing a memorable message to the wearer.

creem arm (36)

The Wise Owl

There are many options when you choose an owl tattoo, and many of them are of the more artistic design rather than a realistic looking image. This hipster like owl tattoo is one of the more popular designs as the owl is supposed to appear wise with glasses.

creem arm (37)

Two Halves of a Whole

This American Traditional styled tattoo is not only fun, but when properly lined up creates a whole image. What is fun about these forearm tattoos is that they can be seen as separate pieces or a singular piece.

creem arm (38)

Pattern Pieces

Pattern or mandala styled tattoos are growing ever more popular and come in a variety of designs and styles. This particular mandala like design has a very floral and feminine design to it, where others may appear more angular and masculine.

creem arm (39)

Complex Mandala

The variety in mandala tattoos is truly amazing as they can be incredibly simple or super complex like this one. While they can be far more complex than this one, the complexity of the design is between the wearer and the artist.

creem arm (40)

Native American Styled Designs

This simple Native American styled design not only fits the forearm, but may remind the wearer about something special that they want to remember or about their heritage. While it appears simple, the accuracy of the artist is of the utmost importance.

creem arm (41)

Black and Grey

Even though many people choose to obtain a black and grey forearm tattoo, the shading within these tattoos are incredibly important since the slightest inaccuracy may cause the tattoo to appear strange. This interesting design possesses beautiful shading and the placement suits the design incredibly well.

creem arm (42)


Tree tattoos are another popular choice in forearm tattoos because of the various types of trees and the ability to shape them in a way that suits the shape of the wearer’s arm. Another reason for the popularity of tree tattoos as forearm tattoos is the many varieties that carry a variety of different meanings including cherry trees for beauty and Life Tree for wisdom.

creem arm (43)


Snakes are more popular with an older generation than they are currently today, however due to their malleability they are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a forearm tattoo. They are also incredibly meaningful for the wearer of such a tattoo depending on who you ask, the snake can mean a variety of different things.

creem arm (45)


There are several styles of bird tattoos that you will see decorating the forearms of various individuals, everything from a more traditional blue bird style tattoo to far more intricate varieties of birds. While bird tattoos are pretty common, you will also find these birds decorated with other eye catching details such as the stars surrounding it.

creem arm (46)

Broken Arrow

Many tattoos possess strong meanings to the wearer, and this broken arrow may be a lot more than a simple design adored by the wearer.

creem arm (47)

Thoughtful Reminders

Some need a friendly reminder of positive things they believe in, and these small phrases adorn many a forearm and can even speak volumes to others when they view these words of wisdom.

creem arm (48)

Sugar Skulls

These intriguingly decorated skulls are becoming more and more popular over time as artists around the world begin perfecting these designs. This pair of sugar skulls may not only be amazing to see, but carry a great deal of importance to the wearer.

creem arm (49)

Mythical Creatures

While these aren’t as popular as they used to be, tattoos of mythical creatures can still be found like the dragon below. These creatures take us to special places in our hearts such as a time where our imagination was allowed to run free.

creem arm (51)

Intricate Black Designs

Many people choose to obtain tattoos of designs that they love, however there are those who choose paisley styled patterns to adorn their forearms in a more decorative manner over designs of fish or birds.

creem arm (52)


Memorial tattoos are very special and while finding an artist to assist in the creation as well as the application is hard enough, many of these gorgeous mementos are incredibly personal.

creem arm (54)

Classic American

You will find that there are hundreds of different tattoo styles, though the love for classic American tattooing is still alive and well with many obtaining this style upon their forearms.

creem arm (55)

Line Work

This work of art is hard to describe other than interesting line work that may tell a story that the wearer wants to remember.

creem arm (56)

Important Phrases

Many forearm tattoos are meant for the wearer, though there are a few that are for others surrounding the individual. Such as this ‘Love is All or Nothing’ tattoo which could certainly tell others a thing or two about the individual.

creem arm (57)

Colorful Whale

Every individual who has tattoos will generally have an idea that is a bit more over the top, however not many actually wear one. This colorful whale surrounded and adorned with various shapes is certainly over the top, but an amazing sight to see.

creem arm (58)


Phrases are incredibly popular with forearm tattoos today, whether they are phrases the person wants to remember or lyrics of a song.

creem arm (59)

Head Turner

There are a few tattoos that only the wearer can describe, especially this seagull-like bird tattoo.

creem arm (60)


Whether it is a historical styled tattoo or simply something that the wearer adores, some forearm tattoos create the impression that the individual is a traveler of sorts or in search of an adventure.

creem arm (61)


Keys hold a metaphorical importance to us as people, and while keys are intended to open locks some choose to have them tattooed to their skin as a reminder of this importance.

creem arm (63)


You will commonly see phrases or names tattooed within a ribbon, whether it is part of a memorial or not. This tattoo is a perfect example of this and possesses wise words to those who feel stuck in life.

creem arm (64)

Vertical Over Horizontal

While it is common to see words tattooed horizontally, you will also find them vertically as well creating a small difference from other phrasing tattoos.

creem arm (66)

Owls and Cherry Blossoms

These adorable owls in a cherry tree are more than simply adorable, and possess an interesting style about them that isn’t typical of other tattoos that you will find making them unique.

creem arm (67)

Flying Birds

Whether these are crows or something else, the popularity in birds flying off is incredibly high and usually include some kind of word or phrase that is important to the wearer.

forearm tattoo designs


Typically seen within the inside of the forearm, mandala tattoos can be placed anywhere and hold a great amount of meaning to the person wearing it.

forearm tattoos


There are those who enjoy collecting tattoos and generally some of these pieces fit together by color or by style, though to those seeing these collections they may not make a lot of sense.

f1 (69)

Interlaced by Patterns

Those who possess a collection of various tattoos will obtain a kind of pattern or color scheme to connect these separate tattoos into what is known as a sleeve like the image below.

f1 (64)


There are many reasons an individual may receive a tattoo of an arrow, though the wearer would have a better chance of explaining the meaning.

f1 (65)


While lady luck is the controlling force when it comes to dice, the love of these small cubes adorned with dots can be found in various tattoos such as the one in the image below.

f1 (67)

Nautical Stars

These are likely to be one of the more popular star designs in tattooing as the nautical star has been around for many years and is still incredibly popular today with a variety of different individuals.

f1 (68)

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