40 Cute Dove Tattoos For Men & Women

A dove is a symbol of purity, hence over a period of time dove tattoos have gained popularity. As doves are monogamous creatures, it has a connection with eternal romance. Get a dove tattoo to calm your senses and be reminded of its peace every time you see it. White, pure, and beautiful the appearance of this bird can recover your serenity and remind you to let go of all your frazzled thoughts. Ink a dove tattoo and experience peace within. Let the creativity flow as the artist ads other elements like a cross, heart, and rose to celebrate this beautiful creature. Further, all of these additions have positive connotations like love, divinity, and hope. Experience the cleansing of your soul with this tattoo. Many of us would not like to live in the past and have a fresh start, so this tattoo can be a reminder for a fresh start.

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White Dove Tattoo

dove tattoos white dove tattoosReligious-Dove-

Feel a higher sense of love with this artistic portrait of white dove. It has a calming effect, which denotes love and peace. It is nearly angelic in nature and even an onlooker could feel the same calmness. A white released dove also represents the soul rising to heaven which can symbolize a memorial for a loved one that has passed on. The white shading on the bird give its feather texture, making it realistic.

Tribal Dove Tattoo

tribal dove tribal dove tattoos

The dove with wings spread out is merged with a tribal design. The stark black ink on the skin makes this Tattoo very noticeable. Tribal tattoos are adorned by warriors and infusing this gentle and loving creature with these patterns give it a multidimensional vibe. Even a hard man can have a softer side!

Dove Love Tattoo

love and dove love dove dove love

Love is all around, you can feel it, give it, and even flaunt it on your skin. A dove with a heart conveys the true value of unconditional love and the lettering around it speaks the mind of the individual. The small red heart works well in contrast with the calm white dove. The subtle blue shading breathes life and sets it in motion. The olive branch, a symbol of peace, symbolizes the individual is a peacemaker.

Dove at the Gates of Hell Tattoo

dove 1 tattoo

Let your arm be the canvas for a detailed dove tattoo. Ink love, promise and devotion on your sleeve. Only a perfect brief to the tattoo artist could result in translation of this piece of breathtaking art. The dove is in flight, flying away from the flames of war!

Dove Cross Tattoo

dove cross

If you are a man of faith, shout out your belief with this tattoo on your arm. This tattoo merges a rose, cross, and the dove. All three represent three aspects of this tattoo represent peace, love and divinity. Beautifully shaded with various tones of black and white on the skin, the little red rose really makes an appealing statement.

Dove in My Palms Tattoo

palm dove palm

Exhibit your emotions with this unusual tattoo on both your palms. This tattoo is extremely painful as it is inked on your palms, but the image of a complete dove when you put both your palms together makes it worthwhile. It is believed that a dove carries the dead soul to heaven, so this could mean a peaceful passing of someone special. This tattoo is simple but yet dramatic. It could also signify change in your personal life and represent hope and beginning of another life. It’s a great conversation starter and a tattoo that will never go unnoticed.

The Dove of Hope Tattoo

hope dove

Dove tattoos bring with it a spirit of hope and serenity. This dove tattoo also captures a sense of innocence and purity. A dove is a reminder to relook at our relationships to smooth out any rough spot or a leaving an existing one. Celebrate new beginnings and feel blessed with this dove and rose tattoo. Ink this tattoo and welcome a peaceful life filled with love and harmony. The shading of this tattoo is on the darker side, however that very shading really brings out the wings displaying its texture and power in all its glory for you to see!

Dark Dove – Messenger Tattoo

Dove tattoos

Dove with its docile appearance and divinely calming composition are viewed as celestial messengers for lovers. This sexy tattoo goes with the curves of your body, accentuating all your feminine beauty.

Praying Hands and the Dove Tattoo

praying hand and dove tattoo cool

Praying hands with a dove flying away symbolizes the peace and tranquility of soul. Two praying hands do not always have a religious connotation, could be a great way to show your faith or remembrance of a loved one. The black shading is fantastic making the hands and the dove a wonderful piece of art!

Live the Moment tattoo

dove carpe

Two doves can be associated with partners for life. The simple lettering “Carpe Diem“ means enjoy the moment without thinking about future. The doves remind us that the future is bright and beautiful. This tattoo coveys your ideology of life and celebrates the moment.


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