62 DIY Fast & Easy Hairstyles: Photo Tutorials & Vids!

Some days, it’s hard to think of new, exciting, and easy hairstyles to wear to work, class, or a special event. Especially ones that are great for those of us that like to do it ourselves in the comforts of our own home. That’s why we’ve compiled over 60 gorgeous hairstyles for you to choose from – with 16 photo tutorials, three video tutorials, and 42 lovely images of hairstyles any do-it-yourselfer can create.

These easy hairstyles are fun, fabulous, and quick to style, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent at a salon! If you’re looking for the video tutorials, scroll on down to the very bottom of this article.


1. High Bow Bun
easy creem (10)One of our cutest and easy hairstyles is the high bow bun. Easily take a messy bun and add a bit of definition to it by following these steps:

(1) Create your messy bun high atop your head with the ends of your hair sticking out.
(2) Separate the bun in the center.
(3) Gather the ends of your hair while keeping your bun separated.
(4) Wrap the ends of your hair back and over the center of the separated bun to fasten. You can either push the ends into the hair tie that is holding your bun together or use bobby pins – whichever is more comfortable for you.
(5) Enjoy your new look!

2. Runway-Ready Low Ponytail
easy creem (11)If you lack bangs and want to keep your hair out of your way for the day or special occasion, you can easily create the runway-ready low ponytail which adds a cute twist to your average ponytail.

(1) Separate your hair into three sections. The sides need less hair than the middle section.
(2) Use a clear hair tie to place your middle segment of hair into a tight ponytail.
(3) Carefully wrap both side segments of hair around the clear hair tie to cover it, fastening them with bobby pins behind the ponytail (ensure the bobby pins slip into the hair tie to stay in place).

3. Low Messy Ponytail
easy creem (12)Another simple modification to a ponytail, this hairstyle is great as a more sporty look and allows you to have tresses or bangs fall around your face to frame it.

(1) Separate your hair evenly down the center.
(2) Take both segments of hair and knot them together.
(3) Once knotted, form a slight braid to keep the hair in place. Take bobby pins and place them evenly around the knot to hold it tightly in place
(4) Allow the braid to fall out. Enjoy your new messy ponytail!

4. Hanging Bun
easy creem (13)The hanging bun is perfect for a quick and elegant style for formal occasions.

(1) Place hair in a low ponytail. Push your fingers through your hair above the hair tie.
(2) Grab your ponytail using the same fingers pushed above your hair tie.
(3) Pull the ponytail through and tighten the hair tie to create an inverted ponytail.
(4) Take the ends of your ponytail and wrap up towards the invert.
(5) Fasten the ends of your ponytail inside the invert with bobby pins.
(6) Place a decorative flower or hair barrette over any pins that show.
(7) Add another matching flower/barrette to finish your look.

5. Braided Bun with Bangs
easy creem (14)Another elegant style, this one is great for anyone that loves sporting their bangs but has long hair.

(1) Straighten your hair & bangs.
(2) Place your hair in a high ponytail.
(3) Separate a big enough segment of hair out for the braid.
(4) Wrap the remaining hair around in a bun, leaving the segment for the braid loose.
(5) Braid the separated segment of hair.
(6) Wrap the braid around the bun and fasten with bobby pins.

6. Weave Low Ponytail
easy creem (15)This easy hairstyle is universal – it can be elegant or sporty, for a formal occasion or a quick fix for a bad hair day!

(1) Evenly separate two medium segments of hair away from the rest of your hair on each side of your head.
(2) Place the large segment of hair in the back into a low ponytail.
(3) Separate one side of hair into two segments. Take the front segment and twist it.
(4) Pull the twisted front segment back and around to the ponytail.
(5) Wrap the twisted segment around the ponytail and fasten it into place.
(6) Repeat (3) (4) (5) with the opposite side of hair. Then, do the same with the two remaining middle segments of hair, switching sides again to create a weaved look.

7. Sleek & Sexy Ponytail
easy creem (16)This ponytail is easy, fast, and perfect for a sleek & chic look for those sexy occasions.

(1) Straighten hair.
(2) Pull hair into tight ponytail, brushing it into place.
(3) Add gel to sides of hair to ensure baby hairs don’t stick out as you place your hair tie in.
(4) Spritz hair with hairspray.
(5) Bobby pin any short hairs.
(6) Pull small segment of hair from ponytail and wrap around hair tie to cover it, fastening it into place with another bobby pin.

8. Twirled Bun
easy creem (17)Sporty and fun, you don’t have to be a perfectionist to get this look down.

(1) Ensure your hair has some volume (tease if necessary) and hold high in place (do not fasten ponytail yet).
(2) Twist hair around finger.
(3) Ensure twisted hair is even.
(4) Wrap around center of ponytail being held in place.
(5) Fasten bun with hair tie & use bobby pins for any uneven strands of hair.
(6) Pull out a few short tendrils of hair to frame face.
(7) & (8) Style to your liking & enjoy your new look!

9. Knotted Ponytail
easy creem (1)(1) Mousse up your hair so fashioned knotted ponytail will stay in place.
(2) Pull hair to one side and separate into two segments.
(3) Tie a knot with hair.
(4) Tie a second knot with hair.
(5) Fasten hair with clear hair tie.
(6) Tighten hair tie and use bobby pin to push into knot if still visible.
(7) Tease remaining hair for a cute and sporty look.

10. Twisted Bundle
easy creem (2)Keep your hair out of your way with this simple and stylish twist.

(1) Separate two medium segments of hair on each side of your head.
(2) Twist one segmented side & hold in place.
(3) Twist second segmented side.
(4) Take both segmented & twisted sides of hair and wrap them around one another over your remaining hair in the back.
(5) Fasten together using bobby pins.

11. Tuck and Cover
easy creem (1)You’ll need a curling iron and two sporty, stretchable headbands for this easy to create hairstyle.

(1) Use a large curling iron and create waves in your hair to master the volume you want. Place one headband on, pushing your bangs back while under your hair.
(2) Place second headband on, circling atop your hair and temporarily around your forehead. You’re going to move it into place later.
(3) Begin wrapping your hair loosely around the second headband by taking the ends of your hair and pulling them up, over, and behind it. Start with locks from the middle, working your way out.
(4) Continue to wrap until both sides are even tucked.
(5) Ensure any loose ends are hidden.
(6) Push second headband up into place with the first. Voila! The Tuck and Cover!

12. Sleek Vixen Wrap
easy creem (3)Perfect for the formal occasion when you’re running low on time.

(1) Straighten hair.
(2) Section your hair by pulling it to one side, leaving your bottom tendrils loose. Ensure your hair is fastened evenly using bobby pins so the final look is also even.
(3) Take the opposite side of your hair that hasn’t been pinning and begin wrapping it into and against the bobby pins.
(4) Fasten your hair with a ponytail to keep your hair in place.
(5) Take a segment of loose hair and warp around tie holding ponytail in place.
(6) Pin that segment in place.

13. Foiled Ringlet Curls
easy creem (4)While these ringlet curls are easy to create, they do take some time to complete. Ensure you have a good 45 minutes to spend on your hair (depending on how thick and long your hair is) – but trust us, the end result is amazing!

(1) Starting at the bottom, separate a thin line of hair at the nape of your neck, and pin the rest of your hair up to keep out of the way.
(2) Begin by taking a small segment of hair and wrapping it completely around your finger.
(3) Take a small piece of foil and encircle it around your wrapped segment of hair.
(4) Repeat (2) and (3) until the entire line of hair has been twisted and wrapped in foil. Do the same with the next thing layer of hair you let loose from your pinned hair.
(5) Ensure all segments are even with one another. Continue until your whole head is done.
(6) Take a flattening iron and heat each foiled segment of hair for several seconds.
(7) When all foiled balls of hair have been flattened and heated by the flattening iron, carefully unwrap foil from hair, starting with the bottom.
(8) Use hairspray to keep curls in place and style as you please!

14. Sock Bun / Hunny Bun
easy creem (5)For this cute and fun bun, you’ll need a sock, scissors, hair pins (bobby pins), hair spray, a brush, and an optional shine and define polish for the added shimmery look.

(1) Cut the end of the sock off.
(2) Wrap the sock into itself to form a circle. Place your hair in a ponytail.
(3) Place shine and define polish on your hair to even it out.
(4) Take the sock and hold it with the ends of your hair.
(5) Begin wrapping your hair around the sock in a circle.
(6) Wrap until it reaches your head, ensuring none of the sock is visible.
(7) Pin bun in place on head using bobby pins.
(8) Hairspray into place to ensure it lasts!

15. Braided & Bowed
easy creem (6)You might need some help with this hairstyle, unless you’re great at braiding your own hair. It’s adorable and perfect for almost any occasion, giving you a younger and appealing look.

(1) Flip your head upside-down and begin braiding starting from the nape of your head and working your way up.
(2) Hairspray your braid so tendrils of hair don’t fall loose.
(3) Fasten your hair into a ponytail.
(4) Pull your hair through the hair tie once once more, but not all the way. Allow the ends to stick out.
(5) Separate the small bun of hair that has formed into two sections evenly.
(6) Take the hanging loose ends and wrap them once around each separated section of bun.
(7) Hair should be long enough to wrap around ponytail tie. Pin ends into place.
(8) Use hair spray over entire style to keep in place.
(9) Flaunt your new and adorable hairstyle!

16. Swirling Braid Bun
easy hairstylesAnother easy yet fashionable bun using a braid to help spruce up the bun’s texture.

(1) Place hair into ponytail as high or as low as you want.
(2) Loosely braid your hair and use a hair tie to hold.
(3) Pull the braid forward and pin a bit of hair down in front of the hair tie to ensure the tie is not visible when style is finished.
(4) Take the end of the braid and pull it through itself (similar to an inverted ponytail).
(5) Pin down the ends of your hair up under the newly formed bun.
(6) Enjoy your new look anywhere!


17. Soft Curls
easy creem (9)If you’ve got fine hair and prefer to keep it down, you can easily create this wavy look by placing mousse in your hair, allowing it to dry, and curling the ends of your tresses with a larger (1.5 or 2 in.) curling iron.

18. Twisted Sweep

easy creem (44)Whether you’ve got bangs or not, a curled hairstyle like this is easy to create and twisting your bangs or a few locks of hair over your face for a sweeping look is becoming more and more popular these days with celebrities. Ensure you use a voluminous shampoo and conditioner before styling this look.

19. Pulled Ponytail
easy creem (1)Admittedly, this is a great hairstyle for any of us that try to create a beau curled hairstyle but fail – in turn, having a bad hair day. Just keep the volume the curls give you in your bangs and tie the rest back into a quick ponytail.

20. Slipped Back
easy creem (2)Whether you have curled hair, wavy hair, or straight hair, you can create this easy hairstyle by using a dollop of mousse and working it into a central segment of hair, combing it back. You can either decide to fasten it into place using a hair tie or use added hair spray to keep it hanging loose in the back.

21. Waving Tresses
easy creem (3)If you’re one of those gals that only washes their hair every other day and is on day two after having a fabulously curled day, you can still dress up your falling curls by placing half your hair up in a tie and allowing tresses to frame your face.

22. Volume Ready
easy creem (4)All you need to do for this gorgeous hairstyle is use shampoo and condition that add volume when in the shower, rub a little mousse into your roots after towel drying, then blow-dry your hair upside-down. Take a comb and smooth over the top layer of your hair and finish off with some hair spray.

23. Back Sweep
easy creem (5)Hair spray or mousse? The decision is up to you. Achieve this look by using the same directions seen under photo 22. Sleeked back hair is a popular runway look since it’s easy to achieve, and can be easily fixed if suddenly tampered with or falls out of place.

24. Pinned Wrap
easy creem (6)Oriental inspiration can be seen in this hairstyle. Tie your hair back in a very low ponytail and wrap up, pinning it against the back of your head. Pull out a few tendrils of hair to frame your face and fall down your back.

25. Tight & Messy Bun
easy creem (7)If you’re in a quick hurry after stepping out the the shower, you can keep your fabulous wet hair look by lathering it up in some mousse or gel and fastening it into a tight and messy bun. No need for perfection here, the messier the cuter.

26. Quick Braid
easy creem (8)We’ve all had those days where our seems out of control and untamable. Use it to your advantage with this wild and sexy braided look. Start by twisting your hair with two segments, and in the middle, separate it into three segments to form a braid with the rest of the length of your hair.

27. Framing Wave
easy creem (9)Straighten your hair and part it to one side. Curl a small segment to frame your face for this elegant and posh style that’s quick to complete. You may want to use a hair product to help your hair shine throughout the night.

28. X’ed Back
easy creem (10)Not the type of girl that loves fancy barrettes? If you’ve got short hair that you want to keep back without too much glitter or sparkle, you can easily take some bobby pins and hold your tresses back by x’ing them across the entirety of your head. They’re x’ed to keep them all in place.

29. Subtlety Sleek
easy creem (11)Another lovely sleeked back look, you can take your wavy hair and keep it out of your face by using your favorite hair product (gel? hair spray? mousse?) to comb back your tresses and fashion them into a runway ready style that will help you show off your gorgeous face.

30. Teased & Flowered
easy creem (12)This retro look is easily done by straightening your hair, teasing slightly in the back for added volume, and fastening together with a simple hair tie. Add sparkling mini gems or flowers to the sides for added definition that match your outfit.

31. Large Wave
easy creem (13)Even girls with short hair can sport a wavy look. Simple to create using a curling iron or hair spraying your hair while its wrapped around your finger or a pencil.

32. Side Twist
easy creem (14)Pull your hair to one side and fasten tightly. Twist the length of your hair tightly until it begins to bunch over itself. Keep twisting until it continues to fold over and over around itself, crating a tightly twisted knotted look. Fasten the ends using a tie. Bobby pins aren’t recommended here – your hair will easily fall loose since its wrapped so tight.

33. Curling Ends
easy creem (15)Curls are classic and so easy to create if you’ve got a curling iron. Use a bit of mousse in the ends of your hair before drying and curl the tips to your liking after parting your hair to one side.

34. Waved & Pinned
easy creem (16)We love getting creative with bobby pins and this is a great example of the type of unique designs you can fashion with them. Experiment with different colors that match your outfit and place them wherever you need your hair to stay in place. X’s are going to be a common theme since X’ing bobby pins keeps them in place within your hair – otherwise they’ll easily fall out of place.

35. Headband Addition
easy creem (17)You can have a messy bun or ponytail, adding a unique, floral headband will spruce up your hairstyle into a formal visage of style.

36. Just Showered
easy creem (18)Another lovely just-showered wet hair look created with either a small layer of gel to keep in place or mousse, whichever works best with your hair type.

37. Pumped & Pretty
easy creem (19)Women that have naturally curly hair tend to have trouble coming up with different styles that fall into their hair type. Here is a perfect example of what naturally curly hair can do when placed into a bun while wet. The added bump adds definition to your style.

38. Messy Full Braid
easy creem (20)A lovely example of a braid done with layered hair, the ends messily sticking out yet completely fashionable.

39. Fishtail
easy creem (21)Fishtail braids are accomplished by weaving four strands of hair together instead of three. The result looks like the photo above, and is lovely for formal occasions as well as sporting events you’re participating in!

40. Curled with Bangs

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 12: Actress Debby Ryan arrives at the premiere of Disney Channel's "The Cheetah Girls One World" held at the El Capitan Theater on August 12, 2008 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Curls don’t always have to be formal. You can sport a curled ringlet hairstyle for casual occasions by pulling some back with a simple hair clamp instead of a fancy barrette.

41. Pulled Back
easy creem (25)For longer hair that’s naturally fine and straight, you can pull it back into a low bun or low ponytail while parted in the center giving you a look that’s both classic and chic.

42. Large Rings
easy creem (26)Long layered hair can easily be styled using a large 2 in. curling iron with a bit of mousse in the ends to keep the curls together yet bouncy.

43. Braided Ensemble
easy creem (27)We’ve seen a lot of curled hairstyes, but to add a bit of flavor to the mix, why not trying some miniature braids? You can choose to have small braids anywhere in your hair to add a bit of texture and creativity to your look.

44. Bohemian Alternatives
easy creem (28)To create the alternative fish braid seen on the left, place your hair in a high ponytail. Separate your hair into two even segments, a top and a bottom segment. Fasten the bottom segment into a ponytail. Take the top segment and separate into two, wrapping around the bottom segment and fastening. Repeat until you run out of hair to segment!

45. Gemmed Princess
easy creem (29)Dazzle up any hairstyle with a uniquely gemmed headpiece. To create the look seen above, fasten your hair into a low, loose bun or ponytail and after parting down the center. If you have bangs, you may want to fasten them to the sides with bobby pins.

46. Immaculate Décor
easy creem (30)Finding a large and unique piece of hair art such as this can sometimes bye difficult. We suggest searching on Ebay or Amazon. You’re bound to find private craftsmen and women that create lovely barrettes and hairpieces rarely seen.

47. Flowered Twist Bun
easy creem (31)Adding roses to a twisted bun can create a sensual and sexy look and goes great with outfits that are sleek and tailored. Here, real flowers have been used to fashion this hairstyle, but fake ones are guaranteed to stay put without wilting during your special occasion.

48. Odd Twist
easy creem (32)Instead of using a regular hair tie to fasten your ponytail, experiment with different materials and ribbons to create a unique look that’s all your own and matches your outfit. You can tie material tightly around your ponytail like seen here or create a big bow out of ribbon depending on what look you’re after.

49. Low Volume
easy creem (33)Sometimes we want the luxurious style of curls but want to keep the curls out of our face and eyes. Tying back our hair after curling it still looks chic and sophisticated, especially if we’ve long hair. You can choose to have the curls long and loose like seen above or in tight ringlets.

50. Sea Waves
easy creem (34)Fashion your hair to suit your own personalized look by adding a headband or a hairpiece that’s themed. Here we have a lovely seashell band that matches the pastel colors in her outfit and her skin tone. You can get creative and make your very own headpieces using headbands, gems, and charms found at your nearest hobby stores.

51. Gemmed High Bun
easy creem (35)Glamouring up our easy to create high bun just keeps getting simpler and simpler. You can purchase little hair gems that come in flowers at your nearest salon or store in the beauty section. Add some matching earrings for dazzling definition.

52. Braided Headband
easy creem (36)Be careful when trying to re-create this hairstyle. Many hairpieces that are meant to look like hair don’t always come in our personal shade, or the material they’re made of looks too shimmery – as if you can tell they really are made of plastic. If at all possible, segment your hair and create your own braided headband from your own hair!

53. Middle Braid
easy creem (37)Modern hippie-chic! A quick way to grab attention with a unique look. To get the center braid seen above that runs down your part, begin it in the back and work your way towards the front so the hair can part and slip back behind your ears.

54. 3d Braid
easy creem (38)This braid requires three strands like a normal braid, however, when weaving, you’ll have to slip the middle strand through the middle of a side strand. Here are written directions:

(1) Place hair in ponytail.
(2) Split ponytail into three segments.
(3) Split left-most segment into two pieces with index finger
(4) Pull middle strand between and through left split segment.
(5) Combine two split segments together to become the middle segment.
(6) Take right-most segment and plit into two even strands with index finger.
(7) Pull middle segment between and through right split segments just created.
(8) Combine two split segments together to become middle segment.
(9) Repeat (3) through (8) until braid forms.
(10) Secure with a hair tie and enjoy your 3d braid!

55. Quick Short Twist
easy creem (39)Easy and modern chic, this hairstyle is easy to create just by placing hair into a ponytail and weaving a short braid. Long hair not required! Great for parties and easy to maintain. If it ever falls loose, you can easily recreate it without a mirror.

56. Double Bound
easy creem (40)To get that added “poof” or “bump” in between the two hair ties, place your hair in a ponytail then tease your hair to the desired volume. Place the second hair tie in and brush the remaining length of your hair.

57. Ponytail
easy creem (41)What easier hairstyle than a classic ponytail? You can have any kind of hair – whether wavy, curly, straight – fine or thick. Consider this one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles to create. Choose whether your face is better suited for a high or low ponytail.

58. Waved & Bound
easy creem (42)To fasten your hair together like the above picture using your very own hair, grab a segment from the nape of your neck and twist it, pulling it up and around the rest of your hair and fastening it underneath with bobby pins.

59. Short & Swept
easy creem (43)Use voluminous shampoo and conditioner while showering to achieve this pampered look for short hair, drying your hair with a hair dryer and straightening with a flat iron where needed. To add some primp, curl your tresses on the sides of your face to frame it and add definition.


Sometimes, pictures aren’t enough to help us out in our endeavors to create a new and exciting hairstyle for that special occasion. Below are a few video tutorials for those of us that prefer learning by watching others fabricate a great hair style.

60. Mermaid Half Braid Tutorial

61. Draped French Braid Tutorial

62. ‘Running Late’ Hairstyles

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