99 Sexy Cutout Dresses for When You Want to Show a Little Skin

Cutouts are as popular as ever. Celebrities rock them on the red carpet, models rock them on catwalks, fashion bloggers rock them in glam photoshoots. The trend is unescapable, so every true fashionista must have at least one cutout dress in her closet to wear with pride whenever she wants to feel sexy and ladylike. Because these dresses are extremely provocative without being too revealing. And the best part? They’re flattering on almost any silhouette. We’ve gathered plenty of examples below that will convince you a cutout dress is the easiest way to look feminine and flaunt your best assets at the same time.

cutout dress (1)

A seemingly basic dress, but the cutouts and the bow keep things interesting. Loving the contrast between and the tight bodice and the skater skirt.

cutout dress (1)

You can easily wear a cutout dress as a top. Pair it with jeans for a casual look.

cutout dress (2)

An extremely feminine skirt and a bodice cut out in all the right places. That’s what we call a winning outfit. The neon color really stands out.

cutout dress (2)

The funky colors are to die for, while the strategic cutouts highlight her perfect silhouette.

cutout dress (3)

Christina Milian really knows how to rock a maxi dress cut in all the right places. If you’re looking for something more low-key though, skip the generous cleavage.

cutout dress (4)

Cutout dresses are great for formal events. Accessorize them smartly and you’ve got an eye-grabbing outfit in a jiffy.

cutout dress (5)

The pattern is very cool, and the cutout discreet and effective. The shows are also gorgeous.

AngelaBaby - Cosmopolitan May 2014

Cutouts can make it difficult to find a bra that will go with the dress, but there are plenty of invisible options out there. Or, you know, you can always go bra-less. Sexy and liberating at the same time.

cutout dress (7)

The designer was very creative here, and it really pays off. We can’t take our eyes off the lovely top.

cutout dress (8)

Simple, elegant, and suitable for work. Pair it with a blazer and you’ll look like a fashionable #girlboss.

cutout dress (9)

This dress kind of screams ‘date’, especially paired with those sexy shoes. She has a point though – who could resist those stripes?

cutout dress (10)

For a more casual outing, flip-flops are highly recommended. The vintage suitcase doesn’t hurt either.

cutout dress (11)

If you’re planning an outfit for a crazy night out you can’t go wrong with a tight cutout dress and gladiator sandals. You’ll be the life of the party.

cutout dress (12)

Remember what be said about sexy, but not too revealing? Here’s a perfect example of what we meant.

cutout dress (13)

Casual doesn’t have to mean boring. Case and point.

cutout dress (14)

Cutout dresses are perfect for the beach, while this shade of baby blue does a great job at highlighting that subtle tan.

cutout dress (15)

Gorgeous dress, wonderful necklace. When it comes to accessories, keeping things simple is your best bet. A statement piece is often more effective than multiple necklaces or bracelets.

cutout dress (16)

How cute is this? The pockets alone are perfection, not to mention that strategic cut.

cutout dress (17)

Eye-catching pattern? Check! Funky colors? Check! Flattering cutout? Check! She’s more than ready to hit the town in this stunning outfit.

cutout dress (18)

For a more elegant affair, here’s a spin on the classic little black dress that will ensure all eyes will be on you. If you’re proud of your waist, why not show it off?

cutout dress (19)

A daring and revealing dress, but also a feminine choice. You may not be able to wear this outfit at the office, but it’s ideal for a party or club outing.

cutout dress (20)

Cutouts don’t have to be extreme. Even a minimal one can bring new life into a seemingly basic dress. A deeper V, for instance, will highlight your cleavage in a sexy but subtle way.

cutout dress (21)

Classy, elegant, provocative.

cutout dress (22)

Mesh has really made its way into mainstream fashion. It’s great for toughening up your outfits and making you look effortlessly chic. See what we mean?

cutout dress (23)

Jessica Alba is always a stunner, and she knows how to take maximum advantage of strategic cutouts. We should follow her lead.

cutout dress (24)

You can’t look more feminine than this. Heart cutouts are hugely popular for a reason – they’re uber-cute. And kind of whimsical, don’t you agree?

cutout dress (25)

The black and white combo makes this outfit look classy and stylish, while the small cutout gives it a bit of an edge.

cutout dress (26)

This dress basically screams summer and we’re really digging it. Anything with stripes is a good fashion choice in our humble opinion anyway.

cutout dress (27)

Red is the color of passion, so it’s fitting for such a daring and gorgeous dress.

cutout dress (28)

Elegant and edgy, this dress will win you some major fashion points. Make sure you pair it with a sturdy pair of shoes, as it doesn’t quite go with strappy sandals.

cutout dress (29)

See what we meant about cutout dresses being well-suited for any silhouette? As long as you go for one that highlights your assets you’ll truly shine.

cutout dress (30)

Emma Watson looks wonderful in this whimsical dress – it’s flattering, eye-catching, and interesting. The shoes are great too.

cutout dress (31)

Cutout dresses are great in the spring, but they’ll also come in handy this summer. They’re basically an investment piece, versatile and comfy.

cutout dress (32)

Loving the color and the funky pattern!

cutout dress (33)

Hello, stripes! This dress has a gorgeous back and it looks great with that navy bag. Plus, the outfit is suitable for numerous occasions, from a business lunch to a casual after-work date. Wherever you decide to wear it, you’ll look stunning.

cutout dress (34)

Wonderful print, sexy statement necklace, eye-catching cutouts. Glorious outfit indeed.

cutout dress (35)

Lucy Liu is a queen and she knows it. Her stylist really figured out how to highlight her perfect silhouette.

cutout dress (36)

Floral prints are ideal for spring and they look great on cutout dresses. They’re girly and flirty. If you want to pull off a feminine look, this is how you do it.

cutout dress (37)

Neon colors are here to stay. Color block outfits are all the rage. Cutouts are as hot as ever. Combine these three trends and you’re golden.


cutout dress (39)

When the weather isn’t as warm as you’d like, pairing your dress with a warm cardigan and boots is the way to go.

cutout dress (40)

The perfect look for a festival, right?

cutout dress (41)

Blake Lively’s body is to die for, and she sure knows how to highlight all her best assets via gorgeous, form-fitting dresses. We’re in awe.

cutout dress (42)

Sexy and playful.

cutout dress (43)

Taylor Swift really knows how to take maximum advantage of cutouts. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, she’s the queen of feminine attire.

cutout dress (44)

Lovely cutouts, lively pattern.

cutout dress (45)

Sequins galore! This dress will look awesome on the dance floor.

cutout dress (46)

Another shot of Taylor Swift-y perfection.

cutout dress (47)

White is a tricky color to wear, but rewarding in so many ways.

cutout dress (48)

Kim really knows how to make a trend her own, and cutouts are no exception.

cutout dress (49)

Another upgrade on the classic little black dress we know you’ll appreciate.

cutout dress (50)

Short, sweet, and very sexy.

cutout dress (51)

This might just be perfect spring dress. It’s got flowers, it’s got cutouts, its good ribbons, and it’s extremely flattering.

cutout dress (52)

The fringe at the bottom is mesmerizing.

cutout dress (53)

Are those cutouts in the shape of a skull? Very intriguing.

cutout dress (54)

Another awesome festival look. Summer can’t come soon enough.

cutout dress (55)

Serious in the front, party in the back!

cutout dress (56)

Lovely print and great colors. She really stands out from the crowd.

cutout dress (57)

Gorgeous design.

cutout dress (58)

This dress barely has a back, but we’re in no way complaining.

cutout dress (59)

Casual, feminine, stunning.

cutout dress (60)

Cutout dresses are a great choice for prom. They’re playful and memorable, so your date will definitely be impressed. The shoes are also uber-cute.


Festival look #3, because we need options. And this is probably the only setting where cutout dresses + boots = perfection.

cutout dress (62)

Horizontal lines aren’t very flattering, but that’s not a problem when you’ve got a perfect silhouette. Better show it off.

cutout dress (63)

It doesn’t get more bohemian than this.

cutout dress (64)

Is it a bathing suit? No, it’s a dress, and a daring one. It will definitely help you turn some heads.

cutout dress (65)

Short, hot, stunning. Perfect for a 4th of July party.

cutout dress (66)

Pink is a popular color for cutout dresses, since it makes the whole outfit look even more feminine.

Well that’s a bold look! We’re really digging the design of the dress, while the shoes ae mesmerizing on their own.

cutout dress (68)

Great dress, amazing shoes.

cutout dress (69)

If you have a discreet tattoo, a well-placed cutout can be the perfect way to highlight it.

cutout dress (70)

Simple, strapless, wonderful.

cutout dress (71)

Mesh makes another special appearance.

cutout dress (72)

Stunning cutout, awesome bag.


cutout dress (74)

The deep V is perfection.

cutout dress (75)

An interesting take on the cutout trend, recommended only for the bold fashionistas.

cutout dress (76)

That ombre effect is sensational.

cutout dress (77)

Simple, yet oh so effective!

cutout dress (78)

Leighton Meester knows how to use the power of mesh in her favor. She looks completely dazzling.

cutout dress (79)

Provocative and mesmerizing.

cutout dress (80)

How perfect is this bodice? We’re in awe.

cutout dress (81)

Great color and great use of string.

cutout dress (82)

The thing about white dresses is that they’re the perfect canvas for some bold patterns. Case and point.

cutout dress (83)

Party on the beach? Here’s a perfect outfit for your summer adventures.

cutout dress (84)

Classy, elegant, and edgy at the same time. Nonetheless, the perfect outfit to rock when visiting Paris.

cutout dress (85)

The cherries are extremely cute.

cutout dress (86)

Casual, but the neon color really helps this dress stand out.

cutout dress (87)

If you’re going for cleavage, this dress will really help you highlight your assets, if you know what we mean.

cutout dress (88)

Elegant and very princess-like.

cutout dress (89)

Simple, yet stunning.

cutout dress (90)

Polka dots really are a girl’s best friends.

cutout dress (91)

Same design, different patterns. Both great.

cutout dress (92)

Awesome use of color.

cutout dress (93)

A gorgeous and extremely feminine outfit for an elegant affair.

cutout dress (94)

Release you inner Gaga.

cutout dress (95)

Ravishing dress, don’t you agree?

cutout dress (96)

Festival look #4, because we can’t get enough of these boho-chic outfits.


cutout dress (98)

Daring and mesmerizing.

cutout dress (99)

If you’re looking to really make an impression, this is the way to go.

cutout dress (100)

The shoes are also perfection by the way.

cutout dress (101)

This dress is giving us vintage feels and it’s oh so charming.

cutout dress (102)

Ending with some stripes, because stripes are always the best.

A cutout dress is the perfect look for a night out or a fancy cocktail party. You can pair it with a pair of strappy sandals and a simple clutch. By keeping things simple, you really let the cutouts shine.

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