73 DIY Cute Nail Designs [Inspo+Instructions]

Your nails looking a little bit flat? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer with this amazing list of cool nail designs that you can whip up all by yourself at home!

Here’s what you need in your nail art kit to get started with your fab designs:

Tape for stripes

Heaps of different polish colors, including brights, nudes, metallic, glitters and pastels

Foil designs for transfer

A nail dotter (or bamboo skewer)

A thin striper brush

Pearls or nail caviar

Nail stickers



Nail polish remover pads

Matte topcoat

Liquid latex

Once your nail kit is complete, you’re good to go! Check out these inspiring designs to get started.


A Royal Affair

cute nail designs creem (11)

This amazing royal red look can be completed with cherry red polish, striped tape, gold gemstones and a clear varnish topcoat. Simply lie the tape in a triangular fashion to get the stripes, paint your red over the top and remove the tape. When it’s dry, add a clear topcoat. Add gold gemstones between the stripes to complete the look.

Bright Polka Dots

cute nail designs creem (12)

What you will need to create this look is first of all a white bottom coat. From there, you will need to use your dotter to create different sized dots or different colors all over the nails. This will take a while to dry by we promise, it’ll be worth it!

Dripping Nails

cute nail designs creem (13)

These dripping nails look oh so cool! To recreate this look, add your bottom coat (the one at the bottom of the nail) and wait for it to set. Carefully add in the drips with a second color. When that’s set you’ll need to add a third color highlight to make the drops look like they’re glistening. Voila! You’re done.

True Blood Fan Nails

cute nail designs creem (14)

Hands up who loves True Blood? Get the look with this set of nails. Use the dripping effect from the previous set of nails that we showed for the first one. The second requires a bottom coat and writing True Blood with your fine brush in two separate colors. Create the spatter look by thinning out a little red polish and splattering across your nail – remember to coat around the edges in liquid latex so it doesn’t go everywhere! For the final nail, pail halfway up your nail in black. On the second coat thin the red with nail polish remover so the black shows through underneath.

Zig Zag Pop

cute nail designs creem (15)

This look is easily achieved by painting all nails except one a bright coral. On the ring finger, paint a white bottom coat and let it dry. When it’s dried use striped tape to create zig zags and then paint over with black polish. Remove the stripes and you’re done!

Bee Nails
cute nail designs creem (16)

These bee nails require a bottom yellow coat on all nails except the ring finger. For the thumb and pinky, use striped tape to create horizontal stripes and then color over with black, and remove when becoming dry. Use your dotter to add white dots to the middle finger. Paint your ring finger with black glitter paint and then add jewels to the base of the pointer finger and the ring finger.

Monsters Inc. Nails

cute nail designs creem (17)

Can’t get enough of Monsters Inc.? Try these nails at home. There’s a purple bottom coat for the pointer, black for the middle, yellow for the ring, and pastel green for the pinky. You can then paint on the monster with green and purple on your pointer and pinky. Add googly eyes by making big dots in white with your dotter, then once it’s dry, smaller black dots.

Mustache Nails

cute nail designs creem (18)

Mustaches are in! Give your nails a quick lick of pastel yellow undercoat and then add these mustache transfers to complete the look.

All the Cherries

cute nail designs creem (19)

This is a sweet look with a pinup doll look. After a white basecoat, draw big red dots with your dotter for cherries, and use your thin brush to draw in the stems. Once dry, add smaller white dots to your cherries to make them glisten.

Pink Polka Dots

cute nail designs creem (20)

Take a nude basecoat over each finger. Then get your dotter and all your fav shades of pink out and add small and big dots in all different colors coming up from the base of your nail.

Pastel Orange Flowers

cute nail designs creem (21)

Another design that’s easy to do with your dotter. Swipe your nails with a pastel orange shade. After this, add a single glitter dot on each nail. Now add large white dotes arranged around the glitter dot. To finish, put smaller dots of the pastel orange on the white dots, next to the glitter.

Wedding Jewels

cute nail designs creem (22)

These are a beautiful design for a wedding. Simply take nude nails, add a floral white lace sticker to the nail, and then affix clear and white nail jewels to each nail as you please.

Candy Nails

cute nail designs creem (23)

Nail caviar can look almost good enough to eat! For these nails, add a candy pink basecoat to begin. After that, you will need to coat with the caviar basecoat and then dip them into your multi-color caviar!

Rich Red Lace

cute nail designs creem (24)

For this rich red lace pattern, give your nails a basecoat of rich, blood red polish. Now take your black glitter polish and carefully draw in the lace design above.

Devilish Red Nails

cute nail designs creem (25)

Check out these high shine beauties! Get out that blood red nail polish and coat all fingers except your ring finger – do that one in black. Give each finger a clear top coat each the ring finger, where your put white in the center but not quite to the edges. Now take a fine liner pen and draw in the features of the skulls.

Supreme Pink Nails

cute nail designs creem (26)

All the pinks! Use a glitter pink for your pinky, a pastel pink for your ring finger, and a bright pink for your pointer, then coat each in a glossy topcoat. For the middle finger, use a white basecoat. Now use the pinks from the ring and pointer to draw the plant designs on your middle finger using your fine brush. This technique might need a bit of practice!

Perfect Nude Nails

cute nail designs creem (27)

When you find the right shade of nude nail polish, you might never want to go fancy again!

Nude Jewel Highlight

cute nail designs creem (28)

Start with nude nails and at a slight glitter top coat to them. Now you will just need to jam as many clear crystals onto your highlight nail as possible! Easy!

The Half Jewel

cute nail designs creem (29)

Start with nude nails, you don’t even have to paint them if you don’t want to! Then, place gold gemstones in little lines down your nail on the diagonal to achieve this look.

The Palm Tree Highlight

cute nail designs creem (30)

You’ll need to give yourself a French mani to start off with this one. After you’re finished, give your middle finger a quick swipe with a sparsely glittered clear top coat. Now add a brown trunk for the tree and green fronds with your fine brush. When you’re done, add small white birds to finish the look off.

The Mustache Highlight

cute nail designs creem (31)

Give your nails a nude bottom coat and then use your striped tape to create jaggers on each finger except the ring finger. Color up to the tape line with a bright coral, and then remove the tape to see the look. Finish off but popping on a black mustache onto your ring finger.

All the Love

cute nail designs creem (32)

This cute design is an easy one too. Paint your nails in a base coat in the following order: pastel pink, white, pastel pink, black, and white. Now add hearts in the opposite color to each nail except the ring finger (use your fine brush to do this) and then add a bow with your pastel pink on the remaining black nail.

Awesome 80s Nails

cute nail designs creem (33)

Use nail tape to create this awesome and interesting pattern – it might take a while, but it’s worth it! First of all, paint your nails in electro pink, except the middle nail, which should be white. Next, add nail tape in strips all down each nail on the one side. Swipe over the strip with the opposite color but make sure that it trails off. Take off the strips and wait for your nails to dry. Repeat with the other side.

The Chanel Lover

cute nail designs creem (34)

Add Chanel foil prints to your pink mani for the perfect Chanel look!

The Christmas Crew

cute nail designs creem (35)

Drag out your Christmas colors for this set. All you’ll need for this one is your regular brush and your dotter. Make sure that you wait for everything to dry properly!

Cross Highlight

cute nail designs creem (36)

A mauve bottom coat works perfectly here for the cross highlight. Draw a white cross on your ring ringer, and then when dry add jewels to the lines of white to really make the design pop.

London Baby!

cute nail designs creem (37)

Hello? I think I hear London calling! You’ll need your fine tipped brush to recreate this London look that would be an ideal design for the holidayer fresh to the UK. Use a dark blue for your British flag feature nails, and a light blue for the background of your London Eye and Big Ben pieces.

Science Babe

cute nail designs creem (38)

Are you into chemistry? Then this nail look might be the go to get you through finals! Start with a white basecoat and then add small black lines. To finish with, get your dotter out and add blue and red dots to the end.


cute nail designs creem (39)

These nails have been designed straight from the hit 80s arcade game, Pacman. Use a black base coat and then draw in Pacman and Mrs. Pacman, along with ghosts and other obstacles. Add blue lines for the walls and little dots for your Pacman to eat up.

The Perfect Pink

cute nail designs creem (40)

Get yourself the perfect shade of pink and then top it off with a shiny clear gloss topcoat. These are acrylic nails, for if you’d like to strengthen or elongate your nails.

Mixed Up Glitter Bomb

cute nail designs creem (41)

Here you will need to start with a nude base coat. Add a single gem to your pink, spaced out clear gems to your ring finger, a skull stick on gem to your middle finger, a swipe of glitter to your pointer, and a row of clear gemstones to the bottom of your thumb. It’s nude that sparkles!

Pink Leopard Highlight

cute nail designs creem (42)

Get your highlight in a popular leopard print. Use pink as a basecoat on all your nails except your highlight ring finger – which you need to paint white. After the white has dried add little rough semi circles and circles in the pink over the white to make it look like a leopard print.

The Louis Vuitton Lover

cute nail designs creem (43)

Find yourself some LV print nail tape and go nuts with this Louis Vuitton design. Make sure that your basecoat is the perfect shade of LV brown to get it just right.

The Black Veil Highlight

cute nail designs creem (44)

You don’t have to have long nails to show them off! For short nails, simply swipe a bright color as your basecoat, then add an intricate black design over a single digit for a highlight black lace effect.

The Double Highlight

cute nail designs creem (45)

Another great one for short nails, the double highlight. Add a generate touch of bright polish to your pinky, pointer and thumb, and then white to your ring finger and middle finger. On the pinky add a single row of boss gemstones, and draw a little dotted flower on your middle finger.

The Nude Lowlight

cute nail designs creem (46)

Thought the French manicure was boring? Think again! This modern take on the French mani sees your pointer and pinky fingers as all white and just a tiny little moon of pink down the bottom of your middle and ring fingers.

Hello Kitty Nails

cute nail designs creem (47)

For those who absolutely love their Hello Kitty, this is a must have nail. Find yourself a strip of Hello Kitty decals and go nuts sticking them onto your nude nails. Finish with a coat of clear polish to truly set them in place.

The Feathered Highlight

cute nail designs creem (48)

Check out these baby blues! The nail model has a pastel blue basecoat and then has added clear glitter to the tips. The highlight nail has a white basecoat with the pastel blue dots and then a bold feathered highlight in electro pink.

Matte Glamazon

cute nail designs creem (57)

The hottest, most glam nails at the moment are all done with a matte topcoat. The burgundy color is the cream of the crop, and with a matte topcoat and a single highlight finger with a row of gemstones, makes it the hottest look right now.

Spider Tales

cute nail designs creem (58)

This fun design is perfect for Halloween of when you’re just feeling a little bit spooky. Start with a glitter pink basecoat and then draw in your white spider webs carefully with your thin tipped brush. Add a black spider and googly eyes with your dotting pen and then extend his legs with your thin brush.

Pastel Blue

cute nail designs creem (59)

You don’t need acrylics or gels to get pretty nails. Here the model has used a pretty pale pastel blue on her natural nails to make them really stand out.

Polka Dot Highlight

cute nail designs creem (60)

Another popular dot feature, we love them because they are easy to do! For these nails you need a white basecoat across all nails except your ring finger, followed by using your dotter across the top of them for an even color in bright blue. On your feature nail, paint a dark background and then go over the top (but not to the edges!) in your bright blue color. Finish off with a few white dots on your feature nail.

King Frog

cute nail designs creem (61)

We’re digging this cartoon set with the king frog feature. To achieve this look paint all nails an electron pink. From there, create your yellow crown, green frog body, and white accents with your regular brush and leave to dry. After the design has dried, use your thin brush to do the black outlines.

Swans in Love

cute nail designs creem (62)

Check out these gorgeous swans in love! For this nail, you’ll need a bar nail to begin with. Fill in the bottom half with your light blue “water” polish. Now, take your thin brush and draw in your swans in a brilliant white. After, use your dotter to draw in the love hearts, beaks and eyes, in black and red respectively.

Halloween Cobwebs

cute nail designs creem (63)

Spooky set right here! Starting from a white base, you’ll want to make the bottom half of your nails a brilliant, electro green. Afterwards, take your thin tipped brush and draw on your cobwebs and spiders. Once everything is dry, use a glitter topcoat to set it.

Feminine Delight

cute nail designs creem (64)

This set reminds us of high tea and scones! Use a white base coat to get yourself started. After this, try a peach glitter lower on one nail, peach dots on another, some pink roses drawn in with your small tipped brush (don’t forget the green leaves!) and a full glitter nail in peach too.

Abstract Artistry

cute nail designs creem (65)

Try some edgy artwork with these awesome nails. Starting from nude, we recommend using striped tape to draw in your white lines, be if you’re good at free handing, you’ll be able to draw these in yourself. Add pops of color to the interior with your fine tipped brush and you’re done!

These Words

cute nail designs creem (66)

If you’re an avid reader, or simply like to chat, then this may be your best look yet. You’ll need to pick up some nails deals with writing on them and add them to all your nails but one – make sure that you have a white background first! You can then take your nail pen and draw in a bookshelf on your accent nail. Add different colors to the books using your thin brush.

High Design

cute nail designs creem (67)

Combine the hottest colors of the season for a truly unique abstract look. Add geometric designs in black outlines with your thin tipped brush and then swipe on pastel blues and muted browns in between. These sort of nails will take you about an hour to complete in full. Be careful, as it’s easy to make mistakes!

The Tribal Accent

cute nail designs creem (69)

To get these nails: Leave a half moon on all fingers (bar your accent finger) and swipe the rest with a bright color. Go along this crescent with a glitter outline and add a standout gem in the middle. On your accent finger, paint it white and then add stripes of color across. To finish, take your nail pen and go over the top with black Aztec designs.


cute nail designs creem (71)

These little dog designs are best left to the professionals! Get down to your local salon to see if they can paint you up a pretty pug.

Ethnic Art

cute nail designs creem (72)

Start with a deep blue base coat and then start doodling top your hearts content! This design blends beautiful gold and maroon into the nail. You’ll need some steady hands for this one!

The Vines

cute nail designs creem (73)

This design is fairly simple to do at home. Take your pointer finger and your pinky and coat them in a black, then add a single jewel down the bottom of the nail bed on each. Now, take your two bare nails and your thin tipped brush and draw black vine designs on each. Do an outline around each of these nails in black too.

My Family

cute nail designs creem (74)

Why not take your family with you? Check out this family set for inspiration. You’ll need black, brown and orange for this set, as well as a thin tipped brush to paint in all the people’s features. A great idea for when family occasions come around!

The Camo Set

cute nail designs creem (75)

This splatter camo set looks like you’ve been hard out working in the jungle! Start with a bright orange base coat and then add careful smudgy khaki splatters to your nail. Put smaller smudgy splatters in black over the top to complete.

Wear Them with Pride

cute nail designs creem (76)

Show off your pride with these rainbow yellow nails! Use your striped nail tape to do strips of blue, green, yellow and red on each nail, and add a beaming love heart feature nail for that little bit of extra pop!

By the Seashore

cute nail designs creem (77)

These decals are an awesome way to show how much you love being by the sea! Finish them off with a glossy top coat of clear lacquer to really make them sparkle.

Island Holiday

cute nail designs creem (78)

These palm trees are the work of serious professionals! Find out where does the best nail art in your area and ask for them to give you these babies.

Love Tips

cute nail designs creem (79)

French mani? Boring? Why not get a love mani? Add these love heart shaped tips to your nails in red and then add a clear topcoat to finish off the romantic look.

Hawaiian Beauty

cute nail designs creem (80)

These airbrushed nails are an absolute delight! Look specific for a salon that specializes in airbrushing to get yourself a design like this Hawaiian Beauty look.

High Fashion Fun

cute nail designs creem (81)

Mix and match with these black and white nails. Use your nail tape to create interested lined designs in black and white and then mess around with different textures too. Make some nails gloss and some nails matte!

Circular by Design

cute nail designs creem (82)

This design uses a white background and your trusty dotter tool again. These dots require three different colors each so make sure that your first dot is really large so the other ones will fit inside it!

Fall Tips

cute nail designs creem (83)

Another beautiful airbrush tattoo. Head down to your airbrush salon to get these nails.

Into the Woods

cute nail designs creem (1)

Paint one side of your nail in pink and one in mauve, on the diagonal. When it’s dry, use black to draw in a tree across the nail.

Barbie’s Fan Club

cute nail designs creem (2)

The beautiful Barbie look! Do too nails in glitter of two different types (big and little) and then coat one nail in white and one in pastel pink. Draw in red lips on the white nail and white dots on your pink nail, with a tiny red heart.

Penguin Parade

cute nail designs creem (3)

These penguins can easily be done with black, white, orange and purple, with your regular brush and the dotter.


cute nail designs creem (4)

These white decals can be affixed for an ethereal theme.

Team K-Pop


cute nail designs creem (5)

Sharp, short nails are the look right now. Go all out with bright pink and bold black and white. The bow gem here is a real standout of the set.

Jeweled Tips

cute nail designs creem (6)

Bling up your standard red nail by adding gold gemstones on the diagonal. A good nail glue will do you wonders for this job!

Pretty Leopards and Tigers




cute nail designs creem (7)

These pretties must have taken the wearer a whole lot of time to complete! How would you attempt this look?

Sailor’s Nails

cute nail designs creem (8)

The sailor design is simple and hot! Easy blue stripes over your white basecoat with the stripe tape, and a gold glitter anchor design for your highlight nail.

Happy Go Lucky

cute nail designs creem (9)

Easily draw flowers with your dotter tool and then add a yellow smiley face accent tool for hippy nails.

Let it Snow

cute nail designs creem (10)

Use a white basecoat for your snowball design. From here, draw on Rudolph and the snowflake prints with your fine tipped brush. Don’t forget your dotting tool for his googly eyes!


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