58 Beautiful Cornrows Hairstyles For Women

Braids are a great way to have great style while not having to worry about your hair for months. Aside from washing it, you don’t have to worry about styling or adding product. Once it’s done, you don’t have to do it again for months. It also protects your hair from over styling as well as environmental issues. It’s the kind of hairstyle that attracts attention if you want an eye-catching look.

Having a braided look allows you a lot of creativity. You can really design it in many different ways. There are plenty of techniques that can give you a great and unique design. You can also experiment with different patterns, colors, highlights or shapes. If you have really thick or curly hair, then you are at an advantage because it will make the braids hold better. There are many different types of braids such as block braids, cornrows, twist braids, microbraids, fishtail braids, braided buns and French braids. Once you decide what kind of braids you want, then the hard part is over, and all you have to do is sit and get your marvelous hairstyle. You can use braids for casual days or fancy events they are very versatile.

Braids have been around for thousands of years. It’s high in fashion, and it’s still popular right now. They are a special look that has stood the test of time. It’s a gorgeous style that is also eye-catching.

1. Thick Cornrows Hairstyle

A great cornrow design that looks very alien-like. It’s a badass style that is amazing. The rows go back and fall to the neckline.

cornrows-hairstyles00012. Swirling Cornrows

These cornrows are swirling to the back of the head in a unique design. It’s a long length with a unique design.


3. Tiny Cornrows Hairstyle

Small cornrows are great for kids because it gives a unique look.


4. Cornrow Bun

A great design that has cornrows going up in a unique design and then pulled into a bun. The style can be left down or pulled into an updo; it’s amazing.

cornrows-hairstyles00315. One Braid

If you don’t want a full head of braids, then try one out for size. Place it on the side of your head for a unique style. This allows you to still style the rest of your hair without having to braid it all.

cornrows-hairstyles00416. Just Add Color

Coloring your cornrows is becoming a popular trend, mainly because the braids really stand out. In this case, they are blonde which stands out against the darker pieces.

cornrows-hairstyles00517. Signature Styles

This is a unique way of pulling your hair together in a different design. Find out your own signature style and have your braids designed that way.

cornrows-hairstyles00618. Colored Bun

Another example of a braided bun but these braids are twisted. The splash of color is also a nice touch.


9. Small Cornrows

These small cornrows bring about a different style. It depends on the look that you are going for. These braids are also pulled back into a bun.


10. Pulled Back Braids

A great braided style that is pulled back and falls to the neck.

cornrows-hairstyles009111. Twisted Braids

This style is pulled off to the side, and the braids are twists. All the braids are pulled to one side creating a unique style.


12. Unique Designs

A great example of how braids can be designed into a work of art. It’s a gorgeous style that is sure to be eye-catching.

cornrows-hairstyles011113. Skinny Braids

A skinny style that has long braids falling loose. There is one small braid as the center part that makes for a unique overall design.

cornrows-hairstyles012114. Lots of Curls

These tiny and tight cornrows are set in a diagonal pattern that looks amazing. The rest of the hair is unbraided and left curly. It’s a stunning hairstyle that you are sure to love.


15. Multi-colored

This sexy length is amazing and the colors really make it stand out.

cornrows-hairstyles014116. Separate Bangs

Braids are moving to the back and the bangs are separated and parted to the side.


17. Side Braids

If you just want to try a few braids on for size, then this would be a good look. The rest of the hair is left long with just the side braided, it’s stunning.

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18. Model Braids

This popular braided design is loved by many models on the runway. It’s an easy look that is no nonsense when they need to worry about being quick.

cornrows-hairstyles017119. Braids and Curls

This short look is incredible because of the braids. The braids are just against the head while the rest is left curly. It’s truly an original design.

cornrows-hairstyles018120. Beautiful Braids

This is a great look for kids because it’s low maintenance. You can get it done and then not have to worry about it again for months. It’s perfect during the school year because then you don’t have to worry about styling for months.

cornrows-hairstyles019121. Pulled Up

Tiny braids that are pulled up in a unique style. The bun on top of the head is left loose.

cornrows-hairstyles020122. Thin Braids

These are the tiniest of braids, and they are pulled tight to the head. They start off small but then grow larger and are pulled together. A beautiful design that you are sure to love.

cornrows-hairstyles021123. Star Style

A few braids pulled tight to the head, and they fall to her neckline. cornrows-hairstyles0221Recommended:

24. A Star Shape

Four braids pulled into a star shape that makes for  a unique design. If you want something beautiful, then this is the look for you.


25. A Large Bun

The only way to achieve this look is to have a lot of hair or to add extensions. This style is just not possible without a lot of hair available. The braids are small, and the coloring is perfect for the overall style.


26. Afro Design

This gorgeous afro design starts off with short cornrows on the scalp. The color really makes the whole look.


27. Stunning Mohawk

I love this incredible design. If you want something extraordinary, then go after this design. It is sure to turn everyone head. The Mohawk has it’s own special braiding technique, and then there is a cornrow design on the side of the head spelling out LOVE.


28. Purple Braid

These sexy curls look awesome in a purple shade, and all she needs is one thick braid to complete the whole look.


29. Thin Styles

These are microbraids, and they create a really unique design. It’s all pulled up into a bun-like style.


30. Red and Stunning

A truly unique design that you are sure to love if you want something different. The braids start off small and then get bigger to form the bun.


31. Key to Style

Alicia Keys loves cornrows; she is always sporting the style to red carpet events. These small braids really create a great look.


32. Incredible Designs

If you are looking for an original design, then this is a great one. The braids are formed into a great design on top and then left standard at the bottom.


33. Loose on Top

A small braided design on the side that is left loose on top to form into an updo. Its red coloring is just an added bonus to achieving a great style.


34. Circular Braids

This circular braided design is amazing when it’s brought together in this unique design.


35. A Floral Design

A stunning braided design that takes small braids and forms them into a flower design. These braids are truly beautiful, and if you want something incredible, this is it. The best part is that it will last for months.


36. Double Buns

These tiny braids look amazing, and they are all tied together into two big buns. It’s a great look that takes a lot of hair to complete.


27. Golden Braids

A blonde bun that looks incredible due to the shine. These golden looks really have some punch to them because of the bold coloring.


28. Tiny Styling

A great style that starts off with small braids and but the braiding ends at the scalp. The rest of the hair is left loose and curly.


29. Multi-Colored Designs

These stunning twist braids come in different sizes, but the most remarkable thing about them is the colors. It could be extensions, or she could have dyed them, either way, they are stunning. I just love the golden blonde and the red together.


30. Triple Threat

All you need is three braids on each side to create this magnificent Mohawk design.


31. Loose Braids

Braids don’t have to be tight to the head to be truly amazing. This is a great example of how loose braids could look so incredible you could wear them to an event. A stunning work of art.


32. Long Braids

One long braid down the side completes this look. It’s an amazing design for someone who wants a braid, but not an all over look. It’s stunning.


33. Dark Braids

Small braids on the side are tight to the head while the large braid on top completes the whole look. The dark color is really striking with the whole overall design.


34. Add Jewelry

As if this Mohawk design wasn’t gorgeous enough, then she adds rings to the fishtail braid to make it that much more beautiful. I love the white blonde hair because it makes the look increasingly amazing.


35. Braids of Any Size

Small braids and large ones as well. The large braids are looser while the small braids are tighter to the scalp. It’s a stunning design that you can wear to your next event.


36. A Curved Braid

A great design that has a curved braid to it.


37. Unique Center Part

This braided design has a unique part that stands above the head. The bun is left loose. This is a great design that could easily be used at your next event.


38. Small Styles

These small braids are a great design.


39. Micro-braids

A great micro-braid design to achieve a stunning look.


40. Stunning Style

A great design that has all the braids bunched up together to achieve a different style.


41. Corn Twists

A combination of having cornrows that turn into twist braids.


42. The Ponytail

Braids against the scalp that are left loose in the ponytail. It’s a great look that will last months.


43. Colored Braids

Small cornrows that are pulled back into a unique design.


44. Double Braids

A stunning design for Sienna Miller that really makes for a great red carpet look. She only has two braids on the top of her head and the rest is left loose.


45. Messy Braids

A great style that doesn’t have a lot of braids and it’s a messy design.


46. Multiple Styles

Two different design, one has twist braids, and the other has thick cornrows.

cornrows-hairstyles056147. Two Braids

One braid on each side of her head forms two large braids on either side. It’s an amazing style that you can use for a casual event, and it lasts for months.

cornrows-hairstyles057148. Stylish Cornrows Hairstyle

This is a great example of a style that is unique and gorgeous.


49. The Side Design

This side part is created with a lot of small designs. This style is bold and unique.


50. Side Braids

The curves on top create a unique pattern, and the rest is pulled to the side.

cornrows-hairstyles060151. Pony Braids

The braids are pulled tight to the scalp and then made into a ponytail.

cornrows-hairstyles061152. Stylish Small Braids

This side part achieves a unique design, and this is the kind of look that could be used for the office as well as an event.

cornrows-hairstyles062153. Straight Braids

Three braids with small amounts of jewelry complete the look. The rest is left loose to create a beautiful style.

cornrows-hairstyles063154. Incredible Cornrows Design

If you want a show-stopping style, then this is the kind of styling you want. These designs are amazing if you want something different.

cornrows-hairstyles064155. Tiny and Curled Cornrows Hairstyle

A great example of braids and curls together.

cornrows-hairstyles065156. Bun Designs

Tiny buns that make up the bangs and the rest is a bun.


57. Eternity Design

These thick braids look like the eternity symbol. You need a lot of hair to achieve this design.

cornrows-hairstyles067158. Sexy Buns

A great braid design that is formed into a bun.


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