66 Adventure Coordinates Tattoo Ideas for Your Next Trip

If you are thinking of a new tattoo design, then why not represent your love of travel or to remember that unforgettable trip you went on with your loved one. Tattoos aren’t just a means of decorating your body, most often they are a means of representing passions or keeping a memory alive. Many people take a lot of time deciding on a tattoo because they want it to have meaning. Time is taken in developing the tattoo to represent how the person feels or what they want to say to the world. You want to make sure to design a tattoo that is worth having and that represents you as a person. This articles purpose is to help you to choose a tattoo that is all about coordinates and traveling. You can find a sexy or practical design that represents you. These kinds of tattoos are all about the significance, and it brings importance to a whole new level. There is definitely a story behind these tattoos. Maybe you want to represent your love for another person and the travels you went on. This is a way for you to mark that special memory and remember it always. Coordinate tattoos are a great way for you to represent the travels with your loved one.

Below are 66 adventure coordinates tattoos for your next trip:

1. Pointing the Way

This great tattoo design is all about showing you the way. Pick some coordinates and show your love.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas00012. Love of the Forest

This tattoo design is sending coordinates right to the forest; maybe you have a love of camping you shared with a loved one.


3. Nautical Symbols

This tattoo has a real story to tell. There are many different images that pull the tattoo to memories.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas00214. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are always popular. Add some coordinates together, and it makes for a great tattoo.


5. Mapping it Out

Use a part of a map to show your travels as well as some coordinates.


6. Simple Coordinates

It’s just a set of coordinates and can go anywhere on the body. These coordinates go along the curve of the breast.

Tu'square7. Double Coordinates

Double coordinates. This is a simple design, and really it could be added with more coordinates as time passes.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas00618. One Design

A simple coordinate that can go anywhere on the body.


9. Arm Tattoos

A tattoo on the arm that had the coordinates for an adventure on it.


10. Personal Messages

A wrist tattoo that has some coordinates from a vacation as well as the name of a loved one. Together it insinuates travels with a loved one.


11. Ankle Tattoos

Coordinates on the ankle speak about travels with loved ones.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas010112. Bridge Tattoo

Coordinates to a place that has a bridge. It’s a unique design and it’s great to have a picture with the coordinates.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas011113. A Sailing Trip

A sailing trip is a very romantic idea. Add some coordinates from your trip, and now you have an amazing tattoo design. This geometric tattoo is striking in design.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas012114. A Wrist Design

A simple design for the wrist.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas013115. Large Coordinates

These coordinates are large, and they go the extent of the arm.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas014116. Tree Designs

Coordinates to a possible forest. Again this could have something to do with camping, backpacking or any number of adventures.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas015117. Mountain Adventure

These mountains on multiple arms speak of great tattoo designs between three people. They have had an adventure together, and now they want to remember it.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas016118. Leg Designs

A simple design that fits right on the ankle. It’s a great way to remember your travels.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas017119. The Australian Outback

If you went on a kangaroo adventure with a loved one, then this would be a great way to remember that adventure.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas018120. A Straight Line

Another example of coordinates placed on the wrist.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas019121. Different Coordinates

Coordinates can be placed anywhere on your body; it just depends on how visible you want it to be.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas020122. Multiple Coordinates

These coordinates are on the foot, and there is more than one. If you are a traveler than marking your body with your trips can be done like this.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas021123. Arm Designs

A great design with coordinates from your trip. There are multiple coordinates, and they are all in a long line.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas022124. Designing Your Travels

Another great example of coordinates on the body.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas023125. Unique Designs

This is a unique way of putting coordinates on your body so that it’s not the same as everyone else.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas024126. Add a Symbol

These coordinates have a design along with it. On the ankle, it’s a great style.

coordinate-tattoos-ideas025127. Small Designs

A simple design that fits nicely on the arm.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset28. Bold Letters

A wrist tattoo that is made with bold and large letters. It’s a great tattoo design.




29. Ribcage Tattoo

A coordinate tattoo that is alongside the ribcage. It’s a simple design that you are sure to love.


30. Neck Tattoo

Tattoos on the back of the neck are great because they can be hidden if you want them to be.


31. Collarbone Designs

Great lettering that shows a coordinate right across the collarbone. It’s a sexy design that looks amazing.


32. In Writing

These coordinates look like they were written in the owner’s handwriting. A simple design made personal.



33. Multiple Nautical Symbols

This is an unusual way of having coordinates on your arm, but it looks really cool. You can’t go wrong with this creative design.


34. Simple Lettering

A simple design that states your traveling habits.


35. Rib Designs

A great design that has coordinates on the ribcage.

Tattoo on Ribs

36. Italic Designs

These tattoo coordinates are written in italics. It’s a simple design, but when you add italics, it changes the look completely. A great overall tattoo that can be placed anywhere.


37. Arrow Designs

The compass points the way to an adventure. This is a really cool looking tattoo design that will show your love for traveling. A wonderful design you can’t go wrong with it.


38. Greek Lettering

A great design that includes lettering in Greek as well as coordinates.



39. Great Designs

A great place to put coordinates. It’s sexy in a peek-a-boo way. If you are looking for a ribcage tattoo to show your travels, then try this design.


40. A Wooden Arrow

Adding a symbol like an arrow is a great way to spice up normal coordinate designs. The arm is a great place to put coordinates on it.



41. Scratch the Surface

This small tattoo design fits perfectly on the ankle. If you are looking for a small tattoo design, then this is the one for you.


42. Extra Special

There are many different ways of using coordinates. This is an unusual design but one that would also be considered original.


43. Double Arrows

These arrows set the tone for the overall tattoo design. It’s a great look as an arm tattoo.


44. Under the Boob Tattoo

A small tattoo design for someone who is looking for something simple. Adding coordinates to your favorite destination is a great way to keep those memories alive.


45. Compass Design

This amazing tattoo design has a nautical compass as well as the coordinates to an adventurous destination. A great design overall.


46. Simple Wrist Art

If you want something small, then this is the tattoo for you.


47. North Or South

A cute design that is perfect for the ankle as it is a small area.



48. Geometric Tattoo Designs

Another example of a geometric tattoo design with coordinates.


49. Extraordinary Color

I can’t get over how great the colors are in this design. The blues and purples just pop, and it looks like a watercolor painting. There are so many awesome things going on in this tattoo that it’s hard to pinpoint it all. If you want a great tattoo, then look no further.


50. Map Your Destinations

I love how the map is added to this design. A great tattoo with multiple locations. There is more than one coordinate, and you can really keep adding all around your arm. A great tattoo design.




51. Standard Art

Another example of a single coordinate to your best destination. If you want simplicity, you can’t go wrong with this one.


52. Even More Simple

There really isn’t much to this tattoo design; it’s almost like a secret. The owner isn’t giving much away. If you are looking for a tattoo that is short and sweet, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for.



53. Big Tattoo

This large tattoo covers the entire arm without being a sleeve. It’s a great tattoo design with some coordinates involved. I like the compass design.


54. Jolie Designs

Angelina Jolie is all about tattoos; she has so many of them. Her coordinates mark where all her children were born, so these designs are extra special for her. Coordinates don’t have to be about places you traveled to. They could be destinations of your loved ones.


55. Matching Designs

If you want to get a matching tattoo with your loved one then why not have some coordinates. It’s a great way to remember your favorite vacation.


56. Mountain Destination

Maybe you love traveling to the mountains as your favorite destination. If mountains are what you like, add some coordinates to it. coordinate-tattoos-ideas0651

57. Finger Tattoos

If you want a small tattoo on your finger then try these coordinate designs. They are small and simple, a low maintenance style.


58. Long Designs

A long design that goes the length of the finger. I love the design because it’s simple.


59. Inside the Arrow

This is a great design because the coordinates are on the inside of the arrow. It’s great because it’s a great way to shake up an overdone design. It’s elegant and graceful, a unique tattoo. I really like the creativeness behind the design.


60. Mountain Ridges

A small tattoo design that has some mountain ridges to it. Add some coordinates to complete the tattoo design.


61. One Design

A great tattoo design that is remarkably simple. If you are looking for something small and simple then this is the design for you.


62. Inside the Design

This tattoo is original as the owner has incorporated a design with birds. Inside that design are the coordinates to a place he wants to remember. You can essentially have any design that you want that you can put coordinates into. Create your own design that you can cherish forever.


63. Deep Mountains

Coordinates set around a mountain setting. It’s a simple design for those that love traveling to the mountains.


64. Standard Setting

If you are looking for a tattoo design that is simple and striking in its simplicity, then this is the one for you. It’s a great tattoo even though it’s a simple tattoo.


65. Add a Feather

There are so many beautiful colors to this tattoo. The blues and purples look great together. The feather is a nice touch to allow for some creativity to the overall design. From there that tattoo has some coordinates in standard writing which look great.


66. Hawaiian Flowers

This is such a pretty design. You really can’t go wrong with it. The coordinates could be that of Hawaii or an entirely different place. It’s a pretty tattoo design, and I like the lettering as well. You don’t always need to use the typeface designs.


There are lots of different ways that you can have a coordinate tattoo. You can just use the coordinates on their own, or you can pair it with another design. If you love the beach, then use a beach motif with your tattoo coordinates, or the mountains, forest or the Eiffel Tower if you fell in love in Paris. The sky is the limit when it comes to coordinate tattoos, just find your dream and then mark your coordinates. Many people use coordinates for their vacations, or where they fell in love, or even where their children were born. There are so many options for you. Once you pick the design, then you just need to find a skilled tattoo artist that can create the look you want. You don’t want to have any regrets so make sure you find an artist that knows what they are doing.

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