40 Colorful Tattoo Ideas For Boys and Girls

Historically tattooing dates back as early as 6000BC and has been practiced all across the globe. Tattooing has come a long way in that time. It has become more hygienic, more advanced, more acceptable socially and most of all more of an art form. Whilst traditionally tattooing was always done with black or blue inks, thanks to scientific advancements we now have access to all kinds of interesting colors. With that in mind we thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at 40 colorful tattoo ideas for boys and girls.

Abstract tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (11)

Thanks to advancements in tattoo equipment and artists really honing their skills we now get works of art like this one above that can be tattooed as if your skin is an art canvas.

Freehand back piece

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (10)

Many people these days will travel to all corners of the world to find tattoo artists that they admire. In some instances they will simply just lie down on the table and let the tattoo artist freehand whatever comes to mind. Whilst it may sound daunting to some, this is also how you get amazing and interesting tattoo pieces like the above one.

Water color style

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (9)

Tattooists can even mimic certain styles of art such as water color above. Notice the pastel style colors and even the splatter effect of the brush that has been replicated with tattoo inks.

Galaxy lion

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With so many colored inks now available the possibilities are limitless. Bright and colorful tattoos are particularly popular amongst women.

All the colors of the rainbow

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Whilst some colors will show up better on certain skin tones, we don’t think there is a better example of just all the colors available to be tattooed than the above image with (almost) every color imaginable!

Colorful sleeve

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (21)

Coloring and shading tattoos can really make them pop right off your skin and look all the more appealing. Above you can see a great example of such tattoos.

Lightbulb design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (20)

Another example of a very different style of colorful tattoo. The ink splatter effect and water color style colors in the lightbulb are very different to traditional tattooing and becoming a popular choice of young men these days.

Flower skull tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (19)

Here is a popular style of tattoo that originates from the day of the dead skulls in Mexico.

Colored roses

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (17)

Roses have been a popular choice of tattoo for both men and women for a very long time. Here you can see how adding some color really makes the rose pop and stand out.

Owl design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (16)

Remember when you were young and got told off for coloring in outside of the lines? Well when it comes to art, rules are meant to be broken and here is a great example of how that can lend to making a great looking tattoo.

Rib tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (15)

Tattoos up the sides of peoples ribs are very popular nowadays. They can easily be covered with a shirt for work and they can look very sexy on both men and women alike.

Geometric tattoo


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Geometric style of tattooing is also another popular style these days. Here you can see a giraffe that is made up of smaller colorful shapes.


Colorful Tattoo Ideas (13)

When it comes to womens tattoos, none is more popular and timeless than that of the butterfly. So why not get 3?!

Wolf design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (44)

We absolutely love this wolf design. It looks like it’s painted on! The detail and shading was definitely done by a professional and the colorful design behind it really makes the wolf stand out even more.

Lion dripping tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (5)

Another cool example of a different tattoo style. The dripping paint or ink effect that forms an animal is a really cool modern style.

Lady with lots of tattoos

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (6)

The thing about tattoos is, once you get one… it’s pretty hard to stop! Tattoos can be done pretty much anywhere on your body and can look really sexy when women have them all over their bodies.

Bird tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (7)

Have a lot of colorful tattoos? Why not go with colorful hair as well to really stand out! This is becoming a popular style with alternative girls nowadays and we really like it.

Sexy tattoos

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To most people skulls are considered morbid. Above you can see a great example of how she has made the skull colorful and vibrant and work in with the rest of her sexy tattoos.

Guys sleeve

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (39)

Having full tattoo sleeves that are colorful and full of traditional tattoos are becoming more popular with guys. Diamonds, roses, crowns, wings and waves are all traditional tattoo designs and here you can see them all worked in to a great looking sleeve.

Crazy yacht tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (40)

Whilst tattoos like the one above may look crazy and out there to some. A lot of other people will pay huge amounts of money to get famous tattoo artists with unique styles to tattoo them with such works of art.

Colorful skull design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (41)

Another great example of how paint splatter effects and dripping paints can make a really cool looking tattoo.

Love key design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (42)

A great example of how a smudged/washed out effect can work well if there is a solid black design in the middle such as the key.

Abstract lion tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (43)

Do you see a lion or mountains? This looks like one of those ‘what do you see’ online tests. This is the kind of tattoo that you could stare at for hours and not get bored.

3D style

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (38)

Skulls going this way, skulls going that way – here is a beautiful example of how colorful and well shadowed tattoos can look awesome. They even match the shower curtains!

Clock wings

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (37)

Point of no return is what it reads. Script across the chest with wings and a clock is a common chest tattoo for guys these days and usually the time on the clock will be symbolic to the person.

Arm sleeves

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (34)

Is that a mummy bandage wrap you see? Well it’s interesting that mummies were actually the earliest found people to ever be tattooed.

Dove tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (33)

Bright and colorful dove tattoos are very popular with girls. This one has a cool kaleidoscope effect.

Girls sleeve

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (32)

Having full sleeve tattoos is often a great way for guys and girls to express their individuality as well as their interests or things they are passionate about which will often be represented by tattoos on them.

Full body tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (27)

When deciding on colors many people will look to keep a theme or only a few colors such as the above one with just reds and blues.

Geometric loveheart

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (28)

Another great geometric tattoo design. It’s crying but still manages to look like a happy tattoo.

Tree of life

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (29)

This one looks like the tree was painted by someone such as Monet. It’s very colorful and great style.

Watercolor lion

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (30)

Another great lion design. Lions are popular with both boys and girls and are often a sign of strength.

Butterfly design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (31)

This one looks like it’s telling the story of the butterfly freeing itself from the cocoon below and is no doubt symbolic of freedom and beauty.

Peacock feather

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (26)

There is no bird with more beautiful feathers than the peacock and as such they have become popular for girls to get tattooed.

Abstract sleeve

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (25)

Many people are opting for more ‘out there’ designs these days. This one almost looks like it was influence by Salvador Dali and the result is fantastic and dreamy.

His and hers

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (24)

It’s always great to share common interests with your partner, so why not get a tattoo together?

Anchor tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (23)

What was once generally considered a tattoo for just male sailors to get, is now popular amongst alternative females.

Deer galaxy design

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (4)

We hope you love these galaxy style animal designs as much as we do. So beautiful!

Second look

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (1)

Here is a second look at one from before so you can see the upside down skull the right way up this time!

Lightening effect

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (2)

Like lightening bolts erupting, this is a great looking and different tattoo.


Colorful Tattoo Ideas (3)

A great example of combining two very popular tattoos, the anchor and compass in to one colorful design.

Boat tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Ideas (18)

Like a traditional Sailor Jerry style tattoo, we love this neck piece of an old ship with a flower border to really make it pop!

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