90 Cartoon Nail Art Ideas For The Young At Heart

Even as an adult you just can’t seem to stop loving cartoons. You can still be a kid at heart even though you now live in the real world where bills need to be paid.

Even as we grow older we still try to maintain that youthful flair. We like to bring things into our lives that make us feel young again. That’s why we get tattoos and dye our hair crazy colors. We want to feel like a kid again.

Your childhood could have been just around the corner or many years ago, either way you probably look back on it with fond memories. Especially when it comes to the cartoons you grew up on. Those were the days when you were free without a care in the world.

Looking back, you probably had some favorite cartoons, some you may still cherish form your childhood. Below are some great cartoon nail designs that will make you feel like a kid again.

90 Cartoon Nail Art Ideas For The Young At Heart

  1. Colorful Cartoons

cartoon nail arts0001

If you like color then these designs are perfect for you. These dancing, happy figures are great.

2. Pokemon

With all the Pokemon GO craze going on you might be feeling a little Pokemon nail art.

cartoon nail arts0011

3. Music to Your Ears

Fall in love with these music notes in various colors.

cartoon nail arts0021

4. Adventure Time 

All these great characters all in one spot, enjoy all your favorites together.

cartoon nail arts0031

5. Beetlejuice

These incredible designs with snakes and suits are sure to thrill you.

cartoon nail arts0041

6. Christmas Minions

These just aren’t any minions but Christmas minions for the upcoming holidays.

cartoon nail arts0051

7. Super Mario Bros

Mushrooms, stars, and other designs will have you remembering what it was like to play those fun video games.

cartoon nail arts0061

8. Superhero Nails

Whether it’s Superman, Batman or any other hero, you can bring some fun to your nails.

cartoon nail arts0071

9. Spongebob Square Pants

Enjoy these fun little cartoon characters with the Spongebob gang.

cartoon nail arts0081

10. Powerpuff girls

Pick your favorite Powerpuff girl and do your nails in real style.

cartoon nail arts0091

11. Cartoon Network

Here is a mix of the Cartoon Network gang so you can get the best of both worlds.

cartoon nail arts0101

12. Freddy Krueger as Hello Kitty

These black and white nails are a gorgeous if you love Hello Kitty with a little edge.

cartoon nail arts0111

13. Halloween Creatures

Whether you love mummies, vampires or ghosts, you are sure to love these creatures of the night.

cartoon nail arts0121

14. Comic Craze

If you like the comic book look check out these great designs.

cartoon nail arts0131

15. Cute and Crazy

Clouds, eyes, and planets these cute little designs that will make you smile every time you see them.

cartoon nail arts0141

16. Looney Toons

Bugs Bunny and the Tweety bird. This fun gang is sure to bring back some amazing memories from your childhood.

cartoon nail arts0151

17. All Sorts of Faces

Cute little cartoons that will make you smile all day long.

cartoon nail arts0161

18. Pac-man

An old-school video game that will have you remembering chomping your way through the game.

cartoon nail arts0171

19. The Cat in the Hat

Blue, red and white, the cat and the hat is a childhood favorite of mine and one that has last through the years.

cartoon nail arts0181

20. Santa Designs

The Santa design is mixmatched with stripes and checkers for a unique look.

cartoon nail arts0191

21. Winnie the Pooh

One bear amongst other designs really give the look some punch.

cartoon nail arts0201

22. Aladdin

A whole new world indeed with these colorful Aladdin designs.

cartoon nail arts0211

23. Comic Book Designs

Black and white newspaper print is a great comic book look for anyone who wants something different.

cartoon nail arts0221

24. Eye See You

Large eyes and some fun designs complete a great look.

cartoon nail arts0231

25. SpongeBob and Friends

Another Spongebob look. with some under the sea designs as well.

cartoon nail arts0241

26. Hello Kitty and Bunnies

Enjoy Hello Kitty with some Hello Bunnies as well, these bright designs are sure to please you.

cartoon nail arts0251Also See:

27. Colorful Characters

These nail designs have a multitude of colors to make anyone happy.

cartoon nail arts0261

28. Lots of Frogs

These cute little frogs will brighten anyones day.

cartoon nail arts0271

29. Angry Birds

Who is your favorite Angry Bird character? No need to choose you can enjoy them all.

cartoon nail arts0281

30. Spongebob Faces

Every finger has a silly Spongebob face. If you love Spongebob then these are the ones for you.

cartoon nail arts0291

31. Pigs & Polka Dots

This cute pigs cause a splash with polka dots.


32. Cartoon Cuteness

These silly faces are sure to bring a smile to your face.

cartoon nail arts0311

33. POW Design

These funny comic designs bring a fun experience to nail design.

cartoon nail arts0321

34. Everyone Loves Snoopy

These snoopy designs are incredible. Each finger has a funny design to make you fall in love with snoopy all over again.

cartoon nail arts0331

35. Vintage Designs

These designs are reminiscent of the vintage 50’s posters.

cartoon nail arts0341

36. Crazy Puppy

An unusual design that is both crazy and hilarious as well.

cartoon nail arts0351

37. Aliens

The bright blue color will give you a bold look and the aliens keep it fun.

cartoon nail arts0361

38. Sweet Minions

If you love minions these little guys are sure to please you.

cartoon nail arts0371

39. Smurfs

These smurfs are sweet and bring back memories of old school cartoons.

cartoon nail arts0381

40. The Aristocrats 

The white perfect kitten from the movie The Aristocrats, the beautiful designs are precious.

cartoon nail arts0391

41. The Mickey Mouse Club

Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck all together. These are great well thought out designs.

cartoon nail arts0401

42. Rainbow Kittens

These colorful rainbows are a bright idea for summer and the kitty is just charming.

cartoon nail arts0411

43. Rio Birds

The birds are absolutely exquisite for these nail designs.

cartoon nail arts0421

44. Powerpuff Girls

If you love these fierce little girls then you will just love tehse designs.

cartoon nail arts0431

45. Spongebob Heads

All the main characters all in one place, you will just love these designs.

cartoon nail arts0441

46. Spongebob All Alone

These many different faces of Spongebob are hilarious. If you are a fan of this silly face tehn this is the design for you.

cartoon nail arts0451

47. Kitty Love

Each finger has a different colored kitty that pops with cuteness.

cartoon nail arts0461

48. Boy With a Scarf

These adorable nail designs have a boy with a scarf, but how cute.

cartoon nail arts0471

49. Fishes For All

These adorable little fish will brighten up your nails. I love the colors against the blue.

cartoon nail arts0481

50. Black and White Mystery

Thes unique designs look very cool in black and white.

cartoon nail arts0491

51. Ladybug Summer

This is a perfect design for the summer. These sweet ladybugs look great with flowers and watermelon.

cartoon nail arts0501

52. Adventure Time

If you love this cartoon, then try out these great designs.

cartoon nail arts0521

53. Smurfs

Just one smurf is needed to complete this look.

cartoon nail arts0531

54. POW Comics

Another comic book design that really gives a punch.

cartoon nail arts0541

55. Popeye

This is an oldie but a classic cartoon. How can you not love popeye and his spinach.

cartoon nail arts0551

56. Clowns

If you love clowns this is a fun design for you.

cartoon nail arts0561

57. Balloons for Fun

This design is inspired by the movie UP. I love the little balloons.

cartoon nail arts0571

58. More Powerpuff Girls

The purple background really makes these girls pop.

cartoon nail arts0581

59. Foxes

Such a cute design if you love foxes as much as we do.

cartoon nail arts0591

60. Hello Kitty Sugar Skulls

This is what happens when you combine sugar skulls with Hello Kitty.

cartoon nail arts0601

61. Frozen

Frozen was a big hit and so are these nail designs.

cartoon nail arts0611

62. One Little Kitty

This sweet little kitty is perfectly happy on her finger.

cartoon nail arts0621

63. Pigs and Aliens

I love the combination of pink and green with these designs.

cartoon nail arts0631

64. Flintstones

These old characters are still much loved. Who doesn’t love a redhead? These characters are classic. So which one is your favorite?

cartoon nail arts0641

65. Halloween Creatures

Ghost, Goblins and Candy Corn. These spooky creatures will be a hoot this halloween.

cartoon nail arts0651

66. A Faceless Snow White

This cool Snow White design is a little creepy as she is faceless but the idea is still there.

cartoon nail arts0661

67. Aladdin Characters

Another set of Aladdin characters to honor your favorite Disney movie.

cartoon nail arts0671

68. Adventure Time Characters

These are fun and silly designs from Adventure Time.

cartoon nail arts0681

69. Minion Kids

These cute little characters are the fun creatures from the Minion movies.

cartoon nail arts0691

70. More Spongebob

These are great upclose and personal designs.

cartoon nail arts0701

71. Poisonous Lips

These great designs will give you a great look. I love the little bottle of posion and the lips.

cartoon nail arts0711

72. Hello Kitty & Friends

Kitties, frogs, and the sweet Hello Kitty. These friends love to hang out on your fingers.

cartoon nail arts0721

73. Warner Brothers

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner, these are the Animaniacs.

cartoon nail arts0731

74. Octopus Sea Creatures

This pink octopus will brighten up your pretty blue nails.

cartoon nail arts0741

75. Crazy Spongebob Faces

Surprised, horrified and silly. If you want someting fun check out these faces.

cartoon nail arts0751

76. Tinkle

If you love Tinkle then try out this cute design.

cartoon nail arts0761

77. Mickey in Love

These mice can’t help but keep kissing all over your fingers. The pink really makes the black and white really stand out.

cartoon nail arts0771

78. Kaboom Comics

I just love any comic book nail designs, they always come off looking super cool.

cartoon nail arts0781

79. Pokemon Love

Pokemon is more popular than ever these days. If you love them as well, then try this fun new design.

cartoon nail arts0791

80. 101 Dalmatians

These Dalmatians love their fun in the sun more than anything. A little ball play and some ice cream make these puppies ever so happy.

cartoon nail arts0801

81. Mickey Mouse

I love the Mickey Mouse ears that are part of this Mickey Mouse nail design.

cartoon nail arts0811

82. Black and White Mickey’s

These silhouette designs are bold with great contrast. Red, white and black give your design a great pop.

cartoon nail arts0821

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