75+ Badass Brush Cut Hairstyles for Women

If you are looking for a big change then getting a brush cut could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s an extreme style that not everyone can pull off. It has a lot to do with the shape of your face. But even if you have the perfect shape, you also have to have a level of bravery as well. You may think that you want to shave all your hair off, but when it comes down to it, once it’s done you have anxiety about it. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that and good for you for wanting to take that important step in fashion. Many people consider the brush cut a fashion statement because it’s something that women don’t often do.

The brush cut is the kind of hairstyle that is fierce and sexy, and it takes a certain brave woman to do it. If you feel daring, then getting a brush cut could be perfect for you. A brush cut on a woman makes you look badass, remember how great Demi Moore looked in G.I. Jane? She was one woman that could totally pull the look off. The best part of getting a brush cut is you never have to worry about having a bad hair day; every day will be a great hair day. You can also color your hair any color of your choice because you know it can be cut off easily. The sky is the limit for you. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then go for it! Below are 78 badass brush cut hairstyles for women:

1. Standard Cut

This is a simple style, a standard cut but it looks great with her face shape.


2. Not Too Short

Maybe you’re not ready to go very short, this would be a great start so that you can get used to it being shorter than what you’re used to.


3. Shaved Look

This white-hot look is super short. The style is so short it’s almost not there. If you are feeling brave, then go for it.


4. Sexy Style

This style looks sexy, especially for an event. The icy white blonde is a great way to make the look stand out.


5. Side-Shave

It’s longer on top, and the sides are shaved. It’s a sexy style.


6. Side Burns

This short style is not as short as most which may be perfect for you. I love the curled sideburns they really make a statement.


7. Sexy Blonde

White blonde hair and bold colors always look great with short hair and brush cuts. It makes the look pop and really sets the tone for your personal style.


8. For Any Age

Deciding to shave your hair can happen at any age. It’s a sexy look that makes a statement for a bold woman.


9. Brush Cut

If you want a short look, then go all the way.


10. Sexy Blondes

A sexy cut that looks amazing in any color.


11. Perfect For You

A sexy style for any culture. She has the perfect shape to her face to pull off this look, very sexy!


12. Portman Style

Natalie Portman was one of many celebrities that decided to shave her head. In her case, it was for a movie, but you can see she was able to pull off the look very well.


13. Add Some Color

A short style with longer lengths on top. The color really makes the black stand out.


14. Not Color Needed

Keeping your natural hair color may be where you want to stay. You don’t need bold colors to pull the look off.


15. A Summer Look

A sexy look that is complete with white blonde hair and tanned skin.


16. Sexy Style

Her hair coloring is bright and looks great with the longer cut.


17. Purple Tones

This cut is great and so is the coloring. It makes her eyes pop against the purple.


18. Theron Cut

Charlize Theron is a stunning woman and as you can see she can pull off any look. If you aren’t ready for a shaved look, then try this cut that isn’t as short. The blonde also makes the look stand out.


19. Short is Better

A longer style that looks great natural.


20. Shaved Style

This dark coloring looks incredible with a shaved style.


21. A Grey Shave

A stunning style that is made better with gray coloring. Grey is growing in popularity, and I like how just the sides are shaved.


22. Stunning Shave

A great style that looks amazing in blonde.


23. Icy Hot

This sexy style is made stunning with the icy blonde coloring. It’s gorgeous if you are looking to go short.


24. The Mohawk

If you are looking for a badass style, then this is the one for you. The purple mohawk is longer, so you still have some length. The sides are short and have some art to them. Sexy designs all around.


25. Short Mohawk

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to bold statements. She knows what looks good on her, and this short mohawk is absolutely stunning. The sides are shaved, and it creates an overall style that is really sexy.


26. Smart Styles

Another example of the shaved style with a longer top.


27. Coloring is Everything

The style is unusual if you are looking for something different. It’s short, and the sides are barely there.


28. Sexy and Short

A great cut that is perfect for someone that wants a new look.


29. Short and Bold

this style is all about sex appeal. The coloring and the cut fit together nicely.


30. Almost Bald

This style is incredibly sexy and bold. If you don’t mind going really short, then shave it all off.


31. Feeling Free

The great thing about short styles is that they can be very freeing.


32. Mohawk Love

If you want to keep some length, then try out a mohawk, trust me you won’t regret feeling like a badass.


33. Striking Style

Another example of how short is great at any age.


34. Solid Styles

Blonde always looks good on short styles.


35. Sexy and Shorter

A short look that isn’t overly short. The blonde looks great with this style.


36. Sun Coloring

A great color for this short style.


37. The Side Part

If you aren’t ready for a full shave then just try a side shave. It’s an incredibly sexy look that shows some true potential. I love the overall style. Her hair is long and wavy, with the side shave to prove she’s a true badass.


38. Perfect Shape

This woman has the perfect face shape to go really short; she can probably pull off any look.


39. Long Layers

Another example of a side shave for those who don’t want to do as full shave.


40. Long Top

A great side shave with a mohawk on top. A great style that looks good on red.


41. Dark Coloring

This side shave has dark hair coloring, and it’s just as striking as it would be if it were blonde.


42. Curly Top

This sexy style is long on top and has many curls.


43. Styled and Sexy

Another example of a shaved look that is longer on top.


44. One Length

A great style that is all one length, a stunning style.


45. A Round Face

A great face shape for this style, the coloring is also beautiful.


46. Striking Blue

This is a great example of how a bright color can make a short style really stand out. The best part is a new color wouldn’t take long to grow out if you didn’t like it.


47. Multiple Designs

This short shave is truly unique; there are design elements to it and those designs are all different colors. It’s unique and wonderful.


48. Natural Mohawk

This mohawk look is natural and the top is in different layers.


49. Incredible Style

A dark coloring makes this short style really stand out.


50. Stunning Coloring

This coloring is not only stunning, but it’s multi-layered. I love short styles in blonde.


51. Short Styles

Another example of a short style that looks great natural.


52. Long Layers

This sexy style has sideburns, and the overall look is stylish and sophisticated.


53. Bold Designs

Another example of a design that is shorter on the sides than the top.


54. Straight Bangs

The style has a straight style on top. It’s a great overall look without doing a shave.


55. Angular Look

Her look is not only stylish but sexy as well. Short styles are bold and wonderful if you want something different.


56. Barely There

If you want something bold and new, then shave it all off. There isn’t a whole lot left to this look, and it looks great on her.


57. Bold and Blonde

A great style and a sexy blonde.


58. Blue Design

A great grey-blue design that looks wonderful with a longer top. The sides are shaved and beautiful. It’s a striking overall look, especially with the color.


59. Short Curls

This short style is all about curls and style. If you don’t want a shave, then these curls might be exactly what you’re looking for. Her style is sexy and elegant.



60. Stylish Shave

A standard shave that looks great and is wonderful during the summer months.


61. Great Styles

Another great example of a short shave that works well with her faces shape.


62. Great Brush Cut

A great design that looks great short, without shaving at all.


63. Great Boldness

A great design that is all about being short without the shave. It’s a great cut that is so sophisticated.


64. Shaved Styles

A great example of a shaved all over style. It’s an amazing style because it’s stunning.


65. Bold and Shaved

This shaved design is bold and beautiful.


66. Longer Than Most

If you don’t want a really short look than this one might be for you. It’s longer and still bold despite the fact that there is no shave. It’s a sexy style that you are sure to love.


67. Colors of Love

If you want something unique, then this is the look for you. It’s sexy because it has a bold design to it. There are also a lot of bold colors as well that really set the tone.


68. Short Blondes

A great design that is all about being blonde and bold.


69. Blonde Boldness

The blonde is striking against her skin tone, the hair really stands out. It’s stunning shave as well as a bold color choice.


70. Shaved Designs

A short look with design patterns on the side. If you want to make a statement with your look, then consider having something designed into your shave. It allows you to show off your true personality.


71. Sexy and Sultry

This hairstyle is shorter without the shave. If you want to change up your look, this could be a great start for you.


72. Shorter Than Most

A great style that is shorter on the sides than the top. It’s beautifully cut and makes a strong statement.


73. Hot Pink

Talk about making a statement! This stunning coloring is over the top awesome! There is something to be said for being bold, and this girl knows how to do it.


74. Classic Shave

This classic look is no less sexy than the rest.


75. White Hairstyles

An all over short look with icy blonde coloring. The color really helps make the whole look pop.


76. Au Naturale 

A very short style with a longer length on top. It’s sexy, stylish and it shows that you don’t need bold colors to make a style stand out. It’s beautiful all over.


77. Simple Sexy

A simple shave yet it still will make the statement you want, that you are a badass babe. Not too many women can pull off the look, but this gal really looks stunning with her shave. She also kept it natural which is also a classic style.


78. Love the Mohawk

The mohawk can be a signature style; it’s the kind of look that is eye-catching and says a lot about your personality. If you want a great design without shaving it all off then give the Mohawk a try.


78. Stand Out Style

Another example of a style that is short on the sides but long on top.

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