65 Eye-Catching Brown Ink Tattoo Designs

Brown is often an over-looked color when it comes to body art. We’re used to all-black designs, colorful rainbow pieces, and the use of vivid colors to enhance our tattoos. But the power of a brown ink tattoo; of burnt sienna; of chocolate; of amber – These shades can be just as alluring, if not, more enticing and elegant than using a color that might end up looking awkward on our skin tone.

Here at Creem, we’ve found 65 lovely photos of tattoos that include the use of some form of brown. You can use the color to help shade in realistic art pieces (tats of things that are actually brown in reality), or to enhance abstract creations.

Brown is a gentle mix of all the colors, and here are the 65 tattoos that’ve turned out looking marvelous with its use:

1. Henna Tree 
brown ink tattoo (1)If you’re unsure whether or not to get a tat of any kind, you can always tray it out in henna first to ensure you’ll be getting exactly what you want and that it will actually look good on you!

2. Sienna Feet
brown ink tattoo (2)This beautiful design uses a burnt sienna shade of brown to enhance the beauty of the surrounding vivid colors of blues and pinks.

3. Flower Toning
brown ink tattoo (3)Many flowers are done in pinks and reds – and using different shades of brown can enhance either color, creating a dimensional appeal to the tat.

4. Black & Brown Match
brown ink tattoo (4)Brown and black can look lovely together if done correctly. The trick is to not use too much of either, creating an even balance.

5. Christmas Favorite in the Detail
brown ink tattoo (5)This tattoo wouldn’t be the same if Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree wasn’t brown along with the little stand beneath it.

6. Shades Darker
brown ink tattoo (6)If you have lighter skin, sometimes black can make your skin look paler and many of us don’t want that. Use browns to outline your designs instead.

7. Bird in Flight
brown ink tattoo (7)This simple little bird looks more realistic instead of tribal since brown was used instead of black.

8. Drawing You To Her Eyes
brown ink tattoo (8)Many times, brown is a great color to use surrounding a small delicate color such as the green eyes above.

9. Ancient Sea Journey
brown ink tattoo (9)If you like tats that display old-time or ancient scenes, you’re bound to need brown for the details.

10. Blended into the Skin
brown ink tattoo (10)This guy has bronze-toned skin, and his tattoo evenly fades from his skin color into a deep brown and eventually to the edges of each segment which are black.

11. Enhancing the Mold
brown ink tattoo (11)Well, if you’re into tats that include rotting animals, you’re bound to need some brown ink in there somewhere.

12. More Subtle than Black
brown ink tattoo (12)These flowers simply wouldn’t be the same using any other color. They’re more delicate looking and appealing with the use of brown.

13. Browning Leaves
brown ink tattoo (13)A great example of both deep shades of brown in the leaves and lighter shades within the heart.

14. Autumn Flowers
brown ink tattoo (14)Not all of us want rainbow colored butterflies. This one has an almost moth-like appearance surrounded by flowers that could be looming on death.

15. Faint Freedom
brown ink tattoo (15)Since this tat was done on the neck, the wearer wanted it to be a bit more subtle than a black tattoo that would have stolen the grace of the bird.

16. Peacock’s Beauty
brown ink tattoo (16)Teals and yellows make lovely pairs when different shades of browns surround them.

17. Shaded Amber Sleeve
brown ink tattoo (17)Here we can see brown and white ink used together to shape the tat on the left. Very close to the wearer’s skin tone.

18. Tribal Wings


This sienna shade just looks amazing and more unique than if it had been done with black.

19. Falling Blossoms
brown ink tattoo (19)Lovely Elegant flowers outlined in brown. The wearer can choose any amount of palate to shade them in.

20. Wonderland Blooms
brown ink tattoo (20)You can use brown to make your design reminiscent of your favorite movie – like here, it has a subtle Alice in Wonderland appeal.

21. Enhancing Colors
brown ink tattoo (21)Just a bit of brown was used here for shading, bringing out the other surrounding colors.

22. Lion’s Mane
brown ink tattoo (22)Even greens can work well with brown if done properly.

23. Edges of a Feather
brown ink tattoo (23)Brown can often be used on the edges of colors to blend into the skin.

24. Natural Portrait
brown ink tattoo (24)Black was used to encircle the beauty of this ink art, while a light brown was used for the intricate details.

25. Tinted & Shaded
brown ink tattoo (25)Black doesn’t always work well when shading – which is why some tat artists recommend brown.

26. Flowing Snake Fade
brown ink tattoo (26)If you have any oranges or reds in your design, brown can be used to help transition colors.

27. Brown Crab
brown ink tattoo (27)A little brown crap. Why not?

28. Pulling out the Lines
brown ink tattoo (28)This tat doesn’t look done yet, but we can see that brown is very important for the shading before additional colors are used.

29. Creepy Creature
brown ink tattoo (29)Usually sea monsters will have some form of awesome brown in their design!

30. A Hunter’s Favorite
brown ink tattoo (30)Most animals will have either brown fur or brown eyes. If you like animals, brown is a must.

31. Realistic Deer
brown ink tattoo (31)And if you’re thinking about making your animal look more realistic, you’ll definitely want to include browns in your design.

32. Griffin Domination
brown ink tattoo (32)This griffin has some brown shading done in its fur.

33. Lovely Little Owl
brown ink tattoo (33)Owls come in many colors, but brown owls are quite dominant.

34. Shaded Brown Skull
brown ink tattoo (34)A perfect example of how shading with brown can bring out the dimensions that a skull can have in ink.

35. Cute Chocolate Bunny
brown ink tattoo (35)This tattoo is reminiscent of a children’s book and wouldn’t look the same without brown ink!

36. Gorgeous Sienna Lines
brown ink tattoo (36)This gorgeous body piece has a plethora of brown ink, the vines a deep shade as well as some of the flowers’ abstract petals.

37. Easier on the Eyes
brown ink tattoo (37)Brown is often used to signify vines and natural floral shading.

38. Shaded to Perfection
brown ink tattoo (38)The brown shading here helps bring out the black numbers and music notes. If it had been shaded with black, we might not be able to see them as well.

39. Dragon’s Skin & Scales
brown ink tattoo (39)Black and brown duo within a dragon’s design – really quite original since many choose to use more vivid colors in dragon designs.

40. Enhancing Time’s Flight
brown ink tattoo (40)This symbolic piece needs no extra colors, brown being a perfect ink to catch onlookers eyes and try to interpret its meaning.

41. Artfully Crafted
brown ink tattoo (41)Lovely shades of brown used alongside black.

42. Riding the Clouds
brown ink tattoo (42)This samurai has been done in more natural colors.

43. Rusty Detail
brown ink tattoo (43)If you’ve any tat or want a tat to portray rust on metal, brown will do the trick.

44. Creating a Glow
brown ink tattoo (44)If you’ve darker skin, deep brown inks can help to make your natural tone have a glowing effect.

45. Bambi’s Dad
brown ink tattoo (45)Just a bit of subtle brown detail can help make a little tattoo pop.

46. The Power of Chocolate
brown ink tattoo (46)This piece is seemingly elegant and more natural looking than if it had been done in any other color.

47. Autumn Wishes
brown ink tattoo (47)An Autumn leaf wouldn’t be the same without differing shades of browns.

48. Native American Twist
brown ink tattoo (48)Brown is a gorgeous color to include in most Native American tattoos.

49. Coy Kitten
brown ink tattoo (49)We aren’t sure what this creature is, but it looks great with some brown shading!

50. From Red to Brown
brown ink tattoo (50)Brown ink can be used to help create a shimmering look on a red palate.

51. Dirty Snake in Skull
brown ink tattoo (51)Some of us like a dirty look to our tats, and deep shades of brown can do the trick.

52. Twisting Magic Tree
brown ink tattoo (52)This beautiful tree is done with various shades of deep and light browns to create a majestic look.

53. Medusa’s Wrath
brown ink tattoo (53)Mythological creatures will often have brown hair or fur – and in this case, shaded brown snakes.

54. Intriguing Tribal Tribute
brown ink tattoo (54)Tribal tattoos are predominantly done in black, but adding some brown can make yours unique and eye-catching.

55. Little Brown Seahorse
brown ink tattoo (55)Some animals that are normally done in tons of color can be replaced with shades of brown to make it more masculine.

56. Minor Details
brown ink tattoo (56)This black tattoo would look more devilish and daring with added browns and reds.

57. Within the Idea
brown ink tattoo (57)Brown and red can create a glowing effect around your tat.

58. A Hidden Message
brown ink tattoo (58)These words have a more ancient appeal to them done in deep brown.

59. Blending with Hair
brown ink tattoo (59)The small waves of brown created through this star will seemingly blend with the wearer’s hair.

60. Even Butterflies Have Brown


Brown ink helps yellows and reds transition into one another.

61. Tiger Treat
brown ink tattoo (61)A great example of brown being used to enhance a tiger’s appearance to give it more natural coloring.

62. Brown Haired Beauty
brown ink tattoo (62)This poor girl will forever be sad, but at least her brown hair will always look good.

63. Outlines
brown ink tattoo (63)Differing shades of browns and pinks used to create beautiful petals and branches.

64. The Thoughts Within
brown ink tattoo (64)Our one and only tat of purples and browns being used creatively to shape an abstract design coming out of this portrait’s head like thoughts.

65. Subtle Flames Below
brown ink tattoo (65)Browns can replace any colors that infect your skin/that your skin rejects. Here, browns were used to help shade in flames behind the warrior instead of colors that would be too vivid for this skin type.

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