35 Boys Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Are you planning on decorating your boy’s bedroom but not sure where to start? We all know that traditionally boys rooms are painted blue and girls rooms pink, but that’s a bit boring isn’t it? Well we have put together a list of our top 35 boys bedroom decoration ideas to help you out.

Modern style

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One of the most popular styles for boys bedrooms these days is the modern style. You can see there is still strong blue elements, coupled with modern furnishings, plenty of natural light and most of all this sort of design is timeless and perfect for both young boys and teenage boys alike.

Basketball themed bedroom

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Many boys interests can be fleeting, one week they like skateboarding, the next week they hate skateboarding and love football. With this in mind, make sure that when you are going for a theme like this one that they are passionate about it. Anyone up for a game of basketball?

Tennis bedroom

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Is your boy hoping to be the next Roger Federer? Why not help his dreams with a tennis themed room like this one then.

Lodge style

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There isn’t much more beautiful things to decorate a room with than polished wood. The old trees in this room can also be practical as they allow you to hang things from them as well.

Car theme

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Many boys dreamed of having a car bed when they were younger, well why not theme the whole bedroom around that car with a traffic light bed lamp to top it all off. Toot toot.

Overhead storage

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It’s always a good idea to have overhead storage solutions where appropriate in boys rooms. It can be a great way of storing all the toys, and in some cases putting things out of their reach!

Large bed

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We all know just how tall boys can grow up to be. With that in mind, it can often be better to get them a bigger size bed that they can grow in to such as the one above.

Wall decals

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Wall decals can be a great (and non permanent) way of decorating your boys walls.

Street style

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This one is very creative and perfect if your boy is in to skateboarding or action sports.

New York Yankees bedroom

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If your boys a Yankees fan, he’ll love this bedroom. Complete with a soft grass effect rug that he can play on.

Soccer themed room

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Is your boy obsessed with Lionel Messi? Why not theme his room around soccer then. We love the open plan of this bedroom, so much room for activities!

Cowboy themed room

Boy Bedroom Ideas (15)

Bunk beds can be a great way to get the most out of a boys room and also ensure that their friends can stay over as well.

Football bedroom

Boy Bedroom Ideas (16)

These floor to ceiling bedside tables are a great idea for your boys bedroom to store all their belongings.

Bicycle theme

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If cycling is your boys passion then why not go for a room like this. It’s not over the top and also makes great use of under the bed for storage.

Modern bunk

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Whilst at first glance it looks like this is a room on a boat rather than a bedroom, we think these bunk beds are a great idea if you don’t have much space and have a few boys sharing the room.

Ice hockey bedroom

Boy Bedroom Ideas (19)

As far as sports bedrooms go this one takes the cake. Just don’t wake up too quickly and bang your head on that goal post!

Wall decal quotes

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A great way to inspire young minds can be inspirational quotes as vinyl wall decals that also decorate the room and add a nice touch.

Modern vintage

Boy Bedroom Ideas (21)

Here is a modern twist on a vintage style bedroom that has been done very well.

Basketball bedroom

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Is your boy obsessed with basketball? Well there’s no better number to get painted on the wall than that of great Michael Jordans infamous number 23.

Pirate room

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Argh me maties! I spot a great looking pirate themed bedroom here, complete with a chest of treasures!

Plane theme

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What a great use of a vintage airplane propeller. The clocks of the world are also a nice touch, particularly if the boys dad or mom are frequently out of town/time zone.

Rock N Roll bedroom

Boy Bedroom Ideas (25)

If your boy loves music than he will no doubt love this room. The light cube is a nice touch.

Neon sign room

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Remember to make sure that there is enough natural light coming in to the room when opting to paint with darker colors otherwise the room can become too dark.

Bob Marley wall

Boy Bedroom Ideas (27)

Large murals on the walls of inspirational people are a great idea for your boys bedroom.

Cluttered bedroom

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So far we’ve mainly shown you minimalist bedrooms, which with most boys (that are messy) can be unrealistic. Here’s a great example of a more realistic bedroom for your boy.

Sports bedroom

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Having activities such as darts in the bedroom can be a great way to entice young boys not to spend so much time on their computers.

Modern art room

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This is a great idea for a boys room that is creative. A table and chairs can be a great way for them to be able to draw or paint.

Sports themed bedroom

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Does your boy excel at all sports? Sometimes going with a general sports theme can be a better idea than something too specific.

Brothers bedroom

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If you’re decorating a room for two boys a great idea can be to get pillows with their names on them.

Hockey bedhead

Boy Bedroom Ideas (33)

Sometimes you can recycle things such as your boys old hockey sticks or skateboards to make interesting furnishings.

Bunkbed office

Boy Bedroom Ideas (34)

This is a great example of a space saving technique with the office below and their bed up the top.

Modern style

Boy Bedroom Ideas (35)

It doesn’t get much more modern than this. We love the amount of natural light!

Timeless bedroom

Boy Bedroom Ideas (36)

Whether your boy is 5 or 15 this is the kind of room that’s appropriate for all ages.

Drawers galore

Boy Bedroom Ideas (37)

If your boy has a lot of toys or stuff than this is the kind of room that (should) help him become less messy and not lose so much stuff!

Skateboard bedroom

Boy Bedroom Ideas (38)

Here is a great example of how skateboards can be recycled to make interesting furnishings.

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