85 Stunning Bouffant Updo Hairstyles For This Christmas

If you are looking for some Christmas style during this holiday season, then check out the bouffant options in this article. Christmas is right around the corner and that mean’s holiday parties and even New Years celebrations. Nothing is more exciting than shopping for a new dress and getting glammed up for holiday celebrations. When it comes to Christmas, we want to look amazing as we will be getting together with friends and family. We’ve chosen how we are going to do our nails, makeup and we found the perfect cocktail dress. The only thing left to figure out is how to do our hair. There is nothing more elegant and sexy than an updo, and there are so many different options that you never have to worry about looking like someone else.

Since you have so many different options available to you, there’s little worry that you won’t find something that you absolutely love. If you are looking for inspiration for the holidays, then you have come to the right place. There are vintage options as well as some modern day looks, it all depends on the image you want to portray for your party. Below are 85 stunning bouffant updo hairstyles for this Christmas:

1. Raised Updo

Adele always has classically elegant hairstyles and this one is no different. The updo is slightly raised for effect.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00012. Braided Bun

This stunning design has some very loose braiding to give you a unique updo.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00113. 50’s Look

This classic look is straight from the 50’s. It’s high and is complimented with the ribbon.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00214. Sex Appeal

This starlet knows all about glamor and sex appeal. It’s pulled up and is high in the front, perfect for any event.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00315. The Side Bang

The side bang here really keeps this look beautiful.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00416. Legendary Look

If you love big hair, then take this style out of the rocker’s book. It’s half-up and half-down but would look amazing for your next event. bouffant-updo-hairstyles00517. The Beehive

A small beehive that makes for an elegant look.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00618. The Big Look

A huge updo with a lot of volume. You need a lot of hair to create this looks, but it would certainly be a head turner.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles00719. Sweeping Style

This look is amazing for a holiday event; it sweeps back nicely.


10. Volumizing Style

An elegant style that will look great with any outfit.


11. Polished Style

Reese is always known for a polished and sophisticated look. It’s partially up and falls in waves at the back.

12. Upsweep Do

Another beehive look is amazing and polished.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles011113. A Holiday Look

The sides are pulled tight to the head, and there is a lift to the top.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles012114. Beautiful Updo

A stunning updo that is all about sexy sophistication.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles013115. Elegant Pieces

Rachel McAdams is always donning great style choices, and this updo is no different.
bouffant-updo-hairstyles014116. Stunning Style

Another example of a stunning, sweeping updo.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles015117. Bangs and Buns

I love this style because it’s original. No one else at your party will have hair quite like this. The bang is pulled back, and the bun is a messy one. It’s just beautiful.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles016118. Perfectly Swept

You couldn’t find a more perfectly placed updo than this one. Every hair is in place and coiffed.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles017119. High Updo

Another example of an updo that is perfectly put in place. This one, however, is high.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles018120. Fishtail Style

This is a truly unique style that has the hair pulled back into a unique bun. It almost looks like a fishtail braid, but it’s really just pieces pulled together.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles019121. Roberts Style

Julia Roberts wore this style the night that she won an Academy Award. If you want something truly original, then try this style.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles020122. A Royal Look

A look fit for royalty, it’s simple and yet elegant.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles021123. A Towering Style

There is a lot of hair involved in this style. It’s sexy and tousled look. The side bang works perfectly with the overall style.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles022124. Sophistication

A high updo with a sweeping side bang. If you want a polished look, this is the one for you.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles023125. Unusual Style

If you want something different, then try out this partial updo.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles024126. Tornado Look

A beautiful look that resembles a small tornado on the book.

Claire Cross 1960s Hair And Beauty Shoot27. Side Design

A beautiful design that looks amazing for a holiday style. It’s all pulled to the side and curled. I love it!bouffant-updo-hairstyles026128. Swept Design

Another example of a sweeping updo.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles027129. Casual Look

If you want something simple and casual then try this style on for size. 30. Weeping Willow

This look has small pieces falling around her face, it’s another simple design.

31. Large Bun

A large bun that you can see from the front with some hair falling to the side.

32. Simple Designs

A simple updo design with pieces falling to the side.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - OCTOBER 06: A model walks the runway at the Ceremony show during Fashion Forward at Madinat Jumeirah on October 6, 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Fashion Forward)33. Classically Design

Another classic look with pieces falling to the side.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - OCTOBER 06: A model walks the runway at the Ceremony show during Fashion Forward at Madinat Jumeirah on October 6, 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Fashion Forward)34. A Classic Bun

It’s a classic partial updo that is all about being sophisticated.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles033135. A Class Act

Carrie Underwood really knows style and this is one that is very classy for an event.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles034136. High Volume

This updo is high and large with a sweeping side bang. It’s stunning if you are looking for a style for a fancy event.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles035137. Simpson Do

Jessica Simpson is always sporting new updo and this one would be stunning for your next event.

NEW YORK - JUNE 05: Singer Jessica Simpson attends the 2006 CFDA Awards at the New York Public Library June 5, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images for CFDA)38. Old Hollywood

This style is reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamor. It’s a creative design that looks like a work of art. Stunning!

bouffant-updo-hairstyles037139. An Elegant Partial

I love this beautiful style. This partial updo is absolutely gorgeous.


40. Large Bang

An updo with a bang that has long layers to it.


41. A Severe Look

This look is tight to the head, and the bang is pulled back on top. If you want something pulled together this severe look really is a nice one.


42. Gorgeous Designs

This bridal look will go well for any formal event that you have over the holidays. Add a beautiful accessory, and it will complete the look.


43. Swirling Style

This unique design is swirled together in the front creating a polished look hairstyle. It’s beautiful.


44. Polished Style

A stunning and polished look that you are sure to love. I love how the pink ribbon goes well with the pink highlights.


45. The Side Part

This style has a side part, and the back has some serious volume. The small bun falls to the lower neck. A polished design that looks amazing for the holidays.


46. A Messy Design

A high bun with lots of volume in the bangs. This style is very messy if you are looking for that kind of look.


47. Side Sweep

A side sweep with lots of volume, this is a stunning design.


48. A Sleek Design

This long design is straightened with a high top. If you want something different while leaving your hair down, then this is it.

bouffant-updo-hairstyles0471Also See:

49. The High Top

This beehive is very big and it has the polished look that you will love.


50. Creative Style

If you want an eye-catching look, then this is the one for you. It’s put together and gorgeous.


51. Stunning Styling

Lots of hair is required for this look. It’s stunning and has many different elements to the whole design. The top is more polished while the bun is a little messier. It’s beautiful.


52. Beautiful Styling

Another example of a beautiful updo.


53. Perfect Coif 

A perfectly coiffed look that looks great in purple and black.

attends the European Premiere of 'Katy Perry Part Of Me' at Empire Leicester Square on July 3, 2012 in London, England.

54. Lots of Volume 

This sexy hairstyle is one that is sure to be a showstopper. It’s sexy and sophisticated.


55. Pretty Styles

If you are looking for a pretty updo, then this style is sure to be the one for you. There is lots of volume, and the bangs are put together nicely.


56. Simple Styles

There isn’t a lot of flare to this hairstyle. It’s simple and not overdone at all.


57. Stunning Elegance

This is another iconic look from another era. I love the high top it shows so much elegance. It’s a partial updo, so there is still a lot of lengths left down.


58. A High Style

This high beehive has maximum volume. If you are looking for an eye-catching look than this one might be for you.


59. Theron Style

Charlize Theron always has a signature style. It’s classy and beautiful, just like her.


60. Waves Galore

This updo is all about the waves, and she pulls off a stunning look. bouffant-updo-hairstyles0591

61. Simply Lovely

A simple design that is lovely for any event. There are small amounts of waves that look great together.


62. High Beehive

This high beehive is gorgeous because there isn’t a hair out of place. It’s very classic and glamourous.


63. Stunning and Stylish

This do is a little messier, but it’s still a put together look that pulls no stops.


64. Breathtaking Beauty

This look is absolutely breathtaking; it’s almost magical. The bang is swept to the side, and the back is full even though it’s pulled up. The crown completes the look entirely, bringing it all together.


65. Classic Bun

This classic bun is elegant and sophisticated. You won’t find a sharper or more put together style.


66. Shiny Style

A small bun that looks amazing and it shows you don’t need a large bun to have an eye-catching look.


67. Messy Glamour

If you want a glamorous look that isn’t so put together, then this is the one for you. It’s gorgeous and yet there are still pieces falling away from the design.


68. Original Designs

A great example of how you can have an updo even with short hair. It’s quite lovely, and yet it still has a bit of edge to it.


69. Busy Designs

Busy Phillips looks good no matter what she does. This updo is chic and a little messy. A great design for any event.



70. Add a Bow

This incredible updo looks really put together, and the bow just helps it to stand out even more.


71. A Splash of Color

This hairstyle is a great example of a style that is aesthetically pleasing. Truly there is not a hair out of place. The splash of red really makes the whole style stand out.


72. High Bangs

A tight hairstyle that is pulled back. The bangs are high on top of the head with a lot of volume.


73. Slicked Back

Not an updo but a great style for a holiday event. This style is slicked back with product and left down.


74. Blonde Updos

It’s hard to take your eyes off the red lips, but the updo is all about style and elegance. This stunning is something you can wear anywhere.


75. High Style

This high style is elegant and even sexy.


76. Oriental Style

This style has some oriental elements to it like a style you might see on a GHeisha girl. It’s original and lovely if you are looking for something different.


77. Sexy Hairstyles

Another example of a high style that would be great for the holidays.


78. Extreme Designs

This sexy style is beyond incredible; it’s perfection even though it’s a high style. If you want a style that will catch all the eyes in the room, then look no further.


79. A Great Design

A messy bun that is also elegant and mesmerizing.


80. Half Down

This design has the elements of half down and a half up styles. It’s a more casual look that will work for any event. bouffant-updo-hairstyles0801

81. Casual Hairstyles

A simple and casual look for the girl that is low maintenance.

Jessica Alba. The Killer Inside Me's Premiere by Mickael Wintterbotom at UGC Cine Cite des Halles in Paris. 24/06/10. KCS Presse. ID NUMBER : 02003486

82. The Hair Band

A great example of how you can use your own hair to make a hairband. If you want to wear your hair down this is a sexy look that is sure to turn heads.


83. Vintage Look

It’s a great design that is really more of a vintage look. But if that’s the style you are going for then try it out. It may be perfect for your dress.


84. Kim Style

Kim always looks glamorous no matter where she is going. If you want a glamor look, then this one would be perfect.


85. Sexy Bun

This is a great design that is sure to turn some heads. It’s an incredible design that’s a little messy.


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