85 Stylish Bob Hairstyles For Girls Looking For a New Change

Bobs never seem to go out of style. They just keep coming back with different designs and edges to it. To this day they are still one of the most popular choices when ladies decide to cut their hair.

It seems as if everyone these days is cutting their hair and sporting shorter styles. Celebrities from Reese Witherspoon, Halley Berry and Michelle Williams are all chopping their length off. It doesn’t matter if you have thick or thin hair you can find a bob that suits your personal style.

There are many different styles to choose from, and the style should depend on the shape of your face. Whether it be round, or oval there is a style that is best suited for it. Bob can be many different colors and you can choose whether you want bangs or not.

There are so many styles to choose from whether you are looking for some edge or the classic bob.

Below are many different styles to choose from:

The Lengthy Bob Haircut

bob hairstyles0001

This is a messy bob that keeps a medium length. If you aren’t quite willing to go super short then this might be just the look you are going for.

2. Pretty Little Liars

This blonde beauty used to have long hair that cascaded down her back. It wasn’t long before she chopped it all off while filming Pretty Little Liars. She holds a lengthy part that complements her oval face.

bob hairstyles0011

3. Sleek and Sexy

Victoria Beckman has always been a fan of the bob and she pulls it off so well. This sleek bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front.

bob hairstyles0021

4. Long Bob Haircut

This bob is very long so if you’re not into cutting off a lot of hair then this is the style for you. Keeping it long never looked so sexy.

bob hairstyles0031

5. Long and Sleek

This is another long bob look. This one still goes short in the back and very long in the front. It’s a sexy new style.

bob hairstyles0041

6. Bob with Bangs

What a cute look! If you want to go short this is a classic bob that has bangs. It’s a style that is not only easy to maintain but it’s not drastic either.

bob hairstyles0051

7. Ombre Bob Haircut

This one length bob with a center part. It’s a simple style that looks great on any shape of face.

bob hairstyles00618. Wavy Bob Haircut

If you aren’t looking for a drastic look this could be the perfect look for you. It looks great with wavy hair and just falls a few inches below the ear.

bob hairstyles00719. Wispy Bob Haircut

Another wavy style, this one sits just about the shoulder line and it’s a simple and charming look.

bob hairstyles008110. Chic and Stylish

This sexy bob has a deep part that gives it a dramatic flair. There are many different layers to this bob and the ombre color just pulls it all together.

bob hairstyles009111. Super Chic

If you are looking for a look that is not only super chic but super short then this is the style for you. It covers the ear barely and has a side part. This is not a look for someone who values length.

bob hairstyles010112. A Classic Short Bob Haircut

This is a great look for anyone looking to cut their hair short. It’s isn’t too dramatic, it’s all one length except for the side bang. It’s a very sophisticated look.

bob hairstyles011113. Knightly Short

Kiera Knightly, once a fan of long hair has been sporting shorter styles as of late. Her latest hairstyle is of medium length falling below her shoulders.

bob hairstyles012114. Framed Bob Haircut

This cute bob has layers that frame your face and the bangs complete the look. It’s not a drastic cut so you wouldn’t have to cut a lot of your hair.

bob hairstyles013115. Blonde Bob Haircut

This is a great look if you want to go really short. Blonde looks great with this short look. It’s really short in the back with longer layers in the front.

bob hairstyles014116. Hippie Chic

This bob looks great with wavy or straight hair. It’s longer than most styles and the deep part gives it extra body.

bob hairstyles015117. Uniform Style

This is an extreme bob, so be sure you want a real different look. It’s sleek and stylist. Very short just over the ears with a bang that runs straight across the forehead.

bob hairstyles016118. Bombshell Bob

This curly bob is stylish and chic if that’s what you are looking for. Blonde hair really makes it stand out that much more. It’s not a short look if you are afraid to cut it as well.

poses.moda19. A Night Out Style

This sleek look is anything but boring. It has a deep part that gives it a little body. It’s a great style for someone with thin hair.

bob hairstyles0181

20. The Lengthy Bob

This is a messy bob that keeps a medium length. If you aren’t quite willing to go super short then this might be just the look you are going for.

bob hairstyles0191

21. Redheaded and Stylish

Gorgeous Emma Stone is always poised and stylish. Whether she’s a blonde or a redhead she pulls off style to a tee. This is a longer style that frames the face. Add a longer bang to complete the look.

bob hairstyles0201

22. Rockstar Magic

If you are looking for a hairstyle with a little edge look no further than this bob. there are layers that give the bob an edgier look. This is a sexy bob that looks extraordinary in blonde.

bob hairstyles0211

23. Elegant Bob

This is a lengthy bob that gives elegance a whole new meaning. This wavy look is truly beautiful and an excellent choice for those that don’t want to cut too short.

bob hairstyles0221

24. Long and Sleek

I love this long haired bob. You get to keep the length you want with a bob attached to it. It’s short in the back but still has really long layers in the front.

bob hairstyles0231

25. Curly Classic

A short style that looks stunning all one length. The ombre really makes the layers stand out.

bob hairstyles0241

26. Curls for Girls

It’s a longer look if you’re afraid of cutting it too short. The curls really bring it together for a classic look.

bob hairstyles0251

27.  Celebrity Blonde

This gorgeous bob falls just above the shoulders. The sweeping bang pulls the look together and it looks great with blonde.

bob hairstyles0261

28. Swift Bob

Taylor Swift is always taking chances with her hair. It falls on her shoulders and she has a bang that crosses her forehead.

bob hairstyles0271

29. Red Carpet Worthy Bob

She pulls off this shoulder length bob with grace and elegance. The red coloring is a nice touch for the bob.

bob hairstyles0281

30. Blonde Beauty

Lauren Conrad has always had an elegant and stylish look. It’s long and layered with a classic blonde to go with it.

bob hairstyles0291

31. Sweet and Curly

This hairstyle is so sweet that it practically drips with sugar. You don’t have to cut your hair too short and the deep bang gives it a lot of volume.

bob hairstyles0301

32. The Lawrence Look

Jennifer Lawrence took a lot of flack for cutting off her long hair but she’s never looked better. It’s a short look without layers and she added blonde bombshell to the look as well.

bob hairstyles0311

33.  Sophisticated Bob

This bob has a lot of sophistication to it. There are no layers just a deep part to complete the look.

bob hairstyles0321

34. Wavy Bob

The deep brown really makes the look pop especially with the subtle highlights. This is not a polished look at all, it’s a little choppy.

bob hairstyles0331

35. Bubbly Bob

this look falls below the ears and has a lot of bounce thanks to all the curls. The deep part really gives the style a boost of volume.

bob hairstyles034136. A Sweet and Sexy Style

It’s a choppy bob with a lot of waves. The colors are a great combination for the style.

bob hairstyles0351

37. One-sided Bob

If you are looking for a bob with a little different edge to it then try this one. It’s longer on one side to give a unique style that is celebrity worthy.

bob hairstyles0361

38. Short and Red

A sexy look that brings together a bold color and a classic bob. It’s parted in the middle so it’s even all around.

bob hairstyles0371

39. A Stunning Blonde Bob

A very short look that is anything but classic. It’s stunning and close cropped with a full bang. The blonde really brings the look together.

bob hairstyles0381

40. A Bob With Some Edge

There is a lot of edge and uniqueness to this bob. The bangs are a straight cut but the rest of the bob is frayed and messy. If you are looking for something different this may be the look for you.

bob hairstyles0391

41. Sexy and Stylish

A great bob for thick or thin hair. This one is longer in the front and short in the back. It`s all one length aside from the thick bang that goes across the top.

bob hairstyles0401

42. The Flighty Bob

This gorgeous blonde bob is edgy and wispy. It falls almost to the shoulder and it sweeps outwards causing a dramatic effect. It`s parted in the middle so it`s all one length but there are a lot of layers which brings the edge to it.

bob hairstyles0411

43. A Sweeping Bob

This long and lengthy bob is exactly the look you want if you don`t want to cut it short. The waves are perfect for this style and the brown color sure doesn`t hurt either.

bob hairstyles042144. Taylor`s Bob

Taylor Swift is always taking chances with her hair. It falls on her shoulders and she has a bang that crosses her forehead. She`s at it again with this sleek bob.

bob hairstyles0431

45. A High Style Bob

You don`t get more high style than this particular look. It`s super long but it still maintains the bob look by being short in the back. It`s a highly sophisticated look that anyone can pull off.

bob hairstyles0441

46. Hello Volume

Can you say volume? This is an incredible bob that really means business. It’ long so you have plenty of leeway to work with but the volume is something to truly talk about.

bob hairstyles0451

47.  Supermodel Style

This stunning look is exactly what you want if you want to keep some length but still have the bob style. There are a lot of layers to this look and a sweeping bang.

bob hairstyles0461

48. So Much Style

A deep part that will bring volume to thin hair. There are no layers but the look is still flighty.

bob hairstyles0471

49. A Sexy Siren

This sexy bob is an edgy style that is just stunning to look at. The ice-blonde hair makes the look all the more stunning to look at. If you want something stunning that isn’t too short then this is the look for you.

bob hairstyles0481

50. A Long Bob

This is a very long bob that doesn’t require much of a cut, in fact, you may not have to cut anything off at all.

bob hairstyles0491

51. Sleek Yet Sophisticated

It’s a classic bob that’s sleek and sophisticated. It’s got a side part that is killer for the look. It’s super straight and curled inward.

bob hairstyles0501

52. Shorter Swift

Taylor Swift is at it again but this time she went shorter on her bob. She has the same flighty bangs but her bob is shorter than the other styles shown earlier.

bob hairstyles0511

53. Deep Side Bob

This look is all one length and it’s below the shoulder so it’s not too short. The blonde is multi-layered and the side part adds volume for thin hair.

bob hairstyles0521

54. A Simple Bob

It’s a simple look that is all about low-maintenance. On the shoulder bob that is sweet and simple.

bob hairstyles0531

55. The Messy Bob

You don’t get much sexier than this bob. There is so much volume to this look based off of the deep side part as well as the layering throughout the style.

bob hairstyles0541

56. Soft and Put Together

There is no edge to this look, it’s all about elegance. It’s all one length and the waves complete the look.

bob hairstyles0551

57. A Volumizing Bob

This shoulder length bob is high in volume. Although the style has a deep part it doesn’t need it for all the stylized volume it has. This look is all about glamour and elegance.

bob hairstyles0561

58. A Bob Cut Sharply

This is another class bob style. It’s got a blunt cut that is all one length. The black hair color really makes the cut pop.

bob hairstyles0571

59. Short But Sweet

This short style falls just below the ears and it’s incredibly sexy. It’s simple and beautiful and you can maintain it without much effort.

Bob Haircuts For Fine Hair

60. The Cropped Bob

This bob is very short and it’s cropped to the neckline. If you are looking for a big change then this is the style for you. There are some choppy layers to it but not too many that it doesn’t stay classic.

bob hairstyles0591

61. Braided Bob

What a stunning bob and if you are looking for a new look try adding a braid to it. This icy blonde bob is gorgeous when you add the braid.

bob hairstyles0601

62. Hanna Loves the Bob

This blonde beauty used to have long hair that cascaded down her back. It wasn’t long before she chopped it all off while filming Pretty Little Liars. She holds a lengthy part that complements her oval face. This bob is even shorter than the last one.

bob hairstyles0611

63. A Bold Bob

A great bob with a classic look. The blonde look pulls everything together.

bob hairstyles0621

64. Taylor’s Gone Shorter

Taylor’s always playing with new looks and this one is no different. It is much shorter than the rest but the bangs remain the same.

bob hairstyles0631

65. A Simple Style

Bangs and layers complete this simple and low maintenance bob.

bob hairstyles0641

66. Side Part Bob

Such a sexy take on a classic bob. It falls just above the shoulders and the deep part gives it some volume. The waves along with the blonde haircolor gives off a sexy vibe.

bob hairstyles0651

67. The Sleek Blonde

This uniform style is for anyone in love with the classic bob. It’s smooth and sleek and not too short.

bob hairstyles0661

68. Short and Mysterious

This bob is a little shorter than most, falling underneath the ear. The slight wave it has adds must needed volume to the look.

bob hairstyles0671

69. Casually Short

If you are looking for low maintenance then this is the style for you. It could literally be blow dried and tosseled as you walked out the door in the morning.

bob hairstyles0681

70. Famously Short

This actress has always kept her hair short. She loves the bob and this style is very casual.

bob hairstyles0691

71. Sweeping Bob

There is a lot of volume to this cut, mainly due to the layers throughout. The sweeping bang is a nice touch.

bob hairstyles0701

72. Curly Cue

Such a classic look, one that is reminicent of a vintage time from long ago. If you like vintage hairstyles then this is the bob for you.

bob hairstyles0711

73. Short Can Be Sexy

This is an ultra-short look but a sexy one. It has a deep part and the hair is curled below the ear.

bob hairstyles0721

74. Lovato Length

Demi Lovato is sporting a longer bob that suits her face shape perfectly. The deep part adds volume for thin hair.

bob hairstyles0731

75. A Blonde Short

A classic but very short bob. If you want a big change this is it. It’s perfectly styled to round out her face and the deep part brings in the volume.

bob hairstyles0741

76. Center Part Bob

If you’re scared of the cut stick to a longer look.

bob hairstyles0751

77. Ruffled Bob

If you like the messy look try out this medium length bob.

bob hairstyles0761

78. Flaming Bob

This red hot bob is sexy not only because of the color but the sleek style as well.

bob hairstyles0771

79. Mermaid Bob

Part of what makes this bob so incredible is the color, so think outside the box.

bob hairstyles0781Also See:

80. Jenny McCarthy Bob

She has had a short bob for some time now and she rocks it at this length.

bob hairstyles0791

81. Vintage Bob

A vintage inspired look on the classic bob.

bob hairstyles0801

82. The Beach Look

It’s a great look if you always wanted that beach inspired hairstyle.


bob hairstyles0821

83. Asymmetrical Bob 

An angled bob always allows you to keep some length.

bob hairstyles0831

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