98 Outstanding Boat Tattoo Designs Ideas

Boat designs are more popular than you would think. There are many reasons why people choose to have a boat tattoo. You can have a simple design or a detailed one. You will blow everyone away with your new tattoo design. Make sure that you have a great artist for your next tattoo because it makes all the difference in the world. If you are looking for a fresh new design, then check out these 98 Outstanding Boat Tattoo Designs Ideas:

  1. Paper Boat

A special tattoo design that shows of a paper boar with a cool little anchor.

boat tattoo designs (1)

2. Beautiful Ships

If you are looking for a large tattoo for your back, then this breathtaking and detailed ship is a great look for you.

boat tattoo designs (2)

3. Cool Messages

A bold design like this has a ship on one leg and a message on the other.

boat tattoo designs (3)

4. Colorful Designs

A bold design that has some colorful designs.

boat tattoo designs (5)

5. Ship Designs

If sailing the seven seas is your dreams, then you would probably love this inspirational tattoo design.

boat tattoo designs (4)

6. Dark Elements

A bold style that fits completely on the sleeve of your arm.

boat tattoo designs (6)

7. Anchor Design

This fun design is a ship at sea. It looks like it’s anchoring down. It’s more of a cartoonish style, but an awesome one.

boat tattoo designs (7)

8. Raining Days

This is an awesome design that has darkening storm clouds that are raining down on a paper boat. If you love unique styles, then this is the one for you.

boat tattoo designs (8)

9. Cool Ships

Ships remind us of the olden days or even pirates. They are cool images that make for great tattoo designs. If you are looking for a large design, then this is it.

boat tattoo designs (9)

10. Behind the Ear

A great tattoo design that sits nicely behind the ear.

boat tattoo designs (18)

11. Colorful Ships

If you like a little color in your life, then you will love this tattoo design. boat tattoo designs (17)

12. Sweet Boats

You don’t have to have a large tattoo design to show your love for ships. This cool little boat is the perfect tattoo.

boat tattoo designs (16)

13. Fun Ideas

A circular design that has a fun little boat inside it.

boat tattoo designs (15)

14. Detailed Tattoos

Ship designs are super cool and we love the detail that is involved with this one.

boat tattoo designs (14)

15. Lonely Boat

A simple tattoo that has a person sitting in a fishing boat reflecting.


boat tattoo designs (12)

16. Sea Creatures

This cool image has a sea creature that is so big that it is about to take over the boat. It’s a stunning image that fits nicely on the back.

boat tattoo designs (11)

17. Thumb Design

A cool little design is perfect for the thumb. If you are looking for a small design, then this would be a great style for you.

boat tattoo designs (10)

18. Sleeve Designs

A fun style like this is truly unique and awesome.

boat tattoo designs (19)

19. Simple Ships

This cool design takes up the whole one side of the body. It’s a large design so make sure that you can be committed to it.

boat tattoo designs (20)

20. Watercolor Designs

A cool ship design that has splotches of color that look like a watercolor painting.

boat tattoo designs (29)

21. Gorgeous Designs

Another stunning example of a great tattoo design that has a burst of bright colors in the background. The splotches of color look like paint. We love the fact that it looks like paint dripping down her side.

boat tattoo designs (30)

22. A Bold Ship

A wonderful tattoo that has a basic design.

boat tattoo designs (21)

23. Cartoon Designs

This is a very basic cartoon style that is sure to bring a smile to your face. We love paper boats.

boat tattoo designs (22)

24. Cool Ribcage Designs

A great design that is both popular and colorful. The tattoo covers the entire one side.

boat tattoo designs (31)

25. Nautical Designs

A stunning ship sleeve that is remarkable. There are a few other nautical designs that are bold and well put together. If you want a gorgeous and dark design, this is the one for you.

boat tattoo designs (32)

26. Little Ship

There is more ocean here than ship, but it still makes for a cool design. There are plenty of waves and a cute little black boat.

boat tattoo designs (23)

27. Creek Love

This reminds us of the TV show Dawson’s Creek. If you love fishing in the creek, then you might love this tattoo.

boat tattoo designs (26)

28. Sailing Tattoos

A simple design that has a ship with a bunch of birds around it.

boat tattoo designs (25)

29. Wrist Design

A simple boat tattoio that fits nicely on the wrist.

boat tattoo designs (24)

30. Cartoon Designs

This is a more traditional design because of the cartoonish style and colors.

boat tattoo designs (33)

31. Elegant Ships

A bold style that has an elegant ship design. It’s a really classy design and it’s perfect for a woman that wants a ship tattoo.

boat tattoo designs (34)

32. Heart Designs

A simple tattoo design that is black and white. We love the colorful little heart.

boat tattoo designs (35)

33. Neck Designs

A ship design that is elegant and cool. It fits nicely on the back of the neck.

boat tattoo designs (36)

34. Paper Designs

A simple design of a small boat that is precious and unique. These fresh and bright colors really make the tattoo pop out.

boat tattoo designs (27)

35. The Night Sky

This is an amazing style that is dark and mysterious. We can see the night sky about the ship. It’s a great tattoo that is totally badass.

boat tattoo designs (45)

36. Ship Ribcage Designs

A bold tattoo design that is unique and magnificent. It’s a rather large tattoo that covers the entire ribcage. If you are looking for something amazing, then this is the one for you.

boat tattoo designs (54)

37. Fun Styling

One thing about this tattoo is that it’s very simple and cartoonish.

boat tattoo designs (63)

38. Stormy Ships

This amazing ship design has a lot of details. There is a storm brewing with this look and it is surrounding the ship.


boat tattoo designs (53)

39. Skull Ship

A dark design like this is hardcore and bold.

boat tattoo designs (44)

40. Sailing Ships

Another example of a sailing ship for all those nautical lovers out there.

boat tattoo designs (43)

41. Dripping Paint

This little paper boat is floating on a drip of blue paint. It’s a stunning design that is sure to get you a lot of compliments.

boat tattoo designs (52)

42. Cool Styles

Another great design that is simple and unique.

boat tattoo designs (61)

43. Framed Designs

There is more than one nautical design here and we love both of them.

boat tattoo designs (60)

44. Simple Boats

If you are looking for a simple and small tattoo design, then this ship is the look for you.

boat tattoo designs (51)

45. Cool Elements

This ship takes up the whole ribcage. If you are looking for a cool design, you can’t go wrong with this one.

boat tattoo designs (42)

46. Paper Elements

A cool paper boat design that is simple yet sweet. Paper boats are so unique and awesome.

boat tattoo designs (41)

47. Bold Colors

The best part of this style is the bright and beautiful colors.

boat tattoo designs (40)

48. Dark Images

This stunning boat is dark and mysterious. How could you not love a flaming style like this one?

boat tattoo designs (39)


49. Fresh Ships

A simple sailing ship that is fighting against the sea.

boat tattoo designs (48)

50. Message in A Bottle

This fun style that has a classic ship inside a bottle.



boat tattoo designs (49)

51. Detailed Looks

A unique style that is fun and simple. It’s more realistic than the other bottle.

boat tattoo designs (50)

52. Shadowing

If you want a casual look, something that is simple, then this ship tattoo is for you.

boat tattoo designs (59)

53. Fun Waves

The style is exaggerated and when you see the ship, you know that this style is all about fun.

boat tattoo designs (58)

54. Mysterious Styles

It’s a very dark design that is sure to stand out wherever you go.

boat tattoo designs (57)

55. Bold Looks

A stunning look that is mysterious. It’s a detailed ship design that shows off a ship moving through the sea.

boat tattoo designs (56)

56. Cartoon Looks

If you want a lighthearted look, then try out this simple and colorful style.

boat tattoo designs (55)

57. Interesting Styles

Another cartoon style that is unique because it goes with the traditional style.

boat tattoo designs (46)

58. High Waves

This cute tattoo is a tall and high wave that has a curling wave. The little paper boat is hitting the waves too.


boat tattoo designs (38)

59. Pirate Ship

A cool ship design that is perfect for the pirate lover.




boat tattoo designs (73)

60. Bright Colors

How much do we love these bright colors? It’s a design that has some pretty cool colors.

boat tattoo designs (82)

61. Blue Designs

This fresh and beautiful tattoo design is awesome behind the ears.

boat tattoo designs (91)

62. Simple Boat

If you love boating, then you are sure to love a style like this. It is sure to bring back a lot of memories for you.

boat tattoo designs (92)

63. Cool Geometrics

A cool design that is unique because all the elements connect with geometric styles.

boat tattoo designs (83)

64. Magical Styles

Another simple and colorful style that would be easy for your artist to create.

boat tattoo designs (74)

65. Cool and Colorful

This cool design has a lot of great colors in it. If you want a great ribcage design, then this is the style for you.

boat tattoo designs (65)

66. Octopus Design

This octopus attack is severe and it’s taking down the ship.

boat tattoo designs (66)

67. Outline Design

It’s just an outline, but it’s still a great style.

boat tattoo designs (75)

68. Hand Designs

This hand design has a lot of details on it. Not everyone needs a huge design; this one is perfect if you want a small tattoo.

boat tattoo designs (84)

69. Raging Wave

This is a cool style that has a boat being attacked by a massive wave.

boat tattoo designs (93)

70. Dotted Tattoo

A great tattoo design that is made up of a bunch of dots. These styles are super fun.

boat tattoo designs (94)

71. Rope Styles

It’s a cartoon style that is sitting inside the rope frame.

boat tattoo designs (85)

72. Cartoon Ship

Cartoon designs are fun styles that you don’t have to take too seriously.

boat tattoo designs (76)

73. Shoulder Boat

A little tiny boat will fit perfectly on the collarbone. It’s a great design for a female because it’s delicate and elegant.

boat tattoo designs (67)

74. Bold and Beautiful Designs

There are so many colors involved here that it will brighten your day.

boat tattoo designs (68)

75. Stunning and Bright

Talk about a unique and stunning tattoo design. Seriously, the unique design has the boat floating through the waves that are actually hair. The bright colors are truly unique.

boat tattoo designs (77)

76. Shadowing Boats

A stunning design that is detailed and has a lot of cool shadows.

boat tattoo designs (86)

77. Sunset Designs

A small tattoo that is full of color and fun.

boat tattoo designs (95)

78. Finger Tattoos

Even though the tattoos are small, they are still pretty detailed and amazing. How could you not love this cool styles?


boat tattoo designs (87)

79. Bold and Dark

If you are looking for a sleeve design, then why not try this dark and cool design.

boat tattoo designs (78)

80. Fishing Boat

If you love fishing, then why not try this fishing boat tattoo design.

boat tattoo designs (69)

81. Boat in A Cup

A cool style that is unique because the ship is sailing inside a teacup.

boat tattoo designs (70)

82. Simple Lines

It’s a pretty unique tattoo design that is simple and small. It’s a bold style that is just a few lines put together.

boat tattoo designs (79)

83. Striped Sails

A simple sailing boat that will show off your passion for boating.

boat tattoo designs (88)

84. Deep Blue Designs

A bold design that has some bright blue coloring. How can you not love these bright colors?

boat tattoo designs (97)

85. Ankle Designs

If you want a tiny design, then this little boat is the look you are going to want.


86. Black Designs

These styles are super dark, but they definitely pop out at you.

boat tattoo designs (89)

87. Storm Chasers

We love this boat because it’s sailing the seven seas in the middle of an intense storm.

boat tattoo designs (80)

88. Sailing Pirate Ship

This mysterious ship is totally awesome. If you have always wanted to be a pirate, then this is the tattoo for you.

boat tattoo designs (71)

89. Flying Birds

A sleeve design that has cool imaging and bright colors.

boat tattoo designs (72)

90. Paint Styles

A bold look that is dark and it looks like it’s been painted on.

boat tattoo designs (81)

91. Stunning Looks

A sleeve design like this is exactly what you need to have the coolest tattoo in your group.

boat tattoo designs (90)

92. Dark Images

A partial sleeve is exactly what you need for a cool new look.

boat tattoo designs (99)

93. Steam Ships

A cartoon style of a steamship that takes up your whole arm.

boat tattoo designs (107)

94. Fun Memories

This is a very unique tattoo design that shows off your favorite memory.

boat tattoo designs (106)

95. Sailing Through Countries

If you want an awesome style, then you can’t go wrong with this style. There are lots of cool elements that bring it together.

boat tattoo designs (105)

96. Plane Tattoos

There is even a plane flying over the sailing ship in this tattoo style.

boat tattoo designs (104)

97. Sinking Ship

Maybe you are fascinated by sinking ships. This is a very cool design.

boat tattoo designs (103)

98. Dream Styles

A stunning style that is all about envisioning your dream sailing adventures.

boat tattoo designs (102)



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