100 Bird Tattoo Designs & Ideas to Feel the Flight

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to bird tattoo designs. Tattoo artists usually provide the best of designs to their customers keeping in mind factors like pattern, size, color, body part and not to miss out, the pocket pinch. If interested, clients can choose from a pool of creative tattoo ideas like flower, anchor, birds, hearts, dragons and many more that looks awesome on them, in keeping with their preferences.

A number of tattoo freaks are obsessed with beautiful birds in varied postures, colors and flight patterns. This is largely because birds signify freedom, grace and liberty to them. Regardless of the design one chooses, following the precautions before and after getting inked is of prime importance.

Here’s a list of few eye-catching bird tattoo designs and ideas that’ll get you swooning!

100 Bird Tattoo Designs & Ideas to Feel the Flight

  1. Cute Bird in Flight

bird tattoo design (1)

When it comes to feeling the flight, no bird tattoo can do justice than this one! The region is perfect and the fine strokes in black making the shape of a cute bird looks amazing on those who wish to stand out from the rest. Throwing a chain around the neck highlights the tattoo all the more.

2. Doves in Flight

bird tattoo design (2)

The pattern looks amazing and one can choose any body region to flaunt it. Getting a series of doves in varied flight positions implies strength of mind and feminineness. The bird that itself is a harbinger of peace is a popular design idea, simply because it hints at the spiritual side of the person or the intention to move away from the finer things of life.

3. Dancing Hummingbird

bird tattoo design (3)

Hummingbirds are quite popular among bird tattoo enthusiasts and this one in a colored avatar does justice to the colorful personality of the owner. In fact, these birds are usually inked in their dancing forms just to highlight their beauty. Covering the entire back with a large design is a different approach.

4. Perched on a Branch

bird tattoo design (4)

This unique tattoo design infuses few shades of green and blue while the bordering is in black. It looks like a sparrow sitting atop a branch. What really catches the attention is the creativity with which few geometrical (pentagon shaped compartments) and some abstract designs are thrown inside the body of the bird.

5. Wings Full of Color

bird tattoo design (5)

Hummingbirds are common tattoo choices and this one looks different, especially because the wings occupy the centre of attraction. A sweet bird that takes up considerable foot area is a welcome idea for most lacking good bird tattoo ideas. Don’t forget throwing some more color with nail paint!

6. Flight Described in Quotes


A colorful bird flapping its wings speak volumes but the meaning that it conveys is different for different people. How about keeping a quote near the beautiful bird tattoo design? ‘Let it be’ from the classic English music band Beatles’ explains vividly the intent and prevailing mood condition of the person concerned. However, the presence of colors implies no gloom!

7. Sketched in Large

bird tattoo design (7)

This one is simply breathtaking! Flaunting a bird in its sketched form along the bikini line is a style statement many would be skeptical in sporting. Intricate work done inside the bird’s body, feathers and the tail with the shading part in few regions, bring to the fore a work of creativity worth praising.

8. Story of the Birds

bird tattoo design (8)

The photo is a depiction of art at its best. Both the hands contain tattoos of feathers, the end of which forms the origin of birds as they flutter and fly about. Rarely do artists conceive such well thought out patterns and above all, weave a story using two hands. Sheer masterpiece we say!

9. Meaningful Words

bird tattoo design (9)

When doves fly it looks beautiful and most people seem to make them the objects of their tattoo. But a line as ‘sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you fly’ conveys a meaning that we usually don’t find looking at the tattoo. Most women love getting inked at the back of their shoulders and sport dresses that allows people to get a peek of what they like to let the world know about them.

10. Gorgeous Color

bird tattoo design (10)

This is precisely what you understand looking at these two colorful hummingbirds. While one sits pretty on a branch, another is in a state of flight. There seems to be an interesting interaction between them but that’s best left to viewers who may find a difficulty assessing if it’s a love or hate relation but under no circumstances, these beautiful creatures cannot be ignored.

11. From Bondage to Liberty

bird tattoo design (11)

The story of the birds in this photo is similar to one mentioned above but stands different for the two hands are required to understand the story’s flow. While one hand shows a cage where the birds have just been released from, another hand is all about birds in flight mode. It would be difficult to maintain continuity of the story if both hands were not utilized.

12. Playful Birds

bird tattoo design (12)

Who said colors add the zing to a tattoo? You are likely to deviate from this existing idea upon seeing this cute photo. Wrists being the most popular tattoo making zones, two playful hummingbirds in black cuts a cute picture. Extra layers of shading add brownie points to the overall effect. Go get it!

13. Animated Forms

bird tattoo design (13)

Animes are interesting and you can use them in the form of bird tattoos. The picture shows identical birds in animated forms on the wrists but in different colors. While they share the same twig, the love they have for each other is evident the way these cute little creatures look and the lovey-dovey pink hearts surround them.

14. The Boho Chic Bird

bird tattoo design (14)

If grunge is your style, opt for this chic design. This bird figure is similar to one of the many spoken of earlier but contains a rustic charm that’s exclusive. The very design and placement of the tattoo shows only a bold person can carry it off with élan.

15. Cornered Bird

bird tattoo design (15)

Placing a tattoo at the back corner of the body is an excellent way of flaunting it if you decide to wear crop tops or hot pants. This picture of a bird perched on top of a leafy twig is feminine and smart. The only hint of color is the red heart in the bird’s body.

16. Love at the Nape

bird tattoo design (16)

Women who like to wear their hair long and prefer buns than leaving it open can opt for a wonderful bird tattoo designs at the nape of their neck. This picture is quite a dreamy one with two birds conversing with each other. Surely it must be about love for the heart says so!

17. Four is Company

bird tattoo design (17)

The team of four flaps their wings and continues with their flight, giving others the feeling that the destination is far and the journey, long. Another hot favorite for most women, this kind of tattoo looks best at the wrist or back side of the shoulder.

18. 3D Print

bird tattoo design (18)

Bird tattoo designs in 3D are trending big and this funny picture is a sure shot way to evoke laughter when the going gets tough. With an orange backdrop and a beak of the same color, the feathers and eyeballs in a blue black tone stands a sharp contrast to the orange shade. Just look at the expression and you will know the magic of 3D.

19. Dark and Dreaded

bird tattoo design (19)

That crows are black require no saying, but carrying so much of black in a dreaded form is a man’s forte. Bird tattoo designs at the chest done like this indicates turmoil or the need for coming out of it, which is best flaunted by a man. Dark as it may appear but tremendous effort is needed to make this form of tattoo.

20. Expressionless Bird

bird tattoo design (20)

What exactly is this birdie trying to say? With feet having no base and eyes nil, it’s tough to assess the real meaning of this tattoo. But a random make as this can always be juxtaposed with many others on the same wrist, especially if one is too fond of bird tattoos in bright shades.

21. Find Me If You Can

bird tattoo design (21)

This picture might just get you confused if the tattoo is based on birds or roses. We better call it an amalgamation! With roses and leaves for company, this kind of design looks amazing. You can also let others observe it carefully by telling them to count the number of birds present. Locating them from the thick foliage can be quite a challenge.

22. Sketched Hawk/ Eagle

bird tattoo design (22)

The reason this tattoo is said to be sketched is largely owing to the strokes that only a master tattoo artist can accomplish. The beak, feathers and the style of swooping down indicates it’s a hawk or eagle, better suited to the serious and determined types.

23. Bird and Others

bird tattoo design (23)

No, this is not a happy picture! Neither does the bird’s expression say that nor do the presence of the other objects. A human skull and few arrows and feathers adorn the picture. Despite taking up substantial space at the back and bringing an element of darkness with it, the picture looks more like a canvas portrait, especially the way colors are played with. 3D wins again!

24. Log and Bird

bird tattoo design (24)

The log would appear as another stick if the dimension of depth was not present, thanks to the 3D effect! This bird looks simple but what accounts for the most appealing thing is the way black shading has been infused in it. The poise, calm and grace are evident the way the 3D approach has been taken.

25. Amidst Flowers and Wheels

bird tattoo design (25)

Aside black, a single sea green color thrown in this tattoo design is the real game changer. Just look at how the birds are wrapped in the thick foliage of flowers and branches while wheels stay at the backdrop of their heads. There is no special significance yet it looks so different.

26. Craving for Music

bird tattoo design (26)

Color and music offer a unique touch to this tattoo. It’s hard to understand if the bird is the highlighting point of the design but the way it looks longingly at the gramophone indicates its inclination towards music. Bird tattoo enthusiasts with an affinity for music can opt for this pattern.

27. Engaged in Work

bird tattoo design (27)

Doesn’t this crow and its carrying a utensil with few drops pouring out tell us a story? Well that’s best left to us but there’s no way we can miss this design. Certainly it brings the 3D effect to the fore but the way the artist has given life to it will surely be an example that many others will follow.

28. Messenger of Love

bird tattoo design (28)

Pigeons at one time carried notes of lovers but this blue bird shows love in quite a unique manner. Take note of the red rose at the top and its pretty perching. These are reasons to take an instant liking to such a tattoo and don as well.

29. Flying Bird at the Toes

bird tattoo design (30)

A small bird can look equally cute if done by an expert tattoo artist. There is nothing much than the outlining of a bird in flight yet it’s sure to catch the attention of most people. For those who prefer clean and fuss-free designs, this is one of the ideal ways to proceed.

30. Togetherness Defined

bird tattoo design (31)

The serene, calm and quiet picture that the love birds make is best flaunted as a tattoo design on a woman’s wrist. In times of distress or even when you feel like reveling, this kind of a tattoo is what will slow down your pace and teach the value of listening.

31. Diagonal Flight

bird tattoo design (32)

So what exactly happens you choose to get flying birds inked on your wrist? Aside looking stunning, the pattern makes you closer to nature. You can try to accentuate the look by sporting an exquisite looking bangle or bracelet. Sheer elegance!

32. Story on the Chest

bird tattoo design (33)

Tattoos convey meaning and many even narrate stories. This one on a woman’s chest having two crows with geometrical prints in them speaks a lot about feelings. Whoever said humans are the only creatures that feel stands wrong. Perhaps birds feel it better, which is exactly why one comes to the rescue when the other seems to perish.

33. Decked in Flowers and Leaves

bird tattoo design (34)

While the design is similar to few mentioned above, the pose of this bird is of royalty. To add to the special effect, red flowers and leaves surrounding it are aptly justified. Most women who feel the nape region is small can opt for the entire back or slightly below the nape to get a better design.

34. Extended Tattoo

bird tattoo design (35)

The reason for assigning this tattoo such a name is evident once you look at it. The bird on the hand is more like an extension of the pentagon shaped boxes, which are joined with some other pattern. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with mixing tattoo objects for the focus here is the small beaked bird.

35. The Royal Eagle

bird tattoo design (29)

Eagles and hawks are usually birds known for their royalty. This picture of a fairly large sized tattoo of an eagle poised in aristocracy lends a 3D touch. The shading is the real ordeal for any tattoo artist and once done well, the demand for such designs usually increases.

36. Birds Making Love


Two pigeons making love is a rare sight and that too, when the location is in between women’s breasts. Many would not dare do that given the place but for those who aren’t faint hearted, a bold and unconventional move can always be a trendsetting idea.

37. The Questioning Hummingbird

bird tattoo design (36)

That’s what you say looking at this tattoo. Despite bringing a notion of inquisitiveness, the bird looks cute, especially where it’s positioned. There’s no gender bias for men and women can carry off this look provided they wish to.

38. The Feet are the Sky

bird tattoo design (39)

The way the birds are found in their flight position seem to give a hint that they’ve found their sky on the foot of the tattoo enthusiast. It’s amazing to see the wings for they carry the vibe of freedom from the clutches of this world in the best way possible.

39. Owls All the Way

bird tattoo design (40)

While lovebirds, hummingbirds, eagles, hawks, pigeons, doves, crows and cuckoos are common bird options, owls are a tad quirky. You can’t help but fall in love with this cute night bird that stares in a sorry manner at you. Call it the artist’s dexterity or simply how you choose to look at it, but for those who stay in two minds before getting an owl tattoo, these birds are top picks for many at present.

40. Freedom in the Truest Sense

bird tattoo design (41)

Most avid tattoo freaks know why they get bird tattoos in the first place. This feathery friend signifies liberty, humility and softness. So when a bird flies and says ‘free’ for you, there could be no better explanation. By far, one of the best bird tattoo designs that one can fall in love with!

41. Sweet Little Thing
bird tattoo design (4)This little bird may be small but it makes a huge statement. Lovely cold colors.

42. Humming Trio
bird tattoo design (5)Silhouettes of hummingbirds done with colorful shades for their wings is a lovely way to spice up an otherwise overly used symbol.

43. Mandala Birdie
bird tattoo design (15)The designs within this bird are almost like a piece of a mandala, beautiful and geometric.

44. Splash and Spill
bird tattoo design (19)Instead of creating normal looking bird tattoo designs, you can play with the “foundation” of the tattoo. This looks like a watercolor or oil painting splashed on the skin.

45. Soft Lines
bird tattoo design (23)Take cold colors and fuse them together elegantly into a large bird of flight. Voila.

46. Flirting Duo
bird tattoo design (24)These little birdies are done in stances that are reminiscent of flirting in flight.

47. Escaping the Wind
bird tattoo design (26)Most of us have seen the transitional tattoo – of seeds pulling away from a dandelion and turning into birds. But this one is done with beautiful cold colors of blue and purple.

48. Amongst the Stars
bird tattoo design (29)A bird in flight within a setting of stars rather than clouds is a delightful twist.

49. Bright Blue Bird
bird tattoo design (32)This little blue bird is searching for attention.

50. Swirling Décor
bird tattoo design (35)A chubby little birdie perched on some swirling branches, a lovely addition to an otherwise boring tat.

51. Thick, Flowing Lines
bird tattoo design (37)If you’re into simple, black tattoos, diverse lines are a nice way to spruce up your design.

52. Holding the Key to My Heart
bird tattoo design (40)These birds aren’t just flying, they’re the key to each other’s heart.

53. On the Wrist
bird tattoo design (42)Sometimes, it’s all about placement.

54. Teeny Tiny Hummingbird
bird tattoo design (44)If you’re scared of what bird tattoo designs may or may not look like, you can try a tiny one out to see if it flies with you.

55. Within Flowers
bird tattoo design (45)This one isn’t finished, but we’re sure you can imagine the lovely colors that are possible here.

56. Hidden Beneath the Arm

bird tattoo design (49)Every time she moves her arm, you get a glimpse.

57. Amid the Garden
bird tattoo design (51)A birdie perched within some beau floral.

58. Turning its Head
bird tattoo design (52)Try out different ways your bird is perched.

59. Abstract Like Branches
bird tattoo design (54)Bird tattoo designs like this one look like a project in a woodworking class.

60. Crazy Eye
bird tattoo design (55)Even birds can look insane.

61. Geometric Watercolor
bird tattoo design (56)Bird tattoo designs done with sharper edges can look even more enticing when the ink looks like watercolor.

62. Splash of Cold Colors
bird tattoo design (62)No, you don’t have to shade within the lines for all bird tattoo designs.

63. Amongst the Trees
bird tattoo design (63)This raven is hidden among a lot of lovely branches – look closely, it extends up the entirety of this wearer’s body. Amazing.

64. Twisted and Tied
bird tattoo design (64)Ever seen a bird with its head and eyes tied up like this? Quite different. Quite symbolic.

65. Within a Heart’s Beat
bird tattoo design (65)We love the use of color here – blues and greens among purples and reds.

66. Snapping an Arrow in Half
bird tattoo design (72)These bird tattoo designs are vicious.

67. On a Witch’s Hand
bird tattoo design (73)A surprising place to perch a bird tattoo designs.

68. Body of a Human
bird tattoo design (75)Kudos to this human for placing a bird’s head atop a human skeleton. Ouch.

69. Little Brown Creature
bird tattoo design (76)Love the brown shading here.

70. Goose, Geese, Gosh!
bird tattoo design (78)Quite vivid. Wonder why a person would get a goose tatted – always curious!

71. Flying Among the Mount
bird tattoo design (79)A lovely way to ink mountains in a non-traditional way, especially to show just how high up the birds are flying freely.

72. Branching Moon
bird tattoo design (82)Some bird tattoo designs are coupled with the moon or sun, but this “moon” looks like branches – quite u

73. Pretty Little Face
bird tattoo design (83)This birdie looks like it’s smiling – must be the pretty place it’s perched.

74. Spread-Winged Cardinal
bird tattoo design (85)This cardinal looks like it could eat your face!

75. Innocent Birdie
bird tattoo design (86)Perched among the roses. Cute to show off with a dress!

76. Inspirational Quote
bird tattoo design (87)Sometimes you have to fall before you fly. A lovely reminder for us all.

77. Old School
bird tattoo design (88)Bird tattoo designs like these look like old-school sailor tattoos.

78. A Bird’s Eye View
bird tattoo design (89)Even from an apple…

79. To Compliment Your Toes
bird tattoo design (91)Feet tattoos are quite common, a great place to start your tattoo collection.

80. Geometric Madness
bird tattoo design (92)This design is reminiscent of stained glass, just imagine if it had color…

81. Like Anime 
Ever seen an anime show? This design looks like some of those artists’ work.

82. Squawking in Turquoise
bird tattoo design (94)Bird tattoo designs like this one – with a different facial expression – are rare as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

83. Innocent Beak
bird tattoo design (95)So tiny and cute!

84. Within the Flowers
bird tattoo design (96)Its almost hard to spot the bird, but it’s there – camouflaged with flowers and bee.

85. Wondrous Sleeve
bird tattoo design (98)This sleeve will have you staring for minutes.

86. Double Head
bird tattoo design (99)Is that just two heads or are there two bodies?

87. Scratching Wing
bird tattoo design (101)Another new and lovely way to perch your bird amongst the flowers.

88. Red String
bird tattoo designs (13)If you get some bird tattoo designs inked on your skin, will the bird be holding anything within its beak?

89. Like the Reaper
bird tattoo design (105)This bird is reminiscent of the grim reaper… Like its about to judge your life!… Yikes.

90. Within the Leaves
bird tattoo design (106)Get creative with the environment your bird(s) is perched.

91. Happily Fleeting
bird tattoo design (107)This bird hasn’t a care in the world.

92. Signed with My Heart
bird tattoo design (108)Bird tattoo designs span within a large range of beautiful. Love the delicate feet here.

93. Well Calculated
bird tattoo designs (1)This flying birdie looks like its within some kind of calculated spell of some kind.

94. Matching Peacock
bird tattoo designs (2)This peacock looks as if it’s meant to be on this wearer’s arm, complimenting her style and personality.

95. Flying Flock
bird tattoo designs (3)These bird tattoo designs are common, but it’s all about placement.

96. Lovely Hummingbird Watercolor
bird tattoo designs (4)A sweet little tat – looks as if the hummingbird is smiling.

97. Within the Lines
bird tattoo designs (5)We like the added lines that pull out of the bird – it makes this design look geometric and quite different than anything we’ve seen.

98. Small Dedication…
bird tattoo designs (7)To the freedom a little bird can bring.

99. A Sleeve’s Highlight
bird tattoo designs (9)This sleeve is mostly flowers, but you can see the bird adds depths to this design.

100. A Neck’s Glamour
bird tattoo designs (12)A perfectly placed hummingbird. This will make you want to put your hair up all the time.
Bird tattoos usually brings people closer to nature and adopt a more philosophical form of mind. For those of us intending to get bird tattoo designs – we can leave it to the artist to bring some novelty or simply create our own with true meaning behind it.

We hope you enjoyed these 100 bird tattoo designs!

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