40 Exceptional Praying Hands Tattoos

We all know that tattoos are not mere decorations on the surface of the skin but have a much deeper significance than that. People get tattoos that represent something important in their life. Very rarely will you talk with someone with a tattoo that means nothing. That is why, when you come across a praying hand tattoo, there is no way you can remain unmoved by this image even if you are not a believer. That is because the symbol of the praying hands is universal and not necessarily just about religion.

The praying hands with the palms joined to each other is about your faith and religion in some cases and in other instances it is a matter of appealing to someone or something. Some people who want to express their deep beliefs and faith. They often combine the praying hands symbol with other religious symbols. It’s a myriad of images that encompass their faith. It’s a unique witnessing tool because people will probably ask them about it and then they will be able to share what it is that they believe. In some cases, people opt for the praying hand tattoo with a saying or some other symbol that has a deep meaning and significance in their life. The special feeling that you get when you look at a praying hand tattoo design is very difficult to describe but one can feel it in their hearts. Can anyone relate? It’s just this somber reverence that makes you thankful for the blessings in your life.

If you are looking for best praying hands tattoos, here are some that will inspire you:

Cross with hands tattoo

1- Cross with hands tattoo

The combination of the praying hands with the cross is a clear indication of the faith that people have in their god and this is a tattoo that will make the tattoo bearer feel good. It’s a constant reminder to pray and offer thanks as well as beautiful art.

Simple praying hands

Praying hand tattoo (21)

This is simply the praying hands tattoo that is all by itself and shows the deeper faith. It’s kind of like an appeal that you are making to the universe or to whatever you feel deeply about. It can represent so many things. In a way it makes us want to grab some coffee and see what the praying hands means to this person.

Praying tattoo showing love

Praying hand tattoo (3)

This is supposed to be an appeal to the one you love and is more popular among teenage children who are in the throes of love and passion. From the bright roses to the rosary beads, this image depicts passion and emotion.

Tattoo of praying hands for a helping hand

Praying hand tattoo (29)

This is really beautiful. When you are praying to someone you are obviously seeking help from a higher authority and this is what this tattoo design is all about. It’s earnest and tugs on the heart strings of all who view it.

Praying tattoo memorial

3- Praying tattoo showing love

You can have the praying hands tattoo in memoriam of someone who you hold of high value in your heart. This is a unique way to pay homage to those who have passed on before you. It reveals a depth of grief and peace as well as acceptance and hope.

Praying hands tattoo for the whole family

Praying hand tattoo (4)

The praying hands tattoo is something that is not only dedicated as an appeal to a higher authority for one self but for the whole family. This tattoo really strikes a cord that we shouldn’t judge our fellow man but rather leave that to God Himself.

Praying for your grandparents

Praying hand tattoo (9)

Many of us may need your prayers and this is what the praying hand tattoo design can be all about. It’s a remind to pray for your fellow man and to petition for them. It’s a great way to remember that we are all on this journey called life together.

Praying tattoo to never give up

Praying tattoo to never give up

When in life, things are difficult and you don’t want to give up, then this tattoo design is the one to go with. This is so vivid in it’s imagery and you can practically feel the nails piercing through the praying hands. It’s so painful to see yet there’s a hope within it for what it represents.

Judgment tattoo

6- Judgment tattoo

This is asking god can judge you and protect you on judgment day.

Praying tattoo for kids


Sometimes parents get praying hand tattoos for the sake of their children. It’s a constant reminder for the adult to pray for blessings and love for their children. Raising kids is a hard job and not something to be taken lightly and this reminder will help the parents the need to pray.

Praying for parents

Praying hand tattoo (8)

This is a beautiful petition, acknowledging past sins but also recognizing that they are not above sin and realizing they will probably sin again. It’s an earnest plea for forgiveness and a very beautiful tattoo.

Wings with praying hands

9 - Wings with praying hands

This is another version of the praying hands tattoo that depicts the blessing of angels in the form of wings.

Music praying hands tattoo

10 - Music praying hands tattoo

There are some who associate music with gods and this is what this praying hands tattoo represents. Music and worship are often synonymous with God so this tattoo is a beautiful depiction of that. People are always trying to express themselves toward God and this is an outward expression of an inward feeling.

The praying hands tattoo is very special and people tend to get this done with all sorts of design elements in combination with the basic design.

Praying hand tattoo (1)

The dove holds great significance above the praying hands and it creates and earnest and beautiful look.

Praying hand tattoo (2)

Praying hand tattoo (5)

Praying hand tattoo (6)

Praying hand tattoo (7)

Praying hand tattoo (11)

Wow, this is powerful.

Praying hand tattoo (12)

Praying hand tattoo (13)

All of these just really pull on the heartstrings. They move people so deeply.

Praying hand tattoo (14)

Praying hand tattoo (15)

Praying hand tattoo (16)

Praying hand tattoo (17)

Praying hand tattoo (18)

Praying hand tattoo (19)

Praying hand tattoo (20)

Praying hand tattoo (22)

Praying hand tattoo (23)

The use of color here is really awesome. It makes the tattoo pop and really draws the eye to the hands in the center of the artwork.

Praying hand tattoo (24)

This is really excellent placement and check out the attention to detail!

Praying hand tattoo (25)

Praying hand tattoo (26)

Praying hand tattoo (27)

Praying hand tattoo (28)

This is a tattoo done on each let. Pretty life like and interesting.

Praying hand tattoo (30)

Praying hand tattoo (31)

Praying hand tattoo (32)

Praying hand tattoos are a beautiful representation of a person’s earnestness to seek forgiveness and be at peace. There is such a variety of ways to express this and hopefully one of these pictures inspired you. The next time you see someone on the street with praying hands, ask them the story behind it. Or better yet, put some thought and prayer into your praying hands tattoo and then go it. You can be the person people stop and ask what it represents and then you can share it!

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