89 Impressive Aztec Nail Art Ideas for People Who Long For a Unique Look

Aztec nail designs have been around for awhile now. It’s a trend that has never really gone away. It allows for a unique and bold look for women to try out. The designs are interesting and vibrant which is exactly what you want for summer time fun. The designs are always different, it’s a mix of stripes, dots and various geometric shapes such as squares and triangles.

Due to the different shapes and patterns, it can be very eye-catching especially when there are so many different colors to add to the look. Most Aztec designs look like tiny abstract paintings. You can use the standard Aztec nail designs or you can glam them up a bit with flowers or animal print.

Whether you want to take these designs to the salon or give them a try on your own they won’t be too hard to replicate. If you do plan on doing it on your own just make sure that you practice. They aren’t very good for long pointy nails, it’s a look that s best for oval or square nails.

89 Impressive Aztec Nails

Below are great designs to choose from:

  1. Multi-colored Design

nail arts aztec0001

These styles have the Aztec design in black and white as the accent nail. While the other nails are different colors.

2. Bursting Aztec Colors

If you like bright unique colors for your nails this is a great style for you. It has the Aztec design as well as many different colors.

nail arts aztec0011

3. Simple Dots

This particular design is more simple with triangles and dots, but still very appealing. I like that the accent color is in pink while the rest is in blue.

nail arts aztec0021

4. Rainbow Colors

I love this design, not only is it eye-catching with the shapes but the color is incredible.

nail arts aztec0031

5. Easter Egg in Aztec

This Aztec design looks very much like an Easter egg. The colors are exquisite.

nail arts aztec0041

6. Aztec for Christmas

If you are looking for a new design for the upcoming holidays this is a great one. You get the benefit of an Aztec design that’s mixed with snowflakes and reindeer.

nail arts aztec0051

7. Orange is the New Aztec

I love the combination of orange in blue in this Aztec design.

nail arts aztec0061

8. Bright Like the Sun

This is a great summer design, the colors just pop, especially the yellow. If you want a bold look this is for you.

nail arts aztec0071

9. Different Aztec Designs

This is a great example of how you can mix-matched Aztec designs to create a great look. They don’t always need to be the same and this design has some great colors to work with.

nail arts aztec0081

10. Pink So Chic

This design has two accent nails in pink with the accent design. The rest of the nails are in a matte grey, the two colors together are great.

nail arts aztec0091

11. Aztec French Manicure

What a great look! The colors are vibrant with an eye-popping blue and the accent nail is an Aztec french manicure. the designs itself really draw the eye.

nail arts aztec0101

12. Aztec Embellishments

This Aztec look is truly unique because the design itself is created with embellishments.

nail arts aztec0111

13. Black and Blue

A black and white Aztec design with a splash of blue.

nail arts aztec0121

14. Easter Egg Hunt

Another example of an Aztec design that looks a lot like Easter eggs. Even the blue and pink pastel colors follow suit.

nail arts aztec0131

15. Stripes and Lines

The color combination for this design is stunning. I love the pink and blue together and the design is truly unique.

nail arts aztec0141

16. An Aztec Original

These pastels are truly working together to create an amazing look. The colors are amazing and the design just works.

nail arts aztec0151

17. Aztec Flowers

If you are looking for a unique design then this would be a great option for you. The flowers are unique and the colors work well against a backdrop of white.

nail arts aztec0161

18. Hot Pink Aztec

These designs also work with a french manicure accent nail but it’s the hot pink that really draws the eye in. Both the design and the colors are pretty amazing.

nail arts aztec0171

19. Zig Zag Designs

The Aztec design only covers two of the nails and the rest are solid colors.

nail arts aztec0181

20. Fall Colors

If you are looking for a design for Fall this year try out this design with it’s oranges and yellows.

nail arts aztec0191

21. A Dreamcatcher

Another design that has multiple colors and different designs. The accent nail however has a dreamcatcher and it’s just a stunning design.

nail arts aztec0201

22. Yellow and White

These distinct colors really make a simple design stand out.

nail arts aztec0211

23. A Bold Aztec Design

The bright colors and the mix-matched designs come together to make a unique design.

nail arts aztec0221

24. Aztec With Some Glam

This design is a unique Aztec style. Every nail is the same except for the accent nail and the blue and black combination works well together. The accent nail also has some added bling to stand out.

nail arts aztec0231

25. Triangular Difference

A unique design with triangles and some very complimentary colors.

nail arts aztec0241

26. Orange and Black

This could be a great Fall design as well. The designs are all different and the colors go well together.

nail arts aztec0251

27. A Splash of Gold

These designs are truly Aztec and the colors go well together. The splash of gold brings it all together.

nail arts aztec0261

28. An Aztec Mix-up

These designs are all different and in pastel shades.

nail arts aztec0271

29. A Bold Look

This style is a very different Aztec design and the colors are certainly eye-catching.

nail arts aztec0281

30. Aztec Chandeliers

These designs look like Chandeliers hanging from the top of the nails.

nail arts aztec0291

31. Monochromatic Gray

This design is made up of different shades of gray to create a monochromatic design.

nail arts aztec0301

32. Upside Down French Manicure

This design takes a french manicure and turns it upside down. The colors look great against the white background.

nail arts aztec0311

33. A Gray Accent

The only Aztec design is the accent nail that looks flawless amongst the solids.

nail arts aztec0321

34. Aztec Sparkle

Solid Aztec designs on top of a sparkle base really give you a unique look. The colors look incredible together.

nail arts aztec0331

35. An Eye-Popping White

I love the white, pink and black look here. The designs are engaging and the color is so bold.

nail arts aztec0341

36. Simple Aztec

These simple Aztec designs can be used for a casual day.

nail arts aztec0351

37. Simple Triangles

Another simple Aztec look that is great for casual outings. The colors are still bold though for a summer look.

nail arts aztec0361

38. Multiple Designs

These great designs are all different and the bold orange brings it right out. it’s ahrd to tell which one is the accent nail they all look so great together.

nail arts aztec0371

39. Mosiac Designs

The background looks like a painted canvas with the AQztec design on top of it. It’s an incredible style to try out.

nail arts aztec0381

40. Pink Popper

Blue and pink together look rockin’.

nail arts aztec0391

41. A Standard Aztec Design

This is a very common Azte design with a lot of different colors.

nail arts aztec0401

42. Zebra Print

This Aztec design also has a touch of Zebra to it. The colors are amazing and they all go well together.

nail arts aztec0411

43. Black Aztec

The accent is Aztec while all the rest of the nails are a solid black.

nail arts aztec0421

44. Different Hues of Blue

Two Aztec designs to go along with some blue solids will give you a unique look.

nail arts aztec0431

45. Complementary Colors

A painted on Aztec design agianst a purple backdrop.

nail arts aztec0441

46. Creative Aztec

Unique designs with some bold colors this is a design that is going to draw some attention. The gold gem looks great against the pink.

nail arts aztec0451

47. Pastel Aztec

The accent is an Aztec design and the pastel colors are all amazing together.

nail arts aztec0461

48. Bright Yellow Claws

This unusual design is sure to draw some attention.

nail arts aztec0471

49. Blues and Greens

A great color combination with many different designs.

nail arts aztec0481

50. Various Pinks

Many different shades of pink with an Aztec design as the accent.

nail arts aztec0491

51. Sparkle Together

These pink and white designs are pretty great on their own but add in one nail that’s sparkly and you have one incredible design.

nail arts aztec0501

52. Stripes and Triangles

These designs are made up of triangles and stripes. The lines are all uniform and the color balances it all out.

nail arts aztec0511

53. Abstract Art

If you are looking for a great look for a night out on the town this might just be what you are looking for. The color is incredible and the design truly unique.

nail arts aztec0521

54. Painted Splashes

I love the background color, it almost looks like a watercolor painting. The Aztec design falls on top and the black solid is used as the accent nail.

nail arts aztec0531

55. A Bold Green

It’s a bold look that is sure to draw some attention. The green, white and black together are a great combination.

nail arts aztec0541

56. The Easter Eggs Are Back

Another design that resembles an easter egg, these colors however are matte so there is no shine to them.

nail arts aztec0551

57. Different Aztecs

Different designs allow you to not grow bored over a style.

nail arts aztec0561

58. Bright Ombre

The bright ombre in the background gives the design a stunning presence. The greens flowing into the blues are really beautiful.

nail arts aztec0571

59. Festive Aztec

This would be a great design for the holidays. It’s a great color and teh sparkle is perfect for holiday parties.

nail arts aztec0581

60. Neutral Aztec

These neutral colors would be a great Fall look.

nail arts aztec0591

61. A Gray Mix-up

Another example of multiple designs working together.

nail arts aztec0601

62. Aztec With A Dash of Gold

This can be a great Aztec design on it’s own but the dash of gold gives it a whole new look.

nail arts aztec0611

63. Nudes

Nude shades can be popular with a little bit of design to them.

nail arts aztec0621

64. Bold Zig Zags

This color combination is a great one, it really brings out the design.

nail arts aztec0631

65. A Diamond in the Ruff

Multiple designs with a soft color look great together, add a little diamond and it’s just that much better.

nail arts aztec0641

66. White is the New Black

White background are very popular with Aztec designs. The accent nail is holding the spotlight in this design.

nail arts aztec0651

67. Colors That Pop

This is the perfect design for summer as the colors just jump out at you.

nail arts aztec0661

68. Gold Royalty

This amazing gold design is made for royalty. This would be an amazing nail design to take to an event or a night out on the town.

nail arts aztec0671

69. Like a Sunset

These gorgeous colors a stunning together creating a pastel sunset.

nail arts aztec0681

70. Aztec Spotlight

A simple design with just one accent nail.

nail arts aztec0691

71. No Color Needed

This stunning Aztec design needs no color, it looks great in black and white.

nail arts aztec0701

72. Just Add Sparkle

A unique Aztec design that would also be a great holiday look. The sparkle on top is truly eye-catching and glams up the whole look.

nail arts aztec0711

73. The Accent is a Gem

A black and pink style with the accent holding a gold gem.

nail arts aztec0721

74. Mix Up Some Colors

Great designs with multiple colors to shine.

nail arts aztec073175. Sparkle and Shine

A multiple color design with Aztec accents.

nail arts aztec0741

76. A Pale Gold

Triangles matched with gold show a great look.

nail arts aztec0751

77. Bling with Great Designs

Sparkles and gems really bring this pastel look together. It’s a soft and beautiful design that you can wear anywhere.

nail arts aztec0761

78. Abstract and Sparkle

The blue and black look really well together and the gold adds a touch of glamour.

nail arts aztec0771

79. Painted Design

Another look that pairs blue and gold together. The Aztec in this design is painted on.

nail arts aztec0781

80. Colorful Aztec

You don’t get more colorful than this design.

nail arts aztec0791

81. Aztec Sparklers

This Aztec design is on top of some serious sparkle. The deep colors of the sparkle are reminiscent of a mood ring.

nail arts aztec0801

82. Summertime Shades

Pink and yellow are great colors together, they really give you the feel of summer.

nail arts aztec0811

83. The Color of Margaritas

The lime great color will have you thinking about sipping drinks in Mexico. It’s a great color that goes well with black.

nail arts aztec0821

84. Sweet Colors

Great colors for the summer.

nail arts aztec0831

85. Black and Blue

These striking colors look amazing on the design.

nail arts aztec0841

86. Neons Are In

Neons never go out of style especially in the summer.

nail arts aztec0851

87. Hot Coral

Coral has always been a popular color and it goes well with the black Aztec design.

nail arts aztec0861

88. Swirling Colors

There is a lot going on in this design, with multiple colors and designs.

nail arts aztec0871

89. Ombre Pink

This ombre pink will have you blushing. The accent nail holds a little bling on it.


nail arts aztec0891

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