80 Amazing African American Women’s Hairstyles with Tutorials

Every woman loves to feel beautiful as well as get creative with their hairstyles to stand apart from the crowd. Not only does this allow for women to feel unique, but also boost their self-confidence in any situation while expressing themselves. Even though there are many different ways someone can express themselves through what they wear, the makeup they choose, and various other amazing details we put outside of our bodies every day, hairstyles have to be one of the best ways you can express how you are feeling while looking fabulous. Here are 80 hairstyles for African American style hair to get you thinking.

Braided Bun

This beautiful and fun hairstyle is a great choice for a night out when you want to keep your hair out of your face. Simply separate your hair around the space you wish to put your bun, then braid around it for a chic and classy look.

african american hairstyles for women0001

Corn-rowed Faux Hawk

Everyone loves to be sassy, and this beautiful look does that in a snap. While this hairstyle may take more than one person, it is worthy of more than just a single night on the town. Simply cornrow your hair into a Mohawk shape, then pin the loose braids in place.

african american hairstyles for women0011

Beautiful Bob

Bobs are back in style, and this exquisitely parted bob will make heads turn. It is subtle but classy and great for both casual and formal occasions. You will also enjoy the added benefit of being able to dress your hair up with various clips and pins to make it extra cute.

african american hairstyles for women0021

Dressy Top Knot

Why it comes to dressing up a simple hairstyle like a top knot, various jewelry type hair accessories can easily be chosen. In this particular image, the accessory is tightly tucked beneath the edges of the top knot to give the appearance of the hair accessory gently descending to the forehead.

african american hairstyles for women0031


Long and Straight

While it may feel as though it takes ages to do, straightening your long locks is an easy hairstyle that just about anyone can do. If your luscious locks are far from long, you can always add clip in extensions to not only give you the long hair look but the ease of having another option available to you.

african american hairstyles for women0041

Dying Your Locks

When self-expression and uniqueness come to mind, the first thought is perhaps a new color is needed. There are several colors you can choose from for your hair to help you express yourself and allow your inner personality to shine through with ease.

african american hairstyles for women0051

Short Waves

Adding just the right amount of texture to your hair can be a lot of fun and allow you to play around with your options. For example, you can add gorgeous waves to your hair simply by curling it and gently running your fingers through the curls until you get the desired effect.

african american hairstyles for women0061

Pixie Cuts

During the hot months, it can be hard to stay cool, but pixie cuts allow you to stay cool while having a beautiful hairstyle. Simply dress your hair up with clips and pins to make this short style adorable and unique with ease.

african american hairstyles for women0071

Wavy Updos

Wavy updos can be done about a dozen different ways. This particular style can be done by curling your hair and pinning the curls into a creative and stylish updo with ease. It can take a little time, but through patience and a little molding your hair can take on an amazing style.

african american hairstyles for women0081

Natural Mohawk

Mohawks will likely stay in style for years to come due to their continuous popularity. In this style, the hair is left in its natural state and swept upwards to create the Mohawk while the sides of the head are shaved as seen traditionally.

african american hairstyles for women0091

Asymmetrical Short Side Part

Asymmetrical hairstyles are fun and allow you to get creative in how you handle styling your bangs.

african american hairstyles for women0101

Tight Curls and Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can do a lot of things with your hair to make new and creative hairstyles far more fabulous than before. In this style, the hair is styled with tight curls that are styled with an adorable barrette to create a classy look.

african american hairstyles for women0111

Sleek Cornrows

While you can do many things with cornrows, sleek styles are more common as they will allow you to pull your hair up or leave it down in a more relaxed style.

african american hairstyles for women0121


There are some styles that will require you to straighten your hair before anything else. With this style, you will need to straighten your hair before curling in your waves to ensure you can achieve the most relaxed and sleek style possible.

african american hairstyles for women0131

A-line Bob

A-line bobs are not only fun and easy to style but will allow you to choose between a blunt or side swept bang.

african american hairstyles for women0141

Box Braid Updos

Box braid hairstyles are some of the most popular and fashionable styles for African American hair, and in some cases may require the use of extensions to acquire the look that is desired.

african american hairstyles for women0151

Short Natural Pixie

Styling your natural hair can be easy with a round brush, straightener, and some hair spray. Simply straighten the kinks from your hair then use the round brush to apply the desired wave and spray into place the way you want it.

african american hairstyles for women0161

Crazy Curls

If you love your hair curly, consider a perm or very high-quality curling iron to achieve the best possible curls for your hair.

african american hairstyles for women0171

Tight Curls in Short Hair

Tight curls look their best when your hair is short and can provide a little extra volume when you need it most.

african american hairstyles for women0181

Wide Corn Rows

Goodness knows that nobody has time to put a million cornrows in their hair every day, so why not try a few wide cornrows that can easily be done every few days. This ensures your hair isn’t being pulled for too long in this tight hairstyle and can be redone when necessary.

african american hairstyles for women0191

Wide Full Corn Rows

Another amazing benefit to having wider cornrows includes possessing the same look as smaller cornrows, only wider allowing for easier hair care capabilities.

african american hairstyles for women0201


Weaves and extensions are another excellent options for African American hair as the hair growth is incredibly slow and provide an easy as well as a quicker way to achieve longer hair in a short timeframe. This allows you to test out other looks including long waves rather than shorter styles.

african american hairstyles for women0211

Straightened High Ponytail

It takes no time at all to straighten your hair and pull it into a ponytail. Why not take it a step further and wrap a small section of hair around the ponytail holder and cover the elastic with the hair for a more flawless look.

african american hairstyles for women0221

Asymmetrical Bobs

Asymmetrical hairstyles come in many shapes, including a more punk styled bob using an A-line hairstyle and side swept bangs.

african american hairstyles for women0231


While it is highly recommended that you visit a hair professional to color your hair, you can choose from a wide variety of different hair colors. This includes anything from blue, purple, and orange, to more stylish colors like ash blonde and even golden tones.

african american hairstyles for women0241

Loose Box Braids

For those who don’t feel like wearing their hair up in an updo, you can simply let your box braids hang loose to provide a more voluminous appearance to your hair.

african american hairstyles for women0251

Corn Row Updos

Cornrows are incredibly versatile and allow for a variety of different hairstyles to be done, including up-dos as shown below.

african american hairstyles for women0261

Loose Curls

Everyone can see the difference between waves and loose curls as the curls still possess the shape from the barrel of your curling iron.

african american hairstyles for women0271

Short Curled Bob

Pairing loose curls in a short or shoulder length bob with side swept bangs is a huge hit and looks fantastic on those with a thinner or more heart shaped face.

african american hairstyles for women0281

Twist Styles

Rather than choosing to get box braids and styling them into an updo, twist styles are an amazing choice as they are different and allow you the same freedom as box braids or cornrows.

african american hairstyles for women0291

Stylized Twists

Twist styles can also be stylized to match your personalities, such as half-dos done up into a ponytail of braids or dreads.

african american hairstyles for women0301

Straight with a Blunt Bang

The blunt bang is back in style and can be one of the easiest to style as well as upkeep. You will also enjoy straightening or curl your hair to achieve new styles that will make you look fabulous.

african american hairstyles for women0311

Messy Curls

Everyone has those days where they are feeling a little spunky, so why not try curling your hair then combing the curls out into a messier look?

african american hairstyles for women0321

Natural Pixie

Pixie cuts are generally fairly short, but can easily be dressed up with clips and headbands. This look is a bit more natural with the kinks in the hair stylishly combed to provide a fuller appearance.

african american hairstyles for women0331

Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are quick and easy as well as simple to secure where you with them to be on your head. For example, in this style, the braids follow the hairline to frame the face, but can also be done closer to the part of the hair to allow for a more slicked back look.

african american hairstyles for women0341

Twisted Faux Hawk

Everyone likes a good faux hawk, and this one is no exception as the twists pull the hair up into the style and the curls fill out the top portion of the Mohawk look.

african american hairstyles for women0351

Sleek Pixie

Short hairstyles don’t have to be messy, you can make your pixie cut more sophisticated by straightening it and styling it into a sleeker style with ease.

african american hairstyles for women0361

Wide Sleek Cornrows

Cornrows come in a variety of sizes, and while some only cover a certain portion of the head others slick the hair back and end in long beautiful braids.

african american hairstyles for women0371

Golden Brown Hair

Golden hairstyles always look best on a darker complexion as it easily highlights the golden tones of the skin. This beautiful color not only possesses many gold highlights, but the cut of the hair is easily highlighted to frame the face.

african american hairstyles for women0381


Like Janet Jackson, you can always curl your hair and pin it up to make the curls appear more voluminous easily through a little patience and channeling your inner Janet.

african american hairstyles for women0391

Short Natural

When you get tired of your hair and always having to style it, you can always get a buzz cut to allow for easier styling when you need to get up and go. Plus shorter hairstyles look fabulous whether you have just rolled out of bed or after a bit of conditioning.

african american hairstyles for women0401

Big Curls

If you want big curls, simply place large curlers in your hair and blow dry until you aren’t worried about the curls falling out. Then simply spray with hairspray and allow for the spray to lose its tackiness before removing the curlers. In some cases, a few curls may fall, but simply pin these curls up until you are ready for your night on the town.

african american hairstyles for women0411


Rhianna did it, and now it is one of the most popular styles around. The side-shave not only allows you to achieve the Mohawk like the style but easily affords you the ability to show off your own personal tastes through your hairstyle.

african american hairstyles for women0421

Side Swept Box Braids

Box braids are pretty flexible once you have adjusted to them, and simply sweeping them to one side or the other is all it takes to achieve this beautiful look.

african american hairstyles for women0431

Fun and Bright

Nicki Minaj is popular for her crazy hair colors and styles, so it is surprising to see her with such striking blonde hair. However this hairstyle is pretty tame considering some of the other bright colors and styles she has worn, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

african american hairstyles for women0441

Center Parted Waves

Whether you like your hair parted in the center or off to one side or another, waves are beautiful in all hair types and look sophisticated and fun.

african american hairstyles for women0451


The Afro is one of the more popular African American hairstyles, though only a few can really pull the style off without feeling overzealous. While this style is widely known, it isn’t as popular as it used to be in the 1970’s.

african american hairstyles for women0461

Mohawk Styles

There are several styles that you can create with your Mohawk, for instance, you can curl it or straighten it. Remember that if you go with this kind of hairstyle you are not limited by anything and can create fun styles that allow you to express yourself.

african american hairstyles for women0471


Just because your hair is super thick and has a tendency to get a kinky texture doesn’t mean you can’t have layers to your hair. In reality, you will probably find it far easier to tame with several layers of your hair and much lighter too.

african american hairstyles for women0481

Classic Pixie Cut

Styling the classic pixie cut is easier than most people think as all you need is to put in a little hairspray and style the way you envision your hair to look that day.

african american hairstyles for women0491

Faded Pixie

Another way you can enjoy a pixie hairstyle is to have your stylist give you a fade around the sides and back of your head, leaving the longer strands on the top. This can still be styled like any other pixie cut, however, the sides are far shorter than the top.

african american hairstyles for women0501

Long Waves and Blunt Bangs

You are never without options when you have longer hair, and if you don’t have the length for this style you can always consider extensions. The blunt bangs as well as the length of the hair provide the perfect framing for the face and will allow you to look as though your face is slimmer and longer this way.

african american hairstyles for women0511

Going Big

There is nothing wrong with having big hair, and this natural afro styled look always looks amazing when you feel amazing with your locks shining brightly.

african american hairstyles for women0521

Long Tight Curls

Tightly curled hair is another amazing style that can be enjoyed as is or dolled up with clips and pins to provide a little extra sparkle when you are feeling spontaneous.

african american hairstyles for women0531

Part Way up Twisted Corn Rows

This style is an excellent choice for a night on the town or a day out with the girls. It can be seen as both casual and dressy to provide you with the most use from this hair style.

african american hairstyles for women0541


Spiking your hair is a style that doesn’t take a lot of time and will allow you to mold your hair into an easy style that is not only quick but simple to manage.

african american hairstyles for women0551

Low Pony

Low ponytails are easy to do in a hurry and look classy and fabulous. You can also choose to leave your fringe, bangs, or a small section of hair hanging loosely to frame your face to give it a little twist.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 27: Actress Kerry Washington arrives at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on January 27, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

All Tied Up

Ponytails aren’t just for loose hair, whether you have dreads or braids, you can tie your hair up into a fun ponytail to keep your hair out of your face and off the back of your neck anytime.

african american hairstyles for women0581

Pinned Waves

If you enjoy having your hair wavy but keep finding yourself with wisps of hair in your face, simply use a bobby pin to pull the hair from your face to get a casual and relaxed style in a snap.

african american hairstyles for women0601

Voluminous Curls

One of the major benefits of curls is that they provide amazing volume to your hair without leaving it looking heavy.

african american hairstyles for women0611

Twisted Bun

If you have your hair in twists, then try pulling them up into a bun at the top of your head for a more dramatic and classy look.

african american hairstyles for women0621

Parted Curls

While some styles don’t require a part, loose curls can be parted in any place and left to hang beautifully for a simple style.

african american hairstyles for women0631

Box Braid Bun

You may have a special occasion that your box braids may not be quite dressy enough, so slick way the wisps and pull it into a top bun for a more sophisticated style.

african american hairstyles for women0641

Braid Wrapped Bun

Buns can go anywhere on your head, but if you want to dress it up or simply be a bit different, take a small section of hair, braid it, and wrap it around your bun to act as a band and hide the elastic.

african american hairstyles for women0651

Fun Braided Side Pony

While this may not be something for every day, you can show a little personality with your hair as well as enjoy the fun style.

african american hairstyles for women0661

Wavy Bob

You don’t have to have long hair to enjoy a surf style wave in your hair.

african american hairstyles for women0671

Natural Faux Hawk

For this style all you need to do is pin your hair up into a faux hawk style to show off your fabulous and chic attitude.

african american hairstyles for women0681

Long Waves and Side Part

While some may need extensions, long waves look magical and fabulous on anyone who enjoys a more relaxed hairstyle.

african american hairstyles for women0691

Natural Short Tight Curls

Shorter afro styles look amazing and are easy to care for with a little patience.

african american hairstyles for women0701

High Bun

Buns are very versatile and can be placed high on your head for a casual or dressy look.

african american hairstyles for women0711

Braided Band

You can create an interesting headband in your hair by braiding the section across the top of your forehead for a fun look anytime.

african american hairstyles for women0721

Cornrowed and Twisted Side

While many are shaving one side of their head, why not do the same but with cornrows?

african american hairstyles for women0731

Edgy Colors

Playing with edgy colors is always fun and will allow you to express yourself in a fun way.

african american hairstyles for women0741

Top Knot and Side Bang

Another fun style that you can wear anytime is a top knot, and you can even leave a little side bang to add some flare.

african american hairstyles for women0751

Sleek Bob with Side Bang

Sleek bobs are stylish and fun when paired with a side swept bang.

african american hairstyles for women0761

Long Straight Hair

While most would require extensions to reach this kind of length, however it is a style that fits many facial shapes.

african american hairstyles for women0771

Pinned Curls

If you like curls or choose to put your hair up in curls frequently, then give this style a try by simply pinning your hair up into a bun and dressing it up with decorative hair accessories.

african american hairstyles for women0781

Long Wavy Locks

Long wavy locks are not only an easy option when styling your hair, but require little to no effort.

african american hairstyles for women0791

Layered Razer Bob

Layered razer bobs can edgy and beautiful while offering up various style opportunities.

african american hairstyles for women0801

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