98 Glowing Black Light Tattoos: Add Intensity to Your Ink

Both novice and experienced tattoo wearers will enjoy the adventurousness these 99 glowing black light tattoos have to offer. Whether its your first time in the ink chair or you’re searching for something new and unique for your body art, black light tattoos are a sure way to spruce up your image and draw attention to your pieces.

We’ve collected some intriguing tattoos and body art compilations that are sure to embolden you into truly considering getting a black light tattoo inked onto your skin. Some are real tats, some are representations of something that could be…

Enjoy these 99 images we’ve compiled and be sure to leave comments or pics of your own tat at the bottom of this post!

1. Possible Star Child
black light tattoo (1)If you’ve already got a tat that you want to embellish with glowing ink, take a pic of it and add some glowing colors to it to test out the waters and see if its really what you want.

2. Inflamed & Glowing Goddess
black light tattoo (2)You’ll need a talented ink artist to accomplish a glowing flame piece such as the one above – one that’s great with shading.

3. Dagger’s Tribal Edge
black light tattoo (3)This tribal design has edges that resemble a dagger’s edge and look fascinating under a black light.

4. Night Time Flower
black light tattoo (4)Even those of us afraid to get tats too big or in places that show can get one on our foot and still enjoy the lovely black light effects.

5. Marker Fun Possibilities
black light tattoo (5)Another great way to test the waters concerning a black light tattoo is to grab a few neon markers and draw on our skin. We can see what designs we like and wash them off or show our ink artist before washing clean.

6. Matching Ears and Nails
black light tattoo (6)Many girls love the effects of black ink tattoos because they can have their nails match the design too.

7. Inner Celestial Bones
black light tattoo (7)This isn’t shown under a black light, but you can see that you can combine both the black light tattoos of the bones with normal tattoo ink to create a truly intriguing design all your own.

8. Haunting Night Time Dream
black light tattoo (8)We love this glowing tattoo – it’s intricate and tells a story all its own. While the tree can be seen without the black light, the black light is needed for the gorgeous shades of sky.

9. Lose Yourself in the Music
black light tattoo (9)You can create any type of personal message with black light ink and be the only one who knows its actually there.

10. A Make-Up Montage
black light tattoo (10)Yes – you can even have your make up match your tats if you buy the right brands that glow under a black light.

11. Alien Planet Landscape
black light tattoo (11)Some inks, though more expensive, can be used to create a gorgeous design such as the one above that can be seen with or without a black light.

12. Blue Abstract Tree
black light tattoo (12)This abstract tree is an interesting design all its own – and as you can see, this guy was clever enough to use it to cover up and disguise the moles on his arm.

13. Lively Glowing Henna
black light tattoo (13)If you’re in love with henna “tattoos” then try one on for size using glow in the dark ink.

14. Simple Touch of Radiance
black light tattoo (14)Who says you can’t have tattoos where people can see them while still holding your position at work? Black light ink tattoos are great for hiding the edge of your style.

15. A Colorful Experiment
black light tattoo (15)Black light ink tattoos don’t have to just be the one, whitish/blue color – there are colors of every kind you can experiment with.

16. Imaginable Spine Art
black light tattoo (16)While this isn’t a tattoo, you can use this image as inspiration for an interesting glow in the dark tat of a spine or wings.

17. Skull and Snake Duo
black light tattoo (17)Even the classic kind of tattoos can have a distinguished glowing effect added to them.

18. Mickey Mouse Love
black light tattoo (18)Simple, but very effective in displaying what it is.

19. Hammer of Thor
black light tattoo (19)Adding lightening with black light ink can add that extra touch of amazing to an already fabulous tattoo.

20. Glowing Vertebrae
black light tattoo (20)This guy’s vertebrae looks a little too big for his stature, but it looks interesting none-the-less.

21. Adding an Inspirational Message
black light tattoo (21)Black light tattoos can be a good choice for adding a sweet little message that only you know of (and of course, those you show under a light).

22. Our Bone’s Reach
black light tattoo (22)This piece of body art is truly done to perfection, mimicking bones almost perfectly with glow in the dark ink.

23. Favorite Constellation Orion
black light tattoo (23)If you’re in love with the night skies, you can add constellations in glowing ink to display your favorite stars.

24. Experimental Ink Glows
black light tattoo (24)This girl went crazy with glow in the dark ink – it may not be a tattoo, but is sure displays the possibilities of what a body dragon could look like.

25. Music and Peace and Love Combo
black light tattoo (25)You can get creative and make up your very own symbol combining several symbols into one.

26. Lovely Ankel Wrap
black light tattoo (26)Any tattoo that wraps elegantly around the ankle is perfect for a lovely lady that wants chic and classic combined into one.

27. An Avatar’s Touch of Inspiration
black light tattoo (27)If you’re familiar with the movie Avatar, this image might remind you slightly of the alien world.

28. Time to Rock
black light tattoo (28)Concert go-ers – this is definitely something you may want to consider. You can flash your fingers at anyone with your hidden message.

29. Peace & Love Dove
black light tattoo (29)If you’re planning to go to a rave (or several for that matter) a tattoo like this is a great addition to an otherwise boring outfit.

30. For the Sun
black light tattoo (30)Simple little words can serve as a reminder of the little things in life that bring you happiness.

31. Remembering the Past
black light tattoo (31)You can see here that this guy has a love for his nation, and there’s a hidden symbol here – the Twin Towers.

32. Lightening Queen
black light tattoo (32)This might not be a tat, but it displays the amazing possibilities that a full head to toe black light ink tattoo can provide. You’ll look like a deity!

33. Creating a Living Abstract
black light tattoo (33)Another fabulous and abstract piece of full body art done in glowing ink.

34. Symbols of the Personality
black light tattoo (34)These little tats each bare their own meaning and can be changed to whatever the wearer loves.

35. Cute Little Foot Design
black light tattoo (35)Another little flowering foot design for the classic chic within us.

36. Friendly Reminder of Happiness
black light tattoo (36)Another cute little message hidden on your skin just for you.

37. A Stem’s Length
black light tattoo (37)Some of us enjoy having tats the extend long lengths up and down our limbs and they can be quite eye-catching when done in black light ink.

38. Winged Perseverance
black light tattoo (38)Glowing wings have a mystical appeal to them.

39. Flaming Arms
black light tattoo (39)An interesting way to to spruce up a traditional type of tattoo.

40. Smooth Central Tribal
black light tattoo (40)This tribal was done with very smooth lines and filled in with glowing black light ink.

41. Fleeting Little Butterfly
black light tattoo (41)Non-traditional colors have been used here – you don’t see any of the normal blue black light ink – its all bright/hot colors.

42. Dragon’s Spread Wings
black light tattoo (42)Customize your dragon to look however you like, there are so many possibilities.

43. Graffiti Initials of Meaning
black light tattoo (43)Even adding simple initials to display your love of something or someone can be a sensation when done in glowing ink.

44. Addition to a Shaved Head
A tribal skull tattoo done by Richie Streate of Electric Soul Tattoo in Lancaster, California, with UV ink filler to bring out a weave pattern under blacklight.This guy is petty bold – not only does he mind shaving his head, he doesn’t mind covering it with body art that glows under a black light.

45. Simple Unicorn Glow
black light tattoo (45)You can really make your unicorn look magical by adding some black light ink to either the already made design or a truly new and unique one.

46. Play Boy Bunny
black light tattoo (46)Want to represent your love for the Play Boy mansion?

47. Interesting Cover Up
black light tattoo (47)We don’t know if this this supposed to cover up that piece of flesh or bring more attention to it!

48. Abstract Bones
black light tattoo (48)Bones don’t have to look like bones – get creative!

49. Matching Diamond Pair
black light tattoo (49)Show your love for your best friend and get matching black light ink tattoos.

50. Little Critter Tracks
black light tattoo (50)Looks like a mythical and magical creature treads here.

51. Swirling Hand Designs
black light tattoo (51)Another cute little swirling design done on the hand.

52. An Alice in Wonderland Favorite: Cheshire Cat
black light tattoo (52)The Cheshire cat was already magical, and you can show how mystical it is by doing him in black light ink so it can disappear – just like in the story.

53. Glowing Religious Trinket
black light tattoo (53)The outlines here were done in normal ink, the filler in black light ink.

54. Complete Body Art Indulgence
black light tattoo (54)This isn’t a real tattoo, but it’s possible that if you find the right artist and have enough time and money on your hands, you can get a full body piece like this done.

55. Simplistic Glowing Knots
black light tattoo (55)A lovely display of a Celtic-like knots done in black light ink.

56. Drifting Tribal Eagle
black light tattoo (56)Bring out the mystique of a bird in flight using glowing ink.

57. Gorgeous Glowing Skyline
black light tattoo (57)We’re in love with this intricate design for a tat, displaying fireworks and a city landscape that’s breathtakingly gorgeous.

58. Bright Night Stars
black light tattoo (58)These stars are a common tattoo, but have you seen them glow under a black light?

59. Little Bubbly Seahorse
black light tattoo (59)Underwater tats can have a touch of magic if black light ink is added to the design.

60. Curious Sitting Owl
black light tattoo (60)This cute little woodland creature looks both curious and magical.

61. Creeping Angry Panther
black light tattoo (61)Adding outlines in glowing ink can be the added touch an already amazing tat needs to stand out.

62. Alpha, Beta, Beginning & End
black light tattoo (62)Perfect place: on the inner fingers to display a meaningful message.

63. Odd Abstract Alien Tribal
black light tattoo (63)This tribal has a touch of futuristic and alien dimension.

64. Mystical Floating Lanterns & Castle
black light tattoo (64)If you’re a fan of the Rapunzel story re-told by Disney in the movie “Tangled” then this scene will mean something to you! It’s quite breathtaking!

65. Jellyfish of the Sea
black light tattoo (65)Another great example of glowing underwater art.

66. Towers Between the Flames
black light tattoo (66)Not sure what this is supposed to be, but it looks great with the vivid glowing colors.

67. Personal Meaningful Symbols
black light tattoo (67)Combine several meaningful symbols to fashion your very own.

68. Favorite Chemical Molecule
black light tattoo (68)If you’re a student in love with chemistry, then we’re sure you know what this molecule is.

69. Wrapped Up in Keys
black light tattoo (69)While this is body paint, this can also be done in body ink and glow beautifully under a black light.

70. Beautiful White Snowflake
black light tattoo (70)Snowflakes work well as black light ink tats.

71. Cosmic Burst of Energy
black light tattoo (71)What better ink to use than the kind that glows under a black light to create a beautiful cosmic burst.

72. Single Shimmering Rose
black light tattoo (72)Your whole tat doesn’t have to be in black light ink. Just a small piece can be done to add a little edge to the design.

73. Here’s Looking at You
black light tattoo (73)A lovely and slightly abstract glowing eye.

74. Intricate Oriental Dragon
black light tattoo (74)This tat took time and patience, with all the details done in this special ink.

75. Mystic Medieval Dragon
black light tattoo (75)Any type of dragon looks more magical when done with black light ink.

76. Matching Lines of Energy
black light tattoo (76)We’re a fan of tats done on both limps that connect with one another when placed side by side.

77. Helping Those in Need
black light tattoo (77)Your hidden tat can still be of something truly meaningful to you and your fam or even the world.

78. Embracing the Heart
black light tattoo (78)The heart is symbolic of many things, and done in glowing ink, it can truly stand out.

79. Atop the Hand
black light tattoo (99)Another lovely and intricate design done on the hand. Perfect for those of us that don’t want a traditional one to stand out on our hands in normal lighting.

80. A Creeping Tribal Design
black light tattoo (80)Tribals are quite common. But glowing ones aren’t.

81. Embellishing the Rose
black light tattoo (81)Black light ink can be used to simply enhance an old tat.

82. Octagon Central with Message
black light tattoo (82)Surrounding your tat with meaningful words of wisdom is always fun, just make sure it says something you’ll want to keep forever!

83. Flames and Feathers
black light tattoo (83)These colors are vivid and non-traditional – some colors will be more costly than others.

84. Native Totem Magic
black light tattoo (84)A perfect example of how vivid and enticing a black light tattoo can become if detail and patience are added to the mix.

85. Psychedelic Jimmie Hendrix Beauty
black light tattoo (85)Some tats were just meant to be done in psychedelic glow-in-the-dark ink.

86. Tiny Glowing Message
black light tattoo (86)Simple yet satisfying.

87. Futuristic Cyborg Pieces
black light tattoo (87)Futuristic tattoos look great if they can go under a black light and glow!

88. Worldly Mandala Spiral
black light tattoo (88)Only certain aspects of this tat were done with black light ink, and they were done well!

89. Portrait of a Character
black light tattoo (89)If you’ve got a fictional character you love, you can have it tatted in glowing ink instead of traditional.

90. Matching Glow Worms
black light tattoo (90)Need we say more?

91. Sweet Little Kiss
black light tattoo (91)Ever have that perfect someone kiss you and leave the most perfect little lip prints? You can keep them forever with black light ink…

92. Dots and Flowers
black light tattoo (92)Intricate designs using dots tend to enhance any type of tat.

93. Tearing Paint-Stained Eye
black light tattoo (93)You can get creative with eye tats – this one looks like a paint splatter.

94. Odd Branching Heart Abstract
black light tattoo (94)This is a heart with veins that look like branches.

95. Just One Life
black light tattoo (95)Yes, this is yet another bald man that is bold enough to get tats on his skull. Glowing ones, at that.

96. Vivid Colors of Animals and Sea Creatures
black light tattoo (96)A matching tat to your favorite pair of shoes? Heck, why not! This little sea creature goes well with purple and green leopard print. Odd yet beautiful!

97. Angry Skull and Stars
black light tattoo (97)Here’s a classic design done in black light ink to give it that extra edge.

98. Embellishing Facial Swirls
black light tattoo (98)Black light ink is a great way to hide tats in the most obvious places.

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