90 French Braids For Your Wedding Day

french braided hairstyles0181

Cool Pigtail styles

The pretty pigtail is a cool style for those with long hair. The braids creates some magical elements as it winds down to a beautiful knot.

french braided hairstyles0191

The relaxed side braids looks elegant as the curves flows beautifully to the end. The colour highlights are well combined resulting into a classy and appealing hairstyle.

french braided hairstyles0201

The braided large chunk of hair looks magnificent with the braid winding down into a simple yet elegant hair do.

french braided hairstyles0211

Textured and wispy waves

The loosely braided large chunk of hair is elegant and quite eye-catching. Use of additional accessories adds glam to the style.

french braided hairstyles0221

The french braid to fish tail is a cool and elegant type of style. The braids are loosely styled and flows beautifully and in a stunning way.

french braided hairstyles0231

The braided bun looks cute as it holds the hair tightly in place. Braids can be styled in unique ways that make them to be ever attractive.

french braided hairstyles0241

Gorgeous Five Strand Braid

The simple double french braid is cool and forms a beautiful bun with the side layers flowing perfectly well.

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The side eight knot braid looks magnificent as it flows beautifully from the front to the tips of the hair. You can add volume to a flat hair by making use of the complex braids.

french braided hairstyles0261

Beautiful side braids

The running french braid looks cool on the young beautiful girl. You can make the style into a loose or a tight one depending on the kind of occasion you have and the thickness of your hair.

french braided hairstyles0271

The upside down french braid bun is a classy and sleek style. The style is suitable for longhair as its suppose to have a full bun for an elegant look.

french braided hairstyles0281

The loop braid is a cool style that’s ideal for long hair. The technique involves braiding strands of similar size for a uniform and balanced outlook.

french braided hairstyles0291

Waterfall French Braids

The waterfall french braid is a magnificent style that’s ideal for long hair. It’s also good if you want to keep hair off your face. The wavy layers look cool as they form flowing strands like of a waterfall.

french braided hairstyles0301

The side french braid is a perfect style that’s ideal for the hot summer holidays. The style gives that illusion of a thicker hair and the ends can be curled for a more appealing outlook.

french braided hairstyles0311

The interwoven strand with a bun looks cool with the style enhancing the hair volume. The braids are tight making the hair surrounding the style to float easily.

french braided hairstyles0321

Water fall braids  looks cool as the braids hold the upper hair leaving the lower once to flow freely. The golden shades looks spectacular and blends well with the black shades.

french braided hairstyles0331

The braided french twist looks spectacular with the flowery pins holding the hair perfectly in place. The platinum colour looks spectacular with the wavy layers flowing quite well.

french braided hairstyles0341

The french braid ponytail looks cool with the hair flowing down beautifully. The shades of colour used looks spectacular and enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.

french braided hairstyles0351

Curly French Braids

The curly french braid looks cool as it also creates that asymmetrical outlook. The flowing layers are beautifully joined into a nice ponytail.

french braided hairstyles0361

Crown French Braid

The crown french braid looks sleek and elegant as the knot looks tight enough with the hair beautifully flowing down to the shoulder.

french braided hairstyles0371

This fancy french braid with a hairband looks cool and fits well at the lower part. The braid also enhances the volume of the hair which is quite beautiful.

french braided hairstyles0381

The loose sided french braid is a beautiful style with the colour shades highlighting the facial outlook. The style is simple and works well with a great texture.

french braided hairstyles0391

The chic and slightly messy french braid looks spectacular with the platinum shades blending quite well with the golden streaks.

french braided hairstyles0401

The interwoven french braid looks cool with the braids creating that illusion of volume. The bun also looks messy and glam with the colour shades highlighting the overall outlook.

french braided hairstyles0411

The braided french twist is cool and prevents hair from flowing across the face. The golden shades also blends perfectly well with the dark hues.

french braided hairstyles0421

The french braid looks magnificent with the highlights of gold and flowing hair enhancing the overall outlook.

french braided hairstyles0431

Side French Braids

Get that chic and elegant look with a beautiful side french braid.The hairstyle looks magnificent with the golden shades highlighting the overall facial outlook.

french braided hairstyles0441

The french braid style below is such a magnificent hairstyle with the braids flowing beautifully like a fish tail. The golden highlights look cool and elegant.

french braided hairstyles0451

The french braids are beautifully intertwined with the pins holding the styles beautifully. The flowing curly layers creates that magnificent look of a waterfall.

french braided hairstyles0461

If you have long hair then there is no better way to enjoy those casual moments like adorning cool braids. The french braids are well intertwined and joins into one flowing braid which blends quite well.

french braided hairstyles0471

The side french braid looks cool with the subtle pop of colour giving such a magnificent outlook. The style looks elegant and can work well for a wedding.

french braided hairstyles0481

The sassy looking french braid is spectacular with the golden shades enhancing the overall outlook. The style makes the hair to look quite voluminous yet very manageable.

french braided hairstyles0491

You can enhance the overall facial shape with the cool braids that looks flat on the forefront with the lower layers blending quite well.

french braided hairstyles0501

Adorable Loose French Braids

The loose french braids looks cool and beautifully accentuates the wearer’s facial expression. The style looks elegant in the blend of beautiful shades.

french braided hairstyles0511

Create that sexy and exciting outlook with overlapping french braids and wavy layers that looks quite spectacular.

french braided hairstyles0521

The style below is perfect for a wedding with the platinum shades highlighting the colours of a wedding dress in such a subtle way.

french braided hairstyles0531

Get that youthful and elegant look by wearing a sassy side french braid. The style holds the hair around the face quite well while .

french braided hairstyles0541

Nothing looks magical like getting some golden shades combined together with the platinum. The hairstyle looks cool and quite eye-catching.

french braided hairstyles0551

The sleek and stunning french braids looks fabulous with the loose knots creating that illusion of ease and elegance. The colour combination radiates well into a glossy outlook.

french braided hairstyles0561

Tight and elegant style

The tight french braids are stylish with the lower bun making the entire style to hold well. Get that simple and fascinating outlook with this cool and elegant hairstyle.

french braided hairstyles0571

If you are looking for some magnificent wedding hairstyle then the side french braid should be your ideal style. The design looks magnificent and can blend with any wedding dress colour.

french braided hairstyles0581

The loose french braid on the side with a flowery accessory is an ultimate choice for a wedding. The loose knots hangs beautifully on the forehead as it creates that cool and magnificent look.

french braided hairstyles0591

The french braided side buns reminiscence those traditional braids however the enhanced bun makes the entire design to look magnificent and classy.

french braided hairstyles0601

French braids are generally great with any hair texture or colour. The fishtail french braid hairstyle below looks cool with the numerous shades of colour blending perfectly well.

french braided hairstyles0611

The down up french braid style below looks cool with the high bun giving the entire hairstyle such a beautiful shape. The style is simple and suitable for long and medium sized hair.

french braided hairstyles0621

Stunning side braids for a wedding day

The side french braid looks flawless with the beautiful colour enhancing the overall facial outlook. The style is ideal for long hair and looks stunning.

french braided hairstyles0631

Get that elegant fuss free braided hairstyle that’s ideal for your wedding day. You can enjoy that exciting and fun filled day with a classic three strand style like the one below.

french braided hairstyles0641

Loosen the braids up for a modern look as you stretch out the ringlets into some whimsical style. The style below is likely to make your day look magical.

french braided hairstyles0651

Add texture to your hair with soft waves that lives a memorable feeling about your wedding. Add that braided bun to give that frizz and cool outlook.

french braided hairstyles0661

Wearing french braids is all about embracing that natural texture with the barely there braids creating that messy bun that makes the entire style ideal for a wedding day.

french braided hairstyles0671

Although wearing flowers may look a bit traditional, having french braids don in the shape of a flower looks cool and elegant. The style is much easier and comfortable.

french braided hairstyles0681

This type of braid looks great on both long and medium length hair. The thin tight braids looks cool with the fish tail looking thick and voluminous.

french braided hairstyles0691

Keep the style simple and elegant

This style would be ideal for some rehearsal dinner or a post wedding outing however for the ideal wedding day you need to add some rumpled curls to give the hair more life and vibrancy.

french braided hairstyles0701

Wrapping your hair with a curling iron enhances the quality of the french braids while at the same time living some soft bends on the braids.  The style may look quite great for a wedding day.

french braided hairstyles0711

Keep your style youthful and fresh with some teasing at the roots. leaving some pieces of the hairline creates that flirty effect that’s quiet ideal for a wedding day.

french braided hairstyles0721

Ponytails are not just meant for casual events you can pop them up into some romantic, easy and sporty style. It also gets hair off the face which is quiet elegant.

french braided hairstyles0731

Show off that sleek texture with a shiny french braid with the clean and smooth look making the style quite ideal for a wedding.

french braided hairstyles0741

Adding texture boosting twists is a great way to enhance the hair volume for a beautiful style. The side braid looks magnificent with the curvy hairdo enhancing the overall outlook.

french braided hairstyles0751

To inspire a wedding hairdo, its not a must that you have the flowing curvy layers, a simple loosely done side braid would still give that elegant and gorgeous outlook.

french braided hairstyles0761

Beautiful Chignon style

Getting that chignon style is cool for a bride, the braid is loose and gathers beautifully across the base. Attaining that magnificent modern finish is ideal for an eye-catching hairstyle.

french braided hairstyles0771

Beautiful and innovative braids doesn’t have to look complex, a simple boho style will equally look great. Adding a few tweaks to the style is enough to make it look sexy and eye-catching.

french braided hairstyles0781

You can pull a thicker and magnificent look with glossy and shiny braids. The style looks spectacular with the colours being a perfect match for a wedding dress.

french braided hairstyles0791

You can frame your french braids into some flattering and elegant look like the style below. Double braids is a sleek and sexy style with the curvy layers of the braid looking quite cool.

french braided hairstyles0801

The french braids looks quite intricate with the braid creating such a glamorous barrette. The style looks elegant and an ideal style for a wedding day.

french braided hairstyles0811

Fishtail pony is a cool and vibrant outlook that works well with long hair. The style looks great with the different shades creating such a magnificent outlook

french braided hairstyles0821

Get that youthful outlook with loosely done braids. The curvy layers with the loosely flowing hairline looks cool and elegant.

french braided hairstyles0831

Get that simple yet sassy outlook with wavy layers in a bun. The style looks comfortable and is ideal for short, medium and long hair.

french braided hairstyles0841

Get that sassy princess look with loosely braided side french braid. The style looks cool with the beautiful combination of golden and platinum shades enhancing the overall outlook.

french braided hairstyles0851

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