90 French Braids For Your Wedding Day

French Braids

A lot of women with long hair love French Braids because it quickly transforms plain hair into a work of art.

french braided hairstyles0001

French braids never go out of style as they are ever cool, trendy and elegant.The outlook of the braids however depends on the hair texture and facial shape.

french braided hairstyles0011

French hair braids are outstanding for their timeless classics that are ideal for classy affairs ranging from the cool evenings to relaxed days and even weddings.

french braided hairstyles0021

These braids are a great trend as they complement any outfit that one may be wearing. The side braids looks peculiar with the shades of colour used enhancing the overall outlook.

french braided hairstyles0031

Easy and elegant French braids

Most french braid styles are easy to do and may not warrant going to a salon. The loosely fixed style below is an elegant one with the layers of hair beautifully enhancing the facial outlook.

french braided hairstyles0041

The round braids holds on the hair quite well with the colour shades highlighting the overall style. The wavy hairstyle looks magnificent with the braids.

french braided hairstyles0051

Tripling the braids is a great way of making the braids look tight and elegant. The braids looks fabulous considering the hair texture and length.

french braided hairstyles0061

Wearing side braided ponytail with a twist looks quite sassy and adds to the beautiful highlights used in the style. The braids are also tight and holds well on the hair.

french braided hairstyles0071

Style it up with a braided headband

The braided headband looks quite cool and sexy with the raised height enhancing the facial outlook.

french braided hairstyles0081

Get that killer outlook with the long running braids that accentuates the rest of the hair quite perfectly resulting into a voluminous style.

french braided hairstyles0091

The loosely fitted braid is quite eye-catching and falls easily on the side as it also enhances the facial outlook.Braiding is quite magical as various simple styles can be used with fabulous results.

french braided hairstyles0101

Get that classy and elegant look with double french braid. The ponytail looks elegant with the platinum and black shades highlighting the entire style.

french braided hairstyles0111

Get that sassy and sexy look with double french braids falling loosely into a thick ponytail with the braids holding quite well. The blond hair looks cool and quite stunning an ideal wedding day style.

french braided hairstyles0121

A whimsical touch of double braids looks fancy and stunning. It navigates beautifully with the hair falling in place. The long hair looks quite beautiful with the beautifully combined colours blending quite well.

french braided hairstyles0131

Enhance that outlook with round the crown french braids

Round the crown french braid looks spectacular with the white flowery accessory enhancing the overall outlook. The blond colour looks spectacular and falls beautifully on the shoulders as the braid keeps the hair in place.

french braided hairstyles0141

The intricately styled braids look magnificent as they are beautifully intertwined into a cool headband at the lower end. The style looks cool with the platinum and golden colours blending perfectly well.

french braided hairstyles0151

Creating classy french braids involve a lot of spinning with both the loosely styled and the tight ones creating different results. The side braids look great with the beautiful bright colours creating a magnificent outlook.

french braided hairstyles0161

French braids are known for the classy and sleek style with the flowery pins beautifully holding the hair in place. The colour of the hair is magnificent and radiates beautifully on the wearer’s face.

french braided hairstyles0171

This signature boho style looks cool with the loose french braids enhancing the sassy look. The shades of platinum, gold and black blends perfectly well.

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