81 Beautiful Feather Hairstyles For girls

Are you ready to surprise your partner, friends, relatives, and even co-workers with a new hairstyle? If so, then check out this list of 81 beautiful feather hairstyles that every girl will surely love.

While you are looking at this list of feather hairstyles, you will know several ways on how to style your hair depending on your hair length. Simply because we have incorporated short, medium, as well as long hairstyles for your inspiration.

Long Hairstyle with Side-Swept Bangs

This feather hairstyle perfectly suits any face shape and it never goes out of style. Also, side-swept bangs will definitely hide your big forehead.

Long Choppy Layered Hairstyle

Do you want to give our fresh and long hair a new look? Why don’t you try this long choppy layered hairstyle? In fact, this hairstyle looks extremely fantastic even if it is simple.


Wavy Hairstyle w/ Feather Cut Bangs

Wavy looks can never go out of style. Nevertheless, whether what type of face you have this feather hairstyle will definitely give you a stunning look.


Bridal Hairstyle with Feather Headpiece

This feather headpiece looks gorgeous and feminine. Also, it will show off your facial features as well as dress, while keeping your hair beautiful and bold.


Long Layered Straight Hair

Long layered hairstyles look very sophisticated. In fact, this hairstyle will give a younger appearance. However, if you want to change your appearance this style is also worth considering.


Shattered Long Layer Shag with Bangs

This feather hairstyle is perfect for ladies who love her hair length yet wants to have a modern look.


Lob Layered Haircut

This formal hairstyle has only understated layers over the front and sides. Either way, this style looks great on everybody no matter what your texture is.


Long Hair Feathered Bangs

This long hairstyle with feather bangs can give you a wonderful windswept look.


Messy Feathers

This layered feather is perfect for ladies with medium length hair. Either way, it is a simple hairstyle but it can give you an elegant look.


Face Framing Bob with Outward Feathers and Long Fringes

Layered hairstyle is always in. However, straight layered style with outward feathers and long fringes will definitely frame your face in more prominent and precise look.


Razor Sharp Feather

This feather hairstyle is ideal for ladies with thin hair because its outward swirls and razor shrill cuts will give your hair a little volume.


Ombre Bob W/ Soft Hidden Layers

Don’t be scared to try this hairstyle, because it will surely emphasize every aspect of your face.


Feather Cut for Long Hair

If you have a bouncing and long hair, you will surely look gorgeous in this beautiful feather hairstyle.


Feather Cut for Long Wavy Hair

With its solid feminine sense, this feather cut will surely give you a charming and attractive appearance.


Middle Parted Brushed Waves

This hairstyle will make your highlights standout and give you an attractive romantic look. Nevertheless, this hairstyle is perfect for party or casual dinner.


Feather Cut Hairstyle for Long Hair

This hairdo that has long feathered layers can give you a splendid a look.


Messy Feathers

This layered feather is perfect for ladies with medium length hair. Either way, it is a simple hairstyle but it can give you an elegant look.


Prom Feather Cut Hairstyle

This stunning feather hairstyle perfectly suits for ladies with medium hair. Nonetheless, with this hairstyle, you will definitely have a spectacular and exceptional look during your promenade night.


Long Red Feather Hairstyle

Are you a fan of Kate Upton? If so, why don’t you copy her any of its famous and fantastic hairstyles or better yet, its long red feather hairstyle?


Loose Curls Hairstyle 

If you are sick of your old hairdo, then changing it with this loose curls hairstyle is a good idea. However, if you find this hairstyle hard to achieve, well you got it wrong because it is not.


Modern Shaggy Haircut

This modern shaggy haircut is simply adorable and stylish. Also, it stunning layers that have beautiful bangs will surely make you look like a deity.


Long Feather Cut for Thick Hair

With this hairstyle, managing your long and thick hair becomes easier. However, wearing this hairstyle will surely give you a stylish as well as trendy look.


Face-framing hairstyle

If you are watching game of thrones, for sure you know this hairstyle. Either way. This face-framing hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces.


Auburn Hippie Feather Short Hairstyle

This simple yet beautiful feather hairstyle is ideal for short women. In fact, getting this cut perhaps one of the bravest changes that you can make with your hair.


Asymmetrical Line Feathered Bob

This bob haircut that has flatter lights looks pretty especially when it’s smoothed out.


Messy and Ruffled Style

It is no wonder that messy and short hairstyles are the most widely wanted ones and easily manageable. Either way, this hairdo goes amazing in any outfit.


Feather Cut Hairstyle for Short Hair

This hairdo can be a great way to distract attention from wrinkles and fine lines. Also, this hairstyle is ideal for ladies over 50.


Feather Cut Style for Round face

This hairstyle with smooth feathered layers is straightened for a more sophisticated and softened look.

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Messy Shag

An awesome hairstyle that is created with a fine hair. In fact, it is a good example of a modern shag hairdo on a straight hair.


Pixie Haircut

It is an age-friendly beautiful feather hairstyle for blonde and fine hair. Also, if you are over 50, then this is for you.

Long Bob Blonde Haircut

This long bob blonde haircut with feathered layers will surely give you a fresh and stunning look.


Long Straight Formal Style

As the name implies, this long hairstyle is perfect to wear during formal occasions. Also, its side sweep bangs will surely make you standout.



Short Bob Haircut with Feather Side-Swept Bangs

This haircut with feather side-swept bangs will give you a stunning look. Also, this hairdo looks modern as well as dynamic.


Unique Short Hairstyle for Thin and Fine Hair

Fine and thin hair looks cuter when layered and cut short. However, this stylish hairstyle will make an old woman look younger.

Feather Hairstyle for Long Face

This feather hairstyle is extremely suitable for long faces as it dense waves makes magic.


Fringe and a Feather of Hair

In this short haircut, the flow, rhythm, and motion are balanced but exciting.


Medium Bob Haircut with Bangs

The conventional bob hairstyle is the most usual haircut for ladies over 50


Feather Cut with Side Bangs

This feather cut hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair. Even so, this hairstyle will keep the look uptown and trendy as well.


Long Face Framing Layers

This layered look keeps things casual and cool on days when you do not have a lot of time to style your strands.

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Layer Feathered Bob Hairstyle

This feather hairstyle is an excellent haircut for women simply because it looks awesome. In fact, it will help you increase your hair volume and fights the sleek appearance of thin hair.


Long Feathered Flip Haircut with Bangs

This feather hairstyle has been around since the 70s. And in fact, this will surely offer you an elegant appearance.


Cute Bob Hairstyle

An old-school bob hairstyle with even jagged layers as well as front bang that is a bit heavy.


Messy Feather Cut for Medium Length Hair

This hairstyle will cover your wide forehead while giving your face a more roundish appearance.


Feather cut with side-swept bangs

This hairstyle looks very stylish and it will definitely change the way you look.

Blunt Black Bangs

With the help of this hairstyle, you will surely achieve a whole new look with ease. In fact, bangs never go out of trends.


New Feather Hairstyle for Long Hair

This feather hairstyle will surely give you good impression since this haircut is normally made by experts and fashion designers.


Long Hair Feather Cut Hairstyles

This hairstyle only features layering at the end, while the top part remains flat.


Ashley Tisdale’s Famous Feather Hairstyle

If you’re a fan of Ashley Tisdale, why don’t you prove it by copying its famous feather cut hairstyle?


Of Layered Hairs as well as Feather Cut

This feather cut hairstyle looks more stylish when paired with layer cuts.


Layered Feather Hair Cut

This hairstyle is very simple, but it will surely make ladies with straight hair more beautiful.


Ashley Tisdale’s Feather Layered Cut Hairstyle

Another great hairstyle from Ashley Tisdale that is worth trying for.

Avril Lavigne’s Long Blond Waves

This feather cut hairstyle with long blond waves will surely make you dazzling. And as a matter of fact, it is easy to achieve.



Exceptional Feather Cut Hairstyle for Indian Ladies

Another exceptional feather cut hairstyle that can offer you an elegant look, without spending too much.



Outward and Layered Feather Cut

This feather cut is perfect for medium length and layered hairs. Also, this hairdo will make you look younger and can add volume to your hair.



Shoulder Length Layered Feather Hairstyles

Planning to give your hair a whole new look? Then this shoulder level layered feather hairstyle is for you.



Fabulous Feathered Hairstyle for Round Face

This casual and wavy hairstyle is perfect for ladies who are not sure if they want a short or long hair. Either way, it is an ideal hairstyle during a beauty pageant.



Messy Feather Hairstyle

Another messy feather hairstyle for medium length hair. However, some of its cut points outwards while others are inwards.



Mix layered with feather cut hairstyle

This chic feather hairstyle is ideal for all women who are always looking for a unique haircut. Though it is perfect for oval and long faces.



Long Subtle Layer Feather Hairstyles

This hairstyle is ideal for women who have long hairs. And in fact, it becomes one of the most popular feather hairstyles before.


Boho Feathered Hairstyle

Try this bohemian look that features a braid through the forehead as well as contrasting feathers glancing over.



Outward Curls Feather Hairstyle

This long layered hairdo with outward curls will add an exceptional elegance to your good looks.



Long Feather Bob Hairstyle

This feather hairstyle will offer you a look that everybody will surely love.



Wavy Hair for Round Face

If you have a round face, then this beautiful hairstyle is worth considering. Also, it will make you look elegant.



Long Layered Haircut with Bangs

Looking for a long layered hairdo? If so, this simple but elegant looking hairstyle so worth trying for.



Very Short Page Cut

Tired of combing your long hair, why don’t you consider this hairstyle? Actually, this hairstyle will give you a cleaner and fresher look.



Short Blonde Sharp hairstyle

Are you looking for a short blonde hairstyle idea, then this is for you.  As matter of fact, this haircut really looks amazing.



Long Blonde Bob Haircut

This hairstyle is cut into a long-layered and simple shoulder level style. However, its full and thick fringe flicks towards the outside to accentuate your cheekbones.



Side Parted Hair + Feathered Bangs

Highlights and slight waves can be added to this hairstyle for a glamorous look.


Gorgeous Feathered Bob haircut

If there is one hairstyle that will really epitomize a bob, there is no doubt it is the feathered bob.




Layered Feather Cut Hairstyle with Front Bangs

This layered feather hairstyle with thick and front bags is ideal for college goers as well as teenagers.



Straight Layered Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

This hairstyle comes with a tangled and little wavy finish. Either way, if you are looking for a shoulder level haircut then this is for you.



Stylish Feathered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

This long and wavy hairstyle will sure help you to achieve a more stylish look effortlessly.

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Coolest Summer Hairstyle for Long Hair

This is a cute but cool summer hairstyle. You can also add waves to give your hair a more stunning look.



Feather and Layer Haircut

Because of its gradual layers and subtle straight, this hairstyle really looks fabulous.



Light Feathered Layers

In this subtle version of feathered hairstyle, layers around the face and front bangs are both kept light.



Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle with Bangs

If you have a fine hair, then this short pixie cut hairstyle is the best haircut for you.



Short Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

When it comes to short hairdos, a short bob haircut is the most popular hairstyle. As matter of fact, this short bob haircut with side bangs is considered as the most fabulous type of bob cut.



180 Degree Haircut Style

This hairstyle will compliment your face shape and in fact, it is very popular for ladies with bangs.



Excellent Haircut for Long Hairs

This long and wany hairstyle will give you a fiercer look. Not only that, it will also improve your appearance.



Side Fringe Feather Cut

For any feather cut hairstyle, medium length hair is simply the best. With just a simple feather cut plus a side fringe can make you look trendy and the perfect hairstyle to any party!



Short Feather Hairstyle for Old Ladies

Are you over 50 and planning to change your current hairstyle? Then this short feather hairstyle is a good choice?


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